Friday, November 30, 2012

What’s your problem?

I was reminded of a story that happened at work the other day.  I was reminded the other day, it happened awhile ago.  My foreman told me to go up on the line and clean off the parts, if I couldn’t get one of the operators to help me, then let him know and he would help.  Sounds easy enough.

So I go up and ask all 3 operators and nobody wanted to help, which didn’t surprise me because the other shift had left the parts so we all were refusing to clean them up.  That is until my foreman told me I had to.  They were in Paul’s section and he was the line leader so when I got back downstairs and told the boss that I needed his help he asked me questions.

Foreman - “Nobody would help you?”

Me - “Nope, they were all too busy”

Foreman - “What about Paul?

I just shrugged my shoulders.

Foreman - “What did he say?”

Me - “Good luck with that”

So we go upstairs and are taking the parts off when the boss get’s into Paul for not helping.  Paul denies ever saying that to me, says he told me to wait a minute and he would help.

Foreman (looking at me) “What was Paul doing when you asked him?”

Me – “Reading the newspaper”

He just looks at Paul and shakes his head and we continue to take the parts out.  Now a little while later, I’m downstairs loading a shuttle up, Paul walks towards me and puts his finger about an inch from my face and says “You’re a big, fat, fucking liar” and he started walking away.  I was kind of shocked, I didn’t lie, he was lying just to save face.  I didn’t run down and tell on him, all I did was answer the bosses questions.  As far as I was concerned, I didn’t do anything wrong.  The stupid part is he wasn’t going to get in trouble, he had his head so far up management ass that they probably sat around and laughed about it next time they went out.

As he was walking away and I let everything that he said sink in, I yelled at him “PAUL”.  He turns around, and I question him “Are you mad at something?”  He, went, off.  Started cussing up and down and before he turned to walk away again he said “That’s why your wife left you”.  I’ll be honest, I was laughing the whole time he was yelling, I couldn’t help it, it was funny.

Our relationship hasn’t been the same since.  We never were great friends, but we got along.  We use to go to White Sox games together, we played softball for years together.  He’s the kind of guy you get along with outside of work, but is a pain in the ass to work with.  If you ask him about what he said now, he says he never said any of it.  Guess he’s still in denial.  And he’s a foreman now, told you nothing would happen to him.

There is nothing better than remaining calm while someone is yelling at you, it pisses them off more than you yelling back.  You should try it, it’s fun.


Track – Father

Artist – AVB (Acapella Vocal Band)


For those that don’t know, I lost my father when I was 8 to cancer.  Songs about Father’s always kind of hit me.  The bad part was listening to christian music, there were a lot of songs about the Father, and I would just take some of the lyrics and make it about me not having a father.  Here’s the lyrics from this song.

A little girl, she seems grown-up, who's only four
She's so confused without a father anymore
And if you listen as she's on her knees to pray
Each night so preciously her broken heart will say:

Where is my father? Has he gone away?
Why can't he always be here to stay?
Where is my father? Does he still care?
I need a father who's always there

He left their family and he headed for the coast
He left a time when they needed him the most
The emptiness is even worse than if he'd died
Caught in confusion you can hear this young girl cry

Repeat Chorus

He's never coming back, she wished that he would
It hurt's cause he doesn't care
But she has another, a Father who's good
A Father who will always be there
You are my Father; never go away
I know you'll always be here to stay
You are my Father; I know you care
I need a Father who's always there
You are my Father who's always there

