Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Bored Vets

A friend of mine decided to do a podcast with another friend of his.  I had never listened to a podcast and other than knowing it was an audio file, I didn't know much about them.  But since he's a friend, I decided to take the time to listen to it.  Instead of leaving a comment, I figured I’d do a blog post and hopefully gain them a few more followers.

Before I get to the podcast, which can be found at, a little background on our friendship.  We basically worked together for a few years as he worked where I do now.  He has since moved on to bigger and better things, lucky bastard.  We didn't work in the same department so we didn't really have much time to chat but we managed to get to know each other a little bit.  I always respected him because he was a family man as well as a military man.  He was in the reserves when I knew him and I know he has done at least one (I think more than that but not sure how many) tours overseas.  How can you not respect someone literally fighting for you?  We kept in touch when he moved, through Facebook and Twitter.  We don’t really have conversations but we comment on each others stuff every so often.  He has supported my blog and facebook blog page and I try to support him on his blog “Not Really a Ninja” as well as his photography blog “Anything But Random”.  I also have plugged his charity here for an organization that has helped his family throughout his son’s complications.  I also have a link down there to the bottom right of this page just for that (the Ronald McDonald House button).  I probably haven’t made him any money but all I can do is try.  We have stuff in common, and that’s about it.  But I consider him a friend and I hope he does me (consider me a friend that is, not the other).

You can check out his site at the link at the beginning of the previous paragraph or go directly to the podcast “The Beta Cast”.  They discussed a few things and I’m going to throw out my thoughts on them here.  I think I got the order right on what they discussed but it’s been a few days since I listened to it.

  • Motorcycles – I agree with both of them on this.  While I agree they are dangerous, I’m not sure I can go as far as saying they shouldn’t be on the road.  I have never driven one but have seen the effects of an accident up close.  I know there have been times where I just about pulled out right in front of one because I didn’t see it right away.  I do like how both Mike and Carl agreed there are always idiots on both sides (car drivers and motorcycles) because I’ve seen plenty of bike riders weaving in and out of traffic which would lean me to the side of Carl, but I’ve seen quite a few responsible ones as well so it equals out.  Personally, I think scooters should be outlawed to be on any road with a speed limit over 35.  If they can’t go the speed limit, they shouldn’t be on the road or if they are, they should be required to stay to the right side like a bicycle instead of driving down the middle of the lane.  That pisses me off more than a motorcycle.
  • Two kids killed a WWII vet – I agree with everything they said on this.  I can’t believe crap like this even happens.  I haven’t heard anymore updates but I wouldn’t have a problem with them resisting arrest and getting their asses whipped.
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars – I’m like Mike on this one, I have nothing against Star Wars, but I’m a big Star Trek fan.  If you’re a reader of this blog, then you know I’m in the process of watching all of TOS (the Original Series).  It’s taking me awhile to get through them because my wife thinks they are so cheesy so I only watch them when she’s not home.  I believe I have one episode left on season 2 before starting the 3rd season.  Then I plan on moving to all the other series one at a time.  I love Star Trek.  I like Star Wars.  For the most part though, I only like the original 3, I was never a big fan of the newer ones.  I would even say I love episodes IV, V and VI, just not as much as I love Star Trek.

Be sure to check out their first podcast ( and follow them along on twitter (@twoboredvets) as well.  Good job Carl and Mike, I enjoyed the first show.  I’m looking forward to the DC vs. Marvel in the next one.  As far as some ideas, how about Apple vs. Android, or explain to me how 1/4 of my pageviews on this blog are from Explorer.  Why does anybody still use it?  Should college athletes get paid?  Who has the most annoying fanbase, Notre Dame or that team from Ohio? (that one’s for you Carl).

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Kind of Humor #13

Time for another edition of My Kind of Humor.  These were all posted on my Random Thoughts Facebookpage at one time or another.


Spanking was good enough for me and my kids.

humor02 conan

This is so true.  I don’t care about the sun in my eyes, sunglasses help hide my eyes when I look at boobs.


