Saturday, January 5, 2019

2018 Stats

Are we ready for another year of stats? Are you excited to know what I've been up to? I know, you don't care, but I do so let's get to it.

First off, let's give some links to previous years. I didn't post in 2015, which was when we moved in our house (the first of January) so I probably forgot all about it.

2017   -   2016   -   2014, part 1   -   2014, part 2   -   2013

As per the usual, let's start with where I've been eating. In the () is how many times the previous year.

  • 1 Time - 5 Guys (4), Angler's (0), Bonnie Doon's (0), Buffalo Wild Wings (2), Calihan's (0), Chili's (0), Cock-A-Doodle Cafe (0), Cracker Barrel (1), Domino's (0), Fazoli's (2), Fudpucker's (0), Hardee's (0), Huddle House (0), IHOP (0), Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (0), Joe's Crab Shack (0), Kilwin's (0), Panda Express (0), Schoops (0), Volcano's (1), Whataburger (0), Wings Ect (2)
5 Guys really surprises me, I love that place. You can see a lot of those I haven't eaten at before or at least in awhile. 10 of those places up there came the last week of December when I traveled to and from and spent 5 days in Florida.
  • 2 Times - 7-Eleven (2), Between the Buns (2), Bravo Cafe (5), Dunkin Donuts (0), Pals (0), Pizza Hut (4), Rally's (3), Simonton Lake Drive In (0), Taqueria Tijuana II (0)
7-Eleven is a convenient store but I love their hot dogs. Bravo Cafe is down because they have new owners and we're not fans of some of the changes. Dunkin Donuts is brought into work because I couldn't tell you the last time I ate there. Same with the Taqueria Tijuana II, we order taco's from there at work.
  • 3 Times - Bojangles (0), Chick-Fil-A (3), Gerace's Pizza (0), Hacienda Mexican Restaurant (2), Lux Cafe (1), Rise 'n Roll (2), Smith's Food Mart (3)
Bojangles is in Virginia and my wife eats there practically every day when we are there. Gerace's Pizza is the pizza work has brought in when they are really treating us. Lux Cafe is also a work related place we get for breakfast occasionally.
  • 4 Times - Long John Silvers (5), Martin's Deli (2)
Martin's Deli is the local supermarket deli, they have the best fried chicken in the area.
  • 5 Times - Dairy Queen (4), Flippin' Cow (4)
Flippin' Cow has the best burgers in town.
  • 6 Times - Culver's (0), Little Caeser's Pizza (5), Steak 'n Shake (1)
Culver's is up last year because I grab lunch there at work occasionally.
  • 7 Times - Mancino's (1), Subway (1)
Both of those places we just didn't eat there much the previous year but for different reasons. We love Mancino's grinders but we kind of forgot about it until late last year. Subway, I'm just now a huge fan of but my daughter started working there so we picked it up more often.

Up next are my top 7, all are in double digits for the year.

  • 10 Times (10)
Last year was the same 10 times but if was in 5th place, this year they dropped to 7th.

  • 13 Times (19)
Down a little bit from the previous year but we still love their sandwiches. If they delivered to us, it would probably be a lot more.

  • 14 Times (Brunos 17, Arbys 7)
Bruno's is our go to pizza, they are the best around, and they deliver. A lot of the Arby's was a snack, they have the best Mozzarella sticks and they are next to Walgreens where my wife gets her meds.

  • 19 Times (9)
Burger King was way up this year because they had a limited time burger that I loved and I was picking it up more often. While they have good burgers and they are fast food, our BK is very slow and they are more expensive than most fast food so we don't generally go there a lot.

The final 2 should be no surprise as they have been 1 and 2, in the same position, every time I've done this stats page.

  • 24 Times (28)
Even though this is 2nd place, it is my favorite fast food restaurant. It used to be my wife's as well but they changed their chicken and now my wife doesn't want it as often so it has fallen off the last few years. From 2013-2015, this was in the 40's and 50's.

  • 49 Times (32)
Oddly enough, this is probably our least favorite fast food, for anything other than breakfast. The exception of that rule is the 2 months of the year that the McRib is back. So take away breakfast and McRib and McDonalds would probably be less than 5, and those 5 would all be someone else's choice but we were hanging with them.

