Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter, A-Z

I hope everyone had a good Easter holiday.  We got together with the family like we always do.  Had an awesome lunch and gained about 20 lbs.  After lunch, the tradition requires the whole family (minus a few of us) to walk down to the river while the few of us who stayed and hid about 500 eggs in the backyard.  Ok, maybe not quite 500, but a crap load of them.  While my mom’s backyard is pretty huge, we run out of places to hide them because there are so many.  We usually end up tossing a bunch all around on the ground, more or less, out in the open.  This year, my brother just put a bunch in the pile and the youngest kid just went to town in one spot.  After the egg hunt, the kids emptied their eggs then started playing with some bubble thingy’s in the yard since it was so nice out.  All the adults just hung out and chit chatted, which is probably one of my favorite things to do with the family.  We have a great time since we all have the same sense of humor.  And let’s face it, it was 60°, so it was nice to sit outside for awhile.

A to Z Challenge [2013]

The main reason for this post is to let you know that starting tomorrow, I will be posting for the A to Z Challenge.  So if you read it and go, why in the hell is he talking about that, that would be why.  I’m doing a theme behind my challenge, you can read about it here.  I’ve actually got A thru K done so I know I’ll at least make it to almost the middle of the month.  I have quite a bit of time off this week so we’ll see if I can get some more punched out.  I don’t know though, because the kids are on spring break so I’m hoping the weather is decent and we can do some outdoor activities.  Lord knows, my fat ass needs to get off the couch some.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Kind of Humor #9

These are the last 10 humorous posts that I’ve posted to my Facebook page,

humor01 hows the diet

The fat bird is me.  I suck at dieting, I like food too much.

humor02 iphone users

Apple Sucks, that is all.

humor03 nike dont do it

Or rethink who you pay to advertise for you.

humor04 waterfront property

Finally, I can afford a house on the water.

humor05 love god porn

Actually, I just love the porn.

humor06 hot husband

That’s probably what my wife wishes.

humor07 american idol puppets

I loved those guys!

humor08 move over

I so need that on my car.

humor09 superman baggage

Who knew Superman was a comedian?

humor10 darkside humor

Star Wars and farting, what’s not to love.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

the Ex and the JackAss, episode 14

The saga continues.  Samantha had called her mom (theEx) to find out if she could go to her best friends birthday party on Sunday.  She (actually he (the JackAss)) said no because they have church in the morning and the party was at 10am.  Samantha cried, she was heartbroken.  So I waited till later in the evening and had the conversation (to the left) with theEx.


As you can tell in the screencap, the JackAss answered because of the misspelling and in general idiotic speech.  Notice the “i said no”, I’m pretty sure that she isn’t his kid.  As far as the church thing, they have just started going.  According to Samantha, he is the one pushing to go to church. which is fine, but they have to realize that the kids are getting older and they are going to have activities during the weekends, especially during the school year.  She has days off during the week and has rarely ever asked to have them for the evening.  I’ve told her she could as long as they didn’t have anything going on but she doesn’t want to spend the gas to come pick them up.

But back to this past weekend.  You see where she responded with they are down to 1 phone.  According to Samantha, they aren’t and they have 3 phones between the two of them so there you go.  I decided to call her after that last message and I told her that I’m calling to make sure I’m actually talking to her.  I asked if she saw the message about her daughter crying, she said she had but there’s nothing she can do about it.  I basically said ok, I just wanted to make sure she had seen it and I told her to think about when she was kid and how her parents forced church on her and how much she enjoyed that.  Then I said bye, and hung up.

I was back in the bedroom talking to Samantha, letting her know what was going on.  She’s figuring out what’s going on at their house, I tell Sam what they tell me and I show them whatever text messages I receive from them.  I try not to complain about them to her and let her make her own decisions and it’s starting to pay off, because she starting to see where the problem is.  While I was talking to her, the JackAss called and wanted to talk to her.  I handed her the phone and I could hear him talking through it as well because the volume must have been up all the way.  He tried to give her a guilt trip, asking her if she liked the church and if she liked going there.  She said yes, but I want to go to my friends party.  He just said, your mom wants to talk to you and hands her the phone.  She basically told her that if she wants to go to the party then she needs to just stay at my house all weekend.  She then made the mistake of mentioning that they were going to a silent auction on Friday night and Samantha said she wanted to go to that.  She kept throwing excuses out why Sam couldn’t go and as always, ended up caving.  Her main issue was that she didn’t want to have to drive her all the way back to my place (remember, she’s the one who moved further away) and I could hear theEx and the JackAss arguing back and forth on the phone, Samantha was just rolling her eyes, she definitely sees what’s going on.

