Sunday, August 11, 2019

Damn Teenagers

I feel like I should post here but I don't really have much to say. I probably feel that way because I told a guy at work that I post here and I know he went to the blog, whether or not he does again is the question.

I got a few issues I guess I can discuss. The first being my teenage daughter. She's a good kid as far as getting into trouble and doing things she's not supposed to do but I worry about her for other reasons. She is so co-dependent with her girlfriend that she has no other friends and has no desire to have any friends. Now, part of that is my fault because I don't really hang out with anyone other than my wife but it's not like I go out of my way to not have friends. I have friends at work, people I talk to, I go golfing once a week with a guy from work. The difference between herself and I is that I don't turn down things when people invite me to do things. Whether my wife goes or not, I'll go without her. Samantha has absolutely nothing to do with anyone unless there is a reason she can't be talking to her girlfriend. Her girlfriend was away for 4 or 5 days, all of the sudden, she's hanging out with another friend. As soon as her girlfriend is available again, haven't seen the friend since.

That's not the part that worries me the most. The part that worries more is her need for drama. If you're a regular reader (if I still have any), I have access to her phone and anytime I think I need to check it, I check it. Well, while her girlfriend was gone (she was in the hospital without her phone), she would text her only it wasn't, just thinking about you, or hope you're getting better or something like that. She talked about how horrible she's doing. I'm so lost without you, I'm so bad off that my friend has to hang out with me. That's an issue, it's all about her. Now, she's not that way with us much because we'll call her out on it but the need for everything to be about her is ridiculous. I'll be honest, I used to love to hang out with her, now, not so much.

She likes to tell people that she's just like me. Um, no you aren't. I don't have to rely on anyone else to make myself feel good. I love being alone and having alone time. I hate drama and want nothing to do with it. I go eat by myself, I've gone to the movies by myself. If you're not with your girlfriend, you're hiding in your room.

Don't get me wrong, I love her with all my heart but if I were honest, I'm just looking forward to her growing up and getting out of this "teenage" phase so I can have some kind of relationship with her again. This, you don't understand mental illness stage has got to go. It's time for her to grow up and realize her "life" is exactly where she's putting herself. I try to give advice but she doesn't want to listen. She's a teenager, she knows everything.

I guess had more to say about that than I thought so I'll leave this post at that.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Cross Post From MSO

This is a post from my sports related blog (My Sports Obsession) but I thought it fit in here as well since it is personal.

I didn't get any cards today, it is a Sunday after all, but yesterday I did some rearranging in my downstairs level. My grandfather died  a few years ago and I grabbed his desk and put it in storage. My wife was in the storage and it was annoying her so I took it out and set it up in the den. I pulled a dresser out as well and kind of made a "man cave" even though it really isn't. It's still a usable room with a couch and TV but nobody really uses it. I also can't leave my cards out all over because I have a stupid cat that likes to chew on cardboard, so I can't even leave the boxes of cards out because she'll chew on the boxes. When it's all said and done, I can only do so much because the room was painted red when we moved in and we never changed it. I'll probably rarely use it but at least I got to move my cards out of storage to where I can access them easier. My books were in the bedroom on a shelf and it gave my wife some of her shelf room back.

Here's is the aforementioned desk. As you can see, it's pretty nice, and huge. You can also see the red walls. The wife and I picked up a few things that could go on the walls and still match, plus I snuck a few things in as well. We'll go left to right on the desk.

This is my stack of magazines, programs, folders, ect. They are acting as my book ends until I can find a decent set that go with the room. The card books shown are (L to R) Tier 3 collections are in the first 2 books, and the last book has my Michigan collection as well as auto's and relics that are team collections and not player collections.

Next to the books, on the desk shelf are 2 bats that came from the Louisville Slugger museum that my mom picked up for me. The helmet was from the greek fries that I got at the last Sox game I went to, earlier this year. There's also my DVD's from the 2005 Sox.

The stuff on the top middle of the desk isn't really anything yet. The lamp was just thrown there to get it out of the way.

If you know my collections, than you are really confused by these 3 items. They were also my grandfathers and my grandmother gave them to me. On the left is a mug commemorating Mark McGwire's race to 70 HR's back in 1998. The middle is a Coke bottle with the St. Louis Cardinals on it and on the right is a Joe Montana beer stein. In case you haven't figured it out, he was a Cardinals fan, and a Notre Dame fan. As much as it pains me to have a ND alumn on my desk, I figured it was ok since he is one of the all-time greats, and he's in a pro jersey.

Beside that shelf and to the far right of my desk are my other card books. (L to R) Paul Konerko Collection, Tom Seaver Collection, the rest of my Tier 1 Collections, and the last 2 books are my Tier 2 Collections. As I said before, I don't have book ends so I'm using my Scott Podsednik bobble head for one on this side.

A little better view of the bobble head, or at least the box. When I get an actual room, I may break it out of the box.