Common Sense seems to be dying more and more every year.


Why would you use your towels if your not the one cleaning them.  Glad my mom never caught me.


Our bed cartography is the gray part is mine, the 2 middle parts on Cheri’s, and the green on the far right is the cats.


Baseball should be taught to everyone so the ones that don’t know the rules aren’t the ones yelling at the umpires when they don’t know what they are talking about.


True dat!


Saved a fortune, yo!  (sorry, been watching too much breaking bad.)


I totally do that at work, I keep headphones in my bad specifically for standing in line and waiting to clock out.


I mainly posted this for my daughter who thinks she likes one direction.  I didn’t capitalize it on purpose.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday’s–Be afraid, be very afraid (repost)


I went looking for an old post for Flashback Fridays.  In light of reading about an 88 year old World War II veteran dying at the hands of a couple of teenagers.  It may not have anything to do with it, it may have.  All I know is I don’t remember being as much as of an asshole as the current teenage generation.  This was originally posted on February 12th of last year.


My wife and I took my son to his Scout awards program today.  It certainly wasn’t worth the 3 hours time there for the 5 minutes my son got his awards.  Part of that time was eating so it’s forgivable.  It was a carry in so lots of food.  But here’s my gripe.


What happened to sitting and keeping your kids quiet?  I understand giving them something to do to keep the occupied, but bring a whole freaking set of toys.  And not only that, but it was the kind of toy that made noise.  As was evident when we were having a moment of silence for a scout leader in the hospital.  All was quiet, except for that damn toy.  And the grandparent sitting next to the kid giggling because of the toy making noise during the moment of silence.

Maybe I’m just a dick of a parent, I don’t know.  My son sat there quietly during the awards.  While the damn kids behind us were playing and talking so loudly that we couldn’t hear half of what was being said.  The kids sitting in front of us were playing angry birds.  What happened to giving respect to the person up front talking.  Or how about after we were done eating when a bunch of kids were shooting baskets and dribbling basketballs at the hoop right next to the tables.  WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE KIDS PARENTS!

I realize that this thing is boring to the kids, but wouldn’t that be a teaching experience of why you have to sit and behave to show RESPECT.  Because let’s face it, kids have no respect for nothing, including themselves anymore.  And you can say it’s because of the other kids they hang with or all the electronics, TV, music, games, ect.  It all starts at home.  When you teach respect, you get respect.  Instead of trying to pacify your kids with electronics, try being a parent, and making them sit still.

All the parents, come here and gather around, I have a secret for you.  Closer.  A little closer.  Here it is.  Your in charge, not your kid.  I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.  I don’t know what the hell happened when parents became afraid of the kids.  The kids should be afraid of the parents.  You can love your kids and have loving, close moments with your kids, but when it comes to them doing things they shouldn’t, they should be afraid of what is going to happen when you find out.  And they should fear that you will find out.  Because you ALWAYS find out.

I understand why kids do the stupid things they do, because if I could get away with it at that age, I would have too.  But I was afraid of what would happen.  That’s right, I grew up with consequences to my actions.  Kids now-a-days have no consequences to their actions.  I see it everyday.  There is no way in hell that my kids are going to talk to me the way I see kids talk to their parents out in public and certainly not at home.  You know why, because my kids are AFRAID of what will happen if they do.  And there is plenty you can do without laying a hand on them, for all you people screwing up your kids by not spanking.  Find what they love, and take it away.  Oh yeah, that’ll get their attention.  My kids get grounded from electronics.  All of them.  No TV, no mp3, no video games, nothing that takes batteries or electricity.  Minor offenses denotes an earlier bed time.  But, they do know, I’m not above spanking them.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had too, but they know I will.  Which makes them afraid.  Which keeps them in line.  Sure, they test their limits to see what they can get away with.  My brother and I did too, but we didn’t dare cross that line.  You know why?  We were AFRAID of our parent.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

T-shirt dilemma

2013-08-19 12.41.06

That’s a picture of my t-shirts in my closet.  Before you ask, no, I don’t color coordinate my clothes, that would be Cheri’s doing.  She complains that I don’t have much variety in what I wear.  There’s a bunch of colors in there, at least 6 of them.  Let’s break them down shall we.

