Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yesterday’s randomness

I went to pick up Trevor from Boy Scouts last Thursday and they were playing chess.  I told him now that he knew how to play, that we could play.  He informed me that he learned how to play last summer.  Well, thanks for telling me.  So I finally went and picked up a chess set yesterday and last night we played.  Samantha was out with a friend so it was good evening to play.  I won all 4 times but that isn’t saying much.  Trevor is a beginner, and I’m not that good either.  I won the first 2 pretty quickly, and I gave him tips and told him when he made a good move and explained why it was a good move.  The last 2 games lasted a lot longer and he actually made me have to think out my moves.  I think the main thing that’s holding him back right now is he never really went on the offensive, he did what he could to protect his king, but never really went after mine.  But lucky for him, I’m not that good at it either and if we continue to play, he will be beating me soon.  I enjoy playing and used to play online, but to be honest, it isn’t any fun when you keep losing.

Skyler’s biggest complaint lately has been that her room is so cold.  Typically in this house, when someone is cold, it’s because Cheri had the AC on (yes, even in the winter) because she was doing something that heated her up.  Cheri keeps a little space heater by her chair because her feet get cold and Skyler tends to take it to her room, usually while complaining how cold it is.  Cheri went into her room yesterday to get her heater back and noticed that her vent was closed.  Well, duh, it’s going to get cold in your room when you’ve blocked the heat.

Yesterday, we met with our realtor and went through some houses.  We went to the one that was the top of our list first and it continued to stay at the top.  We both really like it, it has everything that we want.  3 bedrooms and a basement that can be converted into a place for Skyler, a good sized kitchen with counter space, and a main level laundry room.  Those are our main requirements.  This particular house has all 3 bedrooms in different corners of the house, which will be good as my kids get older and want to listen to music or have friends over, they won’t disturb anyone else.  I really like the house because it’s in a neighborhood with little traffic and a decent sized back yard, also for the kids.  I grew up playing in the street and around my house and I would like the kids to have that without some idiot flying down the street.  Even the house I grew up on, the street is a lot busier now with the addition of another neighborhood so I get the feeling, streets with little traffic are getting harder to find.  It also has a garage which isn’t a priority but it’ll certainly be a nice addition.  And the main thing, it’s in the school district that we want.

The next 2 houses were too small, 1 was listed as a 3 bedroom but was only 2 and the 2nd one, the bedrooms were really small but it had a nice, finished basement.  The next house we looked at was a little awkward.  It ended up being the exact floor plan as the previous one, the only difference was, there were people home.  Just as our realtor was unlocking the door, it opened.  There was a Hispanic lady and a little boy.  I don’t think she spoke much English because every question our realtor asked her, was answered with ok and yes.  The house itself was packed with furniture, you could hardly move through the living room.  Needless to say, we looked for a few minutes and then got out.  It felt awkward enough going through houses that people still lived in, it was really awkward to go through their house with them sitting there.

The last house, we are guessing belonged to a single guy.  While it had 3 bedrooms, only 2 were done as a bedroom, and 1 seemed more like a spare room.  The other room was more a storage room than anything.  The basement was finished with a huge projection TV, a wetbar with a pool table that also doubled as a poker table.  The negatives were the laundry room was in the basement and the storage room was pretty small.  We could move the laundry upstairs but the storage room was pretty small so it would make a really small bedroom for one of the kids.

So basically, we found a house we love, one that would be adequate, and 3 absolutely not’s.  But at this point, we really want the house that we love so I called our loan officer and made an appointment for next week to run our credit again.  We last met with him about 6 months ago and he told us what we needed to do to clean up our credit and we paid off the last item a few weeks ago.  2 of the 4 items I had to pay off were actually crap that theEx stuck me with including a freaking minivan but that’s another post.  Hopefully by next week, everything will have been cleared and we can get pre-approved.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WWW Wednesdays #5


I haven’t had much time to read, which is why I haven’t done one of these posts in the last couple of weeks.

