Sunday, October 2, 2016

Random stuff for today

Update on cutting the cord (my last post)

We had decided to do it, we were going to stay with Xfinity for internet because let's face it, I have to have high speed and that is what they are best at. I have 4 people in this house, all with laptops and phones. I need high speed just to keep up with that demand let alone all the streaming (Netflix, Amazon) that goes on here. We were about to be done with our 7 day free trial on Sling TV and Hulu (BTW - I have Netflix (my moms account) and Amazon Prime (my daughters account) that I don't pay for) so my wife contacted Xfinity to cancel the cable and phone. She chatted with them on their site and when all was said and done, they lowered our cost of everything we have now for $123/month. That ends up being cheaper than what we were going to do because the internet was going to be $100, Sling TV was $20 (cheapest version) and Hulu was $13, all montly, for a total of $133/month. So we get that rate for a year and we'll either cut the cord next year or get another new low rate. So basically, we aren't cutting the cord. Which we're happy about, just because using a DVR is easier than trying to catch some shows live and trying to remember what all you need to catch up with on Hulu. Plus I'd have to remember the shows I can't watch with those 2 services and try to remember to catch the seasons when they get posted to Amazon or Netflix.

I do the Timehop thing on my phone and today had a few things that I thought were good enough to share.

A year ago today, I posted this on my personal Facebook.

It's funny because it's true. My stepdad does a lot of the work on the families cars because he's good with that stuff. I happen to be at his house when he was working on one of his vehicles and decided I needed to replace some of the duct tape holding my car together (it's old). I backed into somebody either last winter or the winter before, and my bumper (plastic) was hanging on the ground so I duct taped it up rather then spend a fortune on replace it all. I used black duct tape and it's only on one corner of the bumper so it's not that bad looking. The post is also funny because that's about the extent of my knowledge of cars as well.

5 years ago, I posted this post - Please teach your kids!

I was on my way home from picking up the kids from the Ex and was driving down a 2 lane road when I came upon a biker riding his bike in my lane. I slowed down so the car coming towards me got past so I could go around him in the other lane. Unbeknownst to me, he didn't know I was there and turned right in front of me as I was passing him. I made that post thinking he was just going to ride on the other side since there was no cars coming. I see kids doing that all the time, riding on both sides depending on the traffic. After I made that post, I found out he was an adult not a kid (I thought he was an older teenager) and I also found out he was actually turning down the street to the left and not just switching lanes. Either way, it wasn't a pleasant evening for either of us, or the kids.

I never heard anything about the rider, I heard him tell the ambulance that he never saw me and I know his head is what did the damage to my windshield (pictured above), it went clean all the way through before he rolled off my hood. He stood up afterwards so I assume it wasn't anything major.

7 years ago

That one was just funny, I love their croissanwiches, I hate the running to the bathroom afterwards.

This section will become a regular for however long I keep it as a regular. I'm going to repost all the funny stuff I post on my Random Thoughts Facebook page over here on Sundays, call it Sunday comics or funny's or something. Either way, here's your first dose. Feel free to join the FB page so you don't miss out when my lazy ass stops posting them here.

I also wanted to give a little plug over to my other blog - Last Song of the Day. If you like music, check it out. It gets a post a day on average.

That's all for today, a bunch of randomness I know, but I have to live up to the title of the blog. See you again, hopefully soon, but maybe not.