Monday, April 30, 2012

Insane in the Membrane, track 6

Instead of one random post, I’m going to start posting smaller posts.  I might be able to post a little more often that way.  Maybe even post some quickies from work which is where most of my ideas comes.  I might be able to get them down before I get home and forget about them

Today’s first song is a classic 80’s rock song.  Have no idea how it got in my head, like most of the music that goes there.

At least it was a good song this time.  The next song I have no idea where it came from.  Well I kind of do.  It was really warm, if ya know what I mean.

Now if I can scratch that itch tonight.  Ya know what I mean.

I know, I’ll shut up now.

I did have this cassette, back in the day.  Silk, not the one below.  What?  Oh, my bad.  For you younger generation, this is a cassette.   We used to store music on these.  It sucked because the fastest you could record on it was twice the speed.  So it still took a couple of minutes per song.  Not like nowadays where you can transfer it instantly.  And you had to actually use that fast forward function and guess where your song was.  It was so primitive and pathetic.  But that’s how us old people had to survive the stone age.  Don’t even get me started on how we had to steal music.  We had to record,

Wait for it (can you tell I’m watching How I Met Your Mother)

the Radio (BUM, BUM. BUM)

God I feel old.  I’ve gone through 8 tracks, records, cassettes, cd’s and now digital.  I wonder what’s next.  Insane in the Membrane might become a reality, it’ll be stored in your head.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Virginia was for my lover