To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

Sunset (Pact Arcanum, #1)

Sunset (Pact Arcanum #1) by Arshad Ahsanuddin

I’m still holding judgment on this book.  There are a couple of different storylines going and I’m enjoying one of them.  A lot of the other storylines are trying to get you up to speed on what has happened in the past and sometimes I just get lost and find myself reading to get to the other storyline.  I’ll get into all that more when I finish the book.  If I had to guess, I’ll have it done this weekend.

What did you recently finish reading?

No One to Hear You Scream

No One to Hear You Scream by Julia Madeleine

I gave this 4 stars (out of 5) on Goodreads.  While it wasn’t as good as I it sounded to be in the description, it did get my attention towards the end and drew me in.  It was a little slow to start and there were some aspects of the story that I necessarily didn’t understand why it was part of the story.  But like I said, the ending drew me in and found me not putting it down to figure out what happens next.

What do you think you’ll read next?

The Devil's Deep

The Devil’s Deep by Michael Wallace

This is the next one on the kindle and I generally read them in order that I downloaded them.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

JackAss, episode 13

It’s been awhile since we had heard from the JackAss, then this past weekend, he reared his stupid ass.  First a little backstory.  Cheri always cuts the kids hair, she used to be a stylist.  She cuts Skyler’s hair as well as her boyfriend and other friends hair.  Those are teenagers, we all know they aren’t going to just let anyone cut their hair.  She knows what she’s doing.  The kids hair was cut within a few weeks so by no means was it long or mangy.  They came home from theEx’s with their hair cut, again.  Samantha said that they put layers in her hair, she already had layers in her hair.  Trevor’s hair was shaved down really short on the sides.  We had Samantha’s length to where she could tuck it all behind her ear or pull it back in a ponytail because I hate when girls have hair in their face.  Now of course, it’s too short to do that.  Trevor is always freezing, his hands are always like ice cubes.  And they pretty much shaved the side of his head down to nothing.

We told the kids that we didn’t understand why they paid to have their hair cut but that both of the cuts looked good.  We didn’t want them to think it was their fault or anything like that.  And we left it like that.  In reality, she pays me $27/week for child support and then goes and blows money on things the kids don’t need.  They do this kind of crap just to get under our skin.  We never react back to them so they don’t get that satisfaction but I swear they put the kids between us all the time.  Now we didn’t mention the haircuts again all week and they went to their house again this past weekend.  Then on Saturday, I wake up to this text message on my phone.


The stuff on top was irrelevant to this post.  It was actually about them being late as always.  But you see what he put, if you can decipher it because he’s an idiot.  As usual, I had no response because I never let him goad me into his games.  I have custody and I’m not going to do anything to lose that.  As I said before, we told the kids it looked good.  We never said anything to them about it happening so there was no need for this.  I’ll be glad when the kids get old enough to learn what to say to them and what not.  Actually, I’ll be glad when they are old enough to see him for the douchebag that he is.

We found this later but TheEx posted this on her Facebook on valentines day.


Hmmm, let’s see.  1.  He’s crazy (bipolar is our guess).  2.  I thought you had a booming business that you ran.  And oh yeah, number 3.


YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD YOU JACKASS!  While most of those are driving infractions, there are quite a few Criminal Misdemeanor’s as well.  Including battery (twice) once on a previous spouse.  This guy is first class all the way ladies and gentleman.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Randomness #6

I feel like a slacker.  I haven’t posted here since Monday, but that happens on this blog occasionally.  What makes me a real slacker is I hadn’t posted on My Sports Obsession since Wednesday.  Why does that make me a slacker?  Because I actually have completed draft posts saved up for that blog and I still hadn’t posted until just before I started typing this.  I just haven’t been in the mood.  I even let my Tumblr posts run out and I usually have those queued up for a week or so.  I suck.