They finally asked if I would drive to a town closer to them to pick her up Friday night and I said I would.  They ask me to do this all the time and I usually say no because it’s usually a matter of they don’t want to drive the usual meeting spot because it’s further for them.  This time I said yes, because I wanted Samantha to see which parent is doing whatever he can for her.

I drive past the usual meeting place and check the clock.  I drive out to the meeting place and glance at the clock.  It took me a whopping 5 minutes to get from one place to the other.  I had Samantha look at the clock when I picked her up and when we went by the usual meeting place.  Her response “Really?  They complain about 5 more minutes?”  Yep, I’m definitely loving this.  I just hope she isn’t putting on a show for us.

The final piece of their douchebagness, when I got Trevor home on Sunday night, he informed me that they didn’t even go to church that morning.  They stayed home.  Also, the JackAss told Samantha that if she makes plans on the weekend then don’t bother asking and just stay with me.  Such a good parent he is, at least he keeps earning his nickname, the JackAss.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WWW Wednesdays #8


To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

Sunrise (Pact Arcanum, #2)

Sunrise (Pact Arcanum #2) by Arshad Ahsanuddin

I’m only 10% done with this but I like that I’m learning more about the main characters of the series and possibly learn how everything came to be as far as the Triumvirate was founded.  I don’t know if the whole book is a prequel or just some more to background info yet.

What did you recently finish reading?

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery, #2)

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery #2) by Kim Harrison

I enjoyed this, I knew I would though.  I’m a big fan of Kim Harrison and while I love her Hollows series, this series is kind of iffy for me.  Maybe it’s just the whole angel/reaper characters not being what I’m used to when reading about them.  I do like where the characters are heading and what they are trying to accomplish and I like the books themselves but the whole “system” of reaping and saving souls seems lost on me.  The fact that there are angels who’s whole purpose is to smite someone just because of what they will do in the future doesn’t sit well but then again, that’s what the whole system the main character (Madison Avery) is trying to change.  She’s trying to make it where she gives the people a chance to change so the reasoning behind it makes sense.

I gave it 4 stars because I did enjoy it even with my minor gripes above.  I look forward to reading the next one in the series which I probably will after reading the last of the series below.

Cathedral of the Sky (Pact Arcanum, #1.5)

Cathedral of the Sky (Pact Arcanum #1.5) by Arshad Ahsanuddin

When I first got this book from the author, I didn’t really understand the whole 1.5 listing in the series.  Now that I’ve read it, it all makes sense.  In the first book of the series (Sunset (Pact Arcanum #1) there was a character that your introduced to at the very end of the book, and he makes a huge impact but we know little about him.  Michael saves the world as we know it, he comes into the story, saves the world and that’s it.

Arshad did this one right.  He took that character that meant so much and told his story, starting with his turn all the way to where we meet him in the first book and a little after.  This was a really good read because you see how he became the young man he was.  It helps you to understand why this kid who could have had it all was flying a ship below his knowledge and why he preferred to be alone.

I definitely recommend this book but you’ll still need to read the first one, or at least the ending of it because this one was written as if you had.  Which isn’t a complaint, because if everything in the first book was in this one as well, I would have been skimming because I wouldn’t have wanted to read it all over again.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Moonlight (Pact Arcanum, #3)

Moonlight (Pact Arcanum #3) by Arshad Ahsanuddin

As I’ve said before, Arshad has sent me these books to review so I will read the next in the series.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Android Update

Samantha and I decided to walk over to Walmart to pick up a few things on Saturday.  Amongst the items on my list were a feminine hygiene product.  I had a photograph of the previous product on my phone to make sure I got the correct one.  We had just left and my phone was asking if I wanted to update, I went ahead and approved it, thinking I wouldn’t need it right away anyways.  We get over to Wally World and Samantha picks out a gift for the birthday party she was going to on Sunday.  Then we headed over to the feminine aisle and I pulled my phone out, still updating.  Crap!  So I took a guess at what I needed, grabbed a 5 month supply package that’s how confident I was.  We picked up a few other things and headed home.