  • White – 2 MS shirts, 2 Michigan shirts, Samantha’s all-star shirt, a White Sox one and a plain one.
  • Yellow (Maize) – 8 Michigan shirts.
  • Orange – 2 MS shirts
  • Blue (all shades) – 3 Colts, 2 Michigan, 3 plain (different shades) and an Adidas shirt.
  • Gray – 5 Michigan, 1 White Sox, 1 plain.
  • Black – 4 White Sox and a Buddha (rub the belly) shirt.

Or to break it down even more.

  • 17 Michigan shirts.
  • 6 White Sox shirts.
  • 5 plain shirts.
  • 4 MS shirts.
  • 3 Colts shirts
  • 3 “other” shirts.

Yeah, maybe she has a point.  This really doesn’t include everything either.  I have 2 different pair of PJ bottoms and t-shirts with them (Colts and a White Sox).  I have a bunch of hoodies for the winter, mostly Michigan ones.

Yeah, she definitely has a point.  I need to buy some more White Sox and Colts shirts to match my Michigan totals.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WWW Wednesdays #24 & Stacking the Shelves #6


To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

World War Z – An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

  Haven’t actually started reading it yet, going to tomorrow at work.  I’ve been looking forward to reading this for awhile.  I had it on hold on my library app and it came in over the weekend.

What did you recently finish reading?

Deadly Night (Ghosthunters 101, #1)

Deadly Night (Ghosthunters 101 #1) by Aiden James

This wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t as much supernatural as I had hoped.  The ghosthunting part of it was liking watching the tv shows.  A lot of excitement to see something and then you barely get a glimpse of anything.  Those shows already annoy me so maybe I was already against that part of the story.  The other storyline was decent though, although I had it figured out before the killer was revealed.  Then there is the whole storyline about his band, those just seemed like they were using it to fill out more pages.


Afraid by Jack Kilborn

I just finished this today, I gave it 5 stars.  It was good and different.  An enhanced special ops team takes over a small town in Wisconsin and sets out on killing everyone in the town while trying to find a local who has come home but is living off the grid.  Lots of action and some everyday heroes.  I really enjoyed this one.

What do you think you’ll read next?

The Nightlife: New York (The Nightlife, #1)

The Nightlife: New York (Nightlife #1) by Travis Luedke

This is the first line on the Goodreads page.

“Vampires, strippers, escorts, night clubs, gangs, pimps and corrupt cops, the Nightlife of New York is never boring.”

That pretty much sums it up.

If you want to join on WWW Wednesdays, click the logo on top or go to and leave a comment.

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual.

The End - A Post Apocalyptic Novel


The End – A Post Apocalyptic novel by G. Michael Hope

Really?  Are any of you surprised by this purchase?  It’s Apocalyptic, how could I not?

Purchased – Free

Kindle version



Bottled Abyss


Bottled Abyss by Benjamin Kane Ethridge

The character stumbles on what could be the border between the living world and the world of the dead.

Purchased – Free

Kindle version





Bitten by Dan O’Brien

It might be another werewolf book.  The last one was pretty good so we’ll take a shot at another one.

Purchased – Free

Kindle version



World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War


World War Z – an Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

This is the book they based the Brad Pitt movie off of.  I haven’t seen the movie but I have heard the book was much better so I’m going to read it.

Rented – Library

Kindle version




Breakers by Edward W. Robertson

Another end of the world book, I think I’m starting to notice a trend.

