Thursday, March 8, 2012

Place in this World

I’ve been trying to find my niche for this blog.  I’ve decided recently to start writing more.  I’ve been searching for other blogs for some inspiration.  I’ve found a bunch of “Mommy” blogs that I’ve started following.  Lord knows, I need help when it comes to parenting and I tend to like the blogs that tell it like it is.  That show the other side of parenting.  That prove there are no specific rules to raising kids.  That other parents are just trying to survive their kids.  Because that’s how I feel at times.  And it’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one lost when it comes to doing it.

The mommy blogs were easy to find, you find one, you find them all. Between their blog roll’s and the awards they like to give each other with rules that you have to plug other blogs. I found a crap load of them in no time. I’ve added some to my blog roll and eventually I’ll add the others. If blogger let’s me that is, I’ve had issues adding my blogs to my blog roll on “My Sports Obsession” so who knows.

I’ve already followed sites that humorous because let’s face it, I love to laugh.  That’s where a lot of the pics and toons that I get for “My Kind of Humor” post.  And I’ve found my niche in the sports and sports cards world with my other blog “MSO”.  But what I would like to find is some father blogs, there has to be some out there.  I’d like to read some posts on parenting and other things from a guys point of view.  I follow a few written by guys, but I would like to find more.

I’d also like to find some “Caregiver” blogs of spouses of MS patients.  I’d like to connect to some other’s that are in my position as well.  While I don’t really consider myself a “caregiver” to my wife, it is a label I have and will probably have to accept more in the future.  I joined a forum and enjoyed it for a little bit, but I would like something like the parenting blogs, where they talk about their experiences.  Where as the MS forum, someone asks a question, a bunch of people answer.  While I find it useful and helpful at times, I would rather follow everyday lives.

So if anybody out there has some suggestions, plug away in my comments section and I’ll check them out.

Took Trevor to Boy Scouts tonight.  I’ll give the Troop leaders credit, there’s no way I could deal with that many kids, let alone, all boys even for just an hour.  I’d be cussing them out in 15 minutes.  SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!!!   INSIDE VOICES!!!!   AHHHHH!  I would have been pulling my hair out, if I had any left.  Like I said, I give the troop leaders credit.

What I’m curious is why they are immune to that cafeteria.  Because every time I get in there, I start yawning, and can’t stop.  Which of course, makes me tired.  Then I come home tired, it sucks.  We meet at an elementary school so maybe they pump gas in to keep the kids calmer or something.  They need to shut the gas off after hours.  It apparently doesn’t work on the kids anyways and why would you want to put the parents asleep.  We all snore and drool, it would be a bigger mess for the maintenance crew in the morning if they zonk us out.

Tomorrow is Friday, the kids will be going to their mother’s after school.  Samantha is supposed to have a Girl Scouts thing on Sunday.  They are just getting together at the local mall and taking kind of an aerial view of all the Girl Scouts in the shape of a leaf (GS logo).  You’ll be able to spot my daughter in the photograph, she’ll be the one with the greasy hair since she doesn’t shower enough at her mom’s.  She’s supposed to wear a green shirt as well so I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t have that on.

I could never take the kids away from their mother, but there are a lot of times I wish I could.  I don’t worry about the kids safety with her.  But I don’t trust her to “do the right thing”.  In the end, it will hurt her relationship with the kids.  And while I look forward to that, I don’t look forward to dealing with the aftermath, the kids emotions when they figure it out.

Until then, I will enjoy my weekends kids free.  I love my kids, but it’s nice to have the place to ourselves.  And it usually is to ourselves since Skyler is usually running around with her friends.  Cheri and I will be kicking it here, we are both homebodies, we love to just sit around and veg.


  1. there's at least 1 daddy blog on my blogroll: daddy scratches. He's funny and off-kilter. The bloggess has a few on hers, too, like "telling dad" and a couple others.
    Just hoping to point you to what you're looking for!

    1. I added him to my reader. I'll have to check out the Bloggess' tomorrow when I have time. Thanks for the heads up.