As I started to play with my phone and see what was updated, I noticed a couple of changes. 

  • My Accuweather app was gone, which sucks because I liked that one better than the Weather Channel app and I had the widget so I didn’t have to click to go to the app and find out the temperature.  So now I’m using the damn Weather Channel app.  It has a widget as well, but I don’t like it as well as I did the Accuweather one.
  • They still haven’t fixed the issue with the wifi.  My stupid phone will attempt to use the wifi sometimes even if the wifi is so weak it can’t really connect.  It’s supposed to switch over to the network but it’ll continue to try to connect and therefore, not do a damn thing.  All I have to do is turn the wifi off and it’ll connect and not be an issue, but I shouldn’t have to do that.  I generally leave the wifi on because I listen to music at work and the wifi drains my battery a lot less when I’m streaming it there.
  • The worst change, I had a notebook app where I made notes on stuff to blog about.  It’s now gone.  I had 5 or 6 blog ideas, including 3 more Cousins stories labeled.  And they are all gone.  I’ve thought of 3 of them and that’s it.  The notepad app I’m using now syncs with my Google account now so it’s online as well but that does me no good as far as remembering what else was on the previous app.  The cousins posts really piss me off because I enjoy those but for the life of me, I can only remember one of them.

Stupid updates.  They may fix some of the bugs but they always make it more than a pain in the ass then anything.

By the way, I did get the right product for my wife.  This isn’t my first rodeo.  I am the period connoisseur, period.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday–Dude Write style


This is an entry to this week’s Dude Write contest where your supposed to tell an embarrassing or funny story that happened to you or that you witnessed in under 1500 characters.  For the record, I’m not looking forward to counting my characters.  My Windows Live Writer counts my words but not my characters.  Maybe I should type each sentence into twitter so it counts for me.  Being as this is a past story and it’s Friday, I decided to make it a Flashback Fridays post as well.

Dude Write

When I was a teenager and was going to church, I always sat upstairs in the balcony.  We (my friends and I) were sitting in the front row and the congregation was just finishing up singing a hymn and I went to close my hymnal when it slipped and fell towards me, no problem right?  Wrong.  I went to catch it, and in turn it slipped under the railing and fell down to the lower level.  So just as everyone stops singing and it’s very quiet, everyone hears a loud “thud”.  I lean forward and look downstairs and everyone, including the pastor, is looking up at me.  I did the "shrug my shoulders while mouthing, sorry" look.  Then I looked directly below me to see where the hymnal landed.  Had I dropped it a few feet to the left, it would have landed on a baby in a car seat/carrier.  Luckily, it just landed on an empty pew seat.

For future reference, you can type this out at and it counts the characters.  Thanks to my lovely wife for suggesting I Google it.  Of course, that was after I tried counting it and screwed up at the end.  This came in at 832, the original was shorter and I bolstered it when I realized I have more characters I could use.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WWW Wednesday #7


To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery, #2)

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery #2) by Kim Harrison

I’m a big fan of Kim Harrison so this was an easy choice.  I’ve read the 1st of the Madison Avery series and I have the last one already downloaded on my Kindle.

What did you recently finish reading?

The Devil's Deep

The Devil’s Deep by Michael Wallace

This was actually a better book than I was expecting.  You never know what your going to get with a free book.  From a psych ward to the coasts of Costa Rica, this psychological thriller keeps a steady pace of What the hell is going on?  These are the books I like, the ones that I can’t quite figure out till the end.  I figured it out before the complete end, but it was close to it.

The main character takes a job at the hospital to be close to his brother who has had mysterious bruises show up but ends up getting in the middle of a whole lot more.  From the doctor’s and nurses to his own family, he starts unraveling the secrets of the past.   After a trip to Costa Rica to find out what really happened to his uncle on a diving trip a few years ago, it all starts to come out and leads to the thrilling end.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Cathedral of the Sky (Pact Arcanum, #1.5)

The author has asked me to review some of this series after I reviewed the first one (Sunset (Pact Arcanum #1).

