Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Am I skipping again?

I’m sitting here, at home, on a Tuesday afternoon.  I feel like I’m skipping work.  But I’m not.  I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that my hours were changing.  I went from working 8 hour days, Monday-Friday, then overtime being posted regularly for 8 hours on Saturday and some Sunday’s to working 12 hour days, 3 days one week and 4 the next.  It started after Memorial day weekend so today is my first day of not working.  Like I said, it doesn’t feel right.  Kids are at school and I’m sitting on my ass at home, which is nothing new, except it’s Tuesday afternoon.  My schedule this week is (paid holiday Monday) and Wednesday and Thursday.  Next week, I work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The Sunday will go on the week after’s check to give me 3 days one week, 4 the next.  While I look forward to having the time off (rather than the 12-13 days of work straight that I’ve been working), I’m not looking forward to 12 hour days.

  • I’m on my feet, walking on a metal catwalk all day.  So my feet are usually hurting after 8 hours, I’m not looking forward to feeling them after 12.
  • During the winter, I will be leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark.  It’ll feel like I have no life.  I worked steel construction and it was like that and I hated it.
  • During the school year, my son gets up at 7 and goes to bed at 7.  Which means, I won’t see him on days I work.  He really has to have his sleep or you can tell the next day when he’s falling asleep at the dinner table.
  • Coming home at 7:15, showering then eating supper, next thing you know, it’s bed time.  So hardly any time at home.
  • Limited time and a half and no double time.  I really could use the extra overtime right now with a bunch of our expenses going up.
  • After school programs and sports.  This is where it will really hurt.  My mom came to every game possible and I want to do the same, but now with me working till 7, it’ll interfere with games.  Not to mention, I’m coaching Trevor’s team this year and there is still a few weeks left of his season and some games on nights I work, I haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing with those.  Before, I only had to worry about Saturday games, and if I took vacation days, it was only cutting into some overtime.  Now if I use vacation days for his games, it’s cutting into my 40 hours and I can’t afford that.  Right now I can’t afford cutting into the overtime either but it was only for a short time.

Most of the negatives listed above can be equaled with some of the positives below.  But the last one really hurts and pisses me off.  And what’s really upsetting is they took a vote on the hours at work, the 2 leading vote getters were 5-5 and 7-7, I was really hoping for the 5-5 and everything would have been fine.  Getting off at 5 would have been pushing it, but I could have made it work for the games.  But apparently, the majority wanted 7-7.  Damn it!  Main reason, “I don’t want to have to get up earlier”.  Lazy mother f***ers.  I absolutely hate mornings, but I would rather get up early then have to stay till 7.

  • I’ll get days off!  Even during the week.  Usually summers are busy at work so a lot of weekends.  Now I’m guaranteed every other weekend off.
  • I know my schedule all the way through to the end of the year.  I never knew if I would have to work the weekend until the Wednesday before.  Now I do, easier to plan stuff.
  • I plan on taking the kids to the pool during the weekdays that I have off.  So more fun time with the kids.  I have them Monday thru Fridays, all days I worked.  So we didn’t do much in the evenings as a family so hopefully, the days off will give us more time together.  Now if I can just get them to learn to sleep in a little bit.

There are other positives and negatives but I’m not going to go through and list them all.  As you can see, it’s going to be a change for me and my family.  It could be a good thing, it may be a bad thing.  I guess I’m reserving judgment and letting in play out for awhile and see how horrible it is.  I know I’m not going to be happy tomorrow night because I will miss Samantha’s first tournament game.  I might get there in time for the last inning or so, but that’s about it.

After typing all this out, I guess that’s the one thing that I really hate about this whole schedule change, is missing kids games.  Good thing their season is over in mid-June.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Phone Cleansing

I’m bored.  And I feel like doing a blog post.  But I don’t feel like typing one out and getting into it.  So I decided to clean out my photo gallery on my phone of pictures I don’t need to keep on it anymore.  And I decided to share them with you.  No, not the nude pictures, the other ones.  Shhh!


I downloaded that to use as a profile pic for theEx’s husband.  He’s a JackAss.


That’s a picture of my TV paused on the news.  Notice the handsome bald man on the right? How about the boys head on the left?  Yup, that would be Trevor and I.  The Boy Scouts had a trip to the news station and we were standing there when they did a live feed.  I keep this on my phone to brag about being on TV, it’ll probably be the only time I’m on there until I kill someone.  Probably because of road rage, but that’s another story.


