Sunday, December 27, 2020

Nothing this week

Not much going on here. We survived Christmas. Now I'm just enjoying my time off until January 4th when it all comes to an end.

With the lack of new shows on right now, we're struggling to find stuff to watch. I have all kinds of stuff to watch, but it's mostly science fiction and my wife hates scifi and she's always home. She'd let me watch them, but than I feel bad because she's bored because she's not really watching.

We watched Limestone over the weekend, it was okay but nothing exciting. We've been watching mostly movies since.

As you can see by the last 3 days of my timeline on Letterboxd. I don't like to watch movies that I have already seen so it makes it difficult to find stuff. Sure I can watch stuff I've seen but I would much rather watch something new. It's pathetic that I struggle to find movies to watch when I have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock, Disney+ and Xfinity On Demand.

No real plans this week off either, just chilling at the homestead. I'll probably hang out in my card room most days just so I don't annoy the wife too much. Maybe I'll post more here, probably not. I've done good with a post a week for the last few, I don't want to push it.

I laugh every time I see this commercial. That doesn't happen too often with commercials.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

A Week in the Life of Me

Not too much going on so this may be a quick post, it may not, once I get typing, you never know.

We watched the season finale of the Mandalorian yesterday and it was pretty awesome. I hope Disney does just as well with their other Star Wars shows they plan on putting out. I don't want to spoil it but the ending of the finale was so cool, and was such a good ending. I can't wait to see what the next season entails.

We're in the middle of the final season of Homeland. They finally put it on Hulu with the rest of the seasons. We may even finish that this weekend. Other than that, a lot of the other stuff we watch is on winter hiatus. None of my sports teams are even on for another week, Christmas day at that.

At work, we finished a 5S project that we've spent the last month working on. I got volunteered for the the project, I think, because we were doing the battery/chemical storage room and the majority of the chemicals in that room are mine. We got all kinds of compliments about how great it looked now. We'll see how long it stays that way. 

I'm officially a 5S Champion now.

We we're supposed to meet every day for half an hour and work on the room and there was originally supposed to be 4 of us but the team member from one department quit right away. Another department's guy would show up every day, 10 to 15 minutes late and than leave right at the end of the half an hour. Me and another guy would be there almost an hour a day working on it. On Friday, the day of recognition, where they brought in management to see what we did, the late guy was there before me and I'm always early. Pissed me off but I didn't say anything, I just look like the asshole if I do.

I guess where I work is changing their logo so now I'm going to have a lot of clothes that are outdated. That's alright, because other than a couple of hoodies, everything with their logo on it I wear to work anyways. I've accumulated quite a few things with their logo in the 6 1/2 years I've been there. The basic shirt is the logo on the front top left and the core values on the back. I have 5 gray ones and 3 black ones of that. I have a red volunteer shirt, a green company picnic one and 2 black breast cancer ones. I also have 2 hoodies that I love, because they fit great and are so comfortable. I wear one back and forth to work in the winter and the other I wear around the house (I have it on now). All that doesn't include the keychain, backpack and multiple hats. The nicest thing about having all those is I didn't pay anything for them, they were all given to me so I can't complain about that. Next week is the last week before Christmas so I'm curious if they'll give us something else. The last 3 years were the hoodies and last year was a hat. With the way this year has gone though it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't get anything but they did go around asking everyone their shirt size awhile back so we'll see.

As busy as we are this year, we didn't get our usual 2 weeks off at Christmas but I had enough time saved up to take the last week off so after the 3 days this week, I'll be done until the first week of January. I have no plans but it'll be nice not having to go to work.

Not sure what I'm going to watch with all that time off but I'm sure we can find something.

Santa came to work on Friday.

So far the plan is we are still getting together for Christmas. We didn't get together for Thanksgiving with all the Covid outbreaks but it's been relatively quite lately. I was even worried about going on Thanksgiving just because a ton of people at work were coming down with it and I didn't want to bring it in to everyone. Of course it didn't end up mattering since the majority of my family have gotten it. Nobody in my household or my mom's household has but a lot of the extended family has.

December 14th (2020)

My wife sent this photo of her and the cat. Kitty doesn't usually allow us to hold her for very long anymore.

December 15th (2012)

This is my oldest daughter holding Kitty back in 2012, I would say she's probably the reason Kitty doesn't like to be held but I don't really remember her ever liking it.