We were gradually getting our eating out down until the last couple of years now we're going up. There are probably 2 reasons for that. 1, my wife's pain leads to less time in the kitchen and she's had more pain this year and 2, we are able to afford it more than in the past which leads me to picking up snacks here and there after work.
Next up we'll check out my books. It was way down this year compared to the past. I only read on my breaks at work which is the reason it's way down. I only get a half hour worth of breaks all day.

I only read 18 books this past year. That may be a lot for some of you but like I said, it's down for me.

Ever since I kept track of my books, I've only read at work. 2013 was slow at my job, as you can tell. 2018 is the first full year at my new job so there you go.

You can follow the books I'm reading on Goodreads.

Once again, in the movies section, you won't see DVD's listed because we didn't watch any. They will be back on next years list because I've been getting behind on my movies and it's a lot cheaper to rent them than pay to stream them.

I watched 7 movies in the theaters this year. A Quiet Place, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Tag, It, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Aquaman.

I watched 14 movies on TV, which means either on a network or on demand. I could list them all as well but I won't.

I also streamed 12 movies, which means online or a streaming service (Netflix, Hulu or Amazon).

I watched 34 total movies on the year. The ones listed above are only the ones that I had seen for the first time.

You can follow the movies I watch on LetterBox.

I watched 111 sporting events (games) this past year, either live or on TV.

I watched 22 football games.
I watched 35 basketball games.
I watched 54 baseball games.

I generally watch "my" teams. I don't really watch a ton of sports like some people do. I watch Michigan games in all 3 sports and the White Sox in baseball. There might be a few games here or there that weren't my normal teams but for the most part, that's what they are.

I need to change my header now that I don't use Fitbit. I'd prefer to use it but I can't wear it around my wrist at work and that's where I get more of my exercise/steps. So I've been using the Samsung app on my phone to keep it.

There, that's more accurate.

Top row is steps, bottom row is mileage. As you can see, I put a little bit more than the previous year. We'll see if I can keep that trend going up next year.

I only hit 10,000 steps or more 45 times this past year. I hit that mark 59 times last year and since I have more steps this year, that says that I'm getting more steps on the weekends then I used to so that's good as well.

You can follow my Samsung Health account here.

I did change my header photo for my drive section. It's the photo that Davco took when I purchased my new car. This year, I only kept track of the miles I put on in my car as opposed to any car that I drove. A little less stressful on keeping the stats. 

As you can tell, the difference in my jobs is making a huge difference in my mileage. 

My beverage consumption has increased as well this year. I'd say that's probably better except my water consumption went down and that's probably the only healthy thing I drink.

The Coke has gone up since I tend to drink one at home with most of my suppers now. The Gatorade/Powerade has gone up because I've been drinking it more on my way to and from work. Mountain Dew ICE, my brother wanted me to try it. It wasn't bad but I prefer regular Dew. I have OJ for my first break at work.

Last but not least, my music. Yep, I've been keeping track of that as well this past year.

I listened to 15,848 tracks last year.

My top 15 artists (because they are all in the triple digits) listened to.
  • DC Talk (241)
  • Petra (195)
  • Michael W. Smith (180)
  • Taylor Swift (152)
  • Ed Sheeran (145)
  • Keith Urban (142)
  • Halestorm (121)
  • Michael Jackson (118)
  • Blake Shelton (117)
  • the Beatles (110)
  • Carrie Underwood (109)
  • Russ Taff (107)
  • Billy Joel (104)
  • Pink (102)
  • Eminem (100)
Those top 3 (Christian) artists are probably mainly because I have a ton of their songs on my playlist but that's because I really liked them back in the day. You can tell by the list that I listen to a lot of different stuff. You can check those out on Last Song of the Day or you can follow my playlist on Spotify.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday Stealing #4