Obviously, these lyrics didn’t really match my life but I liked the chorus and it sang to me. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I realized today, that I haven’t updated my Track of the Day page in over a month.  I’ll try to get to that this weekend since I have no plans and I don’t have to work.  Speaking of music, or spotify, I’ve noticed in listening to my music that the random tends to stick to the same songs.  As you may know from the Track of the Day posts, I listen to my “All Items” list which currently had 947 songs.  Yes, I meant had.  I’ve been starring each track I listen to and then when I get home, I move them from my “All Items” list to my “All Items 2” list.  Like I said above, the random tends to stick to the same songs.  For instance, at the start of today, I still had around 860 songs left on the playlist, and I had about 40 or 50 songs already starred that I hadn’t moved over yet.  So that leaves a little over 800 songs unstarred that I hadn’t listened to.  But yet, today, a starred song popped up 7 or 8 times.  Considering how many songs are unstarred, that’s a little ridiculous.  So they’ll gradually moved over to the 2nd list and once I’ve listened to them all, I’ll start with the random on the 2nd list and move them to the 1st one.  It’s only fair that I listen to each song once, I can’t play favorites.
I know, it seems like a lot of work for nothing.  Consider it part of my OCD.  Yeah, I have a little bit of it but I won’t go into that now.  I tend to keep it hidden somewhat.  Most people, don’t realize some of the stuff that I OCD over.  But I’m not so bad that I can’t not do what I’m OCD about.
I was leaving for work today, and went to grab my sunglasses that I had worn in yesterday, then thought, I guess I don’t really need them.  It saddens me that I won’t see the sun for 2 days because of work.  I leave for work around 6:40 am and it’s dark, I get home from work at 7:20 pm.  I don’t smoke so I have no need to go outside at work, so basically, I won’t see the sun for a couple of days.  On the weekends I work, it’s 3 days of no sun.  That just sucks.  The picture above was taken on my way home today.
christmas02 christmas03
I stopped by my mom’s yesterday to check on their cat because they were out of town.  I walked in and I think Christmas threw up.  It was all over the place.  Or at least in boxes all over the place.  She said she was putting all this up last weekend, she must have gotten into watching the Michigan/Ohio game and didn’t get them up.  I know she’s taking the grandkids to go cut down her Christmas tree on Sunday so I imagine the tree stuff will at least get up next week.  Try to ignore the pumpkin tin in the picture on the right, apparently, putting up Christmas stuff also means taking down fall stuff.  Even with all the Christmas stuff still in boxes, she did still have the most important decoration up.
If you don’t know what that is, then you haven’t truly lived a happy holiday.

For those of you who cut off your RSS feed so the reader has to go to your site to read the rest.  A note to you.  You better make the first couple of sentences really good otherwise I’m not clicking the link to read more.  I’m guessing that if you do that to your blog, then you don’t use an RSS Reader to read other blogs because then you would know how annoying it is.  For the record, I rarely click over anymore.  So you might think how many people feel the way I do and you might actually be hurting your readership.
And speaking of blogs, get rid of Captcha on your comments.  That’s annoying too.  Let the blogger spam filter stop them from posting the comments.  Very little, if any, actually make it on to your blog.

I started reading Dead and Moaning in Las Vegas by fellow bloggers Brandon Meyers & Bryan Pedas “A Beer for the Shower”.  I’m only about 30% in but I’ve enjoyed it so far.  Can you really get better than a comedy about zombies?  I may do a review when I’m done, but I’m not going to promise one.  But I can tell you that so far I’ve really liked it.  I can tell when I’m enjoying the book when I look forward to my breaks so I can read it, and I look forward to my breaks now.  I just wanted to plug their book since they are bloggers that I read and follow.  You can click the cover above to get the Kindle edition, which is what I’m reading.
Track – Lose Yourself
Artist – Eminem
This is about the only Eminem song I like, mainly because I enjoyed the movie and it reminds me of that.  I like the songs that pump you up and this is one of those songs.  It makes you puff out your chest like you’re a bad ass.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parenting Technique’s

We all have differences in parenting techniques. Some people think the way I do things are crazy and I believe some of the things other parents do are crazy. One way Cheri and I differ are letting them do things on their own.  I'm all about letting them do things on their own, that's how they learn.  Cheri is more of a worrier which I guess in most cases is what the mother does.

Sometimes its little things like letting your child go free at Walmart while you shop, to bigger things like driving.  I took Skyler for her first driving lesson, I'm more built that way emotionally because I'm very laid back and I never yell.  So off we went.  We headed out to the country and I asked her if she's driven yet, she said she had but out in a field.  Her mother thought she should start off in a neighborhood so once I got out in the country, I pulled into the entrance of a neighborhood and we switched seats.  Then drove out of the neighborhood, that counts, right?  We took back roads all the way out to a local small town.  I won’t go into how she did, let’s just say, thank God her mom wasn’t in the car.  I’m not sure how a 16 year old doesn’t know what a stop sign means but that’s how you learn.  We eventually made it into the town.  It’s a one stoplight town that extends a block away in all 4 directions from that stop sign.  She did pretty good in town when other cars were around, she was a lot more careful.  Then she did a lot better all the way back to that neighborhood.  I threw her in and she did fine, eventually.  (Not that I take credit for her driving ability now, yikes!)