Yeah, not sure what this photo is still doing on there.


If my wife did this with her phone and blog, all you would see is pictures of the cat.  I take a few to show her and that’s about it.  This is how she was sleeping on me at one point.  Need a better shot?  How about this.


If this was a dog, I’d say she likes the smell considering dogs eat their own crap.  But she stayed like this for awhile.


This is a picture of this douchebag that shows up from time to time at our apartment.  He always backs in this piece of crap and can’t park between the lines.  I complained about him to my wife and I think I took this pic to forward to her to say “This Douchebag”


The wife and I went out to eat and I saw this girl.  I couldn’t zoom in enough without losing focus.  There was something about her that I couldn’t put my finger on.


Yeah, it’s not showing up on here.  I wish you could see it.  Maybe if I zoom way in.


Nope, that doesn’t show it either.  Let me explain it like this.  You know how you can see all the muscles in a horse’s body, how you can see the definition?  That’s how this ladies face was.  I don’t know why, if she was so thin or what.  But you could see the definition of her skull in her face.  I wish the picture would have came out better.


I saw this car pulling into my apartment complex.  Seriously?  Somebody would actually do that to their car.  I know there are some NASCAR fans out there, but come on.  I wonder if they get paid to have Pepsi and Frito-Lay advertised on their regular car.  I could be sitting on a gold mine.  I don’t care what my car looks like, I could advertise and stay at home.  Maybe I should spam everyone about this idea, send me $1 and I’ll give you a great idea to make money from home.  Genius!


Me and kitty snoozing.  I was supposed to be heading to the shower but the bed was calling my name.


I took this last night, in the Taco Bell drive-thru, at midnight.  This can was sitting on his bumper.  I assume it had been there while he drove down the road to get to the drive-thru.  Either that, or it was glued to his bumper for unsuspecting bloggers to take a photo of it.


Kitty and Cheri sleeping this morning.  She’s not going to like me posting this picture here, but the kitty is so cute.  Oh yeah, you are to honey!

I know, exciting stuff.  No wonder I can’t even hit double digits in followers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

WTF Did They Just Say?

Welcome to a Special Edition of WTF did they just say? Why a special edition,  because this comes courtesy of my ex-wife’s husband, (the JackAss) and he’s a moron.

First off, I had to tell him to stop texting me because he just lies with everything he says.  He used to make fun of theEx to me, saying all kinds of things, including how he hoped she would leave him, ect.  I finally had a sit down with theEx  and told her about these texts and even showed them to her.  Then he got really pissed at me, cussed me out, blah, blah, blah.  I never respond to anything he texts me.  If you know me, you can call me whatever you want, I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

Anyways, this is theEx and Cheri.

photo 1

The white text on the left is my ex, the green is my wife.  I had forgotten to send one of Trevor’s pills to her house for the one day she was watching him.  Just spaced it, my fault.

And the last green box from Cheri when she put “accuse”, they have accused her of all kinds of things.  All of them being wrong.  They once cussed me out because they said she threw out a coat they had bought Trevor.  I forwarded a picture of it hanging in Trevor’s closet.  Didn’t get a sorry or nothing.  Just a “Oh, Trevor said you threw it away”.  How about asking instead of accusing, dumb ass.

Sorry, I got sidetracked, but the sidebar was necessary to expand on why she put accuse in quotes.  In my opinion, it was justified.  I have no idea why theEx even text Cheri instead of me.  She said because she knew I was at work, but she also knows I text all day long at work, so who the hell knows.  I’d be rich if I could explain why they do the stupid shit that they do.

Now here is where her idiot husband comes in.  You’ll notice the spelling and text in general difference when he texts, that’s how we can tell when he’s doing it from her phone.

photo 2photo 3

Now, after the first bubble up there, Cheri calls Tina, she doesn’t answer. A big shocker there because she has no backbone. Cheri left a voicemail explaining the same thing she put in the text above about why I forgot to send the pill, and told her that she does feed and clothe the children and if she isn’t women enough to answer her phone, then stop texting her.

