Sunday, March 11, 2012


the EX

I have some bitching to do about theEx, but I’m so tired of her being apart of my life.  And I’m tired of complaining about her.  I’ll just leave it at, I took her weekends away today.  She’s going back to the court appointed every other weekend and 1 evening a week.  I’m tired of fighting with her stupidity and this will give me less time for her to piss me off.  But that’s all I’m going to say about that.

WTF was I Thinking?

I really need to start taking notes throughout the day.  I remember thinking, that would make a good blog post, but by the time I sit in front of the computer, I’ve forgotten what I was going to write about.  Of course, that could just mean that the idea I had wasn’t that good.  So maybe that’s a good thing.

MS Sucks!

My wife had to go lay down today, it’s seeming to become a Sunday theme.  I’m wondering if she’s just getting out of having to meet theEx to get the kids back.  If so, I’m going to start napping so she can go because I don’t want to see her either.  I hate that she has to take naps.  Actually, she hates that she has to take naps.  She fights them all the time, I’m not sure why.  She gets fatigued and she can’t fight it.  She feels bad about having to nap and I think she feels guilty about it but I keep telling her it’s fine.  If that’s what she has to do to keep her body as healthy as it can be, then more power to her.  I know she’s not napping because she’s lazy.  She has no choice.  But as much as I tell her not to fight it, she still does.  Then feels guilty about it.

I understand the MS kicks her ass once in awhile.  I understand on the pain meds kick her ass once in awhile.  She has no reason to feel guilty.  But she does.  I guess that goes towards her character, but if she quits fighting it and lays down she’d feel better quicker.

Weekly Catch Up

Laws Reviews

Laws Reviews – I’ve got stuff to do, just haven’t taken the time to do it.  Yeah, I know.  I suck!

My Sports Obsession

My Sports Obsession – I’ve been slacking here some too.  I’ve gotten some posts out, but I have a bunch of stuff scanned that I need to get posted.  Here’s what I’ve done since the last catch-up, which was 2 weeks ago.

My Sports Obsession(1)

My Sports Obsession Tumblr – A blog where I post all the images from My Sports Obsession as well as other photos.

  • 8 University of Michigan posts.
  • 27 White Sox posts.
  • 17 other MLB posts.
  • 3 Indianapolis Colts post.

Total of 55 posts.

Random Thoughts From A Random Guy

Random Thoughts from a Random Guy – If you’re here, you know what this one is about.

Too Many Manninghams

Too Many Manninghams - I guest post on this University of Michigan sports blog.

Like I said above, I have cards scanned, I just need to get them posted.  Plus I’m expecting a decent shipment of cards tomorrow from the guy that runs the blog.

I guess I’m going with the Random theme on some of these posts.  It fits well from my mind since I tend to be all over the place sometimes.  Let me know if you liked it, or if I should post each one on it’s own.

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