Skyler is flying back to Virginia for Christmas.  I asked why she doesn’t just drive?  Cheri gave me a WTF are you thinking look.  She has made the trip once before but she was following her mom home, so it’s not like she hasn’t been on the highways.  I understand she scares the crap out of her because she just doesn’t pay attention.  But I’m the more, go for it, let’s see what happens, kind of parent.  She’ll have to learn how to do it sooner or later.  I’m pretty sure she’s probably driven on a few interstates without us knowing anyways.  Now Cheri says that she and her mom couldn’t survive the worrying if she was to drive it.  But guess what?  You’re a parent, you’ll never stop worrying about her.  When Cheri and I were dating 600 miles apart, my mom worried about me making the trip.  I was by myself and I would tend to leave right after work and drive 9 hours.  Sometimes through the night.  Your always going to worry.  Cheri used to drive the same trip when she was 16, I used to drive to St. Louis which is around 400 miles when I was 16.  I know she can do it.

I don’t care if she flies, I just think it would be cheaper to drive.  I would rather drive it so I have a car there.  So I can take more stuff instead of limiting myself to a bag or two (not that I would need more than a bag, but she’s a teenage girl, we know how they are).

I’m not saying either way is right, we just parent differently.  What kind of parent are you, throw them in and let them sink or swim or do you tend to take the cautious route so you have less to worry about?

Funny Friendship Ecard: Just because I disagree with your parenting, doesn't mean I think you're a bad parent.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

WTF Were They Thinking #5–Subway

WTF Were They Thinking?

I like reading other blogs because they remind me of stories in my past.  Kevin over at “Who Woulda Thought?” has done a few Subway stories about trips to the restaurant and it reminded me of one of mine.  Mine certainly isn’t as bad as his, but I wasn’t pleased at all.

We have one Subway restaurant where they have a drive-thru.  While I do enjoy Subway time to time, after my trip through the drive-thru, I refuse to use it anymore.  You know it’s bad when I’ll drag my lazy ass out of the car to go in and get a sandwich to go.  We tend to eat fast food because it has drive-thru’s and we can take it get food without getting out of our PJ’s.

I get in the line and order my usual sandwich, a BLT with green pepper, onion and mayo.  Simple enough right?  I go through the line and head on home.  I never check my food because I expect it to be right but in order to check this food, I’d have to open my sandwich and who wants to open that 2 foot squared piece of paper in the car, letting all the vegetable falling all over your lap.  Yeah, I’ll wait.  I wouldn’t want to get mayo on my pants that Jared is holding up.

So I get home and sit down on to eat.  I pull out my foot long BLT and it looked really thin.  I opened it up and couldn’t believe what I was looking at.  Apparently the sandwich artist decided to make this his masterpiece and not mine.  It was a footlong piece of bread with green pepper, onions and mayo on it.  Obviously this was my fault for not telling them I wanted Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on my BLT.  Why the hell would I want a sandwich with a couple of vegetables on it and mayonnaise?  I’m fat, do I look like a vegetarian to you?  And of course, anytime you get screwed in a drive-thru, this comes to mind.  *Warning – he says Fuck a lot.  Oh, oops!

Did you watch it?  Did you notice the restaurant they went through the drive-thru?  I’m laughing my ass off, I didn’t know they used Subway until I went looking for the clip for this blog.  Guess I should have known better when I seen this in 1989.  Guess it was all my fault, couldn’t be the Subway employees fault, he’s a professional artist.  I just want to know WTF were they thinking?


Track – Freak Me

Artist – Silk


Yes, I used to listen to this kind of music. Not for real long, but long enough. I’m posting it here though because when my wife and I were dating, I posted this on her Facebook wall. Probably a good thing most people didn’t click play.  Let me post the lyrics.

