Thursday, March 29, 2012

Through the Depressed Hole in my Shorts

Started off this morning in a depressed mood.  Not sure why I get these but I do.  I just wake up feeling blah!  Yes, that’s the clinical term.  I doesn’t happen often and I hadn’t had a morning like that in awhile.

Basically I walk around at work and think about how much my life sucks.  Not that it does, but that’s what I think about.  All the bad points in my life.  But I eventually get out of the funk.  It’s really odd how it comes along and hits me.  Does anyone else have these?  I’m not depressed about my life, sure there are things I would change but I’m usually a fairly upbeat person, until one of these moods hit.

I went to break, stuck my headphones in and jammed while reading blogs.  Yes, I can read while I listen to music.  I’m multi-talented.  Anyways, I felt better after that.

Went to the school last night to watch my 9 year old daughters production of “Through the Looking Glass”.  As we were heading out to the car, Cheri told me I had holes at the corners of my pockets in my jean shorts.  Apparently she was checking out my ass.  So I untucked my t-shirt from underneath my hoodie and let it hang down and it covered the holes.  Good enough for tonight, we’re high class here.


You can tell Samantha is getting older because the acting is getting a lot better.  I was very impressed with the 5th graders who did all of the acting.  The girl who played the red queen was awesome as was the girl who played Alice.  The photo above was just to show how huge of a production this was.  I guess I’m just used to the small elementary productions.  Of course, I’m also used to the hour productions.  This was almost 2 hours, in those hard ass chairs.  My back and neck were hurting.  Thank God we brought Cheri’s wheelchair for her to sit in, although, after 2 hours, she was hurting pretty bad too.

2012-03-28_20-42-37_196Samantha was in the chorus and was stuck in the back row so we hardly ever got to see her.  I managed to get this shot during one of the few chances I could see her.

She was the 6 of Diamonds and we all know Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  And a dad’s best friend.

It’s not a flattering picture but that’s as far as my zoom on my phone would go.

She had a blast though.  It was the first time she had to stay after school for practices.  I guess I’m going to have to start getting used to driving back and forth to school for after school activities.  Next year Samantha wants to get into basketball.  They don’t have it in the 4th grade, but do in the 5th.  I’ll enjoy the sports activities more then I will the plays.  But that’s what us parents do.

But wait, the story isn’t over yet.  Remember my shorts?  As I was getting into the car to head home, I heard a rip.  I looked at Cheri and told her I think my shorts just ripped.  Thank God that didn’t happen at the program.  Although if it had, luckily my boxers were the same color as jeans.  Don’t get excited at this explicit photo.


Maybe my depressed mood was the mourning of my shorts.  I have had them a few years.


  1. I get those surprise blues, too. It's hard to post something upbeat on those days. Will you bury your shorts or cremate them?

    I'm very impressed by the costumes at your daughter's production! I've been in theatre for...decades. I was the White Queen in a community theatre production some 12 years ago, and I'm still in touch with and friends with the Red Queen.

    Theatre is great for building bonds. Of course, sports does that too.

    1. I thought I'd offer them to my teenage daughter since they wear all kind of clothes with holes in them but she could probably fit in one leg and have to wrap the other leg around her. Although it could be a new style.

      I was impressed with the whole set as well. My son had one about a month ago, all they did was wear matching shirts. So not what I expected.