Monday, January 15, 2018

Real duties to Call of Duty

As per my usual Sunday night before going to work on Monday, I couldn't sleep. It probably has to do with the sleeping in till 10 on Saturday and 9:30 Sunday. I did that Snap above as I was going to bed, it was well after 1 before I actually fell asleep. Needless to say, I was sleepy today.

I took the main roads to work today as we got a couple of more inches last but I made good time as those roads weren't to horrible. I finally got some filters at work and was able to do the correct test on our etch tank today and found out it was way lower than I had thought so I had to boost it up. Other than that, nothing to exciting.

For the first time, I took the main roads home because it pretty much snowed non-stop today. I figured there would be a main difference between coming and going to work. I thought it would be traffic as in way more on the way home. I was wrong, traffic wasn't much different but I got stopped by light after light after light. I pretty much did speed limit most of the way but with all the stopping, it still took me over 40 minutes to get home.

I came home to a clean driveway though because I texted Trevor and told him to shovel it. I told him he could blame Martin Luther King for giving him the day off school. Samantha had her last driving lesson today as well. She said they went downtown so the roads stayed decent.

After I got settled for the evening, Samantha asked me to play Call of Duty with her. I said sure but only for a short time. I suck at those kind of video games, way to much going on for me to do anything. I got killed 17 times and had 0 kills. I sucked. She made fun of me, but when I said fine, let's play Madden, she declined. I said I couldn't play those games, I didn't say I couldn't play any games.

Not much since then, I've been watching the Michigan/Maryland game while I type this so it's taken awhile to get it out. It's close to being done as am I with this post.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Thoughts

You can see above about when I got up. Which isn't great because I probably will have trouble going to sleep tonight which means 4:45 am is going to come awfully early tomorrow morning.

I have no plans today, sit on my laptop and not do a damn thing. Cheri left not long after that photo was taken above to meet our oldest daughter in Indianapolis so it's just me and the kids. I'm sure they'll play video games most of the day but I don't have any extra money this week to go do anything. I do have some plans Tuesday that will take a little cash so I have to save what little I do have. Right now, I'm in my recliner, on my Chromebook and listening to my playlist.

I was going to mention this yesterday but I forgot. I keep track of who I listen to as far as music go, I do this for my stats as well as my Last Song of the Day blog. Last month, Taylor Swift was my most listened to artist. Why? Well because she released a new album and my wife if obsessed with her and will listen to it over and over for a few months. I get stuck in her car occasionally and she plays it.  Yesterday, we went shopping and once again, I got stuck in her car again. So guess who has a huge lead in this month's list? Cheri can't stand the type of music that Taylor plays now (Pop) other than a few songs but because it's T-Swift, she loves the album. I don't get it. I did add some of the songs on my playlist because a few of them weren't bad but to listen to that album over and over, I'll pass. I might have to start carrying headphones with me.

Day 378 - Friend, NE (1218.1 miles)

Since there is nothing going on today and usually most Sundays, I thought I would give a minor update on my steps for the year on Sundays.

You can see above that I'm still in Nebraska but I am heading West for the mountains. Good think I'm not actually walking in the mountains, I'd be dead. Here's some stats so far this year.

Goal = 1500 miles (4.1 miles/day)
Currently = 39.33 (3.02 miles/day)

That's not going so well. The 1500 miles a day goal is rounded up from 8,000 steps a day but because I've had more days off work than normal, I'm still quite a bit lower. A couple of Mondays off because of New Years and a court date as well as I have only worked one weekend so far, also because of the holidays. I generally average around 8,000 on work days so it'll be a matter of making up for my lazy weekends which in most cases will only be Sundays because I generally work most Saturdays. I imagine the miles per day will gradually go up as it gets warmer as well with home projects, mowing the lawn, ect. I won't be quite as lazy. Who knows, maybe I'll get out and walk the neighborhood occasionally.

After blogging the first half of this post, I took a break and got around to putting away the cards I've picked up the last couple of months. I tend to let them stack up until I get around to putting them all away. They are out of sight, so the wife doesn't usually complain but the drawer I keep them in was getting full.