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Randomness #8

I mentioned before that I took the time to go through my Google Reader and update who I continue to read.  After taking all that time to do so, the very next day, I log in to the GR and get a nice little note saying that Google is going to discontinue the reader as of July 1st.  I posted on my Facebook that I was in search of one and that my only requirements were that I could use folders and that it has an Android app.  I then went and searched for a new one to use.  The best one that I could find was FeedDemon so I spent hours setting it up to how I wanted.  It wasn’t as good as GR and it didn’t have any mobile apps.  Then Carl, a friend of mine, had posted a link to an article on LifeHacker that was specifically for those GR users that were being left high and dry.  I went through other RSS feeders and gave positives and negatives on each one.  I read the one for FeedDemon and it said it was very comparable to GR, but since it fed off of GR, it was also going away on July 1st.  So I read up on the others and have switched over to Feedly.  While it also feeds off of GR, it says they will have a smooth transition onto it’s own before July 1st.  It also has a Android and Kindle app so it was exactly what I wanted.  I’ve used it for a few days and I don’t like it as much as I do GR but it will do.  The main negative is with the apps, I can’t set it to read the oldest first.  I can on the online version, just not the apps.  But I can deal with that and I’m guessing with all the people jumping ship from GR that they will update the apps soon.

A to Z Challenge [2013]

While I’ve only got 1 post finished for the A to Z Challenge, I do have the other 25 ready to be started, sort of a template for each so now all I have to do is type them out.  I’m not sure if having the kids pick the words was the right thing but I’m sticking with it.  Like I said before, the purpose of doing this challenge is just getting me to blog more again.

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I was starting to watch the Original Star Trek series after dropping the kids off at school and while Cheri slept.  I haven’t been doing a very good job at it since I keep coming home and crawling back in bed.  But I am slowly getting there.  I am closing in on the end of the first season.  I only have 2 more episodes left before I start the 2nd season.  I have work the next couple of days so I might get to watch those on Friday morning.  It depends if Cheri stays in bed or not after I take the kids to school.

If you follow my WWW Wednesdays posts, you know I give a short review of my thoughts on the book.  A few weeks ago I had mentioned that I started Sunset (Pact Arcanum #1) by Arshad Ahsanuddin and that it wasn’t growing on me but there was a storyline that had me intrigued.  Well, the author had read that and sent me e-mail asking which storyline I was enjoying.  We emailed (through GoodReads) a few times and discussed his book and writing and he gave me the opportunity to read the rest of the series and review it.  I thought it was pretty cool that he even messaged me for my opinions.  So he emailed me the review copies and it took me a few days how to get them to my Kindle.  The kindle has an email address that you send to and it goes to your Kindle but I couldn’t get it to work.  I email them and they never showed up.  Come to find out, I have to email them from the address I registered my Kindle from, but it took me a few days to figure that out and I started another book so I’ll review his once I get that one done.  You’ll see the second one under the “What are you reading next?” heading on tomorrow’s WWW Wednesdays post.

Not my thermometer.

I’m certainly not planning on heading outside any more than possible today.  While it says that it’s 22° out, it also says that it feels like -2°.  There is no snow on the ground nor was my windshield frosted over but yet, my doors were frozen.  It took a little tugging to get it open.  I had to take the kids to school, and I’ll have to pick them up yet, I just wish that was all I had to do but Trevor has his lego league tonight so I’ll have to drive back out to the school again later.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge [2013]

Well, I did it.  I went and linked up to the A to Z Challenge so in April you’ll actually get 26 posts.  Maybe more because I still have my WWW Wednesdays posts that I’ll still throw out there on Wednesdays.  I wanted to do this challenge but was afraid I wouldn’t know what to type about.  Then I had this genius idea, or at least that’s what I’m calling it.  Since one of the hats I wear on this blog is a daddy blog, I asked the kids to write down the letters A to Z on a piece of paper and told them to write one thing for each letter.  So through April, I’ll be blogging about what comes from the minds of a 10 year old girl and an 8 year old boy.  I had them do this list today, and it may have backfired, but I’ll make it work.  Here’s their lists.