For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, I promised Red of “Doesn’t Speak Klingon” that I would tell the wife and I’s story since it is somewhat similar to hers and Brett’s of “The Transformed Non-Conformist”.  So here it is.
Cheri and I actually went to Jr. High for a few years together and half a year of our Senior year.  She moved after 9th grade, then came back for half of our junior and senior year but she graduated early, hence the half a year.  But we come from a school with over 2000 kids in it.  We were in different circles and needless to say, we were not friends.  We both remember the other from Jr. High but not High School and neither of us ever remembers talking to the other one, ever.
Well, once Facebook came along, I went through a period where I approved all friend request from anybody that graduated from the same school and same year as myself.  I approved Cheri along with a few hundred other “classmates”.  I talked to a few of them here and there.  Cheri was along that line, we commented on each other’s status’ once in awhile, but nothing much.  I ended up signing up with Twitter, and Cheri had one of those as well so she tweeted me a welcome to Twitter and that was about it.  She lived in Virginia (600 miles from me) so it’s not like we could hang out anyways.  Then that fateful day came.  I was working 3rd shift at the time, and I tweeted this (yes, I actually went back and found it)
Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(1)
I was changing a filter at work and the O ring didn’t seal and blew out when I turned it back on.  My arm was right in front of where it shot out at.  Here’s the afore mentioned chemical.
Not long after I tweeted that, Cheri tweeted back saying something like, “ I think you should go to the hospital”, and that’s where it started.  We tweeted back and forth that night.  She was a night person so she stayed up late, I worked 3rd shift so we kept tweeting back and forth for a few days.  We finally swapped phone numbers and started texting, figured that would be better considering I was going to get fired if I got caught on the computer.  This was back before we had smartphones so I couldn’t just access my app like I could now.
We started texting back and forth during any waking hours, instead of just at work.  Neither of us would go anywhere without our phones.  We got to know each other, we could tell each other anything.  We even stopped using LOL in our texts.  You know how you say something sarcastic or trying to be funny but you don’t want them to take it the wrong way, so you put LOL at the end of it.  We were using it way too much and we knew each other so well that we felt we didn’t need to use it.  If one of us was offended we would just say so.  We actually made a pact not to use it anymore with each other.  The texting went on for months.  I eventually made it back to 1st shift and we started getting on Yahoo Instant Messenger every night and stay up to 2-3 in the morning just talking all night long.  I would go to bed and get up at 6:00 to go to work, she would get up around the same time to get her daughter off to school.  We’d text all day.
Now through all this, I thought we were just great friends.  I wouldn’t admit to myself that I was in love with someone 600 miles away.  She says she figured it out right away, she just had to wait on me to figure it out.  I’m a slow learner.  Through all this, we never talked on the phone, we hadn’t met in person, all we’d done is text and IM and look at each other’s pictures on Facebook.  She was having some medical issues where her body would just get so weak that she couldn’t move.  It had happened once before.  I was walking my kids down to the local library to get some books/DVD’s and had gotten a text from her saying that she had another episode.  Without even thinking, I called her to make sure she was ok.  That was the first time we talked on the phone.  Just a real quick conversation just to make sure she was ok and then I got off to go in the library.  I think that might have been the time it really sank in with me.  Even after that, we still didn’t talk much on the phone.  We continued to text and IM.
Then it came, May 22nd.  That was the day we were going to meet.  She was driving up here for Memorial Day weekend.  Some classmates were going to meet at Hacienda on Friday night and we were going.  We spent the whole evening together and I didn’t want to go home that night (early morning).  She ended up spending Saturday with her sisters, who still live in the area, and then we spent most of Sunday together.  Monday, we had our “Lakehouse Moment”,  but that’s for another day.
You could tell from Friday night on that we were in love.  We loved each other’s company and couldn’t get enough of just holding each other.  It was a great weekend.  We ended up officially announcing that we were dating right after that weekend.  She ended up coming up again a few weekends later for her nieces graduation and I met the Indiana family.
After that, she would come up here for a weekend, or I would take a week off and go down there.  If we only have Friday night thru Sunday night, we would get a room in Cincinnati which was just about half way.  We’d meet on Friday night and take a crock pot and groceries because we were too broke to eat out all the time.  We’d plan free or cheap things to do around town.  Go hiking at Big Bone Lick Park, the Cincinnati Zoo and even took walks along the river at night.  Then Sunday’s we just killed time, not wanting to leave each other.  The drive home just sucked, we hated it.
Our whole relationship was out there on Facebook.  Everybody knew when we were getting together and where.  A bunch of our classmates were always shouting out encouragement’s and telling us how cute we were.  Anytime one of us drove all the way to the other, everybody on Facebook followed the trip until we were together.  Then neither of us were online all weekend.
The plan was to wait till her kids were out of school then she would move up here.  My kids were still young and I couldn’t leave them, so that was the plan, but we couldn’t do it.  I was so ecstatic the day she told me she was moving up here.  She couldn’t stand being away and we thought it would be better for everyone.  She moved up here in May of 2010.  We got an apartment and combined are families.
We knew each other so well from all the talking online and texting, that when we moved in together, it was like we had known each other for years.  We felt like we were married, so we decided to go make it official.  Unbeknownst to anybody, we met a Pastor back where we had our “Lakehouse Moment” and within 15 minutes, we were married.  We called the family and let them know.  They were surprised we got married without telling anyone, but not that we got married.  We’ve been happily married ever since.
Cheri and I have discussed what would have happened if we had dated when we were younger, and we’d both tell you that it wouldn’t have worked out.  We were 2 different people and we wouldn’t have gotten along.  So we both believe that our lives were meant to intersect when it had.  I think it worked out so well because we got to know each other before we had actually met.  We were in love before we had ever met in person.  And like I said, when we got together, it was like we had known each other for the 20 years that we were 600 miles apart.
This is “Our Song”

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My kind of humor

I could give this card out to so many people.

Oh Sheldon, so true!

Tru dat!  Usually most of the day.

This actually isn’t funny.  It’s the truth.

My wife posted this on my Facebook wall.  She knows me so well.

I take this everyday, because for the most part, I don’t give a fuck about much.

I’m Batman!

Now that’s my kind of religion!  Sign me up!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I’m a bad dad who loves stats and hands out badges

Is it bad when your kids think the Tooth Fairy comes while they are at school?  Trevor came home from school and showed us his gap where the tooth was.

Me:  Where is the tooth?

Trevor:  It’s underneath my pillow but the Tooth Fairy didn’t come.

