Thursday, January 31, 2013

Social Media Addiction

I’ve mentioned it before, but I might be addicted to social media.  As a matter of fact, this is the header on my Twitter account.

“39, father of 4, spouse of 1. Sports fan of 3. Addicted to social media, blogging and sports cards. MS Spouse and a pain in the ass husband. Love my wife & kids

I have 3 blogs on blogger, 4 blogs on Tumblr, 3 twitter accounts, a personal Facebook page as well as 2 fan pages for 2 of the blogger blogs.  A Goodreads, Instagram, GetGlue, Foursquare and a Google+ account.  I might be a little obsessive.  I’m going to run down most of those accounts above in this post so if you don’t care, then don’t read.

I prefer to run my blogs through Blogger.  Wordpress sucked the few times I’ve used it.  We’ll start with my obvious one, this one.  I’ll give a description of 2 of them because my other blogger blog is private, it is more of a journal about myself and the kids that I keep in case theEx ever tries to go after custody of the kids.  I also guest post other stuff on another blog that I’ll list it here too.


This is my everything blog.  Because I don’t stick to one genre of blog, I have trouble getting those regular followers.  But that’s cool, because I blog for myself anyways.  Even if I am kind of all over the place.  There’s parent blogs, caregiver blogs, humor blogs, entertainment blogs, media blogs, book blogs, ect.  This is all of those and more.  Besides, what am I going to do, start another blog?  Yeah, I don’t think so.  I have enough to deal with.

Stats – 22 Followers (293 posts – 18,884 pageviews)


Obviously, this is my sports blog or rather a sports cards blog.  I mainly post my sports cards here that I’ve picked up for my collections.  I have multiple collections that I try to buy for.  Team – White Sox Collection.  Player – Paul Konerko Collection, Tom Seaver Collection, Luis Aparicio Collection, Dave Dravecky Collection, Billy Williams Collection and Peyton Manning Collection.  So anytime I get something in one of those collections, it goes on this blog.  I’m most interactive with my followers on this blog.  I get way more comments and social interactions with fellow bloggers.  I’ve even met a couple of them in person and to be honest, they are the friendliest of all my blogs.

Stats – 91 Followers (587 posts – 38,448 pageviews)


This is the blog I guest post on.  Any of my Michigan Wolverine cards or stories go on this.  It’s actually ran by a fellow blogger friend of mine, whom I have hung out with and gone to Michigan stuff (games and fan appreciation day) with and have even talked of getting together for a card show.  One other player collection that I have that I didn’t list above is my Mike Hart Collection,  Since he’s a Wolverine, all his cards get posted here.  As does everything in my Michigan Wolverines Collection.

Stats – 21 followers (195 posts – pageviews not available since I’m not the owner)

I originally started a Tumblr account to go with My Sports Obsession blog because I was posting other sports pictures and I wanted to keep that blog sports card related.  So we’ll start with that one.  I mainly use Tumblr blogs for pictures only.  I told you before that I have 4 Tumblr accounts and I do, but 2 of them are anonymous so I’m only going to show you the 2 that are logged with my name.


As I said above, I started this one to go with my blogger blog of the same name.  I post (or reblog) all kinds of sports pictures on this one.  From my main 3 teams (Chicago White Sox, Michigan Wolverines and Indianapolis Colts) to anything else.  I do a lot of vintage pictures to current photos.  If it’s sports related, it gets put here.  I do also posts pictures of sports cards on here as well.

Stats – 24 followers (1,294 posts).


On this one I post (or reblog) anything that interests me.  A lot of it is TV or movie related.  Screen caps with quotes and stuff like that.  Here is my tag cloud if that tells you anything.

A Day in the Life of a Nobody - Tags

As you can see, a little bit of everything but it’s mainly entertainment (Movies & TV).  If you read my Weekly Catch-Up posts, then you’ve seen the type of stuff I post on here.  Anything listed under the Tumblr logo on those pages is from this blog.

Stats – 10 followers (175 posts).

Just for the record, my other 2 anonymous blogs have 148 followers (1,582 posts) and 72 followers (1020 posts) respectively.  Those are both genre oriented.  Shows a difference of what I could do if I stuck to a genre.

While I am on Facebook quite a bit throughout the day, I generally am reading most everyone else’s stuff.  I don’t really post on my personal page all that often.  Sometimes just a post or 2 a week, rarely more than 4 or 5 times in a week.  I do a lot of notifications to my phone but I mainly do that because Facebook seems to choose who I see and who I don’t.  You can search my name and friend request me, but I generally only allow people I know of.  I do allow fellow bloggers on but if you’re an everyday fan and I don’t know who you are then I probably won’t accept.