Then she gets the next bubble on the left.  Meanwhile, Cheri keeps calling because they won’t answer the phone and she keeps receiving texts.  Finally, Wayne answers.  Cheri says “Do you feel better now?”  Their response, Wayne-“I feel better, Tina, do you feel better?”  Tina mumbled something and then Wayne said “Yeah, we feel better.”  Cheri said your making a big deal because we forgot to send 1 pill when you went for months, purposely not giving them to him?  Why not just say, hey guys, I ran out of pills, can you remember to send some next time?”  Wayne did some bitching, then said “The kids don’t even like you” he puts it on speaker phone and then ask “Hey kids, do you even like Cheri?” and then they responded “NO!!!”  Then Cheri said “Well that’s some good parenting right there, involving the kids.  You have a pleasant day” and hung up.

Now did you read all that?  you have ms.more stupid.  WTF?  Did she marry a 5 year old?

During all this, I was at work and Cheri didn’t tell me until after I got off because she knew that I’d be pissed, and she was right.  My hands were shaking I was so pissed.  I tried calling Tina when I got home and of course she didn’t answer.  I don’t have screen capture on my phone so I’ll have to type out the text I got.

“What do u need.” – Wayne

“For you to answer your phone.” – me

“Why.to complain like your wife.” – Wayne (copied like it is, I’m not that stupid.)

“Give the phone to Tina and tell her to call me.” – me

“Che doesnty wanty to talk to you or your wife.and if u have a problem with me take I up with me.not her.u no need” – Wayne

“Typical Tina, no spine.” – me

“You no.you day is comeimg very soon if i was u i would shut the fuck up because i will come to you and shut u up myuself im tired of your bad additude twords my wife.hope u can defend ur self.i tried being nice for the kids sake but I dont give a fuck bring it on jeff” – Wayne

After that I didn’t respond.  Do you realize how hard it was to type that out and keep uncorrecting the spell check and lower casing the I’s.  #1 – Other than saying she had no spine, I have never made fun of her.  He, on the other hand, has said all kinds of things about her.  I have the text’s on my phone to prove it.  #2 -


This is him, or her, or whatever.  Everybody I know that has met him, or her, has asked me if he was a guy.  He looks like a very butch woman.  So yeah, not afraid of that.  He’s the typical bully that will text anything he wants but has no balls (probably really, no balls) to say anything to me in person.

So when I pick up the kids from Tina that night.  I have the kids get in my car and ream her out.  (Sidenote – when I say ream, I mean lecture. I don’t ever yell.  Ask anyone.)  Asking her if she wants to lose the kids because that’s what’s going to happen if she can’t control her husband.  I told her (and not for the first time) that the only time we have issues is when her husband gets involved.  Tina and I get along fine until he opens his yap, or should I say, types with his fingers.  I have issues with Tina, yes, but nothing big until he’s in the mix.  I also reamed her out for not taking Samantha to her softball practice on Sunday afternoon.  I told her I do everything I can to get you more time with the kids, every weekend and most days off school, and this is what I have to deal with. I left it with this, and I’ll direct quote it for you.

“And tell your husband, he knows where I live, come on over anytime when the kids aren’t home.  You better get a leash on your bitch before I put him down”

On the way home, I reamed out my kids for saying what they did, but I didn’t punish them further because they never should have been involved in the first place.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I was extremely disappointed with both of them.

Then later that night, I send a text to Tina telling her Samantha has a game Tuesday night so I need her bat bag before then.  No response.  So Monday morning, I send the text again.  No response.  So I started to send the same exact text every hour.  All in all, I sent 7 text’s before I got a response.  Here’s how that went.

“Ity at ur moms” – Wayne

“What?” – me

“We tyook tyo yourt mommys house big boy.its on the porch.” – Wayne

So deciphered, they dropped it off at my mom’s on her porch.  But once again, you see who’s answering her phone.  So I no longer can communicate with the mother of my children because he controls everything she does now.

He’s such an idiot.  Do you see what I have to deal with.  I have never tried to take the kids from their mother, but at this point, I just want her to go away.  And I have no problem kicking his ass, but I was raised to not start fights.  But I guarantee if he swings at me, I’m tearing him apart.  And if you know me, I am not violent in any way.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gossipy Idiots

Let’s start this story with some background.  My shift right now is 7am-3pm Monday-Friday.  Then if we are busy (which we have been) we’ll work Saturday’s and occasionally Sundays.  Well they announced last week that we are changing to 4 shifts and 12 hour days.  So we will be working 2 days on, 2 days off, 3 days on, 2 days off, ect.  Working Friday, Saturday and Sunday every other weekend.  So essentially this paragraph is to tell you, people are upset.  Lots of quitting and looking for other jobs in the next few weeks.  Tensions are high.