On my work days, I’d get home, shower, eat and then spend the evening in front of the tv, barely even touching my laptop.  So I guess you could say I haven’t been in the mood to do anything.  We did get fully caught up on the DVR from being gone all weekend though so that’s one thing.  But now we’ve been renting movies all weekend from the Redbox because we were caught up.  We watched “Seven Psychopaths” and “Taken 2” last night.  This afternoon and evening we’ve watched “Ted”, “Pitch Perfect” and are watching “Alex Cross” at the moment and will probably watch “Bourne Legacy” later tonight.  I know, we lead such an exciting life.


My latest ecard creation.

Last night, I took my kids to supper, then Samantha and I went to see her cousin at pep band.  If you follow my Instagram, you saw the picture when I posted it during supper.


That was at Arby’s because we are high class in this family.  But I’m showing you this picture so I can show you the first take when I was trying to get it.


Just as I go to click the button, Samantha goes “wait, I got something in my teeth” and starts digging in with her nail.  Ain’t she beautiful.  Anyways, we went to a high school basketball game but we were mainly there to see her cousin (technically my ex-niece) play in the pep band.  I’ve said before that I talk and hang out with theEx’s sister still.  Well, her daughter has been texting me recently too.  Which I love.  As much as I don’t like to be around theEx anymore, I do miss her family.  They were my family for 13 years so I guess that’s to be expected, but I didn’t really think the nieces would remember me because they were younger and I haven’t been around them for a few years now.  So I was surprised to receive texts from her and even more surprised that she’s been inviting me to come watch her play.  So that’s what Samantha and I did last night.  Then Samantha had girl scouts this morning and then again tomorrow night so it’s a busy weekend with a lot of sitting around in between.

One thing I have been doing lately is constantly checking my blogs for spam.  Both of them have been pounded lately.  It’s nice to see my stats on certain posts rise but I expect that they it is mainly spammers adding to that.  I did cross a couple of milestones recently on both blogs.  I’ve reached 200 posts on this blog as well as reaching my 2 year anniversary yesterday.  This is actually post 202 so I reached it last week.  It also crossed 20,000 pageviews a few days ago.  My Sports Obsession passed 600 posts last week as well as 40,000 pageviews.  Maybe reaching those milestones is the reason I’ve been spanked with spam lately.  Most of you don’t know (because you don’t leave comments) that I just use the spam filter, I don’t use the captcha crap because I hate trying to read it.  The filter does pretty good, it stops 95% of the spam but I get an e-mail from blogger with EVERY comment, even spam comments.  It would be nice if the emails said that it stopped it for spam but all it says is there was a comment and I have to go to the blog post to see if it got posted.  This blog has had 34 spam comments in February, but 17 of those have come in the last week.  My Sports Obsession has had 15 this month and only 5 in the last week so it’s something on this blog that has gotten the attention of the spammers.  Particularly the post “Kids and Social Media” has been nailed.  It posted on January 28th, less than a month and it is already my 3rd most read post all time.  Like I said above, spammers are giving me nice blog stats.

In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t talk about working out anymore.  Because I got lazy again.  I think if I could do it most everyday, I would stick to it more.  The problem is, I can’t work out on the days I work and when I work a weekend, it’s 3 days straight of not working out.  Apparently that was all it took to get me to stop.  So I guess I’ll just have to get use to the fact that I’m fat.  I’ll have to come to the fact that the only 6 pack I’ll ever own is of Mountain Dew.  Oh wait, I don’t buy pop anymore.  I won’t even have one of those.

I guess I had more to say than I thought.  Maybe I should make myself do a blog post every few days.  Apparently if I sit down and make myself type something out that I can.  I’m sure it will be nothing exciting but then again, only spammers read my blog anyways.  I know they read it because they always say so in their comments.  They would never lie, everything on the internet is true.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The weekend

In case you missed my last post, we went down to Bristol, Virginia.  The main reason of the trip was so that Cheri could see her best friend’s new baby she had a few months ago.  The secondary reason was to see Cheri’s family.  For those of you who haven’t been around long, Cheri lived in Virginia when we got together before moving back up here with me.  So we left on Thursday after dropping the kids off at school.  It generally takes us a little over 9 hours to get down there, it’s a little over 600 miles.  The sad part is, it takes 6 hours to get through the first 500 miles because it’s all interstate driving where the speed limit is 70.  Then it takes 3 hours to get through the last 100 miles because it’s highways around the mountains and the speed limit is only 55.  It sucks on the way down because after the first 6 hours, you know your close but it takes forever to get there.  On the way home, it’s not as bad because as soon as you get through the first 3 hours, the next 6 seem to go quick.

