Who Am I?

My name Is Jeff.  I'm not really an anybody outside of my family.  I'm a husband and a father.  I'm an employee at a factory who shows up almost everyday, who doesn't use most of his vacation days.  I'm good at my job, but my mouth and attitude tend to get me in trouble.  I don't consider myself a very liked person at work.  My thought process pretty much consists of "family and friends know who I am, anybody else, I don't care what you think."  It's not that I'm hated at work, I believe most people don't really think anything of me.

My wife and I went to school together, 20+ years ago, who got reacquainted on facebook.  After a long distance relationship (600 miles), she moved up here and we've been together ever since.  (Our Story)  My family consists of my daughter and son and her daughter and son.  So now we're in a family of 6.  Technically her 2 are step-children but I'm not a big fan of that title.  To me, they are my son and daughter as well.

My wife has lots of medical issues that we deal with on a daily basis.  My youngest 2 kids are 11 and 9, so we deal with those on a daily basis.  My oldest son doesn't live with us, but my oldest daughter does, she's 18, a teenager, and a college student, so we definitely deal with that on a daily basis.  So don't expect a blog post on a daily basis, I got enough going on.

This blog is just what it says, random.  It's a daddy blog.  It's a humerous blog.  It's a caregiver blog.  It's a serious moments blog.  It's random.

I have a great extended family who are all very close.  We don't necessarily spend a lot of time together, but anytime we do, it is quality time and I almost always have a good time.  I love my family, my wife and my kids.  I don't love work.  But that's pretty much my life, my family and work.

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