Random Thoughts From a Random Guy Facebook – I started this page awhile ago but have just started using it more.  I’ve been posting some funny pics and stuff to it.  It always has links to blog posts from this site posted to it as well.

Stats – 22 likes.

My Sports Obsession Facebook – I rarely post anything on this page directly.  Any post from My Sports Obsession and My Sports Obsession Tumblr blog all go directly to this page.  I do occasionally post something sports related to it.  But it doesn’t really have much interest to it so I don’t put a lot of time into it.

Stats – 7 likes.


I said I have 3 twitter accounts, you’ll see 2 here.  The other 1 is related to the 2 anonymous Tumblr accounts.  The stats on it are 36 followers (1,791 tweets).  While I do use twitter, I have trouble keeping up with everyone I follow so I tend to just ignore it.  I have certain tweeters sent directly to my phone but not many and most of those are for comedic or sports reasons.  I would like to utilize twitter better but like I said, I just have to hard of a time following everything.


This is my personal Twitter which I also use for this blog.  I really don’t tweet a lot to it, I do occasionally, probably once a week, but a lot of my other accounts tweet to it for me.  My Random Thoughts From a Random Guy blog, my A Day in the Life of a Nobody Tumblr, and my Instagram account all post here.  If I had to guess, it gets maybe 12-15 tweets a week, but the majority of them are from other accounts.  The screen cap above is outdated so don’t look at the numbers.

Stats – 190 followers (2,349 tweets)


In case you can’t tell, this one is the one that goes with My Sports Obsession.  Like the Facebook page, I don’t tweet much personally but all my blog posts go here, as well as all of the posts from the Tumblr related page.  Like the one above, this pic is outdated.  I did just branch this one off at end of last year so the few family and friends who follow my personal twitter didn’t have to deal with all the sports related tweets as well.  A lot of my followers from my personal blog should have moved over here but short of my sending them all direct messages, most haven’t switched.  Which of course mean, most of them really don’t follow me much.

Stats – 31 followers (275 tweets).


Lately, I’ve only been posting about 1 picture a week and a lot of those are of my cat and sometimes the kids.  I just don’t do much in my life to even take pictures of anything.  During the holidays I posted more pictures but lately, very few.

Stats – 31 followers (103 photos).

One of my latest things to start posting on my Random Thoughts from a Random Guy blog is to talk about the books I’m reading.  Part of that is the weekly meme (WWW Wednesdays) and part of it was joining Goodreads where I can keep track of the books I’m going to read or am reading or even that I’ve finished.  I’ve always been into reading and I’m enjoying talking about books with others again.  Plus it gives me good leads on new books.

Stats – 22 friends (read 52 books since joining, I have 25 books already downloaded to read)

I used this before and started using it again lately.  It keeps track of what I’m watching on TV, DVD or even the movies.  I don’t know why I like to keep a record of it.  It all goes back to me being a stats guy.  I would love to sit down and go through what I watched 20 years ago.  I think that would be interesting.  So I do it now and maybe in 20 years, I’ll look back and still find this interesting.

Stats – 0 followers.

This is my newest addition to my social media addiction.  I’m still getting used to it, sometimes I forget to check in when I go somewhere but for the most part, I remember.  I don’t check in absolutely everywhere that I stop, some things I consider private.  But I do most public places.

Stats – 4 friends.

Last but not least (actually it is) is Google+.  While I do post to Google+, I do just because it’s there.  The only thing I post is links to blog posts from Random Thoughts From a Random Guy and My Sports Obsession.  I liked it when it first came out, but it didn’t really take on and most people never joined or use it.

Stats – 29 people have me in their circles.


I guess that sums it up in almost 2000 words (sorry).  I guess why I do all this is to have something to look back onto if I ever need something.  Maybe one day I’ll be famous (yeah right) and will write a memoirs and I can use all these to look back on my life.  It is the reason I blog, to have a record of my life.  Maybe all this is an extension to that.  Maybe it’s just an extension of my OCD, who knows.  I really have no desire to popular so it isn’t that.  Maybe I should see a psychiatrist about my social media addiction.  Maybe I can get one in an online chat.  But if I went to their office, I could check-in someplace new.  Kidding, I’m not that bad.  If you have any of these accounts above, feel free to hook up with me on some of them.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WWW Wednesdays #4


This hasn’t changed to much from last week but I talk more about Kim Harrison’s Ever After. 

To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

No One to Hear You Scream

No One to Hear You Scream by Julia Madeleine

I’m still barely into this because the following book was released and this book hadn’t really taken a hold of me yet so I stopped to read this.