With the additions of the new shift come new job opportunities.  Yesterday, I heard a rumor going around that I was asked to take a supervisor position.  I was never asked.  This morning I heard a rumor that I was asked to take a position in the lab.  I was never asked.  Point of fact, yesterday, I told them I no longer want to be used as the backup for either lab position.  Both these rumors came from the unracking area, as most of the rumors in the plant do.  It’s mostly women down there and you women just love to gossip.

I walked in to the breakroom on my 1st break which coincidentally is the same time unracking is in the breakroom.  I walked in and started talking to Mo and everyone loudly (I cleaned up the language, I’m a bit of a potty mouth at work, sorry mom)

“I don’t know why your area feels the need to talk about me, I don’t talk about you people, I don’t care about you people.  All I hear is that this place has asked me to take a few positions.  This place don’t care about me anymore than you do.  This place doesn’t even like me like you people think they do.  I’m sure you people have better things to gossip about than me.”

Then I sat down in the corner and ate my breakfast.  They finished their break and headed out to work.  A little later, I’m back doing my job, and I hear that unracking is talking about how pissed I am.  I do tend to have a reputation of speaking my mind, I don’t hold back, to most everyone.  Now I’m always in control of what I’m saying, but it usually seems like I’m not.  I’ve even been accused of being a hot head which is so far from the truth.  I’m so laid back and don’t care that it takes a lot, and I mean A LOT to piss me off.  Now what I said to them up above, wasn’t said in anger.  I really don’t care what people talk about.  I really don’t care if they talk about me.  I once was accused of being gay by a homophobe.  Did I get angry?  Hell no!  I hit on him.  Told him he was looking mighty fine.  He got the point.  As did these women up above.

A little later, I told the crane operator about it and told him to go downstairs and tell them that I was up here cussing up a storm and was all pissed off at him.  Then a little later after that I ran into him again and he told me that he should tell them that I said when I become a supervisor that I was going to fire all of them.  I loved it, I told him to do it.

Awhile later, maybe an hour or so before we left, Miguel tells me that he told them he didn’t think I was pissed and he takes me down to the shuttle area and calls over Tammy because she was the one that the rumor came from.  As she was walking up, I yelled down at her

“Why the hell do you always have to be running your mouth”

Again, I cleaned up the language, you get the idea.  She stood there stunned.  Then I busted up laughing.  She wasn’t quite sure what to say.  I explained to her that I wasn’t pissed, I never was.  That you guys just love to talk.  She told me that Mo was upset that I called her out and yelled at her.  So I went down and found her, because unlike most of them in unracking, Mo and I are friends.  I walked up and she busted up laughing.  She said

“Good one, you had them all going, it didn’t take but 30 seconds once they got out of the breakroom before they started talking about how pissed you were.”

So I asked her if she thought I was mad or called her out because that’s what I was told.  She said no, I know you better than that, plus you were smiling while you were talking.  So we chatted a bit about how much the people down there are gossipy idiots.  So basically, I had fun screwing with everyone down there.

I used to screw with people all the time.  I’ve been trying to be on better behavior at work so I haven’t been starting anything.  But today reminded me how much I enjoy screwing with people.  I really need to start doing that again.  It was the first day I had at work in a long time, where I actually had fun.  Even with all the BS about our hours changing.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


A nurse came by yesterday and taught us about giving my wife’s injections of Copaxone.  We had done a bunch of other medicine injections before so we knew the basics anyways, but Nora taught us a few other tips so we definitely appreciated her coming by.  She even said I was the best husband that she has ever taught.  She said that I was very attentive.  I don’t think that says as much about me as it does all the other husbands.  It’s going to be a huge part of your wife’s life, why wouldn’t you pay attention.

I had always given Cheri her injections, so the nurse had Cheri give herself one yesterday, and in a place she had never taken an injection before because she was afraid to get one there, her stomach.  She did it just fine.  She made fun of my look while she was doing it, she said I had a “so proud of you” look.  Which is what I felt, and apparently shown on my face.

