Monday, November 10, 2014

Week in Review

I decided to add my suppers so you all could see how well my lovely wife feeds me, also the reason I’m fat. Although, that’s my fault because I almost always go back for seconds.

Monday, November 3rd.

  • Cheri made Baked Parmesan Paprika Chicken with Broccoli and Cheese and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Tuesday, November 4th.

  • Samantha had tryouts for the basketball team, I’m really hoping she makes it although by the sounds of it, there wasn’t very many girls who tried out so she may make it by default.  I’m OK with that, I just like watching her play.
  • Passed an accident today.  Weather was good so it shouldn’t have been a factor. Basically, it looked like someone in the left turn lane decided to merge to his right but there was a car there and he merged into the other lane.  All 3 cars were pushed together when we went by.
  • Cheri made Applesauce Bar-b-que Chicken with potatoes and applesauce.  Very good meal, everything tasted good.  Potatoes were yummy.

Wednesday, November 5th.

  • Had Taco Bell for supper, Cheri’s body wasn’t doing to well and she didn’t want to hang out in the kitchen.
  • I took over 10,000 steps today (I have a pedometer on my phone) for only the 3rd time since I’ve owned this phone, which is probably 3 months.

Thursday, November 6th.

  • Cheri got up a little before me because her sister was having surgery this morning and she wanted to be there for her.
  • I got off of work and then headed up to the hospital to see her sister and stopped and visited my grandparents. My grandfather was there for his weekly visit so I chit chatted with them for a bit before they left.
  • Another day (4th) that I took over 10,000 steps. Thanks to the hospital would be my guess.
  • Had McDonalds for supper since we were out (McRib is back!).
  • Went to bed before 11 pm, which is rare for me.  I usually go to bed around 11:30ish.

Friday, November 7th.

  • Had the sex talk with Samantha, covering everything kind of sex talk. She was disgusted by it, which is a good sign for me.
  • Samantha decided she was going to go to her mom’s this weekend since the JackAss was going to to out of town.
  • I dropped Samantha and my niece off at the high school sectional game, not that she’s there for football.  TheEx picked her up from the game and I met her with Trevor.  We discussed the rules of Samantha “dating” which is essentially, she can see him at school functions and that is it because she isn’t actually allowed to date.  She also told me she’s switching jobs again, let’s just hope she remembers to transfer the child support.
  • Cheri made a baked potato with chili and cheese on it for supper.

Saturday, November 8th.

  • We went to Cheri’s sisters house, she got home from the hospital yesterday and her other 2 sisters were going to be there.  It’s a rarity for all 4 of them to be together.  We hung out all day.  She looked to be doing a lot better.  On the way out there, I realized I forgot to set the DVR for the Michigan game and I hadn’t reset my Xfinity app since I upgraded my DVR so I couldn’t set it with my phone.  They had the Notre Dame game on which was on at the same time and I didn’t want to be anti-social and go into another room to watch it so I loaded it up on my phone and had the volume down and watched both games at once.
  • Cheri’s sister made Chicken Noodles and we had mashed potatoes, green beans and croissants for a late lunch.
  • We left after 7 and grabbed some Taco Bell on the way home.

Sunday, November 9th.

  • Didn’t do a damn thing all day.  Only had 137 steps today.  Part of that is because I tend to leave my phone on the couch when I walk away for a few minutes, otherwise I would have had at least 200. Lol
  • Samantha text me and said theEx was dropping them off so I GPS’d them to see that they were on their way to be home on time.  They stopped somewhere for 20 minutes. That somewhere is the same street that her boyfriend lives.  We just had this talk earlier in the week that she was only allowed to see him at school functions.  When she got home, she fessed up, with a little prodding from us, where she was at.  I asked if she remembered that she was only supposed to see him at school functions, she said yes.  So you saw your boyfriend?  Yes.  Was it at a school function?  No.  So are you seeing what you did wrong. The worse part is I just had this discussion with theEx and here she was, breaking the rules already. The only reason I didn’t ground her was because theEx was there but it counts as a warning, next time there will be consequences.
  • I decided I would test Trevor and when I put him to bed, I asked where they were before they came home. He said they came from the pizza place. So you went straight from the pizza place to home?  Yes. So now your mother is teaching you to lie. He said they told me to say that. Freaking unbelievable.
  • I listed some tapes of my brothers to get rid of on Ebay. I sold 4 of them so far but when they tried to pay, it kept telling me it was pending. Come to find out, Ebay changed my Paypal address so the payment went to an email address I had over 4 years ago, which I have no access too.  Cheri googled and apparently, Ebay did that to a lot of sellers. So now I’m trying to get the people that purchased them to cancel their payments and send them to the correct address. Pain in the ass, and even though it’s Ebay’s mistake, I’m the one that looks bad.
  • Cheri made another Potato with Chili and Cheese for supper.


In case you didn’t know, this was actually a busy week for me, which is why there is so much fast food up there.  Normally, we eat at home throughout the week. We will eat out more on the weekend because we don’t have the kids.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Quick book review


The End: A Postapocalyptic Novel (The New World Series, #1)


The End – A Post Apocalyptic novel by G. Michael Hope

I finished this earlier in the week.  I liked it and I look forward to picking up some more in this series.  I need to put it on my Amazon wish list.  It’s essentially what would happen if a nuclear attack happened.  It’s pretty realistic and that’s probably what I liked the most.

I gave it 4 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Catching up

I was updating my “stats” spreadsheet and realized that I hadn’t posted here in about a week and a half so I’m going to try to get something out.

I started a daily journal (private) so I stopped posting that here, the good thing about that is I can go back to see if anything has happened in the past week and a half.