On Friday, we basically drove around and said hi to everyone, visiting a couple of hours with each.  Then I went to the local card shop and spent about an hour looking at cards before buying some.  And on Friday night we had supper with Cheri’s sister and her boyfriend before crashing back at the condo.  Then Saturday, I climbed in the car a little before 7 am and headed further south.  I have family in the Asheville, North Carolina area and I went to spend the day with a cousin.  We are both into sports card collecting and since I don’t have crap for shops around here, he was going to take me to the couple he frequents.  I got to his place about 8:30 and we climbed in his car and headed down to South Carolina to a flea market where a guy he knows sets up.  We spend a couple of hours there going through cards, before paying for our purchases and heading out.  We stopped at an out of the way collectibles place in Hendersonville, NC and spent a couple of hours there going through cards before paying and leaving.  It was very enjoyable day hanging out with people who are into cards, and talking about cards all day.  I don’t get to do that much other than blogging about them.  I get some interaction on My Sports Obsession but it’s different then actually sitting there and having a conversation about them.  I really enjoyed that.  We went back to his house and hung out for about an hour, going through our purchases for the day before I headed back to Bristol.

Cheri had spent the majority of the day on Saturday with her best friend, holding the baby.  Then had supper with her son before coming home right before I got there Saturday night.  She had informed me that she was all Virginiad out and wanted to go home on Sunday instead of Monday.  She saw everybody she wanted to see and she just really missed her bed and her kitty.  Besides, we really had no plans for Sunday anyways.  So we packed up Saturday night and left to come home on Sunday.  It was a pretty uneventful trip for drama which was nice because that’s what we usually get caught up in, is drama.  We got home last night around 7.  It was good to be home and relaxing in some furniture (there wasn’t much at the condo).

1,527 miles total on the trip.

We crashed a little earlier than normal because I had been sick the whole time we were gone.  Basically just a cold & sinus kind of thing.  Coughing, runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes.  I never really felt bad, just looked bad.  Saturday night was the worst part of it.  Cheri couldn’t even sleep with me because of all the noise I was making.  I tend to snore when my nose is stuffed up.  I drugged up Saturday night and all the way home yesterday and am on the mend.  I’m definitely feeling better today.

I didn’t really do much online the whole weekend.  Didn’t check Facebook or Twitter hardly at all.  The worse part is now I’m about a week behind on my blog reading, I have almost 6000 unread posts in my reader.  Even my All-Star folder (blogs I try to keep up with daily) has over 600 posts in it.  So if you start getting comments from me on stuff a week old, that would be why.  Normally I would make it up at work but we are now now no longer allowed to use our tablets on the line.  The stupid part is the foreman who declared it a rule, was the foreman who used to come up and watch our tablets when we had to work weekends and we would load up football or baseball games on them.  But that’s a bitch for another day.

I am home now and getting back into the swing of things.  I’m getting my kids back later this afternoon as they stayed with theEx and the JackAss all weekend.  Maybe I’ll get back into blogging to.  I guess we’ll see.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Live from Bristol

I’m blogging live from Bristol, Virginia.  We drove down here yesterday (Thursday) so Cheri can see her BFF’s new baby.  We are staying at her mom’s condo with our son.  After just under a 10 hour drive, we arrived around 6 pm last night.  Basically dropped our stuff off at the condo and went over to her mom and step-dads for supper.  It wasn’t too horrible, we’ve had issues with them in the past so I thought it would be more uncomfortable than it was.  Cheri’s mom actually seems like she likes me now, I never got that feeling from her before.  Doesn’t mean I necessarily trust her any, but it’s different.