Hmm!  I guess since I don’t know all their school friends, I’ll have to make stuff up.  And T will be interesting since Trevor put theEx’s name down.  I have lots to say on that subject.  It’ll be different and it’ll be fun.  Maybe I’ll even add another word as my letter and have 3 times the fun, we’ll see how it goes.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blogging Blues

I’ve had the blogging blues as of late and I think I might join the A-Z Challenge in April.  Everyday except Sunday’s, you blog, but on the 1st your post is about something that starts with an A, on the 2nd, a B and so on.  I’ll be honest, the only reason I haven’t signed up yet is because I’m afraid I won’t make it through the whole month.  Even during my last month of so of the Blogging Blues, I’ve had stuff to say, just haven’t taken the time to sit and write them out.  Just usually kind of feel blah towards it.  I’m thinking if I join it, it might actually force me to blog and maybe get something going.  It might just be the kick in the ass that I need.

I planned on typing more than the above paragraph, but I’m having issues concentrating.  After I got through the above paragraph, my computer has gone to sleep twice before I even got to this paragraph.  Definitely having some issues blogging.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Kind of Humor #8

This post is long overdue.  There were all posted on my Facebook page awhile ago so join me there to get in on the fun.  Your mainly getting this post because I’ve been very lazy on my last 2 days off and now I need to go back to work for 3 days.  I’m thinking about joining the A-Z challenge just to force myself to blog a bunch because I’ve been having issues sitting my ass down to blog lately.

humor01 voicemail

This is definitely me, I hate that stupid icon.

humor02 impossible

So true, if I drank coffee, this would be my mug.

humor03 dont give fuck

This is an ongoing battle, it must be ran by windows because I can never find the give a fuck that I’m looking for.


This is a great idea, let’s highlight all the stupid people so we can avoid them.

humor05 go back swag yolo

Let’s pray that this fad isn’t the end of us and they eventually grow up.

humor06 idiots dont listen

This happens a lot, not because I’m smarter than everyone, but because I have kids.

humor07 homeless verse hipster

They think they invented everything that they bring back from the 70’s and 80’s.

humor08 dont marry an asshole

So simple and so true.

humor09 condom headache

No more complaining about headaches, and I have the perfect way to get the tylenol into your system.

humor10 nut sacks

Is this where ex-wives sell the balls they have in their jars after the divorce?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WWW Wednesday #6


To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

The Devil's Deep

The Devil’s Deep by Michael Wallace

I’m just about done with it.  It’s pretty good, it’s not my usual genre as in there is no supernatural storyline.  But it’s probably labeled a mystery/thriller.  I used to do the thrillers all the time, but I rarely read them anymore.

What did you recently finish reading?

Sunset (Pact Arcanum, #1)

Sunset (Pact Arcanum #1) by Arshad Ahsanuddin

I mentioned that I wasn’t into this one but I was into one storyline in my last WWW Wednesdays.  The author hooked me with the beginning by starting in with some action and the introduction to 3 different metahuman races.  That was the storyline that hooked me, the mixing the other races with humans.  That got me but the middle of the book was kind of losing me because it was mainly the storylines of how the metahuman races came about and who they are and about the main characters relationships.  Which were essential to the story but it was a little tough to follow.  But the author made it up at the end.with a thrilling finish with some twists.  Made up for me enough that I put the rest of this series on my wish list on Amazon.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery, #2)

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery #2) by Kim Harrison

This is the next one on the kindle and I generally read them in order that I downloaded them.  I’m a big fan of Kim Harrison’s Hollows series and I’ve read the first Madison Avery book awhile back.  I’m getting to the part in my Kindle where I used my Christmas gift card and actually paid for some books.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Facebook tolerance

Facebook is really starting to get annoying now.  It always has been, but certain people have made it more annoying to be on there.  I have one friend who posts about 10 things about gun control, a day.  Every freaking day!  He’s a classmate and I don’t socialize a lot with him, haven’t actually seen him in over 20 years but we have had interactions on Facebook so I keep him in “My Current Friends” list.  For the most part, I just breeze past them.  But he posted on one of them about how he wasn’t going to listen to a certain artist anymore because she had come out about feeling the opposite that he does.  That struck a chord with me.  I’m thinking your allowed to have your opinion, why can’t she have hers?  I even created and posted this e-card


with him specifically in mind awhile back, and he liked it.  I don’t ever say anything because I like to think that I’m tolerant of other’s opinions.  If he wants to feel the way he feels, more power to him.  Personally, I think you can put more time and energy into things that you can make a difference on.  Posting crap on your Facebook isn’t going to make a difference in any issue.  I’d say there’s a slim to none chance that you will even change any of your friend’s minds.  I thought it would go on for a little bit when the issue came up and then go away.  Like the election crap he posted did, but apparently not.