Before I do, I should mention that my 12 year old daughter has figured out boys, damn it.  She has a “boyfriend”.  The quotes would be because I basically told her, you can call him boyfriend if you want, it’s just a title, but there will be no dates.  You can see him at school functions and school and that’s it.  He keeps begging her to come to his house and I won’t allow it, she’s freaking 12, I don’t think so.

Tuesday, October 21st

Samantha got invited to a friends brothers football game so she went home with her friend after school so she could go.  When they were dropping her off afterwards, I got a phone call that the friends mom wanted to talk to me.  So I went outside and she told me that when they got to the game, Samantha took off with her boyfriend and her friend is required to sit and watch the game to support her brother.  So the friend invited her, their mom paid for her to get in (Samantha had money, the mom opted to pay) and Samantha ditched her.  So needless to say, she got a lecture when I got upstairs.  The mom had said that the friend didn’t want her to say anything so I just had a conversation with Samantha and steered her to what I wanted her to admit and when she did, she got lectured.  I was so disappointed in her, and I let her know it.  She was told to apologize to her friend the next day at school and she lost her phone for 2 days.  She got multiple lectures from the family about it, hopefully she learned her lesson.

I knew boyfriends would just cause problems.

Thursday and Friday, October 23 and 24th

We had inventory at work these 2 days.  I ran a forklift both days but I ran the stand up forklift.  Now I used to walk for 12 hour days and my legs would be tired but this was actually worse.  Since it’s the stand up forklift, I’m basically standing in one spot the whole time, my legs were killing me.  What’s worse is there is a pedal under my left foot so I have to keep some weight on that leg so I couldn’t even shift my weight back and forth.  I put 12 hour days in both days and about 5 hours on Saturday as well, but most of Saturday was sitting around.

Friday night, October 25th

Went to the high school football game.  Samantha wants to go to the home games now because her friends go and more specifically, her “boyfriend” so I have been taking her and then sit with my cousins who have a son on the team.  He’s a freshman so he doesn’t get much playing time at all on the varsity squad but he’s out there and dressed and may end up starting as soon as next year.  The real reason I go is because they set up a elephant ear cart.  I love elephant ears.

On the way home, in the parking lot to our apartment.  I pulled up and there were 2 cars parked next to each other, talking.  I pulled up, they didn’t move, so I quickly tapped the horn.  Nobody moved.  So I quickly tapped it again, still nobody moved.  So I laid on the horn for 10 seconds.  They finally moved and proceeded to the parking spot.  Apparently, one of the cars was the same neighbor that hates me because I make him turn down his stereo.  I got out of the car and he mumbled, you didn’t have to lay on the horn like that.  I said apparently I did, you weren’t moving.  He said we would have moved, you didn’t have to honk the horn.  I said how about you think about someone other than yourself for once and I walked away as he was mumbling something else.

Saturday, October 26th

In my last post, I mentioned that Samantha had wrote her mom a note about what she was feeling.  She was texting with her in the car and asked if she read the letter and she said she had so she asked her what she thought and her response was, you have the right to your opinions but I’m staying with the JackAss.  So Samantha essentially told her that she wasn’t going over there anymore and theEx said ok.  That was it.  Haven’t really talked since.

Earlier in the week, my mom had stumbled across the fast that the Michigan women’s basketball program was having a basketball camp for elementary and junior high kids so she signed Samantha up for it.  So Saturday morning, Samantha and I headed up to Ann Arbor.  We got there early enough that we walked around the Crisler Arena beforehand.  It was pretty cool, looked at some trophies and such, then we watched the elementary kids do their clinic.  Eventually Samantha got to go to her camp and I sat and watched.  They basically set up multiple clinics and you rotated to each one and one of them was a tour of the locker room.  The women’s players are the ones that led the clinics so she got to interact with them as well.  After the clinic, they got free posters and got to get all the team’s autographs.  Samantha had a great time and I had a good time just being there.

Here’s the photos from that day.

Monday, October 27th

Took Trevor to the library, he finished the 9 books he grabbed last time and got 7 more.  He’s definitely a reader.  Of course, that may be different if I didn’t have the no electronics for an hour after school rule.

Wednesday, October 29th

Our annual tradition of my brothers family, my family and my mom and stepdad get together took place Wednesday night.  We all get together, go to the pumpkin patch where all the kids pick out pumpkins, then we go back to my mom’s where the kids carve them out.  Then we sit down for supper and usually celebrate my stepfathers birthday which was on the 26th.  He’s only 56 now but apparently my mom was dyslexic that evening and put 65 on the cake.  Nobody said anything until after we sang, he blew out candles and photos were taken.

Thursday, October 30th

Samantha had her 2nd choir concert of the year.  It was technically the high school concert but they had a choir camp a few weeks ago and the kids who went to the camp, did a song during the fall concert.  She sang and danced to the Purple People Eater.

Friday, October 31st

Halloween.  Every year we go over to my grandparents house for a chili supper before we take the kids around trick or treating.  The kids are all getting older now and we actually only had 4 kids go.  Trevor went as Steve from Minecraft ($25 for a cardboard box head, ridiculous).  Samantha went and walked around but didn’t dress up.  We usually stick to a route that we’ve done since I was a baby, but since it was in the 30’s and snowing, we shortened it up.  Yes, it was snowing, in October. 

After trick or treating, we hung at the grandparents house for a little bit and then I took my brother’s kids home, or at least the son because the daughter was coming home with us.  We met theEx and dropped off Trevor and then headed home.

Saturday, November 1st.

I haven’t done anything all day, the only thing I have to say is I can’t believe it’s November already.