December 16th (2011)

This was taken back in 2011, my youngest son was into Lego's big time and they had a Lego thingy outside Chicago and we took him up there. He absolutely loved it. He wasn't even into Star Wars when I made him take this but he is now so it worked out.

December 18th (2009)

My wife (back then my girlfriend) sent this to me. We started dating long distance so this is what we did. We were young(er) and in love, we were probably nauseating to most.

December 18th (2019)

I snapped this in a meeting last year, it's how much my work paid out in workers comp claims. Notice the biggest number in the orange, oops. That's from when I burned myself with Sulfuric acid. Nothing like getting called out in a meeting you're sitting in.

December 20th (2019)

Me and Santa at work last year. I think he grew this year. I looked a little "special" in this photo.

I'll probably post again next week since I have time off so I'll talk to you all then.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

This week

I was talking about some TV shows last week that I've been watching and I forgot a show so I made a note to myself to mention it this week. Season 2 of the Mandalorian has been on for a month or two now. I really like this show and I get Disney+ for free so I'm on it. This week's episode, (*SPOILER*) Boba Fett was introduced who has always been a fan favorite and the Empire finally got Grogu so the next 2 episodes are probably going to be good when the Mandalorian, Boba Fett and Fennec join forces to go after him. I like Fennec as well but that's mainly because I really liked the show Agents of SHIELD and she was a main character (Agent May) on there.

I've also gotten through 8 episodes now of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. I've watched them On Demand but I'm not sure how far they'll let me watch until they ask for me to pay but I'll keep watching as much as I can. I'm really liking it though so I'm hoping I can watch it all but I doubt it. 

Sometimes when a different Star Trek series starts, I have trouble connecting with the characters but I don't have that problem with this show. It's been very entertaining.

Another show that has hooked us is Paranormal: Caught on Camera. It's just like it says, paranormal activity caught on cameras. It's not like the ghost hunter shows where you see nothing and might here a thump here or there. This actually shows all kinds of stuff. There have been more than a few stories that gave my wife and I the goosebumps. If you get a chance to watch a few episodes, check it out on the Travel Channel.

Work was alright this week. It was 8 hour days but you could volunteer for more so I worked 9 hours Monday-Thursday and just 8 on Friday. It was a little slow at the beginning of the week until we cleaned the press, that helped get moving a little bit. The city came out to do their annual sampling from the manhole out front. They usually don't give us a heads up as it's a surprise sample but instead of setting up a machine that takes samples all day, a guy just came out to sample and they wanted to know if we'd have the water flowing as it doesn't all day. I got a time when he'd be there and started the press just before he was supposed to be there so he'd get a good flow.

I have 20 hours left of vacation/personal time so I think I'm going to take one of the 3 day weeks off at Christmas or New Years. I've heard the MM said he's going to deny any vacation days at that time but we'll see. I usually have a couple weeks of vacation left at this time but my surgery wiped most of them out. I'm also one of the few people in the plant that has Personal time left. If I make it through the month without missing, it'll be 2 years in a row of perfect attendance. That's a long ways from when I skipped school all the time.

Listened to a few newly released albums and singles this week. Hollywood Undead latest came out yesterday. Miley Cyrus the week before and Lee Brice the week before that. Also listened to a handful of songs by Lit as they were my random artist on my Random Music blog. I added a bunch from Hollywood Undead and Lee Brice, Miley Cyrus not so much. I either really like her songs or I don't. She has a few that I like but for the most part, she's not one of my faves like the other 2.

I told you my cousins kid was in the hospital with double pneumonia and Covid last week. He got really bad and they were real close to putting him on a ventilator but he started to get better and he went home yesterday. He's still on oxygen and needs to rest but at least he's out of the hospital.

My son has been working at Dairy Queen for awhile now and this is the first weekend he's had off in a long time so he finally got to go see his mom. We've been working on getting his drive time in so he can take his test and get his license. He's also gotten into music as of late which is nice because it gives us more to talk about.

My wife has been working on some goodies for Christmas. Sadly, she doesn't set too much out for me, something about me being fat. She does give me samples and I agree, I probably don't need to eat it all but that certainly doesn't mean I don't want to.

Since Trevor is at his mom's, we have the house to ourselves so we've been chilling all day. Which is why I have time to do this post. Hopefully see you next week.