Favorite novel and author?   I don't know about novel, I read a ton so I have a bunch but author is Stephen King
Favorite perfume/scent?  Cookies baking, can't stand perfume or cologne
Coffee or tea?  Tea, can't stand the smell or taste of coffee
Are you a cat or dog person?  We have both but I'm a cat person, they aren't so damn needy all the time.
Which mythical creature would you transform into if you could?  No idea
Favorite time period?  Current one I guess
Name 3 films that have changed your life and have shaped you into the person you are today.  I have no idea
Diamonds or pearls?  Do baseball diamonds count?
What’s your biggest dream?  It was to own a home that my kids could call a place home for the rest of their lives but we got it a few years ago, don't really have another one that I can think of. Travel to all the MLB stadiums, maybe?
Dream destination?  Not much of a traveler, I'd love to see some of the pics of New Zealand or Ireland, maybe Alaska. Some place green with mountains.
Favorite fictional character?  Rachel Morgan
Share a quote or passage that means something to you.  The level of my sarcasm depends on your level of stupidity.
What’s your favorite plant/flower?  None
Do you prefer the forest or the ocean? why?  Forest, Ocean scares the crap out of me.
What do you value most in people?  Honesty, I hate being lied to. I don't care if the truth hurts, it hurts more to be lied to.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Spotify Wrapped

I got an email from Spotify that gave me a link and they give me a rundown of my music that I've listened to this year. You know I'm a stats guy so I loved it and I figured I'd share some.

I loved it as soon as I opened the email and was confronted with this.

That's awesome, now my playlist has 3,308 songs on it so that shows that I check out the new releases as well. Do you think I would have listened to that many different songs if I listened to the radio? Hell no, maybe if you included the commercials on the list.

There are 10 pages on the website that the email directs you to, I'm not going to show you all of them, a couple are links to playlists of my top 100 playlist that they made from my years listening and also a playlist of songs I may like, because they are always trying to get you to expand your playlists. I like these, however, I wish they would limit the songs to stuff not already on my playlists. Just because it's from a different album, doesn't mean it's a different song that I already have.

One of the pages has you guess how many minutes you've listened to Spotify this year.

That's over 882 hours of music listening, over 36 days straight. I would guess at least 3/4 of that time is in the car considering I get about an hour and a half a day traveling back and forth to work.

They had a chart page which was kind of cool. Although the colors of it sucked and makes it hard to read.

My top artists is a little misleading, not saying that it's wrong but the top 3 artists are probably there because I have a ton of their songs on my playlists. DC Talk (51), Petra (42), Michael W. Smith (36).

The top songs don't really mean much other than they are all on multiple playlists. I have a Traveling, a Country, and a Jams playlist. The Traveling and Country are the ones I listen to with my wife in the car because she doesn't like a lot of my music (mainly the rock) and I do occasionally put the Jams one on in my car, with the windows down, on my way home from work.

As far as the genres go, Rock is definitely number 1 and in my eyes, Metal is considered a sub genre of Rock. The Country I can see as well, but the Indie and Pop I don't see being in the top 5. I wonder if the Pop is from the 80's and 90's pop because I know I don't have much newer Pop on there. One of the other pages even lists my favorite sub genre as Post Grunge, which again, is of Rock.

Another page had my oldest song on it, which technically isn't true but we'll say it is.

The reason I say it isn't is because I have classical music mixed in on the playlist and that's stuff was wrote ages ago (1800's even) but the actual song was probably off a current classical album.

At the very end, the 10th and last page, is a share page which along with the usual Facebook, Twitter, ect. they give you the option of Billboard. Which I signed up for, it gives them permission to use your stats along with the photo of your choosing to pop up on their billboard in Times Square. Now I just wonder if they will tell me if they use it, a photo would be nice.

If you'd like to know more about my music, check out my blog Last Song of the Day. I post the last song that I listened to that day and there are links to my Spotify account on it as well. I believe all my lists are public.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

My week in bullet points #3

All I've been posting are these but it's all I got right now so there you go. Again, I was supposed to post this yesterday and forgot. Maybe I should just plan on posting these on Sunday, I'd probably forget then and start posting them on Mondays.