Purchased – Free

Kindle version

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I got called Squirrely

I know right, squirrely.  Who calls someone squirrely?  Jenn over at My Daily Jenn-ism called me squirrely.  What the hell is that supposed to mean, so I Googled and the Urban Dictionary says this.
Urban Dictionary- squirrely
Seriously?  That’s what Jenn thinks of me?  She has been my biggest supporter from another blogger.  She gives me all kind of love on her facebook page.  She even got me to 100 followers which was quite a feat since I think I was only hovering around 30 or so.  I thought she liked me, I thought I had a friend.  Maybe squirrely means something else, I’m going to read the other definitions on urban dictionary.
Urban Dictionary- squirrely(1)
What the hell did I just read?  Surely Jenn doesn’t think that.  Unless she knows something I don’t know.  The only way to understand why she called me squirrely is go back and figure out how she said it.

Oh, wait, I don’t think she meant the definition above (especially that 2nd one, my “bum” hurts thinking about it).  It’s an award!  Well then it definitely can’t be negative.  That’s the Jenn I know.  The rules of the award are you’re supposed to give 10 facts about yourself.  We’ll see if I can even manage that.  Last time I got an award and had to come up with facts I barely made it.  I should probably pull that up to make sure I don’t duplicate any.
I went back and I won 2 Liebster awards and a 3 award which totaled 25 facts about me.  This is going to be tough to come up with 10 more but here goes.
  1. I’ve had the inkling to write a book.  I don’t know if I’m scared to fail or just to lazy to take the time to do it.  I know nothing about writing a book.  I have some vague ideas for stories but I don’t know if I can make it the length of a book.  I know, everybody thinks they are a writer.
  2. A lot of the reason I want to write a book, is to say that I’ve done something with my life.  Physical evidence that I’m more than a factory worker.
  3. I always wear socks.  Always!  When my feet get cold, I get cold.  I generally sleep in my boxers but on an occasion that I sleep in the nude, I’m not nude, I still have my socks on.  That’s why you never see me in sandals, even on the beach, I wear shoes and socks.
  4. I don’t like massages.  I’ve never had a professional one but I don’t like when anyone tries to rub my back or neck.  My wife thought she’d give me a back massage, she started and I just laid there.  She asked if it felt good, I said not really and she got mad and said I was weird.
  5. I rarely have my wallet on me and when I do, it’s never in my back pocket.  I don’t understand how people can sit on their wallet all the time.  It just doesn’t seem comfortable at all.  If I don’t need my debit cards or ID, I just carry my cash in my pocket.  When I go to a sporting event, I put my ID, debit and cash in my pocket.
  6. The car I’m driving is 10 years old, and I’ve owned it almost the whole 10 years.  It is a 2003 and I bought it in the fall of 2003 so it wasn’t new, but it wasn’t really old either.  I don’t remember ever washing the outside.  Other than cleaning the trash out of it, I’ve probably never really cleaned the inside either.  I’m not big on possessions, it’s a car.  As long as it gets me where I’m going, I really don’t care what it looks like.  It’s not like it’s filthy, it does rain every so often.  There is no trash in it either, I keep it clean, I just don’t wipe it down or sweep it out.
  7. I have never fired a gun.  I’m not sure I’ve ever even handled a gun.  I’m not against them, just never really had the opportunity.  I guess I’ve had the opportunity, I was in a firearms store yesterday and I’m sure if I would have asked the owner (my ex-sister and brother in law) he would have let me hold a rifle.  He has told me that I can come out to their place and shoot some guns sometime.
  8. I used to skip school, a lot.  So much that they started calling my mom at work when I did because she would never get the messages when they called home or sent some snail mail.  One time, they asked her if she cared if they picked me up.  Sure enough, I opened the door to the vice principal.  The really bad thing was I had talked my brother into skipping as well, so we both got busted.  He dropped him off then took me to school.
  9. I once got accused of being gay at work.  How did I react?  I hit on him, he freaked out.  Apparently he was homophobic.  I would walk by someone else standing close to him and say to them loud enough for him to hear “Damn, Tony’s ass is looking mighty fine tonight.”  He finally started yelling, “I get it, your not gay, just stop it.”
  10. Speaking of being gay, I have been in the local gay nightclub.  Even watched a drag show with a necklace with penis’ on it.  That even earned me a lap dance from one of the queens.  I was there with a bachelorette party and the sad thing was, I hadn’t even had much to drink.  But I had a good time regardless.  For one, you’d be amazed at how many single women are in there.  The night we were there, there was 4 other bachelorette parties going on.
Woo Hoo!  I did it, I got 10.  Of course, my wife gave me 3 – 6, rather quickly at that.  Maybe I should pay a little attention to that.
The next step is to hand it out to 10 other bloggers.  I currently have 549 blogs in my Feedly and narrowing that down to 10 is not happening.  Sure, I have some favorites out there, I even have a folder on my Feedly called All-Stars that I make sure I keep up with daily, it has 268 blogs on it so that doesn’t help much either.  So if you would like this award, take it and run with it.  If you want me to post your blog on here, let me know and I will post it as a recipient to the award.  I do appreciate the awards but mainly because it gives me something to blog about.
Big shout out to Jenn from My Daily Jenn-ism for the award and more, I meant it when I said she was my biggest supporter.  My facebook page would be nothing without her, not that it’s anything special now but she’s responsible for about 3/4 of my likes with multiple shout-outs on her’s.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Music Mondays #6


