Thursday, December 29, 2022

I'm back, maybe

Wow! I haven't posted since April. Yet on my sports blog I've posted over 300 times this year. 266 on my random music blog as well but those are pretty quick posts, I don't say much, just post album art, youtube video and lyrics. Says a lot where my priorities are these days. It helps I actually have some followers over at my sports blog as well. Motivates you to do better. Music blog, not so much but I post those for myself.

It's getting towards the end of the year so of course, I have the mindset that I'm going to post here more often. So I'll have a few posts then probably disappear again. At least some things never change, or will it, stay tuned and find out next year, on RTFARG.

I still keep stats every day so maybe I'll get a post or two up after New Years with last years stats. I'm trying to think of some regular posts I can do. About the only thing I can think of at this point is book reviews when I finish one (I only read about 20 books a year anymore) and a post a week running down where I've eaten and if it was any good. The only reason I'm even entertaining that idea is because I started tracking visits to restaurants and if they screwed up at all. I started doing that just to see how often fast food screwed up, to be honest.

I could do a music post weekly, I do still listen to a ton of music. I mean, I could do a TV posts, even movies but I don't watch a ton of those anymore either but I don't feel I have a ton to say about either. Or I could just do 1 post a week about all my stats for the week. I don't know, I'm just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks.

In reality, I'm coming up on the end of the 2nd of 3 weeks off which means I have more time to devote time to this blog. Which is also probably why I tend to say that I'm going to start up again at this time every year. Once work gets fired up again, that usually puts a stop to it.

I don't really have much to say about anything because I'm pretty laid back and just don't care about a whole lot. Do I have opinions? Sure. Do I care about yours? Sure. Am I looking to get into arguments with random strangers? Nope. I don't care about your opinion that much. I don't talk much about work because I don't want to get fired over something I say. Not that I really bitch about work but they can misconstrue something so I don't even go down that road. I already cover sports on my sports blog, see, I just don't have nothing exciting to post about. If it makes you all feel better, I don't post much on my social media accounts either so I can't even pull stuff from there.

Basically, I don't have much of a life to speak of. I could complain a lot about small stuff but nobody wants to hear that all the time and I'm not the type to air my dirty laundry to the internet. I did use to throw stuff up here about my ex and her loser husband but he passed away and now that my kids are older, I never see her. For the record, she rarely sees the kids either so that hasn't changed.

If it was my wife's blog, she'd just post about the dogs all the time so at least you're not getting stuck with that.

I guess I'm done rambling on for now, we'll see where this goes.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Social Media and Me

I want to be better about social media. I do like posting stuff just so I have a record of what's going on in my life and I have a blog where I record everything. Such as the Facebook timeline where it tells you what you did on that day in previous years. My blog is the same way only it has everything from journal entries (3 different) to social media posts to blog posts. Even list everywhere I've been that day so I like the concept of social media as a timeline, I don't really care about the social part of it.

My last Facebook post

My problem is, I don't take the time to post on social media when something happens. My instinct isn't, grab my phone and tell the world what's going on so by the time I think about it, it's usually, I should have posted about that. Therefore, I suck at social media.

I have all the social media on my phone but I rarely use it. I send out a snap a day to the couple of people I have streaks with and that's about it. I don't get on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on my phone, not just to read. The only social media I do on my phone would be Tik Tok (watching) and I only do that when I'm alone at home, which usually means in the bathroom.

My last Instagram post

I just don't use if much for the intended use. I do get on each of those listed above but after I get home and settled in the recliner and I use my laptop. I go through Facebook but I have a favorites list with about 30 people on it and then I have a few pages bookmarked that I check daily and that's it. I have 263 friends, I would say half of that is family if not more, the rest are people I went to school with or work with but the majority of them I don't really follow. I added them way back in the day and I don't really unfriend anyone unless there is a reason so they just sit there.

My last tweet

Twitter is the same way, I made a couple of lists and only follow those people, not the 1000's of followers I accumulated back when I made an effort to gain followers. Instagram as well, for the most part I watch the stories and move on. As much as I love being connected to everything, I also don't really care. It's kind of like carrying my phone. I can't imagine not having it with me, I have to have it, but I rarely use it. It's more because if I need something, it's there. I just don't really need it for anything. Although that's not entirely true as I listen to Spotify on it all the time but other than that, it's just there. I used to text a lot but not so much anymore. I get more spam calls than anything, I use it for work phone calls but even those are occasional. I rarely use it for personal phone calls. My peeps prefer texting.

I have noticed that I tend to use it more when I don't work. During the month off of Covid, I used Twitter more, same with this past week that I've had off. I always say that I'm going to start doing better, but I know I won't.

I guess it just isn't for me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Music Monday ish

I know it's not Monday, but I was busy yesterday. I rushed home after work to get showered and dressed up to go to a viewing. I didn't really know the lady as she was my brother-in-laws (I rarely see him) mother. I probably met her at graduation parties or a wedding somewhere, but I didn't know her, know her.

Anyways, the music portion.

I exercised 6 days so I got through quite a bit of artists but I don't remember really adding much. Let's check it out.

I added 10 songs. The Mylon there in the middle I stumbled across and looked for songs last week and added some ones I weren't sure about to this playlist to listen to once I got down to them.

I also added these 5 singles that were released over the last week.

Here's this weeks stats.