Me:  When did it fall out?

Trevor:  Last night.

Me:  Well, maybe the tooth fairy didn’t get a chance to schedule his stop here since it happened while you were in bed.

Trevor:  She must have been busy because she usually comes while we are at school.

Me:  Um, maybe she’ll come tonight.

Bad parenting 101 – Try to remember to put the money under the pillow that night.

Now this time it wasn’t my fault.  I didn’t even know about it until today.  But I probably would have forgotten either way.  I have, on more than one occasion, slipped $1 between my fingers and took the kids in their rooms the next day, lifted up their pillow while at the same time dropping the $1.  “See, there it is, you just must have missed it this morning.”

get-glue-logo-iconI’ve gone and checked out a new Social Media site.  You check in on what TV shows or movies your watching.  Or check in to what your reading or listening to.  It’s supposed to be a site where you chat about what your doing.  Such as, if your watching “The Walking Dead” (best show on TV, by the way) then you check in and you can chat with other people watching the show.  I don’t ever use the chat.  But I log in to what I’m watching.  When you watch so many episodes, you earn stickers.  Supposedly, after you earn so many, they actually ship you real stickers.  I haven’t been on it long enough to know if that’s true or not.  I like stats, I keep stats on my life.  I keep track of how much money I spend on sports cards ($, yeah, not telling you that).  I keep track of where and how often I eat out (Taco Bell – 18 times in 2012).  I keep track of what and where I watch movies (11 Netflix DVD’s in 2012).  I keep track of how many sporting events I watch (13 Michigan basketball games in 2012).  And with this site, I can track of what TV I watch as well.  Although, for the record, I only log in to new episodes that I’m watching.  Not every show, because let’s face it, if I’m home, the TV is on.  I don’t know why I keep those stats.  But I do.  Don’t judge me, I like numbers.  You can blame my dad for that.  I don’t even do anything with the numbers I keep, I just keep adding to them.  Eventually I’ll realize how stupid it is and I’ll delete the page.  I used to keep track of how many hours I slept, but the average per night didn’t vary much after a month, so I deleted that stat (around 6 1/2 hours average).  I have a sickness.  I can’t help it.  Is there a support group for people who like stats?

“Hello, my name is Jeff, and I’m a stat-a-holic”

“HELLO JEFF.  Welcome to stat-a-holics.  Where we have supported 225 people and graduated 204 for a graduation rate of 90.6%.  Damn it, no stats.  My bad.  I forget that I’m not supposed to use stats 86.7% of the time.  Damn it.  I suck.  Change that to 203 for a graduation rate of 90.2%.  Son of a Bitch.”

I have problems.  By the way, you can click the logo above to check out my profile and see what I’ve been watching for the last few days.

I came across some badges.


Sorry, anyways.  I came across some badges that I want to give to my wife.  I love her with all my heart and think she deserves some awards.  If I was smarter, I’d wait another night to do this because she’s been a little moody tonight.  But I’m not that smart.  I don’t know how she could be moody considering we are watching baseball.  I mean, if baseball can’t brighten your day, I don’t know what can.


First.  Google Reader (1000 )(1)  Yep, you read that right.  Remember when I talked about me being antisocial, well, so is she.  But she loves her cat.  More than anybody else that lives in our household.  She won’t admit it, but we know better.

Second.  Google Reader (1000 )(2)  If it were up to her, she would never leave the house.  She does, but only because she has to.  I can’t really say anything, I would be right there with her.  But I do get the hankering to leave every so often, but she doesn’t.

And last but not least.  Google Reader (1000 )  Hehe.  Sorry honey!  I have to tell the story behind this one.  We went to Red Lobster for lunch one day.  We love the cheddar biscuits.  After lunch we did some shopping, stopped by my mom’s for the evening.  Then went home.  Cheri went to brush her teeth and get ready for bed.  She came out and was mad at me.  “What did I do?” I said.  Her reply, “You let me walk around all day with the parsley flakes in my teeth.”  Ooops.  Again, sorry honey.