Welcome to the next edition of Music Mondays.  It’s pretty basic, I take a playlist and put it on random, and post what comes up.

  • Playlist – “Anything & Everything”
  • Description – Anything from Christian to Rock, Rap to Country, Classical to 80’s.  It goes from the 1960’s to current.  Pretty much anything and everything that I like.
  • Number of songs on the playlist – 1,409 songs (up 69 songs from last post)


  1. Two Black Cadillacs (Carrie Underwood)
  2. Going Down/Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith)
  3. Rapture (Blondie)
  4. Feel So Numb (Rob Zombie)
  5. Whatever (Godsmack)
  6. Already Gone (Eagles)
  7. This Love is Strong (Russ Taff)
  8. Let’s Begin Again (Ray Boltz)
  9. Love Crusade (Michael W. Smith)
  10. Mudshovel (Staind)
  11. Land of Confusion (Disturbed)
  12. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica)
  13. In the Jailhouse Now (Soggy Bottom Boys)
  14. Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett)
  15. Let Me Hear You Scream (Ozzy Osbourne)
  16. Need You Now (Lady Antebellum)
  17. We Exalt Thee (Petra)
  18. 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton)
  19. Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)
  20. Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)

You can see I added 69 songs in the last 2 weeks.  Most of those were 1970’s and 1980’s.  I also deleted a couple of songs, although technically the same song.  I had 3 different versions of Come Together (Beatles, Aerosmith & Michael Jackson) so I deleted 2 and kept the original version.

I’ve decided to randomly choose an artist from above and show all the songs I have on my playlist.  I used, put the numbers 1-20 and click random 3 times, the number 2 came up at the top which would be Aerosmith in accordance to the list above.

aerosmith - Google Search

I have 15 songs by Aerosmith, I would have guessed more since they’ve been around for 50 years or so.  If you follow my Track of the Day from a few days ago, you would know that Dream On is my favorite by them, I also like Sweet Emotion.  As you can tell by the album titles, when I’m searching a group that has a lot of songs, I tend to hit up the greatest hits albums to find the songs that I like.

What’s your favorite Aerosmith song?  Do you have any songs you would put on your playlist from them that I don’t have?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Kind of Humor #12

Time for another edition of My Kind of Humor.  These were all posted on my Random Thoughts Facebook page at one time or another.

humor01 x equals y

All the time.


I’m always up for a good crack on IE, I hate it.

humor03 socially awkward nightmare

Keep your eyes down, don’t look and they won’t think you’re a pervert.

humor04 explorer windows suck

As I said above, I hate IE.  This is so true though, it’s happened to me.