  • Woke up to a couple of inches of snow. I was hoping for Samantha to get more drive time in before it started snowing but it was gone by the afternoon so it wasn't to bad. She had a meeting at work in the morning so she made it there and back ok.
  • Apparently the temps never got turned down on the tanks at work and over half of 2 of the tanks dissipated so I had to give instructions on what and how much chemicals to add so they could use the tanks. I really should have gone in but it's a 45 minute drive, one way, and that's not paid. I'm not spending an hour and a half in the car for 20 minutes of pay. Not to mention, I don't get paid for that anyways, they are lucky I even answer my phone when I'm not at work.
  • Had Turkey Roll Ups, Chips and Dip and a Mountain Dew for lunch and a frozen pizza for supper.
  • Watched 17 shows and a Michigan basketball game.
  • Listened to 20 songs.
  • Had a 5 hour meeting today about setting goals for my department at work. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be since I had to sit with my boss and another group lead so we discussed our department. Plus they brought in some McDonalds to start the meeting. Considering I wasn't supposed to work at all this week, I'll take the 8 1/2 hours I got today and I'm coming back tomorrow.
  • Had McDonalds (3 breakfast burritos) for breakfast. Had 2 Cheese and 1 Chicken Quesadilla's and a Coke for supper.
  • Watched 9 shows today.
  • Listened to 41 songs today.
  • Ended up only working until around 11 and have the rest of the week off. I am grateful for the 2 1/2 days that I'll get paid considering originally I was only getting 1. I'm also happy to have the time off work, even if it isn't paid.
  • Came home to Cheri in the driveway getting ready to go to her sisters. I decided to tag along because I hadn't seen their new house since it was completed. I ended up being tired and out of it most of the time I was there so I was really fun to hang out with I'm sure.
  • Had Sausage, Peppers and Rice for supper.
  • Watched 11 shows.
  • Listened to 57 songs.
  • Since I had the day off, I finally got around to replacing Samantha's headlight. It was a pain in the ass to get it out, as anything is when I have to deal with a car. I also took her down to a local gas station to show her how to check the air in her tires and to put some in. I could tell when I was working on her car that her tires were low.
  • Watched 24 shows.
  • Woke up to my wife tapping me on the shoulder and saying we had a problem. Apparently our furnace stopped working. It was still 65 degrees in the house so it's not like we were freezing. Cheri called my stepdad to see if he could look at it. Since he was cooking our Thanksgiving lunch, I told him he could come over after the party, which he did. Only to find out it was working now so I have no idea what went wrong.
  • Had Thanksgiving at my mom's like we do every year. It was good but I got annoyed at being accused of being antisocial. Which I more or less am, but I'm not with the family. My response was I haven't turned down any invitations to do things. Just because I don't leave the house much doesn't mean I'm ignoring everybody around me.
  • Samantha went to her girlfriends in Goshen after she left her grandmother's house. When she had to come home, she had to use her GPS and it was dark out so she was freaking out. I told her to try to make the drive, if you get to stressed out, I'll come get you. She eventually made it home without a problem. I think she was just freaking herself out.
  • Had a ton of food for lunch. Had a Turkey Roll Up and Cheeto's for supper.
  • Watched 14 shows.
  • Listened to 25 songs.
  • Didn't do anything all day, never even left the house. Pretty much spent most of the day on my laptop.
  • Had 2 Egg Salad sandwiches for lunch. Had Bruno's pizza for supper.
  • Watched 15 shows, including the whole season of the Good Cop. Also watched an old Michigan football game as well as a replay of the season opener of the White Sox. Also watched a live Michigan basketball game.
  • Got up early to go to my grandmother's house and move her in to a senior living place. Once the moving is all done, she will enjoy it. She gets lonely at home by herself and will love all the people around her. She's fighting it but if she gives herself a chance, it'll be good for her.
  • Cheri ordered groceries to be picked up at Walmart and she wasn't up to going by the time it rolled around so I ran out and picked it up.
  • Watched 1 show, a Michigan football game and we watched movie on Netflix.
  • Listened to 23 songs.
Walking update

I'm currently in Victor, Idaho. With all the time off this week, haven't really gone very far but I do believe I was still in Wyoming at this time last week so I did go to another state. I go back to work tomorrow so I'll start picking up some mileage again.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

My week in bullet points

Last week in bullet points. I was supposed to post this yesterday. I'm a slacker, what can I say.


