Sunday, July 26, 2015

I exercised, really, I did

I woke up this morning and my eyes were still tired so I laid in bed for an hour with them shut and just contemplated life. I decided that I need to get my fat ass out and do something instead of sitting all weekend in my recliner. So I got up, popped my contacts in and went for a walk. No special route, just went next door and went around the outside of the parking lot at Walmart. I set my Samsung health tracker thingy on my phone to monitor myself.

One of the reasons I wanted to walk is because I joined a softball team again, although with all the rain, we've had 4 now (I think) get cancelled and I missed 2 because I was out of town on July 4th weekend. The 2 games I did play, I pulled up lame in both of them with my hamstring hurting. I finished both games but it hurt. The last one I really hurt it and I had trouble pitching the last inning. So as you can see, I definitely needed to get into shape. My last game is on Thursday and then that Saturday we have a single elimination tournament, so I could end up playing multiple games. It might be to little, to late, for me to start now but it's not like I can't use the exercise.

There's my map, the flag is  actually my apartment. It only lists 2 laps but I did 3 so I'm not sure if it didn't count one or one is just on top of the other. So I don't know how accurate this is. I plan on going out after work tomorrow and if I do, I think I'm going to go through the neighborhood across the street and I'll be able to tell how accurate it is, at least with my route.

I took these with snapchat because I knew they had these filters. It was a balmy 76 degrees out and sunny and it said my pace was 3.4 mph. Now to look at my final stats.

Technically, I didn't set up a target distance and I got all those trophies because it was the first time I had used the app, so don't think I'm that special. It says I went 2.07 miles in 38 minutes and my pace was 2.3/mph. Doesn't seem that impressive to me so I'm really hoping for some reason it didn't count a lap. That app also has a step counter and it says I only went a little over 4000 steps so I'm thinking it sucks at keeping track. I would think I would have gone more steps than that.

Now let's see if I can actually keep it up.