This is so wrong, so true, but so wrong.


He was framed!


It would take away so much stress.


They complain about my attitude at work, yet, they are the reason I have one.


I don’t watch this show, but that is hilarious.

Flashback friday #11–Getting pulled over


You can click the pic above for previous Flashback Fridays.  Remember back when I told you about my driving record?  But I’ve got some stories about being pulled over as well.  I shall share a few here, or at least what I can remember.

  • I went to New Buffalo for a softball tournament but me and a few guys went up the night before to stay at a friends house.  We decided to head up to St. Joe and hit a few bars.  The guys decided to start drinking on the way up there, while I drove.  I’m not a beer drinker so I was waiting till we got to the bar.  We were about half way there when a cop pulls out behind me and flips his lights on.  Here I am, with 4 other guys that all have open containers.  I about crapped my pants.  I pulled over, he comes up to the window and starts with his usual questions.  I take off my seatbelt to grab my wallet and hand him my license and registration.  He asks if I knew why he pulled me over.  I truly had no idea.  He says he pulled me over because I didn’t have a rear view mirror.  WTF?  It’s late night, dark, and he saw me fly by and 60 mph and noticed I didn’t have a rear view mirror.  Whatever!  He comes back from running my license and asks me if I knew my license was suspended.  Uh, no, again, I had no clue.  He puts me in the back of his car and starts asking questions.  I told him we were on our way home from drinking and I was the only sober one so I drove.  After sitting back there for half an hour, he finally let me out.  He gave me a ticket for driving while suspended and a seat belt violation.  You read that right, a seat belt violation.  I always wear my seat belt and I took it off to find my wallet.  I couldn’t argue though because he let me drive off since I was doing the right thing by being the sober driver.  We went to the bars, I drank pop the whole night and drove back to the friends house.  I never did pay the ticket because I was pissed about the seat belt violation.  Stupid Michigan cops.
  • Not once, but twice, I got pulled over in the parking lot at work (2 different jobs).  The first time I was running late for work and there was just a quick drive up this road that was only 35 mph but like I said, I was running late.  I saw him pull out and I floored it hoping to get in the parking lot at work and lose him.  Didn’t happen.  He pulled me over and the first thing he said to me in an accusing manner, where are you going?  He must have figured I was trying to lose him.  I pointed at the building and said, right there.  Once he figured out I didn’t just pull into the lot to lose him, he gave me a ticket for speeding.
  • The second time I got pulled over at work was right outside where I work now.  I pulled up to the last stop sign before I get to work, the cross traffic didn’t have to stop and I was turning right.  There was a car coming but I had time so I rolled through the stop sign and turned.  I floored it so the car coming wouldn’t have to slow down when I turned into work.  But just as I was getting up to speed, flashing lights.  The car I pulled out in front of was a cop.  Give me some credit, I was working 3rd shift so it was around 11 pm so it’s not like I could see anything but his headlights.  Once again, the cop pulled me over in the parking lot.  While I’m sitting out there, the bell rings and all of 2nd shift was walking out to their cars staring at me.  The cop even threatened to run me in right in front of all my friends (I had expired tags).  I was thinking, that isn’t my shift, I don’t know any of them but I kept my mouth shut.  He ended up letting me go on everything.  I think he just wanted to hold me long enough to make me late.
  • The very first time I got pulled over the cop was full of crap.  I had a 1976 Chevette (It was 1989 at the time.)  I was sitting at a light, the light turned green and I go a little ways around a curb and he flashes his lights on.  I was pissed, I knew I hadn’t done anything.  He walks up to me in the car and asks if I know why he pulled me over.  Again, um, no.  He claimed he clocked me at 55 mph and the limit is only 35 mph.  In the space between the light and where he pulled me over, my car wouldn’t have made it to 55 if I had floored it.  I’d been lucky to hit 45.  I just said yes sir, no sir, blah blah blah.  He finally asked me if I knew what the worst kind of weather to drive in was (it was drizzling rain at the time), I was annoyed, I knew what he wanted me to say but I said snow.  He stumbled a bit, said, yeah, ok, I’ll give you that one.  But it’s just as bad in drizzling rain because the oil spots will sit on the water and make it slicker.  Again, yes sir, no sir, blah blah blah.  He ended up letting me go as well.  I think he saw a teenager and pulled me over just for that.  That happened a lot, age profiling.  As I got older, I got pulled over a lot less.
  • Once I got pulled over because I hadn’t scraped my back window off.  The cop told me why he pulled me over, my response was I pulled over didn’t I?  I know how to use my side mirrors.  I don’t think he appreciated the answer but he didn’t say much other than running my license and then let me go.  I don’t know if that’s technically a law.