These badges are just a joke, honey.  I don’t want to wake up with you holding my pillow over my head, again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Books & Music

Holidays Are HellNot too much going on today.  I’ve been keeping up with blogs since the weekend.  I even read an actual (digital) book for about half the day on Monday.  Didn’t quite get the chance today, but I did get through all my blogs.  I’m almost done with the book so I was hoping to finish it.  I’m at 84%, which you never know how close that is because sometimes there’s other pages at the end that take up space.  It’s actually a book of short stories (4 stories) and I’m not overly huge on short stories.  But I wanted to read the 1st story (book to the left) because it was a prequel of a series that I’ve been keeping up with.  That’s another reasonA Perfect Blood (The Hollows, #10) I want to finish this book, because I want to read the new book in the series.  It’s the 10th book (book to the right) of the series and it is my favorite series ever.  The author has already said that she will stop the series after book 13 which sucks, but it is a great series if you like supernatural.  The actual genre of the series is Urban Fantasy.  So if you like witch’s, demon’s, werewolves and vampires and all that supernatural stuff.  Then go pick up the first book and start from there.  They really are a great read and the more you read, the better the books get.  So go check out “The Hollows” series by Kim Harrison.  I’ll probably do a book review of them when I finish.  I just need to either keep up with reading blogs or just set time to read books.  But I really need to start reading more.  I’ve got all kinds of books on my Kindle just waiting for me to start again.
I’m not proud to admit what song I had stuck in my head today.  Please don’t judge me by this.
Yeah, don’t know where it came from.  At least I was walking around work putting my hands to my face and saying “Vogue”.
Although in the last hour or so, I’ve had this song in my head.
I’m not sure where that came from.  But it’s certainly better than Madonna.
I need to get off here. We’re about to have supper and I still have to call all the parents on little league and let them know info about Opening Day on Saturday as well as when our first game is because they just finished schedules today.
Be sure to check out Flashback Friday this Friday.  It’s a post that I’ve been promising Red that I would get out.  It’s all typed out and ready to go.

Monday, April 23, 2012

People NEED to change

I remember back in the day when someone did something mean or stupid and you were amazed at their stupidity.  They were far and few between.  But it seems that now-a-days, your amazed when someone is good or does something nice.  I like to think that I’m pretty nice to strangers.  I hold doors for people, I smile and nod when eye contact is made, I’ve gone out of my way to help someone.  When I hit that guy on the bike, I stood in the road next to him so cars would see me and not run him over so he wouldn’t have to move.  I kept asking if he was ok.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a news story that is similar only the guy gets out of the car and beats the crap out of the biker.  That’s the world we live in.  I can’t stand to watch the news anymore.  Children killing adults over meaningless arguments.  Young kids going on killing sprees in schools.  And don’t even get me started on the molesting that adults are doing to kids.  I can’t watch the news.  There are so many things wrong with this world that we are amazed when something is right.  Or at least I am.  Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just too negative.

Maybe this is a product of me becoming anti-social.  Yes, I admit it, I’m antisocial.  Which is funny because as most of you know, bloggers like to be heard.  I check my stats for affirmation that somebody is listening.  I don’t put much faith into the numbers per say, and I’m still going to blog what I want to blog.  For me, this is a log of my life that I may be able to look back onto a few years later.  So I post what I want to post.  Besides wanting to be heard.  But in real life, I don’t really care how many friends I have.  Which really shows at work.  I like where I work in the factory, because I work alone.  I come in, do my job, leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.  I put on headphones in the breakroom sometimes because people just annoy me.  Whether it be loud talking to someone right next to you, or someone playing music out loud on their phones, or people holding a concert to those around them.  People are rude.  And I don’t want to be around them.

Maybe this could change if the news only played positive stories, probably not.  I know one thing, we could go back to one half hour news broadcast.  Because there isn’t that much good in the world anymore. 

Maybe I’m negative. 

Maybe I’m antisocial. 

