Sunday, March 14, 2021

Is less sleep really a problem?

I've been wearing my Fitbit to bed and tracking my sleep. I have an appointment with my doc at the end of the month to discuss my breathing while I sleep. I assume he'll have me do a sleep study and I'll probably have to wear a CPAP.

I sleep okay, I don't wake up tired but if I stop and do nothing during the day, I will start to get tired but I usually have to be doing nothing for awhile before that happens. To me, that's just boredom. Even when I get up early and drive to work, I'm usually half an hour early and I just sit in my car, eyes shut, relaxing and listening to music. I don't ever fall asleep, just relax. I would think if I was having that big of issues that I would zonk out as soon as my eyes are shut while chilling in the car.

My wife says I stop breathing and than gasp for breath. I wouldn't know, because it doesn't wake me up or at least I don't remember waking up. The fitbit does have an Estimated Oxygen Variation chart and when that gets high, it means you're having breathing issues. I'll usually go into the high range once or twice a night. I don't know what that means, but I'll discuss it with him.

One of the questions I'm not looking forward to is how do you sleep? I think I sleep fine, nice solid sleep. I don't wake up and while I'm tired when I first get up, that goes away once I'm up and moving around. The problem is, I don't sleep much, I never really have.

Here is my last month or so.

It says I average over 5 hours but for the most part, that's because on Saturday night, the one night where I'm not getting up for work the next day, I usually have a really long sleep that extends that average.

My wife hounds me about getting more sleep but I don't really think it affects my life much. I could go to better earlier, I'm a put my head on the pillow and am sleeping within a few minutes type of guy. I just like to have more time to do stuff (usually online) and once I go to bed, that's just quicker until I have to go to work.

I guess we'll see what the doc says.