Today, we basically hung out with people.  We got up and went to a tattoo parlor for a little bit to hang out with her son while he was getting inked.  He wanted his mom to meet the tattoo artist who has been taking all of his money, I guess.  After that we headed out to breakfast.  We went to Bojangles because they don’t have them up north and I think that’s the real reason that Cheri wanted to come down.  She missed their biscuits.  Then we headed over to her BFF’s work and hung out with her for awhile.  She owns the place so we’re pretty sure she won’t get fired.  After that we headed over to her mom’s shop and hung out with her and Cheri’s sister.

Then I finally got to do something for me.  Not that I minded hanging out with people but it wasn’t all that fun.  I had googled the night before and looked for a local card shop.  We don’t have any ones worth a crap at home so I was excited to find one here.  I went in and found a few items, nothing terribly exciting but I enjoyed just hanging with some people and talking about cards.  Tomorrow I’m  heading down to the Asheville area to get with my cousin (who also collects cards) and head out to a couple of shops down his way.  We’re starting to get snow and I have to go up and over the mountains to get there so here’s hoping it doesn’t shut anything down.

We ended up coming back to the condo for a little while before meeting Cheri’s sister and her boyfriend for some supper before coming back to the condo.  So as you can see, we did a lot of hanging out with people today.  I don’t know how much I’m going to post while I’m here so I don’t know when you’ll see me again.  But I am still alive and around.  Although, with the lack of furniture here, it’s very hard to sit with my laptop and type one out so we’ll see what happens.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

VD sucks

This is what I have to resort to.  For the last few weeks, when a good (cheesy) Valentine card showed up in my reader, I saved the picture and the plan was to post them on my wife’s Facebook timeline throughout the day.  When I post on my Random Thoughts from a Random Guy Facebook page, I can set stuff to post in the future.  I’ve done this a few times when I’ve had funny pictures to share just so I didn’t post a bunch of stuff at once.  So I thought I would do that on my wife’s page.  Tomorrow we are leaving after we drop the kids off at school and heading for Virginia, which will take us a little over 9 hours to get there.  So I ended up saving 9 cheesy ass Valentine cards and tonight I went to her page to post date them tonight and apparently, you can’t post date stuff on someone else’s page.  Ok, fine, I went to my page and figured I’d post date them and just tag her so they show up on her timeline.  No dice, still can’t post date stuff.  So apparently you can only do that with group pages.  Alrighty then, I went to my RTFARG Facebook page and was going to post them there and tag her.  Yeah, I can finally post date them but because I post as RTFARG, I can’t tag anyone.  Damn it.  So I switched over to post as myself but post on the RTFARG Facebook page.  Yeah, I can tag her, but now I can’t post date.  So my great idea is shit.  Screw Valentines day.

So all I could come up with after all my hard work is post them here and post date it for tomorrow.  And after it posts, I’ll have to look over and say, since your not doing anything, go read my blog.  Bah Humbug, Happy Valentine’s day.  So here’s the cards.


She probably won’t get it, she doesn’t follow Star Trek, but I thought it was hilarious.  So sue me.


This is so true, I’m too fat to chase other woman, I might as well hold on to her.


Yeah, it’s a cheesy Tony Stark.  But at least she’ll get this one.  I think.  But it’s true, I enjoy anytime she’s stark naked in front of me.  Although when this posts, I’ll be driving, probably around Cincinnati, so maybe naked in front of me is a bad idea.  But she can certainly strip down in the passenger seat.  I won’t mind.


This is hilarious because about a month ago, she fell down when her leg issue just started and literally couldn’t get up and I was at work and she was home alone.  Now I’m making fun of my wife’s MS issues.  This isn’t going so well.


Yeah, now I’m working my swag (whatever the hell that is).  Data is hooking this brother up!


She thinks Dean is hot so this should be a good one.  Or am I making her think of Dean when she should be thinking of me.  Now she’s thinking how Dean is doing himself, and is getting kind of grossed out.  This is going so wrong.


Awww!  Hulk is so sweet and I replicate his sentiments.