Freak me, baby (Ah, yeah)
Freak me, baby (Mmm, just like that)
Freak me, baby (Ah, yeah)
Freak me, baby

Let me lick you up and down till you say stop
Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot
Let me do all the things you want me to do
'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you

Baby, don't you understand
I wanna be your nasty man
I wanna make your body scream
And you will know just what I mean (You know what I mean)

24 carat gold
To warm the nights when you get cold
I wanna lick you up and down (Baby, yeah, bay, yeah)
And then I wanna lay you down, come on Silk sing

Let me lick you up and down till you say stop (Lick you up and down)
Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot (Let me make you real hot)
Let me do all the things you want me to do (Whoa, ho, oh)
'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you

I love the taste of whip cream (Hey)
Spread it on, don't be mean (Baby, don't be mean)
You know I can't resist you, girl
I'll fly you all around the world (All around the world, oh, baby)

I wanna see your body drip
Come on let me take a sip (Come on, come on, come on, come on)
Take off what you cherish most (come on, come on, come on, come on, baby)
'Cause when I brag I like to brag and boast

Let me lick you up and down till you say stop (Lick you up and down, oh, baby)
Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot
(I wanna play with your body, baby, I wanna play with your body, girl)
Let me do all the things you want me to do
'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you

You, you, you, you (Oh, you)
You, you, you, you (Let me freak you)
You, you, you, you (All of you)
Yeah, come on, come on
You, you, you, you (
You, you, you, you (Let me do you)

'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you
Let me lick you up and down till you say stop (Freak me, baby)
Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot (Freak me, baby)
Let me do all the things you want me to do (Freak me, baby)
'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you
(Baby, don't stop) Let me lick you up and down till you say stop (Baby, don't stop)
Let me play (Baby, don't stop) with your body, baby, make you real hot (Hey...)
Let me do (Baby, don't stop) all the things you want me to do (Baby, don't stop)
'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky, freaky
(Let me lick you up and down) Let me lick you up and down till you say stop
Let me play with your body, baby (Up and down), make you real hot
(Let me make you soakin' wet, baby)
Let me do all the things (Oh...) you want me to do
(I won't play around with your love, baby)
'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-turkey rambling

This morning started out like every other.  Kids got up at 7 and got dressed.  I got up at 7:10 to provide breakfast before I headed out to take the kids to school.  Then from the bedroom, I hear Cheri shouting that there is a 2 hour delay because of fog.  So I gave them breakfast and crawled back in bed.  Luckily I was still in my pj’s.  Well, not really luckily, I usually wear them to take them to school.

I got up a couple of hours later and took them to school.  I found out why there was a delay.

fog01    fog02

This was at 9:40, I can’t imagine how thick it was this morning.  Once I got home I flipped on the TV and broke out my laptop waiting for Cheri to get up.  Lately, this has been Kitty cuddle time with me.  She climbed up on my chest to take a nap.  I always take pictures, usually 4 or 5 then put them in a slideshow and send it to Cheri to make her jealous.


This one was from last week sometime.  I was cleaning out the photos on my phone after I took these this morning.

kitty02   kitty03

Cheri responded to my slideshow that she was jealous.  Not jealous enough to get out of bed apparently.

This year our plans for Thanksgiving have changed and we are breaking tradition.  Hardly any of the family are going to the usual Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s for lunch.  They are all bailing out and going to other halves of the family, or are out of town.  Even one set just wants to have Thanksgiving dinner with themselves.  So much for tradition.  Cheri and I are still going over to my mom’s and it will be us 3, my stepdad and grandparents.  Just the 6 of us.  As much as it sucks that the whole family isn’t going to be there, we are looking forward to the small get together.

Since there wasn’t going to be any other kids there, I decided to let theEx take the kids for Thanksgiving.  Usually I have them for lunch and then meet her so she can have them that evening and the rest of the weekend.  Being the nice guy that I am, and believe me, I had to think about it with all the stupid crap they do to me, but I let her have them.  But I will be getting them back because my brother is having a post Thanksgiving dinner at his house on Friday night.  And then my mom is taking a bunch of the granddaughters to see the new Twilight movie.  Don’t ask me why they would want to see that crap, but they are.  Samantha is really excited about it.  Plus grandma said she gets to spend the night after the movie.  She’s so excited about it that I had to talk her into going to her mom’s tonight because she was afraid I wouldn’t get her back for Friday.  That would be because the last time the JackAss was supposed to meet us so I could have the kids for my stepdads birthday party, he bailed on us last second and left the kids hanging.  So I had to promise her that I would make sure they made it back.  Come to find out, she wanted to ditch them Thursday night anyways because she’s going Black Friday shopping.