Maybe I’m the problem.

All I know is people need to stop being dicks.  People need to start thinking of those around them.  People need to get their heads out of their asses and turn this world around.  Because even thought I am antisocial and don’t like people, I still respect those around me.  Which is more than I can say for most.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Catch-Up

Weekly Catch-Up

Laws Reviews

I blog mainly about new movies to me.  Also review other products here and there but it’s mostly movies.

Only watched 1 movie this week to review but it was a good one.  Watched the end of Meet Joe Black and all of Legends of the Fall on AMC today but I only review movies I haven’t seen.  I take that back, I watched a movie yesterday that I need to review.  But it wasn’t anything spectacular, contrary to what everyone is saying.


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My Sports Obsession

Here I blog all about My Sports Obsession, mostly baseball cards and the White Sox.

This blog is on autopilot as of late.  I haven’t purchased much new so I’m mainly posting some stuff I picked up awhile ago.


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My Sports Obsession(1)

Random sports photos.  There are only some stats for this blog as it is a Tumblr account, not a blogger account.

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Random Thoughts From A Random Guy

This is just a blog of my random thoughts. This will be a collection of everything from my thoughts, to funny things I find on the net (including tweets and FB status) to whatever else I decide to post. From being a parent, to being a husband, to everyday life with a MS patient.


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Too Many Manninghams

I only guest post on this blog about my Michigan cards.  And as stated up above, I haven’t been buying cards lately so I haven’t posted here recently.  Although Dennis still posts on here so there are posts to read, just none by me.


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    Jeff Laws(2)

    That’s it for the week.  As you can tell, I don’t Facebook a lot as far as posting stuff.  I posted maybe 2 or 3 other things, vids or pics, but that’s it.  While I’m on it multiple times a day, I don’t post much myself.

    Saturday, April 21, 2012


    I’m having trouble watching “Grey’s Anatomy”.  The whole storyline with Richard and Adele is killing me.  Adele has Alzheimer’s on the show.  They have put her in a home because she is that bad off.  Richard caught her in bed at the home with another Alzheimer patient.  Obviously, she doesn’t remember Richard.  But the whole episode, when they were together, she kept asking where this new guy was.  It was heartbreaking.

    I just watched my grandfather on my dad’s side go through it.  More or less, since I wasn’t around for much of it.  I wasn’t that close, long story for another post.  The point is, it runs in my family.  So there is a possibility that I may get it.  I’ve already told my wife if I ever start getting that bad, just run.  Tell my family to run.  When I die and get my memory back, I’ll understand.  I can’t imagine putting my family through that.

    Run for the hills, loved ones.  Run for the hills.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Parents are stupid

    As you know, they asked me to run one of the baseball teams at little league.  Well, the whole story is that they had 5 teams of 13-14 kids per team.  So they created a 6th team and begged me to coach.  This way, each team has 10-11 kids and every kid gets more playing time.  My team is even sponsored by the little league park, so they are paying for it just to give the kids more playing time.

    I talked to the lady that helps run the park with her husband.  She said that more than a few of the parents have been bitching because their kids got moved after practicing with another team.  OK, this is an instructional league.  Which means no score is kept, you play against other teams but the rules are pretty laid back.  You can even stop the game to talk to a player and explain what he did wrong or what a better way to do it would be.  INSTRUCTIONAL.  Which means it doesn’t matter what team your on, we are all there to teach the kids.  You’ll find coaches helping the players on the other teams.  INSTRUCTIONAL.  We are here to help your kids learn the game and to get better.  Not coddle the damn parents because all your other favorite moms are on the other teams.  It’s freaking ridiculous.  It doesn’t matter if your kid had to switch teams, we don’t even keep score.  It’s INSTRUCTIONAL.  And do you know what the big problem is, the lady mentioned above called the parents, father usually answers, says yeah, no problem.  I understand, more playing time for my son, great.  Then she’ll receive a call a little bit later from the mother, bitching up a storm how her kid doesn’t want to switch.  These kids are 7-8 years old.  They don’t care what team they are on, YOU’RE the one that doesn’t want to switch.  Because you like to hang out with the other mothers on the other team.