I don't remember what she did to be a pain in the ass. We ended up hooking the Wii up because I had brought it up from downstairs. Cheri and I have talked about doing the yoga and stuff on the Wii Fit. We used to do it a few years ago and we both felt better, had a little more mobility so we thought we might try it again. Samantha and I got it set up and ended up doing a the balance games before starting to do the games. Trevor joined in after awhile and we ended up being on it until Cheri got home.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Slow Saturday.

I slept good last night. Went to bed about midnight and didn't wake up until 10 this morning. It was nice.

We watched a show or 2 then Cheri was falling asleep so I put on the Michigan woman's basketball game I had on the DVR so she could nap. About the time that ended the Michigan men's game was coming on so we watched that.

After that, we headed out to do the grocery shopping. It was interesting shopping trip. We shop at 3 different places for groceries. Aldi's, where we try to get most everything because it's the cheapest. Then we go to Walmart to get what we couldn't at Aldi's and then to Martin's where we get mainly the meat and if there was something else the other 2 places didn't have.

At Aldi's, we witnessed a girl drop a bottle of wine. Accidently and she didn't run or anything so it was a mistake but it's not something you see everyday. Then there's Walmart.


It was packed since it was a Saturday afternoon, we were walking down the main aisle and this idiot lady, talking on her phone while her toddler was running around came out the aisle. I kept walking, I was in the main aisle she just slowly came out and I didn't stop, I had right-a-way. I started to say something to her because I could tell she wasn't going to stop and she didn't. "What the hell lady, are you going to fucking stop" I said as she bumps me. She stopped her talking on the phone long enough to apologize but we kept ending up in the same aisle's. Her kid kept trying to get her attention but she just kept gabbing away. I'm all about my phone, I couldn't go without it anymore but I'm not on it 24/7. When my wife and I eat out together, our phones are out on the table and we occasionally look at things but it's not out all the time so it drives me nuts when people do that. Especially when there are things going around them that they should be paying attention to.

After that, we went out to head to Martin's and it was snowing again. I checked and we were supposed to get a couple more inches. We hit Martin's and CVS to pick up some meds and then headed home.

That's an exciting non work weekend day for me, usually we don't leave the house. Tomorrow, Cheri is heading to Indy to see our oldest daughter and is bringing the dog back for us to watch again. You should get a post tomorrow because I plan on updating my walking on Sundays and since the wife isn't going to be here, I should have the time.

Friday, January 12, 2018

60 to 20

My morning started off as usual, I grabbed the bag of trash off the garage step to put it in the trash bin on the way to the car but I had to break the ice off to open the lid. After our almost 60 degree day yesterday, it dropped in the 20's last night with some freezing rain.

I backed out and the neighborhood was a solid sheet of ice, which wasn't surprising. I pulled out on the first main road and it was pretty much wet but not frozen, so I was thinking I'd take the back roads. I got about a mile down the road and it was blocked out with emergency vehicles everywhere. I had to detour around it which wasn't real far out of the way but I had to go on less traveled roads which were frozen slushies. I decided the accident, or whatever it was, was a sign that I should take the main roads.

Most of the way was pretty clear, just wet but once I got into the city where I work, it started sleeting big time, roads were getting nasty. I was just a mile or so from work and still had 20 minutes so I decided I wanted some McDonalds for breakfast. I'd been hungry since last night. I pulled up behind a car and waited a couple of minutes before pulling up to the order microphone. "I'll be with you in a minute." Alright, no big deal. Until 5 minutes later and I was still sitting there. Screw that, I had to go to work so I just pulled away. I head down to work and as I'm pulling in the industrial park, once again, I'm met with emergency vehicles completely blocking the roads. This time, I had to turn around and go to another entrance to the industrial park. By the time I get to work, it's already time for me to head in. No getting to hang out and listen to music.


Not to much happened at work, pretty boring day. Someone brought in tamales so at least I didn't starve without McDonalds. Had a usual day, I had a boost a couple of tanks up because there is production tomorrow but our shift isn't working so I wanted to make sure there wasn't any issues.

The drive home was better. I took the back roads home, they weren't great but driveable. I normally do about 60 mph and I kept it around 45ish most of the way. The open areas were the worst because of the snow blowing into the road but it was fine. I stopped to fill up the gas tank about half way and headed home with the rest of the drive on main roads. 