Bahahaha!  Number 1 is killing me, it’s such a cheesy line, it may actually work.  I only have one more, I better make it count.


Perfect!  And it’s true.  Although technically, I guess I’m cheating on her since I never stopped looking at porn.

I suck at this Valentine’s day crap!  Screw this!

Actually, my wife and I don’t really celebrate Valentines day.  We both call BS on this holiday.  We tell each other we love each other all the time, we don’t need a holiday for that.  Usually we don’t even buy for each other.  We buy stuff for the kids to make sure they know we love them.  Because telling them doesn’t mean anything to them, you have to buy them shit.  Bastards.  By the time you’ve read this, she’s already gotten in my car to the box of chocolates and card that I have hidden in her door.  I even wrote something special in the card, just for her.  It’s so cheesy that it just might work.  Don’t worry, it’s much better than this post.

Stupid holiday.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teenagers suck


For those that don’t know, we have a college aged daughter living with us.  A few days ago she brings home a dozen donuts.  She left them out on the table and Cheri and I helped ourselves to a couple.  This morning, she comes in to our bedroom bitching that we ate some of her donuts.  Really?  Because I’m pretty sure you eat OUR cereal, with OUR milk.  As a matter of fact, when we buy snack type foods, if we get something we really like we hide it because she eats it.  Now we don’t care if she has any, the problem is, she’ll eat the majority of it before you even get to it.  I buy snack stuff for my lunches at work and I have to hide them now.  It’ll be a box of 12 and I’ll get 3, Cheri will have a few, Skyler will have the other half of the box.  I never complain about her eating our stuff but she doesn’t hesitate to barge into our room bitching that we ate her donuts.

Then yesterday, she asks us for a new mattress for her bed.  I say Hell no, she wants to treat us like we don’t exist, then we return the favor.  She comes and goes as she pleases, which is fine by us, but we ask what she’s doing just for polite conversation and she won’t give us the time of the day.  The problem is, Cheri has short term memory loss.  Me, I’d save up the crap she says to me and use it back at her when she asks for something.  We came home yesterday, and Cheri poked her head in to let her know we were home, her response “I don’t care”.  Me, I would have remembered that in the evening when she asks her mom to move her clothes from the washer to the dryer because she was leaving.  I would have said “I don’t care”.

I’m all about eye for an eye, she treats me like shit, I’d treat her like shit.  Simple as that.  Cheri is nicer than me and like I said, she has a short term memory.  Maybe I’m just being an asshole, I probably am, but I hate the way she treats Cheri and she just takes it.  Granted, I hate it when they fight, but she needs someone to put her in her place.  She doesn’t rarely say anything to me because she knows it’ll come back.  I understand it’s her daughter and she tries to have a relationship with her, but that relationship works both ways.

I can’t wait for the day that Skyler gets her head out of her ass and realizes how she treats people.  She rarely keeps friends for very long, I assume that’s because they eventually get tired of her shit.  I’m guessing in about 10 years, she’ll start to figure it out.  Hopefully it’s sooner, but we’ll see.  I keep telling Cheri, there will be a day in the future where she will realize how much of an ass she’s been towards her mother.  We’ve all been there, I’ve been there.

This may sound like a petty bitch over donuts but there are so many other things I could complain about when it comes to her.  Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but I hate how she treats people.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Randomness #5

I’ve been really tired this last week, and it’s lead to me not working out much anymore.  Or at least that’s what I’m blaming.  It also lead to no Weekly Catch-up post on Sunday.  I just didn’t want to take the time to do it.  My eyes have been really tired most of the time.  I should probably take my contacts out every so often, that might help that issue.  But even on my days off, I get up at 7 to feed the kids and take them to school.  I used to come home and watch a couple of episodes of Star Trek TOS while I wait for Cheri to wake up.  I’m usually on the laptop while watching and getting things done.  But last week and this week, I’ve been crashing on the couch.  Why the couch?  I used to sleep on the couch when I didn’t want to sleep very long because I would generally wake up within a couple of hours.  But the last couple of week, I’ve ended up sleeping almost till I have to go get the kids again at school.  I’m sleeping the same amount of hours as usual and I’m sleeping through the night.  So I have no idea why I’ve been so tired.  All I know is, I’m tired of being tired.

