This is my bragging page (not really) but I have received a few awards so I thought I'd throw them on a page and share the love with those that I received them from.

First off, I received the "3" award from Red at "Doesn't Speak Klingon" way back in March of 2012.

My Awards

My second award, the Chairman's Choice Man Card I had won for my post "Dating Mrs. Palmer" from the gentlemen at "Dude Write".  I received this in August of 2012.

A to Z Challenge Survivor

This is more of an achievement than an award but it's my blog and I'm counting it.  I received this badge for completing the "A to Z Challenge" in April of 2013.

I received this "Liebster Award" from 2 fellow bloggers, Michael from "The World As I See It" and from Shawn at "Laughing at Life 2".  Also in April of 2013.

I received the “Squirrely Blogger Award” from Jenn over at “My Daily Jenn-ism” in August of 2013.

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