I don’t know what you all are doing for Thanksgiving, but if you’re traveling be safe.  And everyone have a great holiday and make sure to spend some time being thankful for all that you have, including the people in your lives.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kids pics

I spent most of my day scanning.  Between the cards I needed to get scanned for “My Sports Obsession” and I finally got theEx to give me baby photos of the kids so I’ve been scanning some of those.  I’m really enjoying going through the photo’s of the kids smiling baby faces.  Maybe because I actually spent time with them because they wanted to spend time with me.  I went and picked up the kids from theEx at 5:30 today, earlier than usual because they had plans this evening.  Got the kids home, and had them shower (I always have to when they get home to get the pet smell off them) and then they went into their rooms and I haven’t seen them since.  Now I have never told them to go to their rooms, they just always do.  I only have one rule if they stay out in the living room and that is that they have to be quiet.  I understand them staying in their rooms because I always did too, and all I had was a TV and radio.  They both have TV’s with cable, Sam has a CD and MP3 player and Trevor has a PS2 and a massive quantity of lego’s in his room.  So they have a lot more to do in their rooms then I did but I feel bad because they do spend all their time in their rooms.  But I guess it’s their choice so I shouldn’t feel bad.


My favorite pictureScan56 scanned so far of both kids is over there on the left.  Another favorite is the one on the right.  Trevor cracks me up in both of them.  But look at how blue his eyes are on the one to the right.  Like I said above, what I notice most is how happy they are.  Probably before life beats them down, wait until they are adults.  The couple of albums I’ve gone through so far are from 2003-2005 so I haven’t gotten to Samantha’s baby pictures yet.  She was born in 2002 and Trevor was in 2004.


In hindsight, I wonder now if theEx didn’t decide to have kids to try to save our marriage.  We were married in 1994 and were in agreement that we wanted 2 kids.  But we didn’t decide to actually have the kids until 2001.  By then, I didn’t want any kids.  I had decided that I didn’t want to be responsible for kids with all the things going on in the world.  All the child abuse and sexual predators out there is just ridiculous.  I knew I would never be able to survive if anything happened to my kids so I wanted the easy way out and just not have any.  Not to mention, I really don’t like kids.  But I went with theEx and had kids since when we got married, I said I wanted some.  So we had both kids.  I was oblivious to the fact that my marriage wasn’t so great.  I just thought that was the way it is when you’ve been married that long.  Not much love, just a tolerance for each other.  But we had kids, and I loved them.  I won’t get into that whole story of the marriage falling apart but let’s just say, it’s 10 years and 2 kids later and I’m the one who has custody and is taking care of them.  So don’t mistake the not wanting kids, to not loving my kids.  I love my kids and I wouldn’t give them up for anything.  As a matter of fact, they are the reason that Cheri moved up here to be with me.  Because I wouldn’t leave them.  So like I said, don’t mistake me not wanting kids to me not loving them.

I probably won’t get back to scanning the rest of the pictures until Wednesday because that will be my next day off.  Maybe I’ll post a few more pics


Track – Renegade

Artist – Styx


You would think that this song reminds me of seeing them in concert.  It was an outdoor concert underneath the Arch in St. Louis during their 4th of July celebration.  But it doesn’t, I have actually grown to love this song more since watching a certain TV show that uses it a lot during their opening while showing what previously happened on the show.  Anyone know the show?  It used to be one of my favorite shows if not the favorite at one point.  It has kind of lost it’s luster but I still like it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Twinkie heaven and hell


With the announcement of Hostess shutting down, it brings back bittersweet memories.  The good, I loved Twinkies growing up.  LOVED them.  So much, that it caused the bad memories.

My grandma would let us spend the night every so often.  Back when I was in Jr. High school, I got my turn.  One of the great things about staying at Grandma’s was the stop by the grocery store where you were allowed to pick up a snack for the evening.  Bet you can’t guess what I grabbed off the shelf?  A box of Twinkies.  Did I mention that I loved Twinkies?

