Sunday, June 8, 2014

Missing in action

I know I’ve been MIA, between working almost every day and little league games most nights, I’m just to worn out to blog when I get home.  I have made some headway on my Feedly, I’m under 4300 unread posts now.  While I’m watching TV I tend to just scroll through it.  It takes little effort and I don’t have to be fully awake to view a lot of them because there are pics and such.  The blogs I read are all in my All-Star folder which I check daily.

I just want to sleep in once in awhile

We were supposed to have today (Sunday) off of work but they came to us on Saturday morning and said they were taking volunteers because we had some maintenance issues that stopped work too much this past week.  Once they got enough volunteers to run at least one of the lines, it makes it mandatory for me.  If the line is working, so am I.  They ended up running both lines but didn’t have enough people to cover every position so some people had to jump back and forth.  They ended up training me on part of the line as well so I could help out.  I didn’t mind it once I got into a rhythm, I though I was doing pretty good.  I could probably do that all day if they would allow me to listen to headphones but they don’t.  So today I finished my 8th straight day working with at least 5 more scheduled this coming week.  I would assume at least 6 because we’ve worked every Saturday but holiday weekends since I’ve started there.

I talked to the regional HR lady this week about getting hired in and off temporary status.  Our HR lady got fired awhile back and they haven’t replaced her so the lady doing the job now is also still trying to do her job so hiring us temporary people is the least of her problems.  The regional HR lady said she would run the reports with our hours and such and start the paperwork this week so hopefully this is the start of officially getting hired in.  I desperately want to get hired in for 2 main reasons.  Not getting paid holidays sucks ass and the temp place I technically work for, sucks ass.   I have to check every paycheck because they screw them up constantly.  Twice now they didn’t pay me double time for Sundays.

I wish these were my clubs

One nice change with the new job is getting off at 2 in the afternoon means I’ve gone golfing 3 times already this year.  The local city course is fairly cheap so we can go play 9 with a cart for $14 so my brother and I and various other people are trying to go once a week or so, time and weather permitting.   I’ve been really enjoying it, so much that I actually purchased brand new balls (first time in probably 20+ years) and I’ve actually (window) shopped at new clubs and a bag.  I play with the clubs I bought from my friend 25 years ago.  After seeing prices, I highly doubt I’ll be buying either for awhile, if ever.  I’m sure I’ll get a bag sooner or later but clubs are just outrageous.

This is how I feel at games this year

If you followed my blog last year then you know how much I love little league season.  Well, this year, not so much.  Both kids teams suck but that’s not the bad part.  Trevor is in his first year of minors which is the first year that kids pitch, which means there are a lot of walks and still not so great defense.  I love baseball but these games just drag on and on.  Trevor doesn’t do much in the field and he’s not a great hitter.  He seems afraid of the ball, although I’m not sure why because he hasn’t been hit at all this year.

Samantha’s team is a whole another story.  The “star” player on the team (and she’s not as good as she thinks she is) is a spoiled, moody brat.  She has all the talent in the world to be a really great player, but her attitude absolutely sucks.  So bad that I’ve found myself not enjoying Sam’s games at all.  Her mother is the coach to and it’s clear where the spoiled, moody attitude comes from.  She does nothing in the way of coaching the girls and then when they make mistakes she’s yelling at them from the dugout.  Samantha says she’s still having fun and she’s had her shining moments but I fear that her (hopefully) last year of little league isn’t going to teach her anything.  I say hopefully because I’m hoping she makes the school team next year.

This is the first year I remember ever dreading having to go to either one of their games.

Not to much else going on in my life so it’s not like you’ve missed anything.  I’ve had one nephew graduate and running off to college this fall and our daughter is transferring to another university.  Cheri is not to thrilled because it’s a few hours away and she likes having her close to home.  Their relationship has really gotten pretty good in the last year.  Skyler has finally figured out that her mom isn’t the enemy.  She’ll be a Junior this year and we have been pretty proud of her previous year, she seems to be growing up in a lot of ways.

I’m now going to head off to my Tumblr blogs and add some content there since I’ve been MIA on those too.  Although I have been posting my Last song of the Day on A Day in the Life of a Nobody.  It posts the album cover along with the song itself so you can listen to it.  Everything posted there goes to my Twitter as well so if you want to follow along with those, feel free.

Until next time.