I also have another friend who posts vague status’.  Do these annoy everyone as much as they do me?  He’s left stuff like “Do you ever wish a decision you made 4 years ago never happened?????? Right now it's eating me alive! :/” or “Come on let's get this show on the road!!!!”  Just basic stuff but you know they are posting them to get someone to ask what’s wrong or what’s going on.  Those status’ just tell me that your needy.  If you want people to comment, then say what’s going on, not leave something vague because you want me to ask because guess what?  I’m not going to ask, if you want me to know, then tell me.  If you don’t tell me, I assume you don’t care if I know.

I know all my status’ aren’t want everyone wants to read, but I also post maybe once or twice a week.  I don’t even plug my blogs.  I did when I first started getting serious with it, figured after a few weeks, if they haven’t bookmarked or liked the Facebook page then they don’t give a crap about my stuff either.  So I let it go, I don’t keep posting over and over.

I’m just bitching to be bitching.  I don’t expect either one of these people to change.  I just wish people would actually believe in tolerance.  Everybody preaches it but nobody really follows it.  My tolerance is not pointing out what the people do on Facebook, even if they do think different then I do.  It may not be a lot, but it’s a start.  I’m pretty tolerant of anything as long as other people aren’t getting hurt.  I think it’s a philosophy that if it was more worldwide, it would make this world a better place.

Getting caught up

Well, I finally did it.  It took a couple of days but I have finally gotten through my Google Reader.  No, I’m not caught up on all the reading, I finally went through everything that gets fed there and got rid of a lot of stuff.  I’ve posted before how I am no longer allowed to use my Kindle up on the line so I just keep getting further and further behind on my reading so this has been coming for awhile.  I started with 727 things being fed to it.  The majority of those are blogs with some instagram accounts and other websites that I keep up on.  Now I have it down to 470.  The majority of those are sports or sports card related.  I would guess probably around 300 of them are, and a lot of those I just skim and look at the cards.  I pretty much kept all the sports cards blogs as long as they’ve posted in the last year or so.  I deleted a lot of the mommy blogs, not all, but most.  I found out that most of them I was just skipping anyways.  I also deleted most of the blogs that I have to click a link to go to their site to finish reading them.  It’s just annoying but there were a few of my favorites that I left even though they did that.  Although off the top of my head, I can only think of 2 that stayed.  I also deleted most everything that hasn’t posted in over a year.  I even created a folder that I put blogs that haven’t posted yet this year but did last year, just in case they come back to blogging.  There were quite a few blogs that didn’t exist anymore.  You would think they would at least post a Hasta La Vista post before leaving but for the most part, they just disappeared.

So now that I got those cut down, I’ll see if I can’t actually stay caught up.  You know, after I get caught up.  Of course, I’ve also added a few.  I have a cousin who is apparently starting a blog, he’s only posted once and it sounds like it’ll be a religious blog so if that stays I’ll only be skimming it.  He’s family, so I’ll follow along regardless if I like the content.  Unlike most of my family who don’t read anything I write.  I also have a friend who started a blog about his goal of getting in shape.  He’s posted daily (I think) for a week now.  It’s torture, because I’m jealous that he has the motivation to keep working out and doing what he needs to do.  I’d plug it here but I’m not sure he wants it public or not, he posted it on his Facebook page but those are all people he knows.  If he reads this post, he can let me know if he wants me to plug it for him.


Track – So What

Artist – P!nk


What the hell is that?  A Track of the Day, it’s been awhile,  I’ve had some of these saved up and just forget to throw them up.  So here you go.  Pink or P!nk.  I didn’t realize she used an exclamation point until recently.  My wife got me into listening to her, and I’ve gotten to like a bunch of her songs.  Plus, she’s kind of has a bad ass hotness to her.  Which is kind of what this song is about.