    I had one mother who I was having a conversation with, she was pleasant and curious.  She asked me if I’ve ever taught baseball.  I told her I hadn’t, because I haven’t.  Other than my kids.  I’ve been an assistant coach on my daughters team every year she’s played, which she is going on her 5th year.  I know and love this game.  I played through school and played softball for 10+ years.  I can probably teach every position, throwing and hitting.  But technically, I’ve never “taught” baseball.  She apparently called the lady and told her that I said I know nothing about the game and wanted to switch teams.

    I’m really hoping a parent says something to me.  I will not hold back.  And neither will my wife, who will be sitting up there beside them while I’m coaching.  Or my mom, as far as that goes.  Parents are stupid and need to remember why their kids are playing.  And it’s not for the parents.  IT’S FOR YOUR FUCKING KIDS!!!!!

    WTF Did They Just Say?

    This is a special edition of WTF Did They Just Say? because I’m plugging a TV show.  If you get a chance, watch “Impractical Jokers” on TruTV.  It is hilarious.  These 4 guys who have been friends for years have to do challenges and complete them.  Each guy goes through the challenge but here’s the catch.  He’s wearing an earbud and can hear the other 3 and the challenge is, you have to do whatever they tell you, or you lose.  Here’s a clip.

    Here’s another clip, if you can find this whole episode, it is hilarious.  The guy that wins steals from a lady’s plate, then she tells her husband and he comes over to him at the buffet.  Takes food from the buffet then when the guy goes to take off his plate, he smacks his hand.  The husband goes and sits down and the guy stalks him to his table and goes after his plate.  Here’s the beginning of that prank.

    They do multiple challenges in a half an hour episode, then whoever loses the most challenges, has to do a dare that the other 3 decide.  Such as this.

    My wife and I laugh so hard watching these.  My eyes usually hurt from wiping the tears off from laughing.  If you have a chance, you have to catch an episode of this.  I have Comcast cable and they have it On Demand, I don’t know about anybody else but if you have On Demand, look for it.  Otherwise, I believe it’s on Thursday nights on TruTV.

    I stuck this on WTF Did They Just Say? because the reactions from the everyday people on here is hilarious.  Usually they are just stunned and have a look on their face that says “WTF Did They Just Say?”

    Insane in the Membrane

    I had a song stuck in my head this morning.  A nice, slow song.  I whistled and sang it for hours.  But the bad part was, I sang it to Adam.  He looked at me and said “I’m glad I don’t know that song”.

    Damn kids these days, don’t know good music.  I offered to load it up on my Spotify but he didn’t want to hear it.

    Click the following banner to donate to the National MS Society and support our cause. To view our personal involvement, click MS Sucks!

    National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012


    Before our disability hearing yesterday, Cheri and I went to her evaluation with her new chiropractor.  She really liked the place.  Very organized with everything.  I liked it because everything was very modern.  Everything is brought up on flatscreens, they email you info and give you links to youtube video’s about info on things you need to know.  Like I said, very modern.  Anyways, we left impressed with everything.  She went back this morning for a consult on what they found with the x-rays and evaluation the day before.  All that went normal as well.  Still very impressed with the organization of the whole office and staff.  Then they gave us a quick tour of the office and left us in the room where they actually do the chiropractic care.  Cheri was pumped because it had been so long since she had her back worked on.  He came in and worked on her, here’s a brief description in her words.  When she got up she started to twist and turn her body like she was amazed at how well she could move.  She started to cry and gave him a big hug.  I teared up a bit (told her I yawned, but I think she figured it out).  I was so happy that she was so happy.  Cheri’s not a crier or a hugger so that should tell you how happy she was, now it’s a waiting game to see how long it lasts.  She still has pain, but that was one of the areas that hasn’t had relief in years.