We use the manual injection rather than the injector pens because they cram all the medicine into her at once and it usually burns.  We’ve found with the manual injections, I can push the plunger really slow and it takes away a lot of the burning.  They’ve been a lot easier on her.

I ended up giving her the shot this evening as I will probably do again from now on.  At least I know if she has to, she can give herself one.  Tonight’s injection only had one minor hitch.  After I pulled the needle out, I dropped it.  And as my habit, I tried to catch it.  The needle poked me but didn’t break skin because of the angle it hit me.  So nothing major.

It did bring back the memory of once I used to work with a solder iron and dropped it.  I caught it though, pinned it against the table and burned my hand.  I didn’t learn then, so I probably won’t learn now.  It takes a few times before I figure things out.  Just ask my mom, I’m a slow learner.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MS Walk: 2012


If you’ve been following me any, then you know that my family and I did a MS walk last Saturday.  We did one last year just after Cheri was diagnosed but it was in Highland, IN.  We had already missed our local one.  This year we got in the local one, it was much bigger than last years.  A lot more walkers.  It started on the IUSB (Indiana University – South Bend) campus and we walked along a sidewalk along the river.  Or the “River Walk” as South Bend has named it.  Probably spent thousands of dollars coming up with the name.  We got there early and got registered and got our free t-shirts (being modeled by my awesome grandmother below).  We turned in our donations and waited for the walk to start.

While we waited, we took a couple of team shots.  One with my grandma.


And one with my mom.


Guess none of us thought of grabbing one of the thousands of other people there to take a picture of the whole team.  It was still early, we were half asleep.


And of course the happy couple sporting the team shirts that my lovely wife designed.  The orange ribbon for MS with Team Laws across it.  And she was especially proud of how she made the footsteps start dark and big and got lighter and smaller the more they walked.  She did a great job on these.

T-Shirts - Custom T-Shirts - Shirt Screen Printers - Design Online at CustomInk                     T-Shirts - Custom T-Shirts - Shirt Screen Printers - Design Online at CustomInk(1)

front                                                         back

Cheri was feeling pretty good on this morning and we opted to go for the 2.5 mile walk.  Last year we did the mile and it took everything it could for Cheri to finish it.  But she’s been doing a little better the last month or so with the help of a chiropractor.  We started off and Cheri was raring to go.  She has a much faster pace than the rest of us do.  She claims her body can’t walk that slow.  She hits that fast pace and can’t slow down till she stops because if she does, she won’t make it.

DSCN2373     DSCN2374


But in the end, we all made it to the finish line.


That’s my bald head under the F in finish and my grandmother to my left (your right).  And Trevor is leading the pack with Samantha just behind him.


I like this picture of Samantha and Trevor.  They both look so grown up.

While Cheri did make it the whole 2.5 miles, she was hurting when she was done.  Her feet were hurting (which used to be a real problem, not so much anymore) and her hand had a spasm and was froze into kind of a fist and she couldn’t move it.  After taking some meds and relaxing some she finally got her hand moving again.  But the worst part for her, is her hand has been a little swollen since the walk, so she still can’t put her wedding rings back on and that upsets her.  She needs to get those on so I quit fighting off the men trying to get them some of that.

It was a good day for the walk, the weather was great.  But the real reason we were there, was to raise money for the MS Society.  With the help of some of my blogger friends and real life friends, family and coworkers, we raised a decent amount for our team.  After everything was totaled, Team Laws ended up in 11th place for amount of money raised.  That’s pretty awesome.  And we raised close to 3 times the amount we did last year.  I believe the goal for the weekend was $72,000 but I don’t know if we reached it or not.

dscn09     MSribbon2     dscn10


My wife is pretty amazing.  She put her heart and her feet into raising money for this.  She got our team together, designed the shirts, setup Facebook pages and Tweeted for donations.  She doesn’t get to hear it very often, but she is pretty incredible.  I’m especially proud of her for taking on the walk and beating it.


And mad props to my mom, who always supports everything we do.  Whether it be this MS walk to supporting her grandchildren at scouts and baseball/softball.  And she’s a survivor, she survived raising my brother and I, that’s amazing in itself.


And a big thanks to all of you who donated and supported this cause.  It means nothing without all your financial support.  If you’ve been meaning to donate and you forgot, don’t worry, you still can.  Click the link below for up to 30 days from last Saturday.