Cheri was having lunch with her sister and niece and the kids school was cancelled because of the weather so I came home to my daughter sitting in the living room, jamming her music and talking with someone on the computer which is what she usually does when no adults are home.

I showered and plopped down to watch some of my shows before Cheri got home. I got through one (pic above), then fell asleep during the 2nd. I woke up when Cheri got home. Been chilling as usual since.

We have no plans this weekend, just hanging at the homestead. Cheri didn't go get groceries this morning like she usually does so some time we'll probably go and do that. Other than that, I'll probably be right here, in my recliner with my laptop on my lap.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Snapchat lesson

I don't remember what all happened at work yesterday but I remember at one point, one of the quality guys came down and had asked me how to calibrate his coating thickness meter. We talked a bit and apparently I'm the only one there that knows how and I don't even use them with my work. I used them years ago. He wanted me to sit down with him and go through step by step by step on how to calibrate and use it. I thought for a second and suggested that I just type it up and email it to him. He went for it so while I was waiting for a load to come out so I could make the add, I grabbed a laptop, went out and typed it out within about 10 minutes and sent it away. Much easier that way.

Apparently I didn't spell check.

I didn't post yesterday because after work (and a small nap) my stepfather came over to finish working on Cheri's car. He finally got the last spark plug out by taking the car for a short drive so it would heat the engine and expand the metal around it. Great idea and it worked. He pulled in, shut it off and tried it again and it came right off. After he pulled it out, he started looking at it just to see if he could see what the issue was and he found one. They were the wrong spark plugs. The last time they were replaced we had to take them into a local garage because the spark plug basically blew up and the surrounding area of the spark plug had to be rebuilt a bit so you could screw a new one in. The ones he took out were probably between a 1/4 and a 1/2 inch longer so I'm amazed they didn't cause any more damage than what they did.

By the time he left, it was after 8 so I wasn't online long and when I was, I was doing other daily stuff.

I got up this morning to some 50 degree weather. It was nice that it was that warm but it was drizzling so it wasn't nice nice. It was supposed to be close to 60 today so I was hoping most if not all the snow would be gone by the time I got off work.

It was a pretty tame day at work. I did all the my usual, daily stuff and when it came to making my adds, all the tanks were up to where I didn't need to add so I had to find things to do. Which isn't usually to much of a problem. I switched over my Caustic and Nitric barrels because they were both empty. I also took some time to place a couple of orders for more chemicals so I managed my time alright.

Came home on this rainy afternoon with a cop following me for awhile. The bad part was that I was doing 50 in a 35 before I noticed he was on my tail. He ended up in the other lane so he wasn't trying to get me. I actually ended up passing him later, he was doing speed limit so I passed him going 5 over.

My daughter text me about wanting to go to the high school basketball game tonight and needing cash, which I hardly ever have. Here's our conversation.

That's Father of the Year material right there.

I ended up having cash so I was just harassing her but it was fun. What I really like is that she calls her biological mom by her first name. Bahaha.

When she got home I educated her on Snapchat. She uses it all the time, we even have a streak (if you know what that is) together. Basically, I took the below photo and screencapped it. Only I did it without it showing up that I screencapped it. She was shocked. I had the photo on my phone and on her account, it didn't even show that I looked at it. I did this to prove a point that just because it tells you when your stuff gets screencapped doesn't mean there aren't ways around it so be careful what you put out there.

Didn't do much else, just chilled and watched stuff off the DVR for the evening. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm not working this weekend so I'm looking forward to getting it over with so I can start it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Job descriptions

They got ice cream in the break room now.

I was heading to work this morning, thinking, the roads should be good, they're pretty clear. Even though I knew they were saying we should have gotten freezing rain the night before. Everything was fine, then I was coming up to the stop light where I absolutely have to make my decision on taking main roads or back roads and the light turns red. I'm in the far right lane, there are 2 lanes and a left turn lane. I go to stop at the red light and my car starts sliding. Now the road I'm on is about as main as it gets, and I was sliding. I turned my left signal on and went all the way over to the turn lane. Better late than never, I guess.

