Friday, February 27, 2015

The usual.

Psst. Over here.

I know you’re not used to seeing anything here. As a matter of fact, my last post was almost a February month ago (25 days). I’ve had stuff to say, but to be honest, I just generally don’t feel like taking the time to say it. The main reason behind this post was because I hit my 4 year anniversary for this blog earlier in the week so I felt obligated to post something. I guess I’ll just update you on what all is going on.

I have the kids this weekend. There were some issues with the JackAss and the way he treats my kids so I took away the every weekend to the state mandatory every other weekend. The kids don’t like seeing their mother less but they say they understand because they can’t stand the JackAss. On top of that, theEx hasn’t worked much since she quit her factory job and has gotten behind on support. In January, she went to the court to get her support lowered but all that did was bring the fact that she was behind to the court’s attention and they scheduled a court date to find out why she is behind. Worse than that, she didn’t show up for court, called and said she couldn’t make it because of the weather. The judge didn’t like the fact that she wasn’t there and charged her with contempt of court and she now has a warrant for her arrest. I haven’t told her, I figure she’ll figure it out when she gets pulled over for something. I did tell her sister, I figured if she wants to tell her, she would. I don’t know if she has or not.

As much as the kids enjoy going to their moms every weekend, I’m pretty sure they’ve enjoyed being home every other as well. Samantha tends to spend the weekends with her friends, she doesn’t get to do that much during the week because of school and her mom lives to far away to do it when she’s over there so she’s been taking advantage of being home.

Trevor is taking advantage of having no sister home by inviting his friends over. They pretty much sit in his room playing Xbox all night long but that’s what boys do. I’m just glad they’ve been hanging out with friends.

I went and watched my niece (technically ex-niece) play basketball. I do love to support the kids in their sports. The bad part is it makes me mad that Samantha quit during tryouts for her school team. I really like watching her play softball, but I was a basketball player and I would have loved to watch her play. I do need to remember to sign her up for softball. I have her set up to go to a softball camp at her school so I’m hoping she’ll get noticed by some of the coaches since she got screwed out of the traveling team. She was just as good as the other girls during tryouts and didn’t make the team. I had other parents tell me that she should have been on it. Hopefully she’ll get a good coach on her team this year.

If you remember, almost a year ago I left my job of 14 years because I hated the swing shift hours they switched to. I got a job where my brother works before getting laid off 5 months later and now work where I do. My brother just informed me last week that his job is switching to the same swing shift hours that I worked at my first job listed. So at this point, I’m glad they laid me off. At my current job, I put in a bid for a different job in a different plant and am waiting to see if I got it. I’m going against 3 other candidates, one of those would be my group leader. While she has way more experience, she has a pretty crappy attitude and she’s been in trouble at work for it so I’m really hoping that counts against her.

Cheri is starting to get going on her annual MS Walk. She always does a bunch of stuff trying to raise money for when we walk. While she gets lots of support from the family as far as them coming out and walking for us, them walking doesn’t help raise money. We’ve asked, but not really pushed that those coming out to raise a little bit of money to turn in. So this year, Cheri is a little bummed and really debating on walking at all. She gets tired of going through all the efforts of raising money and being the only one that does so we’ll see how that turns out.

That’s about all that’s going on over here. We’re trying to stay warm like a lot of the country. I’m going to work every day while the kids get days off all over the place, pansies. Listening to music and reading books. Watching a lot of TV and a lot of sports. The usual.

Monday, February 2, 2015

My favorite Super Bowl commercials

I decided to do a top Super Bowl commercials post. Although I didn’t pay a lot of attention, some of them stuck out more than others. There wasn’t a lot that I saw (and bare in mind, I don’t pay that much attention to them), but these were my top 3.

Everybody has this in their top 3, but while I do really like the commercial, I saw it a week before the Super Bowl so I don’t know that I actually consider it a Super Bowl commercials. I kept it though since it is technically a Super Bowl ad. Budweiser is pretty much always towards the top in this category aren’t they. They do it with the Clydesdales, but now they throw in a cute puppy, how can you say no.

This one was hilarious, the Brady Bunch with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi, perfect. It may have missed the mark with the younger crowd as they probably didn’t understand the whole Brady Bunch thing, especially the Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, but as an older generation member, I loved it. Especially since I watch the movies that star Trejo and Buscemi.

This one however, had most generations from the gamers to the generations of Liam Neeson fans. I really loved the attitude he gave the barista about his name too. I don’t know which one I liked better between the last 2 but I guess you can say star power favored me, which is a rarity. I generally don’t like when they throw in celebs just for show but I couldn’t help it, I loved both of them.