  • Added songs - 15 songs
  • Total songs on the playlist now - 5,213 songs
  • Total songs listened to - 1,042 songs (up 2 songs from last week)
  • Different artists listened to - 440 artists (up 4 from last week)

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Weight Loss Wednesday

Just a quick post as it's getting late (for me) and I'm getting sleepy but I wanted to get a post up.

So about a week ago, I decided I needed to get off my ass and at least get a little active. My role at work has changed some in the last few months and that has me sitting on my butt a lot more and messing around (mostly) with Excel sheets. I feel like my weight has slowly been creeping up. 

The problem is, I suck at motivating myself to do things I don't enjoy and I don't enjoy working out in any kind of way. We have an elliptical bike just sitting there (my wife uses it) but like I said, no motivation. Well, as I said on Monday, I'm into music and I've been wanting to go through certain playlists and find new songs so I figured a half hour a day, I could ride the bike and go through that playlist. So that's my motivation, finding new music. I'm hoping by the time I get through the playlist that it'll be habit and just keep riding it.

Since this my 1st post about it, I'll go ahead and throw it out that the last time I weighed myself I was 312 lbs which was on Monday so that will be my starting weight. I have rode the bike for 8 straight days but there has definitely been days where I had to force myself to do so so we'll see if I can keep it up. 

Here's to another week of riding the bike.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Music Monday

Let's face it Music Monday just sounds good. That's why I knew today I would post about music. I may come up with some themes for a couple of days, that may help me post more often.

As I stated yesterday, I listen to a lot of music (you can follow it by clicking the LastFM graphic on the right side of this blog) and lately I've been trying to add new music and expanding my listening. I've made a playlist of songs I want to check out by going through my current Everything playlist and going artist by artist and adding 5 songs from each artist that I haven't heard before. I'm currently in the F's (I've been doing it for awhile). I've been exercising a little more in the past week so I work on this playlist while I'm working out. It preoccupies my mind so I'm not thinking about working out.

Here's the artist I went through this week and any songs I added.

As you can see, I added 13 songs this week that way. I also go through New Releases of artists I follow which is where these came from.

Both artists released new albums. I'm not a huge fan of pop but I do like a good upbeat song. I was surprised I added 4 songs from Avril.

I've also added songs randomly for various reasons.

  • Wig Wam - Do Ya Wanna Taste It (heard it as the Peacemaker theme song)
  • Trace Adkins - You're Gonna Miss This (my wife played it for me)
  • Jax - Like my Father (also from my wife, she got it from Tik Tok)
  • Mylon & Broken Heart - Heaven, Jesus, It's You & Gospel Ship (I think I was looking at Russ Taff songs and saw Gospel Ship, than searched for the version that I knew and in the rabbit hole I went. I added more songs to my Check It playlist to possibly add later, these were just the 3 that I recognized by the title.)

As you can tell, I added a few songs this week. Here's the stats for this week.

  • Added songs - 26 songs
  • Totals songs on playlist now - 5,196 songs
  • Total songs listened to - 1040 songs
  • Different artists listened to - 436 artists

That's all for today, I know it's not extremely exciting for you but maybe you found something worth listening to.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

We'll see how long this time

Wow! It's been 224 days since I posted last here. I have more going on in my life than I did back then but it still isn't a whole lot. I do actually leave the house more often on the weekends because my cousin moved back up here from North Carolina. We're both into sports cards so we hook up and do related things that I won't get into now because I'm going to try to post more about that when it happens.

Kind of looks like me, if he was fatter.

As far as going on's, the majority of my life is still work, which I won't (can't) post about here. It's going ok, I like what I do and there are days where I feel important in the cog of the machine but there are a lot of things that piss me off as well. My company is a pretty big company and they watch social media, which is why I don't post about work. I'm not really one to bitch about work to the masses anyways. I rarely bitch about work to my wife because I have a 45 minute drive home and I relax and let it all go in that time so by the time I get home, I don't want to talk about it and I've forgotten the majority of it.

Back in our younger days.

My wife and I are still going strong after over a decade (doesn't feel like it's been that long). We have our issues like any married couple does but again, nothing that I would want to post on social media. We both still love each other and enjoy our life together so you can't really get better than that.

Not a good likeness, but it's clipart.

My 19 year old has now moved out and on her own. She's like any typical 19 year old who complains about life but doesn't do any of the steps that she needs to do to improve it. We give her all the tips to help her, she listens intently but never does them. Like I said, typical 19 year old.

My 17 year old is doing great in school. Taking Engineering classes at the career center so we're hoping that's a field that he continues on in college. At this point, we're hoping he just doesn't decide to make the decision to not go to college. He's too smart to waste the opportunity but we know how teenagers make decisions. He's been working for the same fast food place now since he was 16 and he likes it there. He has been promoted to an assistant manager which he enjoys as well.

My other love is music. I love listening to music and do it all the time. You know I'm a stats guy so I can even tell you that I listen to around 1,000 songs a week. Sometimes under a bit, sometimes over. (I'm listening to music now.) So I'm going to try to post something tomorrow, probably music related.

I know I've said it a hundred times, but I'm going to try to be better here. I post almost daily on My Sports Obsession and Random Music so I don't know why I can't do the same thing here. Hopefully, starting tomorrow.

Here's to a new run of posts!