Monday, March 26, 2012

Jagger Set Fire to the Rain in the End, WTF?

I survived the trip to Indy yesterday.  We hit the zoo but spent a little too much time riding trains and petting sharks.  When I get the chance to upload the photos, I’ll post more about it.  I got a couple of music posts and a new “segment” that I thought of today.

Insane in the Membrane

This song was stuck in my head a few days ago, probably Friday.  Nothing special about it, I heard it on my way in to work and couldn’t get it out of my head.  This group’s first album was about the time I really started to get into rock again.  Before that, I don’t even remember what I listened to at the time.  I was working in steel construction at the time, and I rode to the worksites with the foreman and my brother (he got me the job) and they listened to rock.  So hearing it every morning, kind of got me hooked.

Linkin Park–In the End

When this album came out I loved every song on it.  Only bad part about it was it was really short.  Anything Linkin Park did for awhile, I loved.  The mix of rock with some rap was awesome and I still like songs that mix it well.

Now today was a different story.  I ended up with 2 songs in my head today.  The first song I have no idea where it came from, the second has a story.

Maroon 5–Moves like Jagger

Like I said above, I listen to rock in the mornings, so obviously this song didn’t come from there.  The bad part is about the only lyrics I really know are the “I got the moves like Jagger, I got the moves like Jagger, I got the mooooOOOOoovveesss like Jagger.”  So here I am singing those 3 lines that are all the same, over and over and over again.  Ahhhh!!!

The next song I know where it came from, I walked into the breakroom and C had it playing out loud on his phone for Mike.  I’ll get to that whole story later.

Adele–Set Fire to the Rain

Now this song, I know even less of, so while it was stuck in my head.  I kept whistling it.  I’ve probably heard in about 10 times or so, but I never committed much of it to memory.  It’s one of those songs that while I’m listening to it, I can sing a long with a lot of it, but if you ask me to sing it without it playing, I’m lost.  I do like the song, just not a song I hear much because I don’t generally listen to that type of music.  Only when I relinquish the radio controls to the wife.  Or the oldest daughter, been then you only hear half because she can’t keep it on a full song.

WTF Did They Just say?

Here’s the new “segment” I mentioned above.  I’ll throw out a short story about something really stupid I heard (or said) that day.

As I mentioned above, I walked into the breakroom and C was playing Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain on his phone.  Mike was sitting there trying to guess who was singing it.  C was saying stuff like “C’mon Mike, you should know this” and Mike was going on about how he knows country well.  Yeah he’s an idiot.  I heard “She was on American Idol” and “I even think she won”.  I just sat there shaking my head.  I looked at Mike and said “you’re a moron”.  C asked me if I knew who sang it, I said I believe it’s Adele.  And just so you know, I pulled that out of my ass.  Any other time I wouldn’t have knows who sang it.  C was like, right on, that’s it.  And then I heard Mike say this.

“I only listen to country but I change the channel when girl’s come on and sing because I like to sing to the radio and I don’t like to sing that high”

I stopped, thinking to myself “Did I just hear that right”  I had a confused look on my face then I looked at Mike and said “C’mon Mike, you know you belt on Shania Twain’s “Man, I feel like a woman” when you hear it.  I told C the only time I even list to country is if my wife is in the car, Mike says “at least someone has taste”.  I said “Does your wife like country?”  He says “yes” very proudly.  And I said “So apparently liking country doesn’t mean you have taste since she also chose your dumb ass”  At least he learned to shut up instead of making himself look more stupid, eventually.  He finally ignored me, you’d think he’d learn to just keep his mouth shut, but he’s a slow learner.

He’s one of those guys who is a freaking moron, but acts like he knows everything.  And I hate people like that.  He tries to get involved in everybody else’s conversations and throw out just bits of info, to make it look like he knows what he’s talking about.  I should also explain, there are very few people who I hate, and even fewer people that get on my nerves so bad I can’t stop my mouth.  He is both of those to me.  He just rubs me wrong and I don’t hold back when talking to him.  You would think he just wouldn’t talk to me, but as I said, he’s an idiot.

Hopefully I’ll keep this segment around, I hear all kinds of crap, I’ll be sure to relay it to this segment.  It should be fun.  I’m also thinking about a Flashback Friday that you all might enjoy.


  1. Oh please keep this new segment! It's a great idea!

    1. The guy I mention above, alone could fill that segment. I plan on keeping it, I just hope the idiots of the world keep giving me the material.

      Thanks for the feedback, nice to know someone is reading along.

      One of these days I'll have to post how I met my wife. It's similiar to yours and Brett's. Got to know each other via social media sites. She moved to Indiana from Virginia to be here with me. Been married now for about a year and a half.

    2. (hearing things like your story makes my heart jump a little because I don't know where things are going yet, but I have hope... It's crazy and nerve-wracking)

    3. I'm sure it is nervewracking, but remember it is for him as well, so your not alone. I was afraid Cheri would hate Indiana and resent me for her coming here, instead of me going there. Then I know I would have felt guilty for taking her away from her home. She says she's never been happier, and wouldn't change her decision. The only thing she misses is the mountains.

      I'm assuming since your both pretty open on your blogs that you've been pretty open with each other. Cheri and I knew each other so well from talking online that when we moved in together, that it felt like we've known each other forever. We instantly felt like an old married couple. Because we talked so much, we were instantly comfortable with each other. It's like we skipped all the awkwardly first dates. I think of it as a positive you got to know each other online.

      As crazy as it feels now, in a year, you may be happier than you ever have been.

    4. You're my new best friend!

      Yes, we are emailing back and forth every night, about anything and everything. (we both dislike the telephone, oddly enough.) And I think I've finally broken through the point where I usually pull away, so that's good.

    5. Boy does that sound familiar! We used Yahoo IM all night long and webcams. Although, hers conveniently never worked.

      We hated the phone too, talking wise, but we both texted constantly. We were always in touch. Always.

      That's one of the reasons I enjoy hearing about you two, it reminds me so much of us. And we are living happily ever after. And in Indiana as well.