Sunday, May 29, 2011


Cheri and I went to Cantigny park on Saturday.  We were in the area dropping off a stereo to a guy I sold it to on ebay.  He suggested we hit it up since we were in the area.  He even gave us free parking passes.  And we were glad he did, it was a very enjoyable.  We originally went to walk the garden’s but ended up going to the First Division museum.  In the museum, the went through each war that we have been in with displays, video and even some audio as you went through.  The visuals were tremendous.  And then outside the museum they have a bunch of different tanks sitting around that they allow the kids to climb on.  There were so many pictures we took, if you follow my wife on facebook you can check them all out there.  I’m going to post a bunch below as well but it would take me forever to detail each one.  But here they are.

249838_10150201553737426_593602425_7285034_5995361_n   252396_10150201553917426_593602425_7285038_2663766_n

249804_10150201549802426_593602425_7284912_8167402_n   250366_10150201549887426_593602425_7284915_2267756_n   255633_10150201549972426_593602425_7284918_588173_n   248468_10150201549997426_593602425_7284919_5296819_n

249762_10150201550062426_593602425_7284921_2924169_n   247887_10150201550287426_593602425_7284929_8243502_n   250469_10150201550267426_593602425_7284928_6550116_n   255655_10150201550312426_593602425_7284930_1201983_n


The rest were taken of displays of each war.  The got jumbled when I saved them to my computer so it may jump back and forth between wars but you’ll get the idea.

247177_10150201551552426_593602425_7284966_1018222_n   247929_10150201551817426_593602425_7284972_4317441_n

248087_10150201551097426_593602425_7284951_4861404_n   248566_10150201550477426_593602425_7284935_4342017_n

249732_10150201550887426_593602425_7284946_7055661_n   250049_10150201551052426_593602425_7284950_5105433_n

250259_10150201551357426_593602425_7284961_6057872_n   250871_10150201551197426_593602425_7284955_4976371_n

251772_10150201552002426_593602425_7284979_6709544_n   252050_10150201551912426_593602425_7284975_5903907_n

252149_10150201550567426_593602425_7284939_5902201_n   253501_10150201550717426_593602425_7284942_1807633_n

253544_10150201551422426_593602425_7284963_4451366_n   254352_10150201551392426_593602425_7284962_1613086_n

254416_10150201551177426_593602425_7284954_5047487_n   254965_10150201550767426_593602425_7284943_2515064_n

255543_10150201551582426_593602425_7284967_4185334_n   255716_10150201551747426_593602425_7284970_1647065_n


And some pics of just a few of the tanks that were outside the museum.

247000_10150201549372426_593602425_7284896_5702219_n   251184_10150201549512426_593602425_7284900_394951_n

248360_10150201552252426_593602425_7284988_348381_n   250473_10150201549397426_593602425_7284897_7123672_n

252278_10150201552167426_593602425_7284985_7990281_n   252697_10150201552222426_593602425_7284987_3927469_n


Like I said, a truly unique and great experience.  We are planning on making that trip again with the kids.  Plus they have all kinds of events throughout the year.  We are definitely going to the baseball game where they play with the rules and equipment of the 1800’s and there is a lego/train event next winter that we want to go.  Check out the website and if your in the Chicago area, specifically Wheaton, IL.  Check it out.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Humor for today

Read today that Ashton Kutcher was taking the spot on “2 1/2 men”.  I’d still watch it, I think the majority of the comedy in that show is the writers.  It’ll have to be good to keep my interest because I used to love that show.  But they haven’t lost me as a fan yet.  I also heard that they already had a storyline to introduce his character.  I’m glad they didn’t go the route of just picking up an actor to play Charlie’s character, I hate when they replace the actor/actress on a show.  Like your not supposed to notice it’s someone new.

On to the humor.


His looks says it all.


On one hand, great usage of the water to keep that bill down, you know, showering together.  But on the other hand, ewwww!!  Of course, for all we know, him and his sister could be 2 year olds, then it would be cute.


I love this one, I think all parents should do this out in public.  That would stop these idiots from wearing their pants half-assed.  I could see myself doing this if my kids wanted to go to the mall.  I’d tuck my t-shirt in my Spongebob boxers and pull my pants part way down and even walk through the mall with them.  Wouldn’t bother me a bit.  Maybe get a shirt that says “If my kids can dress like idiots, so can I”

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s day.  We had our usual steak dinners on the grill for the mother’s and burgers and dogs for the rest of us.  My brother grill’s all the food because he’s great at it.  The daughter’s made a bunch of the side foods and we brought cowboy baked beans, chips and buns.  I always kind of feel like a slacker because I suck in the kitchen, I suck on the grill so about all I can do is buy stuff for the party.  I know, all guys are supposed to grill, but I’ve just never taken the time to learn.  I have been taught how, but I’m not very confident in my grilling abilities and I don’t even own a grill to practice.  So, like I said, I’m a slacker.  My abilities reside in the internet and sports.  That’s about it.