I get to work and the first thing I do is check my pumps. I notice both are going. I only told the boss to turn the Caustic pump on since I wasn't there yesterday. He turned on the Nitric one as well which wouldn't have been a huge deal except the pump doesn't work right and by doesn't work right, I mean, you can't control how fast it pumps. It pumps faster than it should and since it ran all night, it completely drained the 55 gallon drum into the tank. Oops. So now that tank is a little high on chemicals. Oops.

Osceola is a small local town here

I start my other duties and then the girl from quality shows up. She was with me some on last Thursday. They got her making up a complete list of all my duties and by complete list, I mean that she has to write down, step by step, with photos, everything I do. Some kind of intense job description. They've had to do this is with everybody's job and since mine was just created in September of last year, it has never been done.

From another guys snaps.

It's highly annoying to explain every little thing I do, stop so she can take pictures, and keep explaining. Not to mention, there is a ton of stuff that I don't necessarily do every day that I don't think about until it needs to be done. I'm hoping she's done tomorrow, she said she only has one more thing that she has to get.

That's actually a guy at work, who has Snapchat.

Not much happened the rest of the day, pretty chill, was a little slow. I made great time on the way home because I take Cr. 40 home and after 2 years of being closed, Cr. 38 is now open and everybody takes that road now which opens my road up to way less traffic.

It was actually foggy coming into town which is odd for the afternoon. It looked really foggy but as you got into it, it wasn't all that bad.

Got home, took a shower and headed out to pick up Samantha from art club. Came home for another hour or so then took the kids to therapy. While they were there, I grabbed Cheri and I supper, went home, ate, and went back to pick them up. I've been spending way to much time driving lately.

That's all I got for today. Nothing special but I did have a high snap day so I wanted to get a post out. Nothing else going on this week other than work so it may be a boring week here.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Court day

Woke up this morning and headed to court. It was pretty much the same thing since she got arrested almost a year ago. She has to pay no child support until she gets an answer from her disability claim. So basically same old shit. Another wasted vacation day. The judge says he can't make her pay if she has no income. Considering she has taken vacations, takes the kids to movies every weekend they are there, has taken small trips with the kids and stayed in hotels while there but she has no money. As of right now, I'm done going to the courtroom. The judge doesn't listen to anything I say anyways. It was continued into May sometime.

After court, we grabbed some breakfast, a bag of ice and headed home and have been chilling most of the day. We binged "the End of the F***ing World", it was only 8 1/2 hour episodes so we got through it quick. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad. It wasted some time since we've been staying caught up on the DVR lately. Then I started "Travelers" 2nd season. Took me about half an episode before I could remember what exactly the show was about. We're just now finishing up episode 6, we might be done for the night though, Cheri is looking awfully sleepy over there.

I didn't take and snaps today so sorry, no pictures. I go back to work tomorrow so we'll see what happens as far as pictures and as far as a post tomorrow.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Make up day

I know, I know. I was doing so well and them poof, I disappeared. Life got in the way or should I say, I didn't get around to it. I actually thought I wasn't going to do one today either since I ended up being away from home and when I was here for awhile, I was in the garage. Let's get started with Friday though.

I don't remember much at work, I don't usually a few days later which is one of the reasons I try to post on that day. Most of my life is spent at work, without it, I don't have much to say. I know I did take the shorter, more busier route because of the weather again but took the back roads home again. It didn't really feel much like a Friday. I think that was more because we didn't work Monday or Wednesday and we already knew we were working Saturday. It was so boring on Saturday that I didn't even post any snaps. Lucky for you.

After work, I got home, showered and grabbed my youngest son then headed to the therapist to pick up my youngest daughter. We went from there to her friends house to pick her up and then off to Milford to give them to their mother. Samantha actually went but I think that was mainly because the JackAss wasn't there and she took a friend. To be honest, I'm not sure she would have gone without her friend going. I met her and then filled up the gas tank and picked up some Long John Silvers to take home for supper.

Odd thing about Friday was that Google Timeline didn't record anywhere I went, didn't even show me at home just said they couldn't find anything.

Saturday I took the shorter (busier) route again just to be safe. We didn't get much snow Friday afternoon so I wasn't expecting bad roads to be horrible but it was really cold again, plus I figured it's Saturday at 5 am, traffic wouldn't be bad anyways and it wasn't.

