Saturday, March 10, 2012


Been trying to catch up on my blog reading, I have way too many saved but I’ll weed some out as I go along.  I always give it a few posts to see if it’s something I’ll be interested in.  I’m half tempted to ditch the blogs that don’t put the full story on RSS.  I hate having to click to your site to read your post when I should be able to do it right in my reader.  Plus I do a lot of my blog reading at work and the internet there is iffy at best.  So if I have to click onto the internet  to read something, and I have no internet, then I just delete your post.  It’s a simple fix for you, it’s under your settings for your blog.  Make it easy on me, please.

So, my wife and I were at supper last night when I received a picture message from my ex’s husband (the JackAss) with the message, “Which of these are Trevor’s because I found these under his bed.”
Trevor is on Intuniv to help him focus.  When he’s off his meds, there is no listening because is mind is elsewhere.  He truly can’t focus on anything long enough to accomplish anything.  Now theEx believes he doesn’t need to be medicated.  Because she has him for 2 days and doesn’t give them to him so by the time I get him back on Sunday night and give it to him on Monday, he damn near sleeps for 2 days because he doesn’t keep it in his body.  On Monday nights after he hasn’t had any meds over the weekend, well, let me explain it like this.  You know how babies will get so tired that they will fall asleep anywhere, and how they try to fight sleep and just can’t.  That’s what my 7 year old does at the supper table.  He’s literally falling asleep while he eats.  You can see him fighting it, his head drops down and then jerks back up when we wakes. 
So regardless on whether she thinks he needs them or not, he needs to be given them to him just to avoid this tiredness in the beginning of the week.  But back to the photo.  Why would he have them under his bed?  Why does he still have pills that he hasn’t taken in over a year?  Where the hell is the parent in this situation?  This is ridiculous.
She complained that she never got to see the kids because she only had them every other weekend.  So I told her she could have them every weekend as long as I got them if I needed them on a weekend.  I also told her anytime she wants them during the week, if she gave me a days notice she could take them.  Which she has done once or twice in the year we’ve been doing it.  So I’ve done everything I can to give her more time with them.  But stupid shit like this makes me want to take them away again.  Legally, I only have to give them to her every other weekend and 1 day during the week.  I don’t want to take the time away from her or from the kids seeing her, but I’m getting so tired of this stupid crap.  If I was the mother, I could probably take away her rights, but being as I’m the father, short of her getting arrested or hooked on drugs, I can’t do a damn thing.  But that’s a whole other story.

Sorry for the bitch fest, but I have to get it out.  On the other side, my wife and I had a pretty good supper at “Cracker Barrel” this evening.  I blame it on “Misty’s Laws”, she posted about the place in her blog and got me craving it.  Regardless, it was a nice evening meal for just Cheri and I.  We don’t usually take the time to have a nice sit down meal.  Kind of a date night, so we enjoyed it for as long as we could.  She was starting to hurt after about 10 minutes in their hard, wooden chairs.  But we still enjoyed the alone time out in public.  We got all dolled up in our sweat pants and hoodies.  Don’t laugh, we actually got out of our pj’s to go out, that’s a step forward.  It’s a shock that we left the house to be honest.  Weekends with no plans usually ends up in us hanging out at home all weekend.


  1. So how do I set up RSS? I don't even know what that means. For a nerd I'm not incredibly tech-savvy.

    1. Your blog isn't one of them, it posts the whole feed in my reader. But if your asking how to read all the blogs you want in one place, I suggest Google Reader. Once you log in and set it up, all you do is click the subscribe address and paste each home address for the blogs you follow. If you follow someone with a blogger address, they should already be on there. Plus you can add RSS feeds from most websites, even ebay searches and some twitter accounts.

      If you have a smart phone or tablet, they all have a Google Reader app as well so you can read blogs anywhere. If you need more help, give me a shout out. I'm not really tech savvy either, but I tend to screw around till I figure it out. And then hope I didn't screw anything else up.