Anyways, I just wanted you all to know how much I love my mom.  Like I said, I’m an internet guy and our family isn’t the “I love you” types.  So here I type.  I grew up not hearing it much, but make no excuse, there was never a doubt that she did.  We aren’t the touchy, feely family.  But like I said, never a doubt.  To me, my family is what all families should be like.  When I need any of the family, they are just a phone call, or a text, away.  For anything.  There is no question when I call someone and say, "hey, I need your help” that they won’t be there for me regardless of what it is.  I owe all that to my mom, she raised my brother and I, that family comes first.  She may have not been Susie Homemaker, but she raised my brother and I to be the strong, independent adults that we are.  She raised us to take care of our own and help out others that need it.  She worked every day, to put food in front of us.  After working all day, she drove my brother and I to our clubs and athletic events.  And believe me, between the two of us, it was nonstop.  She went to probably 95% of all our games or activities   And there were A LOT of games.  She still comes to the majority of her grandkids games and activities.  If there is ever something bugging me, she’s the person I talk to.  I know she’ll be straight with me and tell me what’s best, not what I want to hear.  So for all those people who say they go bad because they were raised by a single parent, or because their mom or dad didn’t hug them enough, or tell them they loved them enough.  I cry bulls**t.  My mom did it.  By all means, I’m not saying it’s easy.  But it’s possible.  She beat the odds and became the best mother I know.  I compare her to all other mom’s I meet, and no one lives up to it.  I try to be the best father I can be, because that’s how I was raised and it’s my responsibility to honor my mother in that.  I’m nowhere near the parent she was, but my mom set the mark so high, that I could never reach it.  So I’ll keep reaching for that goal, to make my mother proud.  Because we don’t need to say I love you every time we see each other.  We show it, by always being there for each other, by always enjoying each others company even if we are doing nothing, by knowing you can rely on each other for anything.

And if not, or just in case.  “I LOVE YOU, MOM!!!!”


Friday, May 6, 2011

Cleaning out My Pictures

As I go around all my bookmarks that I check daily.  (All 104 of them.)  I wonder across pictures and stuff that make me laugh, cry, spank my monkey, ect. ect. (you get the point) and I save them for later use.  I decided to clean out said folder and throw them in a post.  Then I will have them for later anyways.


I found this funny on a couple of levels.  1.  He spilled the other guy’s beer.  2.  Cubs fans are idiots because they throw back HR balls hit by the other team.  So I guess I’m laughing at the whole spilt beer thing, but also because it happened doing a stupid Cub tradition.  And for the record, I don’t hate the Cubs, just a lot of their fans.  I feel sorry for them (see below)



Like I said, I feel sorry for Cubs fans.  To have that much faith in your team and to be constantly disappointed.  Cubs fans are the most loyal fans ever.  And I truly believe that.  Year after year, they believe, truly believe, that this will be the year.  Now that’s not different from most teams fans at the start of the year, but they feel that way even after 100+ years of losing.



Not only is this a Cubs fan, strike one, he’s doesn’t know how to wear a hat, strike two, and he’s using his hand as a visor when he has a hat on, strike three.  Your out, you moron.  I absolutely hate when people wear hats backwards, or sideways, or whatever.  To me, that shows you want attention, you have to be different, that you think your cool.  Mainly, you’re a moron.  There is absolutely no point to wearing a hat backwards.  NONE!!! I hate this almost as much as I hate people who wear sunglasses indoors.  But don’t get me started on my list of pet peeves.  This post will be long enough.


It’s about time us Caucasians get an isle for our food too.  Next, I want white history month, and United Caucasian College Fund,  I know it’ll never happen, But I Have a Dream!



Sorry, I can’t help but laugh at these.


The Navy Seals like it, why can’t I.



If you don’t know what this means, then google Jim Tressel or Ohio State Football.  Sorry, forgot the The in front of that.  Arrogant asses.  The fact that someone actually paid to put this billboard up makes it even funnier.  To spend money to make fun of a hated rival, well, that’s stupid.  But hey, it’s your money, spend it how you want it.  The only problem I really have with this billboard is if I were driving and saw it, I might laugh so hard that I fly off the road.  Once I got the car stopped, I’d have to put it in reverse, unless my car ended up facing the wrong way, then go back and take a picture.  So I guess it’s a good thing I found it here on the internet so that didn’t happen to me.



A classic photo of “the fab five”.  Ran across this and had to steal it, just in case I needed it for something.  For my thoughts on the team, check out my previous blog post, or rather, the first few paragraphs of it. (Weekend Update)  Long story short, I became a big time Michigan fan because of 2 reasons, they are a big time rival of Notre Dame, and I live around Notre Dame.  And because of this team.  Back in the days when I watched a crap load of basketball and little to no football or baseball.


“The Man.” Enough said.