National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012

And lastly, as I was proofreading this before posting it, there is one thing I would like to also tell my mother.  The date on your camera is off, by a day.  You ruined my whole post, I’m so disappointed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Assistant Coach vs. Head Coach

You’ll have to wait another day for the MS walk 2012 post.  I haven’t gotten over to my mom’s to grab the photo’s that she took.  We only took a few and my mom has the one of us crossing the finish line.  So be patient and I’ll eventually get it out.

I had a practice with Trevor’s team tonight.  I’ve decided that I definitely prefer assistant coaching to the head coach position.  Tonight’s practice was in the batting cages.  So basically all I did was stand just behind the kid hitting and help them with their swings.  Gave them some tips, did a few things to help them connect with the ball, and watched them grow.  All my kids hit the ball at least a few times.  I’ve got a few kids that have yet to connect with the ball in a game (including my son) so let’s see how well they do on Friday night when we get out in a game.

Like I said above, I like the assistant position because I actually get to get in with the kid and help them learn the game, where as the head coach, I have to work with the whole team at once.  I have to deal with the lineups, switching positions after a couple of innings, making sure parents are contacted about games and practices.  Blah!  I just want to teach the kids the game I love.

I’ll admit it was very satisfying when I watch a kid miss a few pitches, I correct their stance or have them try something for a few more pitches, then have them start to connect with the ball.  I’m not turning the boys into all-stars, but the smiles they get when they finally hit the ball is pretty awesome.  One of the boys who haven’t hit yet started to get the ball tonight.  His grandmother was talking to Cheri a few weeks ago, and said that his coach from last year didn’t work with him at all.  Just threw him out there to fail.  So she was excited that I’m actually working with him.  I just hope he can get a hit in a game.  He tends to chop at the ball so tonight I was working with him taking a full swing so I just hope he doesn’t revert back to chopping at it.

Trevor has a really good swing but has trouble connecting with the ball.  The hand/eye coordination isn’t quite there yet.  I got him to connect on a couple tonight.  3 to be exact, he counted.  I talked with him on the way home and let him know that if he doesn’t like baseball, that it’s ok.  He said he still likes it and he has fun playing.  Which is all I need.  I’m not going to push my kids in sports they don’t want to play.

So in closing, I definitely prefer assisting.  Let someone else deal with all the headaches, like the parents, snacks, blah, blah, blah.  Let’s just play some baseball.  But I guess as long as I have kids playing, I’ll always be an assistant.  Maybe not to the team, but to them.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My kids and sleep

So I’m putting my kids to bed tonight, they are going to bed early because they were just tired and cranky today.  Samantha cried at the table because we called her drama queen, which we call her all the time without the extra drama.  She took an hour to eat because she thought it was too spicy.  I hate spicy, believe me, I would have noticed.  Plus Cheri said they were both especially slow and cranky this morning getting ready for school.

Doesn’t surprise me that they were tired, we had a busy weekend as you know.  But on top of that stuff, you have to remember they stayed at their mom’s on Saturday night.  And even though I have asked her not to let them stay up too late, she always lets them.  But as I’m putting them to bed tonight, Samantha was questioning why she had to go to bed at the same time as Trevor.  She normally goes an hour later.  So I told her that she’s tired and cranky and needs more sleep.  She then proceeded to tell me that when they were at their mom’s, she woke them up at 1am because the cat had gotten outside and they needed to help look for it.

Are you freaking kidding me?  She WOKE THEM UP to look for a DAMN CAT!  This woman says she loves her damn pets, but she takes little care of them.  Keeps them for a few months and then gets rid of them.  Then starts all over.  My kids have probably had 30 pets in the last year and a half at her house.  I believe that the current count of pets is a dog and 2 cats.  So I guess she loves them about as much as her kids, because when the kids get old enough to know better, she’ll be gradually pushing them away as well.  I just hope she hasn’t screwed them up so much that they can’t recover.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wore out

We are wore out this evening.  Friday night, Samantha had a ball game so we spent a couple hours out there.  Saturday morning was the MS walk, which went great.  Cheri decided she was going to try to do the 2.5 mile walk so we headed out and did it.  She took off, she’s a much faster paced walker than I am.  I annoy her because I just take my time and stroll while she’s off to the races.  I guess I’m just never in a hurry.  She made it, the whole 2.5 miles, but with consequences.  Her feet hurt, but worse her left hand went into a spasm and froze in a fist.  She took some meds after the race and eventually got her hand back.  I’ll make another post about the walk itself when I get around to downloading the few pictures that were taken.  But we all survived.  Our walkers included Cheri and I, Samantha and Trevor, my mom and my grandmother.  That was team Laws.