That’s about all I can remember off the top of my head.  And I’m over 1000 words so it’s a good stopping point.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Randomness #18

Well, we went to the bank today for another check to see if our credit score is high enough.  You may remember, it was 10 points too low 2 months ago.  It went up a whopping 3 points in that 2 months.  I’m annoyed.  We have 3 credit scores, the top one is over the goal by 22 points, but the other 2 are below by 7 and 27.  They go by your middle score which is 7 below.  Why are all 3 so different and why do you have to use the middle score?  Why can’t they look at how far I’ve brought it up in the last 6 months and look at the fact that I’ve been at the same job for almost 14 years?  Or that Cheri is guaranteed a disability check every month?  She isn’t going to get any better, she’s not going to lose it.  I don’t understand how it HAS to be a certain score.  I’m freaking 40 years old and have never owned a home, I WANT TO OWN A HOME.  I want my kids to have a permanent home for the rest of their lives.  I want to give my wife a single level home because some days the stairs kick her ass.  I want to get the hell away from my sorry excuses of neighbors.  But the only thing that matters to the bankers are that I got divorced awhile ago and theEx screwed my credit up because she doesn’t pay any of her bills.  The majority of the bills I paid off to get my score up was things she was supposed to pay after the divorce, and the minivan that got re-possessed because she wouldn’t pay anything towards it even though she was driving it.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a lot of my credit score was my fault.  I didn’t care about my credit for 20 years, but I do now, and I’ve made huge strides on my score, shouldn’t that account for something?  I hate dealing with this crap, it’s as bad as dealing with the stupid insurance companies.

zzz-twittercover01          zzz-twittercover02

I’ve been boosting my Twitter followers by following everyone that follows me back as well as following people that I know follow back.  I’ve added a couple of hundred of followers in the last couple of weeks to both my Random Thoughts Twitter (jccsst1022) and My Sports Obsession Twitter (sportobsession6) accounts.  I’ve also crossed between the 2 accounts as in when I get followed back on one account, I’ll follow from the other.

I originally didn’t like doing that, I figured if they didn’t actually want to read what I was posting then I don’t need the follow.  I’ve started to turn the way I view that practice and thinking the more people that follow, the more people that my tweets are going to.  More exposure per tweet per say.

As far as actually reading all the tweets from all the people I follow.  I use a list and just have the actual people I want to follow on that list and that’s all I check.  I also have some people that their tweets go to my phone via text as well.  I follow a lot of blogs but I don’t follow their blogs via twitter, I use a rss reader for that so if they only post actual blog updates to their twitter, then I don’t really follow them.  I mainly follow a couple of family and friends, and then some people who are inside the White Sox and Michigan organizations who post updates and links to articles about those teams and school.

