Monday, March 5, 2012

Am I or I am, lucky?

I need some help here.  We had theEx pick up the kids from school on Friday.  So when I got the kids back tonight, the kids had forgotten their backpacks.  I told theEx that she needs to go back home and bring their backpacks to my place before school in the morning.  Fair enough, right?  She forgot them, she can bring them back to my place.

First it was, I don’t have enough gas to bring them back.  Which, I understand with gas prices that they are.  But this has been her excuse ever since she was made to pay child support.  You know, the whopping $30/week that I get for 2 kids.  I told her I didn’t care, the kids need their backpacks for school tomorrow morning, they need to be there before my wife takes them to school.

After I get home and start getting the kids into bed, I get a text that says “It’s not my fault the kids forgot their backpacks.  Lucky for you Jodi is coming over and we are taking her car out to your place tonight.  Otherwise I was going to have to meet at the market because I have less that a quarter of a tank.”  I was nice enough to capitalize and fix spelling for you, your welcome.  So let me get this straight, I’m lucky.  Are you serious?  How about your kids are lucky that they have a mother that cares enough to get their school stuff back to them.  OH WAIT! I shouldn’t use cares, because it’s not about the kids.  What’s worse, is she tried to blame the kids saying it was their responsibility.  While I do agree with that, she is the one who has no rules and teaches no responsibility.  But now all of the sudden, they are supposed to be responsible at your house.  They are 7 and 9, so regardless of it being their responsibility, it’s your responsibility to makes sure they are doing what they are responsible for.  Am I wrong on this?  Should I be upset at the kids for forgetting?  Because let’s face it, it’s much more fun to be angry at her.

So for all of you single mothers out there, that hate the fact that the father to your children are useless.  Not all fathers are.  Nor or all mother’s the “good” parent.  I’m the one who has rules, teaching them hygiene, has them on a regular schedule.  I’m the one who helps with homework.  I’m the one who signed them up with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and little league.  I’m the one who takes them every Monday and Thursday to scouts.  I’m the one that helps coach both kids baseball teams.  I am the one teaching them responsibility.  I’m the one that does the parent/teacher conferences.  I’m the one that drives them to and from their friends houses during the week.  And you know what, I AM LUCKY.  Because I’ve got 2 great kids, that hopefully won’t get too screwed up by their mother.  But she does pay child support, apparently that’s enough to make her a good mother in her eyes.


  1. When my wife and I divorced, the kids stayed with me. Even the son that is not biologically mine. We got divorced because of her irresponsibility and now, five years later, wants to complain about how things are in my house.

    She still can't get her life together, does NOT pay child support and I don't allow her to make any rules. Yet, for some reason, she thinks she knows best.

    1. Apparently, they think "mother" means they do know what's best. Luckily for us, and our children, we know better.