Next, I'll go from left to right up on the wall above the desk

This photo is of myself, my brother and 2 cousins back when we were in little league. My grandmother made these for all 4 of us boys. I'm on the left and Sluggo is the other in yellow for the regulars who may know him by name.


These are above the right side of the desk. We picked these up at Hobby Lobby along with some stuff below.

As you can see, next to the desk is the dresser I pulled out. In the top drawer are my non-collection cards and Baseball Collection, 2nd drawer is full of empty boxes and such, 3rd drawer contains the Vintage Collection and the bottom drawer has my White Sox Collection in it.

Above the desk and dresser are these other 2 from Hobby Lobby. My wife did a pretty good job of picking all this stuff out that went with the walls. That's pretty much just one corner and wall of the room which I have claimed as mine but if you look around the room on shelves and walls, I have other stuff laying around.

There are a few Michigan things, it's hard to put that stuff up because of all the red in the room.

Last but not least, this is above the couch. Another Hobby Lobby pickup by the wife.

I have a bunch of other stuff that I could put up but a lot of it is in boxes in storage and I'm not going to drag all of that up until I actually get my real Man Cave, which will be in a year or 2 when I start kicking kids out and taking one of their rooms. For now, this little corner will do when I need to work on cards (or to be honest, get away from the wife for a bit.)

Thursday, July 18, 2019

the Walking Fat

If you remember way back at the beginning of 2017, I started tracking my walking on a map just to see how far I'd get with my daily steps. I changed it up a little after I started and decided to walk to all the MLB and Big Ten stadiums and if I go by others I'll log them. Well, the last stadium I was at was in Colorado and from there I went to Seattle, there is a whole lot of nothing between those cities which is why I haven't really posted about it much. I'm finally in Seattle so you finally get another stadium post. Sadly, it really didn't look that impressive from the ground.

Only thing I know about this stadium is the retractable roof and when I watch games there (on TV), I always hear horns in the background because of the train tracks next to the stadium. Oh, and the Mariners play there.

I also noticed the Seahawks stadium was next door so I went around it as well. So let's see where that puts us on our tour.
  1. Guaranteed Rate Field (Chicago White Sox - MLB)
  2. Soldier Field (Chicago Bears - NFL)
  3. Ryan Field (Northwestern Wildcates - B1G)
  4. Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs - MLB)
  5. Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers - MLB)
  6. Camp Randall (Wisconsin Badgers - B1G)
  7. TCF Bank Stadium (Minnesota Golden Gophers - B1G)
  8. Target Field (Minnesota Twins - MLB)
  9. Kinnick Stadium (Iowa Hawkeyes - B1G)
  10. Memorial Stadium (Nebraska Cornhuskers - B1G)
  11. Coors Field (Colorado Rockies - MLB)
  12. Pepsi Center (Denver Nuggets - NBA)
  13. Mile High Stadium (Denver Broncoes - NFL)
  14. T-Mobile Park (Seattle Mariners - MLB)
  15. Centurylink Field (Seattle Seahawks - NFL)
So that's my 6th MLB stadium and my 3rd NFL Stadium.

Day 928 - Seattle, WA (3108.2 miles)

Goal - 1,500 miles (4.1 miles/day)
Currently - 719.8 miles (3.64 miles/day)

As you can see, I'm below my goal pace but I don't really go "walking" anymore. Most of my steps come from work and a little around the house. I have already matched my days with 10,000 or more steps from last year and we still have 4 1/2 months to go. I don't know what all that means, but it is what it is.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Stealing #6

I just got back from Virginia for the week. We left on Tuesday and came back yesterday. We didn't do much "fun" stuff, it was all about spending time with family and friends. I ran off from the in-laws for a couple of days to spend time with my cousin and family outside Asheville, NC. Not much more to say about that, like I said, it was all about spending time with family and friends.

I ran into this Sunday Stealing post and liked the questions so here goes.

1. Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?  Yeah, could always use more money but my life is way better now than any other part of my life.
2. Do you drink enough water?  Nope, my wife tells me all the time.
3. When was the last time you ate at Burger King?  Week or two. We don't have it a lot but occasionally.
4. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?  Mountains, not even a contest. Love the mountains, hate the beach.
5. How do you usually feel when you wake up on a morning?  Sore, very sore.
6. Would you rather take someone on a date or be taken on a date?  Doesn't make a difference to me, it's all about the time spent not the quality of the date.
7. When was the last time you wore high heeled shoes?  Um, never.
8. Vodka or wine?  Vodka, I rarely drink but I prefer hard liquor when I do.
9. How often do you cry?  Rarely do I cry cry, but I tear up all the time. I'm an emotional guy.
10. Ever had a crush on a teacher?  Probably, I would assume most boys do at one time or another.
11. Can you wire a plug?  Nope.
12. Do you wear socks to bed?  Yep, wear them all the time. My feet get cold, I get cold.
13. What is currently bugging you?  The damn teenagers in my house, or I should say 2 of the 3 teenagers in the house.
14. Can you change a car tire?  Yes, changed many of them.
15. Have you met more than ten celebrities?  No, definitely not. Can only think of 2.
16. Do you sleep naked?  Almost. I used to before kids were roaming the house.
17. What was the best music gig you’ve ever attended?  Nothing comes to mind, I've been to hundreds of concerts but nothing stands out.
18. Have you ever had sexual feelings for anyone you follow online?  Sexual feelings as in she's hot and I'd like to see her naked, sure. Sexual feelings as in I want to tap that, no.
19. Who is someone who has changed your life positively?  Cheri, she's the reason I can answer question 1 like I did.
20. Favorite city?  I guess Chicago.
21. Can you drive?  Got my license the first day the law allowed.
22. Cigarettes or alcohol?  Neither. Smoked 1 cigarette in my life. I drink alcohol but very rarely.
23. Favorite and least favorite accents?  Accents do nothing for me, as long as I can understand what they are saying, that's my favorite.
24. Did you play Red Rover when you were a child?  Yes.
25. Do you like 1980s fashion? No, only thing that should survive the 80's is the music. The rest of it needs to stay there.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Stealing #5