  • Finished the Haunting of Hill House, it was really good. Which means they will probably make a second season, and it will probably suck. That's what happened with American Horror Story, great first season, very weird every season after.
  • I went in to work tonight at 10pm. We put in a new seal tank and I wanted to be there if something went wrong. That's better than getting a phone call at 1 in the morning and waking me up. Although it ended up being fine but I had a half day vacation day for Monday so I knocked out 3 of the 4 hours I was going to make up through the week that night.
  • Had String Cheese for breakfast. Had an Egg Sandwich for lunch and had Sloppy Joe for supper.
  • Watched 9 shows.
  • Listened to 24 songs.
  • Had the day off work because I had to go to court. The Ex got arrested for not paying support almost a year and a half ago and we're still going to court. It was another freaking continuance. It's getting real old.
  • After court we hit Aldi's for some groceries and then I talked Cheri into going out for some late breakfast. It was good, I always going out with Cheri which she rarely does anymore so I always enjoy the time when we do.
  • Had a Greek Skillet and a Mountain Dew for breakfast. Had 4 Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas for supper with a Coke.
  • Watched 9 shows and the Michigan/Holy Cross men's basketball game.
  • Listened to 9 songs today.
  • Worked and hit Walgreens on the way home to pick up some of Cheri's meds.
  • Had Yogurt and OJ for breakfast. Had leftovers for lunch. Had Cheese Quesadilla's and a Coke for supper.
  • Watched 10 shows.
  • Listened to 45 songs.
  • They finally got the yellow press going at work, it's only been 2 months. It makes a huge difference in us getting caught up.
  • Came home and finally remembered (thanks to Cheri) to unhook the hoses outside and took down our canopy.
  • Had Yogurt and OJ for breakfast. Had a salad and a Mountain Dew for lunch. Had Jimmy Johns and a Coke for supper.
  • Watched 3 shows and the Michigan/Villanova men's basketball game.
  • Listened to 51 songs.
  • Had 3 meetings today at work so didn't get a lot done.
  • Snowed most of the day but the roads stayed fairly clear.
  • Had Yogurt and OJ for breakfast. Had a salad and a Mountain Dew for lunch. Had Fish and Green Beans with a Coke for supper.
  • Watched 9 shows.
  • Listened to 40 songs.
  • Stressed out most of the day on this WIG meeting I have on Monday. Come to found out, I did the paperwork just fine.
  • Met the Ex and handed off Trevor. I'll be glad when Samantha can make this drive and I won't have to.
  • Had Cottage Cheese and OJ for breakfast. Had McDonalds (McRib, Fries and a Coke) for lunch. Had Chick-Fil-A (Nuggets, Fries and a Coke) for supper.
  • Watched 10 shows.
  • Listened to 66 songs.
  • Had to drive Samantha's girlfriend to work because her parents and stepmother are useless. Samantha and I dropped her off and then got groceries for the week before picking her up. Picked up a headlight for Samantha, she has one out but haven't put it in year.
  • Had McDonalds (Sausage, Egg and Cheese McMuffin, Hash Brown and a Coke) for breakfast. Had Turkey Roll Ups and Chips and Dips with a Coke for supper.
  • Watched 10 shows and the Michigan/Indiana football game.
  • Listened to 31 songs today.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

My life in bullet points

A bullet point of my life the previous week.


