Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Tuesday already?  It’s been a slow week already and they didn’t waste anytime on posting Saturday this weekend so it’ll be a 6 day week.  There’s still rumors going around about them still posting Sunday.  Considering once they post Saturday, production drops each day.  I’d say we will work it.  Especially with the 3 day weekend next week.

Samantha’s teacher is starting to piss me off.  I got a phone call from him on Friday just before he left the school.  I was in the shower so he left a voicemail saying that he needed to talk to me about summer options for Samantha.  So I’m assuming that once again, Samantha is going to be taking another session of summer school.  But that’s not the part that pisses me off.  Well, it does, but not at her teacher.  He told me to call him back and leave a voicemail, or email him and let him know when the best time for him to call me back was.  So I emailed him, told him anytime after 3:30, or he could text the number or he could email me back and I’ll stop by after work and talk to him face to face.

It’s now been 2 days since he’s gone back to school and I still haven’t heard anything from him.  Don’t freaking call me and want me to return the call if your not going to respond.  Now here I am, wondering if my daughter is going to have to miss Girl Scouts camp again.  Wondering if I need to punish her for lack of effort.  Wondering if she’s just not as smart as I think she is.  Wondering if she has a learning disability.  Wondering if she’s going to grow up to be a serial killer.

Ok, maybe not that bad, but you get the point.  I’d rather know the verdict on whether she needs to go or not.  Plus I want to talk to him to find out if she’s just not getting it, or she being a chatty Cathy and not paying enough attention.  Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that about her.

Wife and I sat down to watch “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” tonight and I pulled the DVD out of the Netflix envelope and thought WTF?


I went ahead and stuck it in the DVD player even though it was a burned copy.  I figured I could hopefully at least still watch the movie.  But I sat down at my laptop and loaded up the Netflix site and went to report the issue.  I know my luck and if I sent this back, I’ll have the freaking FBI at my doorstep with a warrant because they’ll think I burned a copy.  We’ve all read the warnings.  There wasn’t really an option to report this kind of problem so I found their support 24 hour phone number and called it.

I get the lady on the line and tell her “I received the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the mail and it’s a burned copy.”

She started laughing and said “I don’t know why the manufacturer did that”

Amongst our conversation, she told me that a bunch of people have called in about it.  She said they had to Google it because they don’t ever see the DVD’s either.

I guess now that I look at the DVD closer, it has a rating on it, that should have given it away.  I felt like a dumb ass but at least she was cool about it.  We were both laughing the whole time.

I’d like to get back into reading books again, which means I need to cut down some of the blogs I read.  So I’m going to be deleting some out of my Google Reader sometime this week.  I follow a few MS ones where the patients are really bad off.  I’m not going to follow those anymore because one, I’m not dealing with someone who is that bad off yet (and hopefully never will be).  Two. it’s depressing to know that my wife may end up like them in the future.  Most of those that I’m deleting have the MS where the symptoms are there most of the time, where my wife has the remitting kind where the symptoms come for a few days then goes away.

So it’s not that I don’t appreciate these bloggers and what they are going through.  If I had the time, I would keep reading them.  But I have to delete some and those are the ones that will lose out.

Also some of the mommy blogs will go.  Mainly the ones that deal with their autistic kids.  Again, it isn’t that I don’t appreciate what they are going through, but it doesn’t help me any.  So I’ll be weeding some out throughout the week.  I’m averaging about 2 days behind as it is now so I need to get those down so I can enjoy books again.  Kim Harrison’s latest “The Hollows” book is out now and it’s on top of the list.  I need to finish the Harry Dresden series too.  Plus I’ve probably gotten about 20 free books on my Kindle that I plan on getting to as well.

I know this is a long post, but I want to leave you with one more thing before I go.  My daughter just got done in the shower and I sat outside the bathroom door for about 5 minutes waiting for her to come out.  I scratched at the door like I was the cat wanting in, she opened it, didn’t see the cat, then shut it again.  So I kept scratching but she didn’t come out.  So I just sat in wait.  Here’s what happened.

Yes, I’m rocking my PJ’s with a hoodie.  That’s how I roll.  My son opened his door and said “Good scare, daddy”


  1. That is very funny about the DVD. I wonder what you thought about it...it was more disturbing than I expected. I knew what happens, but I guess I thought the censors would make them gloss over things.

    1. Those 2 scenes made us both very uncomfortable. I've been meaning to read the book and wish I would have just so I would have been fore-warned.

      The movie itself didn't impress me as much as I thought it would. My wife had trouble following it and the beginning just took to long to really get going. I guess with all the hoopla over it, I expected more.