Ever After (The Hollows, #11)

I love the Hallows series and this is the 11th book in the series. It follows the life and jobs of Rachel Morgan who was considered a witch but grows into something much more powerful. She is on the good side of things even though most think differently. She is a runner, who is like a freelance federal agent but her cases all involve the supernatural beings after the turn. It is a great series, I believe the genre is Urban Fantasy. This is my all time favorite series.

A demon has kidnapped some loved ones and the same demon is setting up Rachel by destroying the Ever After which is where all the demon’s live.  He is trying to handcuff the demon’s into killing Rachel for him before he kills them all.  He is also stealing babies that will genetically rely on him when they are older and creating a race of day walking demon’s to possibly take over the world.  Rachel is literally in a fight for her life, her god-daughters life, and the demons who are willing to kill her.  Not to mention saving the entire race of Elves.  All this and I’m only 30% into the book.  Have I mentioned how much I love this series.  If your going to pick this up, I recommend picking up the first one and working your way towards this one.  You can find a list of them at  It is truly an awesome series, I’ve even got my mom hooked on them.

What did you recently finish reading?


Reunion by Jeff Bennington

I really enjoyed this book.  The beginning takes place 20 years before with a school shooting and you follow a few of the students through that day.  Then 20 years later they felt led to have a reunion and they go back to the school that has been shut down ever since the shooting.  Along with dealing with the emotions of returning the scene of that fateful day, they have to deal with another killer, or is it the same one?

I liked this story because of the supernatural feel towards it.  I’m really getting into those kinds of books more rather than the just thrillers.  I still enjoy them but not as much as I like the supernatural stuff.

Almost Kings

Almost Kings by Max Doty

This was a good book as well.  It follows a high school senior and his younger brother who is a freshman.  The younger brother looks up to his big brother and wants to be just like him.  Until he starts become one of the gang, the Kings, and he starts to see what they are really into and where it can lead.

This is more of a drama and not what I normally read, but I enjoyed it all the same.  It had a bit of a dark side to it which made it enjoyable.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Sunset (Pact Arcanum, #1)

Sunset (Pact Arcanum #1) by Arshad Ahsanuddin

This is the next one on the kindle.  As soon as I finish the 2 above.

If you want to join on WWW Wednesdays, click the logo on top or go to and leave a comment.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kids and Social Media

My daughter brought home a letter from the school today.  Saying that there has been some instance’s of cyber bullying coming to light.  In the freaking 5th grade.  The letter was long, posted some rules about electronic devices but basically it said that parent’s need to monitor their kids better when it comes to Social Media.  While I do agree with the intent behind the letter.  I really want to send the principle an e-mail and say I realize that there is only so much the school can do and I’m not against what the letter said, but let’s face it, most parents don’t care what their kids are doing online as long they are entertained and out of their hair.

My daughter has a Facebook account and has limited access to the internet at home.  The access has parental controls as well as I get an e-mail telling me every website she has visited which is mostly just Facebook.  And as far as the Facebook account goes, she doesn’t know the email or password associated with the account.  So she can only access it when Cheri and I are around.  And every notification she gets on it is also emailed to me.  Almost all of her friends are family members and I’ve even had to hide 1 of them because she’s early 20’s and tends to cuss a lot.  She does have a few friends from school, but not many.  All friend request go through me which means I look at their accounts after approval and before I let her look.  I approved one friend that after I approved her, I checked her wall a week or so later and there was sexual like content plus her profile pic had the F word in it twice.  I posted about that here.  She was defriended immediately and I’ve had to turn down friend requests from her more than once.  She doesn’t know the word no, I’m guessing.

Since then, I’ve been to this girls house and seen that she lives with her grandparents and an uncle while her father stays out back in some sort of shed.  She has her own laptop and cellphone.  At freaking 10 years old.  I understand it’s probably real hard for the grandparents to raise this kid but you can’t let them do whatever you want either.  I’ve already told Samantha that I won’t even discuss a cellphone until at least 13 and that’s just discussing it, that’s not a yes your getting one.  It doesn’t help that the school system that my kids go to is in a rich kind of area.  So a lot of the kids parents can afford to give their kids the nicer things.  If you go to the high school, you’ll see all kinds of Beamers and Mercedes in the parking lot.  They are spoiled beyond belief.  I sent them to this school system because it’s the best in the area, academically and athletically.  It’s also the high school I graduated from.  But anytime there is a school function, Cheri and I just feel out of place.  While we are still considering a house in this school system, it is not at the top of our list anymore.  There’s more issues I have with it but I’m getting off track.