    I hope this works out because seeing Cheri so happy, even if it was brief, was a great thing.  She has quite a few more appointments so hopefully he can do more.  I certainly don’t think she will ever be pain free, but at this point, any pain relief is cause for excitement.  He says that he can help relieve some of the pain because he believes her spine is pinching some of her nerves which makes it hard for her body to send signals to her brain, which is essentially what her lesions in her brain do.  So if he can prevent the other blockage of the nerves, it can only help.  It certainly isn’t a cure, but the fight with MS is all about management and not cure.  There is no cure.  You try to manage the pain.  You try to manage the disease from progressing.  You try to manage your life around the disease.  You try to manage the ongoing education about the disease.  It’s all about management of the disease.

    So it seems to be a step in the right direction.

    Click the following banner to donate to the National MS Society and support our cause. To view our personal involvement, click MS Sucks!

    National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012

    Monday, April 16, 2012

    Therapy, Dumbassary & Twitter

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.  I’m behind on my blog reading again.  I did really well last weekend and got caught up.  I even went to work on Monday, read what you all posted on Sunday and Monday morning, and spent the rest of the day reading, yes, actually reading a book (e-book, same thing).  Which was my goal, get caught up so I could read books on my Kindle Fire again.  It worked for a day, I suck.  It’s just been to freaking busy around here.
    As I mentioned previously, they talked me into coaching Trevor’s team.  So on top of assistant coaching Samantha’s team, girl scouts and boy scouts.  My week and weekends are suddenly filled up.  I miss my fun online time.  I feel like when I get online now, I have too much stuff to do and can’t just screw around.  After working, then taking care of kids activities, I’m not in the mood to blog by the time I get home.  Which would be the lack of blog posts as of late.  I’m not quitting or going away.  I’m just giving you a heads up if I go a few days without posting.
    Sometimes I Remember, Sometimes I Don't
    On the other side, my wife has been blogging a little bit more.  I think it would be good for her, theraputic of sorts.  She has had the blog “Sometimes I Remember, Sometimes I Don’t” which she usually talks about dealing with her Multiple Sclerosis and other medical issues.  But I’ve been telling her to start a blog to bitch about people.  She already does it all the time, why not put it in a blog.  And let’s face it, there’s a few bloggers who are famous in our blogging circles for doing just that.  That one is named “Dumbassary”.  Since I know you all miss me, feel free to go check hers out.  Show her a little love so she sticks with the blogging.  We all know we check our stats and get excited when you get a few hits.  Show her some love to make up for the day she had today.
    We went to our disability meeting.  Basically, we sat there and discussed all the things wrong with my wife and all the things she can’t do anymore.  I felt bad for her, she said it didn’t bother her.  But I still felt like we were picking on her.  And I had to just sit there and couldn’t stand up for her.  But if it helped then I guess it doesn’t matter.  Now we wait up to 30 days to hear whether she was approved, or turned down for the 3rd time.  This is our first time with a lawyer and he complimented her on how organized she was so that’s a plus.  We think it went well.  If she gets turned down I’ll be sure to let you know, pretty sure I’ll be posting how pissed I am at the people who take advantage of the system so that those who truly need it, can’t get it.  But hopefully you’ll never have to read it.
    I’ve been debating on getting on Twitter (or maybe a fan page on Facebook) more to communicate with my peeps, but to be honest, I only have 1 person who comments regularly (A soon to be fellow sucker, I mean Hoosier).  so I don’t even know how many people out there read on a regular basis.  Right now, I use twitter to advertise my blog posts and that’s pretty much it.  I’ll send a personal tweet once in a great while, if I’m in the mood to, but it’s rare.  Let me know in the comments, or send me a tweet if you’d be interested in that form of communication
    Have to go back to work tomorrow, blah!  I’ll talk at you when I talk at you again.

