Saturday, May 26, 2018

2 1/2 Months?

Has it really been since March that posted last? Yikes! I guess I'll do a random post since it's been awhile.

Samantha is now working at one of the local Subways and has been for a month or so. She's been doing really good as far as I can tell. From my end, she's always ready to go and on time and she doesn't complain about having to go. She's only 15 so she's limited on what she can do, she can't run the oven (which is essentially a microwave) and other things but she can make sandwiches and help customers which is where it will help her in the long run. I've been proud of her for getting and keeping the job. She just found out her store is closing but they are letting her transfer to another store and that one ends up being closer to home anyways so I'm good with that.

Trevor is growing up, his voice is getting deeper and he's got some peach fuzz on his lip. Ever since we took him off his meds, his personality has really started to come out. Makes me feel bad that he was on it all those years but I do think it was helping him with his focus, we just didn't realize what it was suppressing. Either that or he's just growing up and changing, who knows. All I know is I have more of a relationship with him now because he actually talks to us. He's also getting quite a bit taller. Hasn't caught up with me yet, if he ever does, but he's hitting a growth spurt.

My job has gone well, I've actually moved up and am in charge of the wastewater area on all 3 shifts. I'm still doing all the lab work as well so I definitely stay busy. I'm now on flex hours which means I can work anytime I want as long as I put my hours in. I pretty much go in the same time as I always have but most days I stay past 2 to finish things up. I think how nice it would be to not go in early but then I think how much it sucks to work later in the day. So even on Sunday nights and I don't get to bed until after midnight, I still get up at a quarter till 5 and go in.

Because of the promotion, I have to go to meetings occasionally as well. Some I don't mind, some I could do without. I haven't gotten stuck with a bunch like I thought I would though so that's good.

Day 510 - Denver, CO (1665.4 miles)

I haven't actually been wearing my Fitbit for the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure why but all of the sudden, it's making my skin break out when I wear it so I stopped. I originally moved it to my other wrist just to let the one heal but the other one started breaking out so I just took it off. Since then, I've been using the Samsung Health app to count my steps. I'm sure it's nowhere near as accurate but it's all I have.

You can see that I'm in Denver, CO which was my next stop on my stadium tour. It's been almost 500 miles since my last stadium because as you can tell, I'm heading out west which means lots of space. I headed here to Coors Field and then headed out to my next destination and happened to pass a few others.

I always thought Denver was surrounded my mountains, it is the Mile High city after all but it's not. Heading towards the city was completely flat and upon looking at the map, it's right on the edge of the Rockies. Guess doing this is educational as well.

Coors field looks really nice on the outside. I love all the brick around the outside.

Apparently within 2 miles of each other is Coors Field, Pepsi Center and Mile High Stadium. I didn't actually walk down to those stadiums though, just went past them.

So I went by the Colorado Rockies stadium (Coors Field), the Denver Nuggets (the Pepsi Center) and the Denver Broncos (Mile High Stadium) all in one day.
  1. Guaranteed Rate Field (Chicago White Sox - MLB)
  2. Soldier Field (Chicago Bears - NFL)
  3. Ryan Field (Northwestern Wildcates - B1G)
  4. Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs - MLB)
  5. Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers - MLB)
  6. Camp Randall (Wisconsin Badgers - B1G)
  7. TCF Bank Stadium (Minnesota Golden Gophers - B1G)
  8. Target Field (Minnesota Twins - MLB)
  9. Kinnick Stadium (Iowa Hawkeyes - B1G)
  10. Memorial Stadium (Nebraska Cornhuskers - B1G)
  11. Coors Field (Colorado Rockies - MLB)
  12. Pepsi Center (Denver Nuggets - NBA)
  13. Mile High Stadium (Denver Broncoes - NFL)
My goal is to hit all the Big Ten (B1G) and MLB stadiums but as you can see, I've passed a few others as well. I also had a goal of 1,500 miles in a year.

Goal - 1500 miles (4.1 miles/day)
Currently - 487 miles (3.36 miles/day)

Not doing so well, as you can tell. I'm actually down .2 miles/day from last time I posted about this. My walking is down some from work, it's still averaging over 8,000 a day but barely. Not enough to make up for my lazy weekends.

My next stadium won't be for awhile as I heading to the far Northwest and then I'll come back South and hit everything in the lower half of the country as I make my way back East. I may be done in the next few years.