Speaking of Cheri, she went to her neurologist today about her recent issues.  Her neurologist is a MS specialist so we wanted her opinion on it.  She seems to think it’s more of a back problem with a disc but the thing is, she’s always had back pain and now she doesn’t.  So we’re pretty sure it’s not a disc.  Although Cheri made the point that maybe she’s always had a disc problem and now it’s popped back into place but it pinched a nerve, causing the issue with her leg and foot.  Makes sense.  She has an MRI scheduled in a couple of weeks.  They are going to MRI her back and her head because as a MS patient, they like to do them yearly to see if there are any more lesions on her brain.  So I guess we’ll figure it out in a few weeks.

And speaking of MS, we’re starting to get paperwork for this years MS walk.  So start saving up money so you can donate to help find a cure.

I did get caught up on all my blog reading over the weekend.  We worked, and it was dead at work so I got a lot of reading done.  Of course, I haven’t read any the last 2 days that I’ve had off but I should get caught up tomorrow or Thursday at work.  It was so slow last weekend, I almost read a whole novel on Saturday.  I was only 27% into it when I went to work and finished it after finishing my Google Reader first.

I’m done for today, my eyes hurt and I feel tired.  It’s taken me over 2 hours just to type the above.  I can’t keep my concentration into what I’m typing.  I don’t know if I’ll even do a WWW Wednesdays post tomorrow.  Guess we’ll see then.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Kind of Humor #7

These are the last 10 posts on my Random Thoughts Facebook page.  Go over and give me a like then check out this humor.

humor01 fuck off shirt

I so want one of these shirts.  Although my belly wouldn’t be as attractive hanging out when I told you to Fuck Off.

humor02 hit the ex with a car

I would totally hit that….with my car.

humor03 Jedi Mind Tricks boobs

Damn Jedi’s

humor04 jesus freaks

I could make a whole blog post on this.

humor05 pen cassette

A match made in the 1980’s, if you don’t understand it then your too young.

humor06 religion facebook

Yes, I’ll save you a seat in hell.

humor07 likes facebook balls

So true, my wife only makes me get 1,000 likes.

humor08 facebook apple windows

Gotta love Apples/Windows jokes.

humor09 facebook gay marriage

If only we had interpreted it correctly.

humor10 threesome twosome handsome

Nobody called me handsome, oh wait.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Taco Bell hell

So I hit the drive-thru at Taco Bell after work and brought home supper.  Everything’s ok when I get there, I enter the exit (like always) when I get there and pull up to order.  My window is frozen, damn.  So I have to open my door to order.  I place my order and everything on the screen is correct.  Here was my order.


  • 2 Chicken Burritos and a side of Nacho Cheese.  (Cheri’s order)
  • Combo #6 – 2 Chicken Supreme Chalupa’s, a taco and a large Mountain Dew.
  • Cheesy Fiesta potatoes and a Chicken Quesadilla

The order was taken correctly, should be easy enough.  I pull up, pay and get my pop, wait a minute and get handed a bag but she says we are still waiting on the 2 chalupa’s.  Ok cool, not a problem.  After a few more minutes, she hands me another bag and I’m out.  I get home and pull out Cheri’s order then grab the rest for myself.  Let’s see what we received.

  • 2 Chicken Burritos and a side of Nacho Cheese.
  • A nacho cheese burrito of some kind.  Mainly cheese and beans.
  • A something else burrito, flat and hardly anything in it.
  • I got the taco and Mountain Dew.
  • I got the chicken quesadilla
  • I got the spork to eat the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, would have been nice if I had actually gotten the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes.

So Cheri’s order, perfect.  My order, all kinds of messed up.  Let’s recap.


Green = Correct

Red = No wonder you work fast food.

I love Taco Bell but this is a tad ridiculous.  Especially when I specifically waited for the Chalupa’s, then never got them.