That picture was a screencap off my phone that I posted on Instagram over 3 weeks ago, along with this caption “For all those kids who told me to get a life. I got 100+ now. #CandyCrush #WhosLaughingNow”,  Before I talk about this, be assured, I’m not addicted to the stupid game.  The majority of the time that I play it, I’m sitting on the crapper.  Figure it out yet (you should from the pic above), that’s right, candy crush.  Like I said, I play it but not all that often.  Sometimes I’ll go a few days without playing it.  If your not familiar with the game, you only get 5 lives when you log in, when those 5 are out, you get 1 every half an hour.  But you can ask friends for additional lives plus the game will ask other players on your behalf.  Well, since I hardly ever play it, I built up quite a few extra lives because I rarely go past the 5 they start you with.  Maybe if I ate more Taco Bell I could sit in there longer and play, who knows?  This morning, neither Cheri and I could log it in through Facebook (which is where you get your lives through).  I didn’t think anything of it, it’s happened before.  But this afternoon when I finally logged in, all of my 160+ lives I had saved up were gone.  Stupid game.  Not that I ever used them but I collected them all just the same.  Ok, this is more of a post to brag that I was closing in on 200 extra lives for all the addicted ones.  Like my wife, cousin and my aunt.  Which my wife would be the only one who reads the blog but still, I can pretend I’m rubbing it in their faces.

So on the way home from picking Samantha up from cross country, I get behind my mom just after she left work.  I pulled up behind her at the light, noticed her and the kids and I waved and got no reaction.  So I honked the horn a few times, nothing.  So when we got through the light, I stayed behind her because we were coming up on a construction site that takes everything down to 2 lanes.  I swerved back and forth (within my lane), nothing.  Part of the construction goes under a train track so while we were stuck in line under it, I angled towards the center line and kept flashing my lights at her, nothing.  So I followed her home and pulled up in her driveway and asked her “Do you ever use your rear view mirror?”  Her response “No.”  Well I guess at least she knows she doesn’t.  That also explains why she’s only been pulled over by the cops once in her life.  She just never sees them and they eventually get tired of following her and waiting for her to pull over.  I also know she doesn’t text and drive since she never responded to my text that said “Look behind you".

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WWW Wednesdays #23 and Stacking the Shelves #5

I have decided to combine my 2 book posts today, I may continue to do this, I may not.  Depends on my mood.


To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

Deadly Night (Ghosthunters 101, #1)

Deadly Night (Ghosthunters 101 #1) by Aiden James

I haven’t actually started it yet.  But it’s loaded and ready to go in my Kindle.

What did you recently finish reading?

Bad Wolf (Bad Wolf Chronicles - book 1)

Bad Wolf by Tim McGregor

I liked this book, it was much better than I anticipated.  I hadn’t really read a werewolf book in a long time.  The Hallows series that I love has some in it but the story isn’t actually based around them.  I put the 2nd book on my Wish List, mainly so I can find out what happened to one of the lead characters.

Synthetic: The Rise of the Siren

Synthetic:  Rise of the Siren by Shonna Wright

This was a little hard to follow but I still really enjoyed it.  It has some many odd characters but once I got into it, it was a little easier to follow them all.  It’s listed as the first book of others but I don’t see any others yet.  But if they come out, I will be picking them up as well.

What do you think you’ll read next?


Afraid by Jack Kilborn

This may change because I have a library app and I’m waiting on a book to become available and since I can only keep it 2 weeks, I will switch over to that before this one.

If you want to join on WWW Wednesdays, click the logo on top or go to and leave a comment.

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual.

This is another weekly meme about books, I’m probably boring you all but it’s my blog and I can book if I want too.  These are what I purchased this week.

Collapse (New America - Book 1)


Collapse (New America #1) by Richard Stephenson

In the year 2027, America is in the process of collapsing between terrorist and mother nature.  3 men ban together to try to save it.  Sounds good and a plausible story judging by the description.

Purchased:  Free

Kindle Edition


Exit Reality: A Ray Garret/Lifeline Techno Thriller


Exit Reality by Robert S. Wilson

This definitely sounds interesting.  A future with even more technology than today.  Internet connectivity with the human brain and more.  I like these kind of books just to see what people can come up with in the future.

Purchased:  Free

Kindle Edition