We got done, had some lunch and sat around most of the evening.  We were both feeling pretty good.  I figured it wouldn’t hit until this morning.  But all we did was walk and I walk all day long at work so I figured I’d be ok.  Well, this morning rolled around and we both actually didn’t hurt.  We were rather pumped.  Then at 2 today, Trevor had a game so Cheri and I were out at the diamonds again for a few hours of coaching.  Not sure what happened.  But between me standing on the field all game, and Cheri standing in the dugout all game.  It wore us out.  We went to grab some lunch and just some quick groceries and came home so we could relax.  We weren’t tired, but our bodies were extremely exhausted.  Just as I’m about to fall asleep on the couch, I get a phone call.  My step dad needed help moving a fridge.  So I went and did that and eventually made it back home.  Odd thing was, once I was up and helping with the fridge, my exhaustion went away.  So I’m not sure what happened there.  But I came home feeling pretty good.

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  Maybe I can get back to some regular posting this week.  I have a practice with my team on Tuesday, Samantha has a game Thursday, Trevor has a game Friday, and both play Saturday.  So maybe I won’t get back to regular posting.  I’ll try to get the MS walk post done tomorrow.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Growing Pains

It’s late, I’m bored and I don’t feel like reading blogs.  So I’m going through past blog posts on this blog.  I originally started this blog on Feb. 22, 2011.  I used to use it as more of a journal of what I was doing daily.  I’m starting at the older ones and reading to the current ones.  Figured I’d make some notes along the way.

  • I did humor posts all the way back then.  Just pictures of crap I find funny.  Guess that hasn’t changed.
  • This post from Feb, 23rd, 2011, I made the comment that I was going to try my Kindle app on my phone to read.  Boy have I grown there.  Now I use the Kindle Fire.
  • On this post – Work from Feb, 24th, 2011.  I made the comment that where I work would never pay for us to have uniforms.  Here I am, a little over a year later, wearing uniforms to work that they pay for.  Little do the rest of the employee that enjoy free uniforms know, I’m the one that pushed for them to pay for them.  Check out the post to see my work clothes and why I wanted uniforms.
  • Made fun of my Wife’s memory on Feb. 26th, 2011.  Little did I realize at the time, that there was a medical reason.  At least that’s what she blames it on.
  • TV & Movie guide – 2/22 – 2/27.  I kept track of everything I watched.  Hehe.  Sounds familiar.  I should have thought of building a social website where you can check in to what your watching.  Like I do now with GetGlue.com.  I could have been rich, rich I tell you.
  • Weekend Update, March 19th, 2011 – I’m just posting this quote that I said.  “Lesson for this week: Never trust the system, honesty will always kick you in the ass. Lie, lie, lie. The system doesn't know what to do when confronted with the truth.
  • New Blog & Apparently I’m Old (March 29th, 2011) – Announced my sports blog.  I’m guessing my focus on this blog goes away for awhile after a few posts.
  • Mother’s Day (May 8th, 2011) – A nice post I wrote about my mom.
  • Deadbeat Parents (June 3rd, 2011) – A post about, you guessed it, deadbeat parents.  I could post about them daily.  I’m surrounded by them.
  • I love my wife (June 9th, 2011) – This was posted a few weeks after she was diagnosed with MS.
  • MSS, that’s me (July 5th, 2011) – My fears in dealing with my wife’s MS.
  • Samantha’s Party (July 7th, 2011) – A post about my daughter’s birthday party.  But what makes this worthwhile, go and check out the picture on how I taught my daughter to swim in the deep end.  I look like a bad ass.  Yeah!
  • This is one of my most popular posts, stats wise.  Please teach your kids (Oct 2nd, 2011) was after my kids and I were in the car and a guy on a bike cut in front of me and ended up smashing a hole through my windshield.
  • We so looked forward to this trip to Chicago, and it was a huge disappointment.
  • Here’s where I decided to use this blog for what it was intended, so I could write (Feb 3rd, 2012).  You’ll have to read that blog and click the link to the blog post on my sports blog that inspired it all.
  • Another popular post from Feb 19th, 2012 about raising kids
  • A true post about what my wife has to deal with on a daily basis when dealing with her genetic disaster (March 3rd, 2012)

This is pretty much where Random Thoughts from a Random Guy progressed to what it is today.  It was kind of cool for me reminiscing over the past year.  Next time I go back and read, it will be even better because now I put a lot more of my thoughts on the blog for everybody to read.  Here’s to another year of blogging, hopefully you enjoyed this journey in my growth as a blogger.  And I realize I’m not that great at this whole blogging thing, but I’ve progressed some, hopefully I will continue to do so.