The parking lot was pretty bare as there were only a few departments working. I stayed pretty busy, since I wasn't going to be there on Monday so I had to make sure all the tanks would, chemically, last until then. So I added to a bunch of them to make sure they were on the high side so with a day of running without my monitoring, that they would last. It makes me sound a lot more important than I am but nobody else does the testing so if there is a problem, there's nobody there to diagnose it so I bump up the chemicals to make sure there isn't one.

Two of those guys up there took snaps of me and posted them on their accounts so I had to pay them back. I can't show either of those because one was a video and I don't think I can record another video, the other had a word on it that I never use so I'm not posting it.

After work, I went home via back roads again and once I was home, pretty much did nothing. Except take a couple of snaps of our oldest daughter's dog who was staying with us.

Those were on our bed before I hopped in the shower. Cheri was in the bedroom doing her hair when I got home so I hung with her before going in. Didn't really do anything but catch up on the DVR that night.

Today, I got up and had some cereal, which is a rarity because I don't really eat breakfast when I'm home. Our oldest called and wanted us to meet her halfway to Indy so she could get her dog back. We hopped in the wife's car had headed out. We were meeting her about an hour and fifteen minutes away just before Grissom Air Force base. We only got about half way there when all of the sudden the car went nuts. It was like it got kicked into neutral while we were driving then went back into gear. We hit the next exit, which luckily was right after this happened and stopped at a gas station and called my stepdad. After talking with him, we started to drive back home only took an older road instead of the highway so if something happened, something would be around.

We got up to the next town and talked to our daughter, told her what happened and she said she'd go home and get the dog later. So we keep driving. She calls again and asks if we'll stop and she'll meet us there so we do. We tell her where were at and her GPS says we were an hour away. She tells us never mind, she's not driving that far so we head back out. Next thing I know she's texting and saying she's coming to get him at the house so we keep going. Next she texts us and asks us to meet just off the bypass. We were already past that point so no. Then she wants us to go home and get in the other car and meet her there. Um, no. She was annoyed, I was annoyed. I was not looking forward to her showing up at the house because I knew I wasn't going to keep my mouth shut when she started running hers. I was basically going to tell her if she would have made up her mind at the first stop she could have saved 2 hours on her trip but when she showed up, she was fine and didn't really say anything. I was out in the garage with my stepdad looking at the car anyways so I didn't see her but for a couple of minutes. She gets upset pretty easily but she's also very good at forgive and forget and just moves on.

They always make fun of my car because it's old but you don't see it with it's hood up. We (he) diagnosed it with bad spark plugs. We went and bought more but he was fighting a couple of them. He got 2 replaced and 3 out. Still fighting to get 1 of them out and also get 1 of them back in. A few years ago that part had to be rebuilt so it goes in at an odd angle. I kept telling him that the car wasn't going anywhere for awhile so he could come back sometime during the week and finish and he finally took me up on the offer.

About 5, which is when my stepdad gave up, I headed out to pick up the kids. Pretty uneventful trip, kids seemed to be in a good mood which is always a plus. She hadn't fed them yet, big surprise, so we grabbed some Little Ceaser's and headed home. Trevor went to bed an hour earlier like he usually does when he comes home from her house because he stays up way to late and then ends up being tired for school on Monday.

You got this post because I decided to post here before I did other things that I try to do everyday so now I'm behind on that stuff. So was this post long enough to make up for the lack there of the last few days? You should get a post tomorrow as I have the day off because theEx is dragging me back to court because she's trying to lower her child support. That's first thing in the morning and being as my wife hates riding in my car, I'm pretty sure we'll be going to court and back.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lots of Snow

6 posts in 4 days, including 4 days in a row, I must be dreaming. You could say I'm kicking ass in the resolution this year, even though it wasn't really a resolution.

When I left this morning, I pulled out onto the main road off our neighborhood and went to accelerate and my tires just spun because it was pure ice. So right then and there, I decided that I was going to take the main roads all the way to work. Normally I take back roads but for the first time, I deemed the roads unsafe and drove through town. The roads were much better that way and I realized it only took me about 5 minutes longer than usual so that worked out.

