Sunday, June 26, 2016

I'm just old

I haven't had a lot to say lately. Some of it is that there just isn't much going on, other is I just don't take the time to put anything into words. Plus, it's baseball season and I tend to focus more on my sports card related blogs.

I started playing softball again, we've played 3 games so far and are 2-1. I'm the pitcher, which is the reason they asked me to play for the church team. I've only walked 1 batter in 3 games so I'm doing what the asked me to do. My daughter, Samantha, plays as well but tends to struggle, she claims she's not used to slow pitch, and that she doesn't like to play in front of people. I think it's her lack of competitiveness, which I truly don't understand. When I played sports, I wanted to be the best out there. I was never flashy, but I was a fundamentally sound player. I took pride on not making mistakes and being a good team player. I still play that way but my body doesn't allow me to be the best on the field anymore so I have relaxed my competitiveness and just have fun.

not my knees

The day before our first game, my right knee started to hurt. I had surgery on it back in high school (25+ years ago) so I'm familiar with knee issues but I couldn't figure out why it hurt and why I didn't remember doing anything to it, it just started to hurt. After consulting with some people, mainly my mom, I think I have it diagnosed. Arthritis. Like I didn't feel old enough, that now I have to deal with arthritis but at least now I know what it is because that first game I was very hesitant to do anything, afraid it was an injury and I didn't want to make it worse. Now I just play through it since I know it's just pain and it's not going to damage anything. The right knee hasn't bothered me since that first couple of days 3 weeks ago but now I'm having issues with my left knee. I don't know if it's arthritis (I do believe I have that on that knee as well) related or not. My knee gets to the point where I have to straighten it to pop the kneecap, and when it pops, it hurts.

So basically, I'm just old.


The worst part of the knee issues is that there are some days where I'm cramped up in my forklift at work for long periods and when I go to get off, I can barely walk until it stretches out some. It's ridiculous how old I have been feeling as of late.

I have probably popped more Ibuprofen this past week than I have most of my life. I don't generally pop pills at every twinge, most of the time I just ride out the pain because I know it'll go away, but not now. My mom suggested Naproxen for the arthritis and I finally picked up some and popped my first ones last night before bed. My knee was better when I woke up so I'm guessing it did it's thing but we'll see.

I'd like to say that I'm going to get back here and post more often but I'm not promising anything. We have done a few things to the home that maybe I can post about, if I ever get around to it. I also still where the fitbit and while I have good days, I have outgrown the "going out of my way for steps" stage. Plus, there's always theEx and JackAss drama, not as much anymore, but it's still there.

We'll see if I can continue to post. Until then...