  • Did our grocery shopping. That was a mess. We realized now why we don't usually go on Sundays. It was fine at Walmart because we use the pick-up and never get out of the car. At Aldi's at Martin's, where we mainly get vegetables and meat, there were all kinds of people.
  • Watched 20 shows.
  • Listened to 13 songs.
  • Worked. Finished Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King at my lunch break. I don't know how he comes up with his stories but it amazes me how he comes up with things nobody else has, or at least that I know of.
  • Watched 10 shows on TV.
  • Listened to 41 songs.
  • Worked and took Samantha to work that evening. She closed so I didn't have to pick her up, I'm in bed by then.
  • Watched 7 shows and a Michigan/Norfolk State basketball game.
  • Listened to 40 songs.
  • We made the decision to switch our seal tanks on Friday. The new seal is harder on wastewater so it'll be more work for us. I was going to leave at 1 so I could go home and change before picking up Samantha but a salesman came in at 1 and I didn't get out till 1:30 so I went straight to the Career Center to pick her up.
  • Took Samantha to the BMV to take her driver's test for the 2nd time. She went a little fast on the first test, which didn't surprise me as they went out on a 5 lane road but the speed limit is 35. She said she didn't see the speed limit sign and went with traffic, which was around 45. Oops. Apparently 2nd time is the charm.
  • Hit the vet's office to pick up some meds for Milo and Dollar General on the way home. I needed new headphones for work. I wear them on my breaks so nobody talks to me. The ones I had before came with my phone and I've had them for a couple of years.
  • Posted this to my Snapchat this evening.
  • Watched 8 shows on TV.
  • Listened to 48 songs.
  • My 1st shift employee had a vacation day so I used our backup. She did a good job but she has no self confidence so she questions everything she has to do. I told her I had a meeting at 9:30 and another at 10 and that I wouldn't be out of that one until between 10:30 and 11 and that we would take care of the press when I got out. I get out around 10:35 and she's waiting for me, all frantic because she freaked out and doesn't know what to do. I freaking told her we'd do the next step when I got out. 
  • They made Friday voluntary so I'll be going in and switching the seal over. Since my 1st shift guy is taking the day off, I'll be doing it myself.
  • I finished Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King at work today. It was good, but the story is so out there that I don't know where he comes up with it.
  • Posted this to Snapchat. Milo was snoozing, hard.
  • Watched 10 shows on TV.
  • Listened to 36 songs.
  • Got the seal tank all switched over so we should be good to go on Sunday night. I'll be going in for a few hours to make sure everything is good with the tank when they start it up. I ended up leaving just after 11 and hit McDonalds for a couple of McRib's on the way home. It's the only time of the year that I hit McDonald's for anything other than breakfast.
  • Came home and didn't even make it to the shower, I crashed in my recliner for a couple of hours. Longer than I normally nap so I must have really needed it.
  • Watched 13 shows on TV.
  • Listened to 29 songs.
  • Typical Saturday, didn't really do anything. I only left the house to take Trevor to his friends house. He's going over for a birthday party but is going to stay the night so I didn't have to leave the house again.
  • Watched 13 shows on TV. Also watched the Michigan/Rutgers football game. Not that it was much of a game.
  • Listened to 17 songs.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Walking update

* I keep track of my steps and put them to a map as if I was walking across country.

I haven't posted in awhile about keeping track of my steps but I am still doing it. Last time I did post about it though, I had said it would be awhile before I did again because I was in the middle of the west where there isn't really anything to look at. Since I was cutting across the country, I decided to run by where I took a trip back in the 80's.

This is what it looks like to the East, it's really exciting stuff isn't it. Now you see why I haven't posted much. This is what it looks like facing West.

Those would be the Grand Tetons. I hiked to the top of those back when I was younger. They are in Wyoming. It was summer but there were spots of snow that we still had to hike across which should give you an idea just how big they are.

This is a more professional photo instead of the Google Map photo. I went with a group of about 12-15 kids, all my age at the time. Only 2 of us made it to the top, me being 1 of them. I wish I had all my photos and I'm pretty sure I had a journal of some type from the trip that I would love to go through again. It was an amazing trip. We spent a week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and did all kinds of things. White water rafting on the Snake River and hiked up the Grand Tetons just to name 2. I'm sure I had other kinds of memories but they have faded over the years, which is why I wish I still had the photos/journal.

Day 678 - Alta, WY (2213.61)

I have crossed the 1,000 miles for the year but I doubt I'm going to hit the 1,500 mile goal I had set at the beginning of the year. Let's see where we are.

Goal - 1500 miles (4.1 miles/day)
Currently - 1034.81 miles (3.32 miles/day)

I was at 3.36 miles a day so that has slipped but either way, it's still almost a mile less than what I needed for the goal. Now that I'm a supervisor at work, I get less steps because I have to sit through some meetings. Not a lot of them, but enough to make a difference. I rarely hit 10,000 in a day any more. I should go out an walk when I get home but I've found that it makes my tendonitis flare up when I do a bunch of steps at once so that's pretty much out.

It is what it is.