These kids that got caught, or told on, I don’t really know what happened, on Instagram.  Which means they probably all had cell phones.  The school’s rules basically leave it up to the teacher to post the rules of the classroom.  They are allowed to have them at school as long as they aren’t disruptive and if a teacher says he doesn’t want to see them, then they have to be put away.  I think the school rules at that age should be no cell phones out period.  You can have them on you and have them out at lunch and recess but any other time in the school they should be put away.  At this age, all after school activities are planned from this time, to this time.  You know what time to pick up your kid.  There is no need for a cell phone to call a parent when practice is over.  Junior High, maybe.  Elementary, no.

I can’t believe I’m actually having to deal with this stuff already.  I thought I’d at least get her to Junior High before this became an issue.  What makes this worse, was I had planned on posting a post about my Social Media Addiction.  I guess I had this coming.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Catch-Up


Jeff Laws

I updated my cover photo again this week.  The Walking Dead starts in 2 weeks.

Jeff Laws(1)

Updated my profile pic too.  This was taken awhile ago but I thought it was fitting.

Jeff Laws(2)

I created this ecard after my daughter came home with a popped tire.  She said she slid into a curb at Walmart, which I believe, but she said that she is so unlucky.  That I don’t believe, I’ve seen the way she drives and know the way she lies.

Jeff Laws(3)

I was really proud of both of them but Trevor is the one that usually does really well so it was a surprise to see Samantha come home with the 4 star award.

Jeff Laws(4)

It’s the same people, over and over again.  I know your stance, I know you hate Obama, say it, then move on.  Not post 10 different things saying the same thing daily.


Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter

I guess I didn’t do too much on Twitter this week.  Although, technically, I posted 20 tweets during this time.  This was the only one that won’t get posted elsewhere on this Weekly Catch-Up.  I post my Instagram, Blog Posts, and Tumblr links all to my Twitter as well.


Didn’t do much on Instagram either.  Just another picture that I post to make my wife jealous because Kitty likes to lat with me on the couch.



I love when Wil Wheaton is on “the Big Bang Theory”.  Maybe because he annoys Sheldon and we all know how funny Sheldon is when he’s annoyed.




Sawyer was hilarious on “Lost”.  Between his sarcasm and his nicknames, he was by far the funniest character.

The Avengers 2 poster

Do I really need to say anything else about this.

Sheldon Scare

More of “the Big Bang Theory” hilarity.

The greatest basketball player ever.




“Jay & Silent Bob” with Chris Rock

80’s awesomeness

80’s awesomeness.






Another great show going by the wayside.  I loved watching “Leverage”.

Almost Kings

Finished “Almost Kings” by Max Doty.  Review from WWW Wednesday #3.

This was a good book.  It follows a high school senior and his younger brother who is a freshman.  The younger brother looks up to his big brother and wants to be just like him.  Until he starts become one of the gang, the Kings, and he starts to see what they are really into and where it can lead.

This is more of a drama and not what I normally read, but I enjoyed it all the same.  It had a bit of a dark side to it which made it enjoyable.

Listened to (All Items 2) a total of 128 tracks.

Left to listen to (All Items) a total of 960 tracks.

Total of 1,088 tracks.

I haven’t done very well this week.  4 days off work and I only worked out 2 days.  It’s been so cold, I’ve been avoiding leaving the house.

    • Worked out 2 days (8 days for the year)

    • Rode the stationary bike for 10 miles (55.2 miles for the year)

    • Walked on the elliptical for .75 miles (2.8 miles for the year)

    • Did 14 sets of 10 reps at 50 lbs each (Seated Chest Press) (26 reps for the year)

    • Did 14 sets of 10 reps at 50 lbs each (Seated Butterfly Press) (26 reps for the year)

      •      via     




Once Upon a Time, Hawaii Five-0, How I Met Your Mother, Bones


2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Switched at Birth, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers


Go On, White Collar, Criminal Minds, Supernatural


American Horror Story:  Asylum, Nashville, Hot in Cleveland, Impractical Jokers


Necessary Roughness, Teen Trouble, Grey’s Anatomy, Millionaire Matchmakers


Double Divas, the Following, Star Trek (TOS), Beyond Scared Straight


Ellen, 1600 Penn, Heroes, Downton Abbey

Thoughts on Suicide – I liked this post, just wish I had more viewers to get the message out.

TheEx and the JackAss, episode 12 – Just more bitching about dealing with theEx and her JackAss.  Mainly about how they can’t tell time.

WWW Wednesdays #3 – My latest on this meme.

My Kind of Humor #6 – Just the latest funnies from my Random Thought’s Facebook page.

Randomness – I talk about a guy at work and his obsession with sweatshirts, about my kids and their schoolwork and also my disappointment on not going to a card show this weekend like I planned.