Shut Up!

Warning, I use dirty words in this post.

I'm sitting here in the break room, headphones on, because people just can't shut the hell up.  TK, the guy is sitting right in front of you, we don't all need to hear your conversation, shut the fuck up! That goes for you to Mack.  And just because you think it's funny, doesn't mean you have to laugh as loud as you can while clapping your hands.  You idiots remind me of little kids starving for attention.  Grow up already.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catching Up

I’ve been getting a little sporadic as of late.  My boring life has become busy with baseball season rolling around.  As you know, I am now coaching my son’s team because they couldn’t find anyone else.  I’m also assisting Samantha’s coach at her games.  So now 4 nights a week, you can find me at the ballpark.

Saturday was Opening day.  I took a vacation day off of posted overtime at work so I could be there at 9am for ceremony’s, noon for Samantha’s game and 2 for Trevor’s game.  It was crappy weather, rained all morning.  First they delayed opening day ceremony’s until 10 hoping the rain would break.  It didn’t.  At 10 we went ahead and did it in the rain and got soaked.  They ended up cancelling both games.  So basically, I wasted 8 hours of time and a half to stand in the rain.

Sunday, I went to work for some double time, but had to request to leave early because they rescheduled both games for Sunday afternoon.  Luckily my boss is a coach, so he understands.  I had to take a point though because I hadn’t previously put in a vacation day for it.  Good thing I don’t ever call in so I have plenty of points to give.  Samantha lost her game, I missed the end of it because I had to leave to start coaching Trevor’s game.  Trevor lost his but at his age they don’t keep track of scores.  That game was my coaching debut.

Monday night, Trevor’s game ended up being cancelled as well as Samantha’s practice.  Just chilled at home, wasn’t really in the mood to do anything but relax.

Tuesday night, Samantha played a game in the drizzle.  She walked all 3 at bats, which was a definite improvement from last week.  Scored once, got left on base once, and got called out because the coach touched her rounding third which is a big no-no.  He was sending her home so she rounded and then changed his mind, yelled no, get back, and grabbed her to stop her.  So it definitely wasn’t her fault.  I’m enjoying watching her games more since they are actually playing closer to the real rules of baseball.

I haven’t done anything tonight but sat my butt on the couch and chilled.  Right now, I’m watching the Sox game, which you would know if you check out the widget over there to the right and probably down a bit.  Cheri went to bed already so I can watch it guilt free without feeling bad for making her watch it.  I try to tell myself she loves baseball when I watch games with her.  Even though I’m a pretty good liar, I apparently can’t lie to myself very well.  She hates watching baseball.  I feel bad that I suckered her in to help with Trevor’s team as well.  But she’s a big help so I can’t tell her not to.

One productive thing I did do tonight, was finish my blog roll.  I now have all the blogs I read (non-sports related) listed in the blog roll to the right, and down probably.  It went from 70 blogs to 174 blogs.  My sports and sports cards blogs (which I also update tonight) equals 263.  Add all those up, and a few other that aren’t related to those 3 lists and you get the grand total of 519.  That’s how many blog feeds I read in my Google Reader.  So now you understand why I tend to get behind on my blog reading.  Which is what I’m going to go do now.  Since I can now barely move my left arm.


Stupid cat!  Good thing I’m a nice guy and don’t like to disturb her.  Eventually I’ll have to when my arm falls asleep.  Just for the record, and because my wife will get upset if I didn’t explain, the trash bag in the background are clothes for Goodwill.  We don’t store our trash in the living room.  Cheri would freak!

Before I go, Saturday is our MS walk, if you want to still donate, click the banner below.  For those of you who have donated, thank you so much, it was greatly appreciated.

Click the following banner to donate to the National MS Society and support our cause. To view our personal involvement, click MS Sucks!

National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012