    Click the following banner to donate to the National MS Society and support our cause. To view our personal involvement, click MS Sucks!
    National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012

    Leaning Flag Poll of Perkins

    Took the day off, not to relax, but to stress a little bit more.  We dropped the kids off at school and went to Steak and Shake for breakfast.  Now I don’t know how wide spread this wind issue is, but it has been very breezy here.  So breezy that this happened just down the road from the restaurant.


    I assume sometime last night this happened.  It was already roped off underneath where it will fall and a cop was parked there for most of breakfast.  I know we’ve been under a wind advisory since last night that’s supposed to go till tonight.

    We are heading out today for the real reason for the vacation day today.  We have to drive and hour and a half to go to court trying to get my wife on disability.  With all her issues, there is no way she can work.  So essentially, if we get denied, we get to live in government housing for the rest of our lives.  We barely get by now so there is no way we could ever afford a house without her having some kind of income.  I’ll more about it later.

    I just wanted to touch bases and let you all know that I’m still around.  Just been very busy and haven’t had much time to blog.

    My wife posted a new blog post about some of what I mentioned above and her MS.  Check it out here.

    Sometimes I Remember, Sometimes I Don't


    Click the following banner to donate to the National MS Society and support our cause.  To view our story, click MS Sucks!

    National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012

    Sunday, April 15, 2012

    Weekly Catch-up

    Weekly Catch-Up

    Laws Reviews

    I am actually all caught up on my reviews of movies.  I only review movies I hadn’t seen before.  I do watch more movies then what I post here.  Not a whole lot more, because there are only a few movies that I could watch over and over again.  Maybe I should review them too, but they’d all get 5 stars from me since they are my favorites.

    • Real Steel – a 4 star movie review.
    • Mama Mia! – a 1 star movie review.  (My wife made me watch it)
    • Drive – a 2 star movie review.
    • the Muppets – a 3 star movie review.


    • Total page views = 170 (up 46 from last week)
    • Total posts = 20 (up 4 from last week)
    • Total followers = 1 (same as last week)


    My Sports Obsession

    I’ve slacked a bit on this blog.  I haven’t really had the money to buy any new cards so I haven’t had much to say.  I still read and comments on everybody’s blogs and I have some things to post, just haven’t gotten them up and posted yet.


    • Total page views = 14,768 (Up 714 from last week)
    • Total posts = 343 (Up 4 from last week)
    • Total followers = 74 (Same as last week)

    My Sports Obsession(1)

    Random sports photos.  There are only some stats for this blog as it is a Tumblr account, not a blogger account.  I’ve spent some time on this blog towards the end of the week so it’s set for a few weeks.  Apparently I linked the title wrong last week.  It is corrected this week.

    • 4 University of Michigan posts.
    • 16 White Sox posts.
    • 7 other MLB posts.
    • 0 Indianapolis Colts post.


    • Totals posts = 329 (Up 27 from last week)
    • Total followers = 7 (same as last week)

    Random Thoughts From A Random Guy

    Do I really need to explain this blog?

    • Weekly Catch-Up – Again, do I really need to explain this post?
    • GREAT Grandparents – I’m really proud of this post.  Apparently my mom did too, she printed it out to show to other family members.
    • Tantrums & Annoyance – Just a quick post in regards to a fellow bloggers post and I take the time to annoy you.
    • Uh Oh! – Car Trouble and a special edition of Insane in the Membrane with a quick post at the end.
    • MS Sucks! – A plea for your help.


    • Total page views = 1860 (Up 240 from last week)
    • Total posts = 121 (Up 5 from last week)
    • Total followers = 5 (same as last week)

    Too Many Manninghams

    I only guest post on this blog about my Michigan cards.  And as stated up above, I haven’t been buying cards lately so I haven’t posted here recently.  Although Dennis still posts on here so there are posts to read, just none by me.


      • Total posts by me = 9


      Jeff Laws(1)

      Of course, I was being sarcastic, because my wife hates to shop.  But we had to get some “nice” clothes for court tomorrow.

      Jeff Laws

      Yeah, this is what I did while blogging today.  2 White Sox games and a Michigan football game.  Cheri ended up taking a nap.