Friday, July 20, 2018

Work, weather and SOA

They announced at work that we were going to 4 days starting next week. There has been rumors of it for a couple of weeks so I knew it was coming. I should still be able to get my 40 for a little while because we've got stuff we can do when the line isn't running but I don't know how long we can milk that.

On the way home today, I sent Cheri this pic with the caption, that doesn't look good.

I was hoping to get to the north/south road I take to get home before it hit so I could get ahead of this but in a matter of minutes after I sent this, the sky got dark and opened up. It was pouring and got very windy. Guess that's what the Tornado watch was for.

We only had 1 show on the DVR so it's probably going to be a Sons of Anarchy weekend. We're already into our second episode tonight. Other than taking Samantha back and forth to work, I'll be plopping in front of the TV.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


2 days in a row, it's a miracle.

They put up my office at work awhile ago and I noticed on the security cameras that my office blocks one of the cameras. The majority of the camera shows the ceiling so I took the opportunity to leave a message for my boss.

Usually the monitor in his office shows all 10 cameras on the screen so I went into his office and double clicked this camera so it took up the whole monitor and then went back to work and waited for him to come back to his office.

I was at my lab awhile later and I glanced over and he was standing in the doorway of his office just staring at me. I laughed at him. That was before lunch and it was still up there when I left. We'll see how long until he gets tired of seeing it and takes it down.

I came home and watched the MLB All-Star game, or rather, finished watching it since I went to bed about the 7th inning. It was more enjoyable than I remember years past. I really enjoyed the interviews with the players on the field, it showed their personalities. It was pretty much great pitching and hitting, how you say? It was great pitching most of the game all the runs were on 10 home runs. There were a few other hits and some of those before the home runs but most were solo shots. I usually watch the all-star games but usually just background while I'm doing something else.

Just going to finish up stuff on the DVR until bed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Travel and TV

I'm back, I know, again. We'll see what I divvy out.

Went to Indianapolis this past weekend and spent some time with Skyler at her new place. It was a cute little home and she lives by herself which is good but better than that, she took us down to her local spot and it was full of hipsters which she'll fit right in with. It makes us happy that she is happy where she's at. That's all you want for your kids is to be happy. It's certainly not everything she wants or deserves but it'll be good for her for awhile.

Since there isn't much on TV right now, we've been watching Sons of Anarchy. Skyler, and others, have been telling us we'd like it. We should finish season 1 tonight. We've like it so far so I'm sure we'll stick with it.

I plan on watching the MLB All-Star game tonight, I haven't told Cheri yet, she hates baseball. When I watch the Sox games I can fast forward a lot so it doesn't take nearly as long. If I watch it live, plus it's an exhibition, it'll probably go until midnight. Cheri may not love me anymore after that.

Not much else going on. Still waiting on my office to get finished at work. The skeleton part is up and pretty much finished. Now I've got to pick out counter tops and a sink and have that installed and then it should be good to move my desk in.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

This week

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I know, who really does but they gave me a whole week off so I really don't want to go back.

A few weeks ago, they decided they were going to shut down for the week because sales were down. Most people were upset, don't get me wrong, none of them wanted to be there, but most couldn't afford getting paid for one day (the 4th). A few people were complaining how they didn't have vacation days and they burned through their personal time already. Most of them used them just to take days off, no real reason to use them.

Then there's me, who never really uses his vacation days. I've used 2 of my 2 weeks so far, one on a court date with the Ex, the other on our annual Father's day weekend camping trip. I regret using both because both times sucked. Either way, that still leaves me with 8 days. For the record, I also have 14 of my 16 personal time left as well. So when they said, hey, you're getting a week off, I was stoked. I put in for 4 vacation days and said, see ya!

I cropped out the sign cuz you all
don't need to know where I work.

The wife and I decided to head on out on Saturday (last weekend) and took the kids with us to Virginia to see her family. We basically hung out with family through Monday.

Sam's b-day was Sunday

On Tuesday, Cheri hung out with her BFF all day while the kids and I headed out for just outside Asheville, NC to hang out with my cousin all day. It was only an 1 1/2 drive from Bristol so we went down that morning and hung out up in the mountains before heading back.

On the 4th, we headed back which was a great decision because there was absolutely nobody on the roads. Other than around the big cities, there wasn't anybody out there. A normal 10 hour drive took us less than 9 and the only reason it took that much time is because I have an insurance thingy in my car portal which dings me if I go over 80 mph. Basically, I set the cruise at 78. If the speed limit was 70 mph, I went 78. If it dropped down to 55 mph, I went 78 mph. Normally, when it is 70 mph, I set my cruise for mid to high 80's.

Thursday we chilled at home, Friday we spent all day building our shed for the back yard, that's a whole another story but it's finally up. Haven't really done anything since but either way, I really enjoyed having a week off and I'm also really not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

The positive of going back to work is the week before, they put the walls up to my lab/office. I'm hoping they went in and got my cabinets, countertops and sink got installed this week so I can move in. I don't think they did, but I'm crossing my fingers. I've already got my desk, I'm just waiting on the other stuff to get put in.