Pretty boring day, had all kinds of problems with the line running again but I had stuff to do with the tanks so I was good. Plus I got to kill some time eating a donut and filling out an anonymous survey about the company.

I've decided that I just must be getting old because all the people I work with have a good time, joking around and such but I just don't think a lot of what they say is all that funny. I'm all for cutting up and goofing off but it just isn't my kind of humor. Don't get me wrong, I like everyone I work with and get along with them. I just find myself standing with the group with a big smile like I'm laughing but I'm not. It's really bad in the morning meeting but I think a lot of that is I'm just not awake yet. I work with a bunch of mid 20's employees but they are actually the ones I get along with for the most part.

They posted that we were working Saturday because of all the issues with the lines. No biggy, I have a vacation day for Monday already so I still get a 2 day weekend. I have to go back to court so the judge can continue to tell me that theEx doesn't have to pay support.

I got off, headed home (took the back roads) and picked up Samantha to run her to a friends house then back home for my shower. Just as I was getting out of the shower, my phone rings and it's my mom asking me to run to my grandma's house and measure her doorstep for a ramp because she'll be going home in a wheelchair, hopefully tomorrow. We got all that figured out and my uncle just happened to show up which worked out because he had a garage door opener and I was able to get her shovel out and do her sidewalk and driveway before I left. Now when I was out shoveling, it wasn't snowing and it was decent, except for being very cold.

I leave and start heading home, I get just up the road and all of the sudden, the snow is just coming down with big flakes (lake effect).

I posted that and once I turned off the North/South rode, it just stopped. Usually lake effect isn't that patchy, it tends to lighten up the further you get away from Lake Michigan but not patchy. It was just weird.

I got home and proceeded with our usual ritual of chilling in our recliners. Nothing exciting. As I was researching my driving for this post, I found out the main roads are actually about 5 miles shorter which would explain why it didn't take me much longer even though it's much slower and a lot more traffic. We'll see how bad the roads are tomorrow. It's still supposed to snow through tomorrow night, possibly 4-8 more inches but we all know how accurate the weather can be.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Work Free Wednesday

That pic was actually from yesterday, but I took it after I posted it.

Started off my morning at 4:45 this morning, got up and went to take a leak first. I noticed my phone flashing a message which is rare to wake up to so I looked at it and it was my boss saying that the line was still down so don't bother coming in until 10. Alrighty then, I set an alarm for 8:45 and crawled back in bed but just by getting up and going to the bathroom, I was awake a bit so I just laid there for an hour or so. I kept debating on whether I should just get up but I finally fell asleep. I thought my alarm woke me up but when I went to shut it off, it was actually a phone call from my boss. He started asking about the samples I send out and I told him I can take care of them when I get there. He said, did you not get my text? Apparently, he had text me and said not to come in because it wasn't going to be ready to go. So I answered his questions, hung up and laid there and watched my wife get up since my phone call woke her up. Oh, and I snuggled with Milo.

He looks thrilled. We got up and watched a few shows. I'm pretty sure Cheri was waiting for one of the kids to get up since she doesn't like to leave the dog alone but she won't admit to that.

We got up and got dressed to head over to the store to pick up a few things, mainly dog food because we gave him the last of his this morning. By then it was about lunch time so I had her hit the drive-thru at Arbys. Well, we tried to hit the drive thru but apparently a van broke down right in front of the speaker. So I had her run to Burger King instead.

We got home, unloaded the car and continued to sit around and get caught up on the DVR. We weren't to far behind since there hasn't been a lot on but we had a few shows.

It started snowing again. It's supposed to snow through Friday. Lake effect which means big fluffy flakes. Not looking forward to my drive to work tomorrow because with the new snow and the really low temperatures and the fact that I'm on the roads at 5 am, I'm expecting some ice.

My grandmother had a 2nd hip surgery today so my mom had contacted me about bringing over the wheelchair for her to use so Sam and I drove it over and stole a couple pops from the fridge. It's tradition, mom. That was about it for the day, nothing terribly exciting and it's almost 9 now so I'm not going to do much else. I'm hoping with the extra sleep I got this morning, that I still can go to sleep at a decent time tonight. We'll see.

As per the usual, all the photos (and hopefully the videos show up) are from my Snapchat and I also post to my Instagram and Facebook stories as well.

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