We did our usual stuff that evening, hung out, ate popcorn and of course, my Twinkies.  I went to bed at a reasonable time because it was a school night.  Well, back when I was younger, I had a lot of trouble sleeping so even though I went to bed, I just laid there wide awake.  After a few hours of staring at the ceiling, I decided I was hungry.  So I snuck off to the kitchen and I mean snuck, because the floor at Grandma’s place was very creaky when it was completely silent in the house.  I got to the kitchen, and you know what I was after, but what I couldn’t decide was, if I was going to be able to open some Twinkies without getting caught.  The individual wrap was very crinkly and loud.  So I decided that I’ll just take the box to my room and close the door and then I can open them without getting caught.  So I grabbed the box and snuck back to my room.

What I usually did at home after everyone was asleep, was either read or played with my baseball cards, something of that nature because it was quiet and I could do it with minimal light.  I don’t remember what I did while I was eating my Twinkies, but what I do remember is looking down and there was only a few left.  Now my choice was, put the box back and get in trouble or eat the remaining couple, then put the box back and get in trouble.  It seems like an obvious choice, I’m getting in trouble anyways, might as well polish off them off and then get in trouble.  So I did.  And finally went to sleep.

Grandma came in the next morning to wake me up to get ready for school.  I couldn’t move, I was in the fetal position and my gut was killing me.  I complained, she told me she wasn’t falling for it (I had a little of an attendance problem at school) and left me to get ready.  I stayed in the fetal position for a a while before I was told I needed to get up, by my bowels.  I ran to the bathroom and my ass exploded.  And continued to for hours.  Needless to say, I didn’t go to school.  I barely was able to get off the toilet.

Apparently a whole box of Twinkies was my limit.  I don’t know how something that has a shelf life of infinity could do my stomach so wrong.  I still love Twinkies but I rarely eat them anymore.  Oddly enough, I bought a box the week my wife was out of town so I have had them fairly recently.  But you can be sure that I only had 1 package at a time.

Dude Write

I am participating in the Dude Write Starting Lineup this week where you can find some excellent posts by bloggers who happen to be dudes.  Stop by, read them all and vote for me and 4 others.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A couple of quick things.  The good news is it’s really slow at work (not normally good news) but it means I get to read more.  This generally means when I’m working and have nothing to do, I read blogs on my Google Reader and on my breaks, I read books.  I got almost all the way caught up on my blogs today.  This is how I looked.
That would be me sitting on a 5 gallon bucket with my head on my desk (sweatshirt for padding), reading on my Kindle Fire.  It helps that I’m in the slowest section on the line.  I’m sitting in front of my fan as well, if I had some hair, you could see my locks flowing in the breeze.  It may be 40 degrees outside, but it’s still warm inside.

I know none of you really read my sports blog, but I was having issues and started a duplicate blog on Wordpress.  I did the same with this one.  So if you would rather follow this blog on Wordpress than you can at  The blog posts will be an exact duplicate as here so if you don’t want to switch, then don’t.  This will still be the main blog and will have more sidebar activity as well as pages.  I don’t like the Wordpress site as much as Blogger but it may just be because I’m used to Blogger.  I do like that people can like your post without having to leave a comment.  And I like that now I can comment on Wordpress blogs and have account to link to.
Special thanks to Brian from “Brian Jones’ Diary – the Ramblings of a Menopausal Man” for my 3rd Chairman’s Choice man card for my post “Surprise Package” and for giving me another blog to read.  Be sure to check him out as well as the other guys over at Dude Write.
Always a good time for a couple of Apple Sucks posts.
Since this is so short, I’ll throw up a couple of things that I posted on personal Facebook account.

Some days this is the hardest thing I have to do.

If I keep eating fast food, I won’t be their fast food.

It’s funny how the unlikeliest characters become the most popular.
And a picture from my wife’s Instagram.
If you remember my last post where I said I crashed on the couch for a few hours.  Apparently Kitty found a place to sleep as well.  Right on my back and ass.
Haven’t done a Track of the Day in a little while so we’ll throw another one out there for old times sake.
Track – Sunday’s on the Way
Artist - Carman
Another classic christian song.  This was chosen because I did some service work at a church in Kentucky.  And one night we did a skit to this song.  It’s about the demons and devils partying after Jesus’ crucifixion waiting for Sunday to come to see if he comes back.  Anytime I hear this song, I go back to Thousandsticks, Kentucky and all the fun I had on that missions trip.  We did all kinds of cosmetic and maintenance to a church and surrounding buildings.  We slept in the church sanctuary on the pews and the floors.  That was back when I was a good guy, before I got corrupted.