I haven't posted in awhile, I start to post, than I slack off. I ran across this Sunday Stealing and it was about music so I figured it'd be a good post.

Questions from Unusual Music

1. A song that gives you goosebumps.  There's a few but Watch the Lamb by Ray Boltz always does it to me. Almost Home by Craig Morgan is a more recent one that does.

2. A song you hated once but now love.  I can't think of any, there's a bunch that grew on me but I wouldn't say I hated them.

3. Do you remember your first CD?  My first CD would be a bunch of them because I had to replace all the cassettes stolen out of my car. I refused to buy CD's until I had no music to listen to. My first cassette I purchased was Emotions in Motions by Billy Squier.

4. Has your music taste changed much since childhood?  Most definitely. I hated Country, now I listen to it. I used to listen to some pop and rap, now I'm not a big fan. I can tolerate some of it but not most of it.

5. Favorite genre?  Most versions of Rock.

6. What’s a genre or style of music that you just don’t understand?  I listened to most anything so I can't think of a genre that I just can't stand.

7. Do you have a process for listening to music, such as listening to the instruments more than words?  Depends on my mood, some days I just want to jam to some loud music, other days I listen to the lyrics.

8. What’s your favorite thing about your favorite song?  It's a classic Rock song. I really get into certain songs for awhile, but they never seem to last like my favorite does.

9. Do you have a favorite decade for music?  I listen to all decades but if I had to pick a decade it'll probably be the 80's. That genre is probably in the top 3 or 4 on my playlist.

10. Can you play any instruments?  Nope

11. Do you remember your first favorite song?  Not really. I wasn't really "into" music until I was an adult.

12. What was the first concert you ever attended?  Back when I strictly listened to Christian music, I probably went to hundreds of concerts but I have no idea which was my first.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Last Songs For Music Monday

I had a slow week in music because a lot of my listening comes at work and I only "worked" 2 days this week. Monday was Memorial day so I had it off. Tuesday I had a vacation day. Wednesday I worked. Thursday I worked but I was at a conference all day so I couldn't listen to music. Friday I worked but it was a bad day and ended up being half a day and I haven't done much this weekend.

It's a little Rock heavy this week but it is all random so get what you get.

The stats.
  • Songs on the Playlist - 3,373 songs (up 7 songs from last week.)
  • Songs listened to this week - 233 songs (down 288 from last week.)

  • Listened to the 50th song by Elvis Presley since 2018 on Monday.
  • Listened to the 100th song by Metallica since 2018 on Wednesday.

  • Listened to the 100th song by Halestorm this year on Wednesday.
Monday - The Best of Times by Styx
Genre - Classic Rock

Tuesday - That's All by Genesis
Genre - 80's

Wednesday - Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg
Genre - Soft Rock

Thursday - Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch
Genre - Rock

Friday - Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
Genre - Country

Saturday - Fake It by Seether
Genre - Rock

Sunday - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle
Genre - Country

Monday, May 27, 2019

Last Songs for Music Monday

I started this a couple of weeks ago and I decided I was going to try to move it to Monday's because I always liked the "Music Monday" term.

First up, the stats.
  • Songs on the Playlist - 3,366 (up 3 songs from last post)
  • Songs listened to this week - 521 songs (down 39 songs from last post)
  • Listened to the 50th song by OneRepublic since 2018 on Monday.
  • Listened to the 100th song by Colbie Caillat since 2018 on Monday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by the Doobie Brothers since 2018 on Tuesday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Def Leppard since 2018 on Tuesday.
  • Listened to the 100th song by Linkin Park since 2018 on Tuesday.
  • Listened to the 100th song by DeGarmo & Key since 2018 on Thursday.
  • Listened to the 100th song by Three Days Grace since 2018 on Friday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Frank Sinatra this year on Wednesday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Tim McGraw this year on Wednesday.
  • Listened to the 150th song by DC Talk this year on Wednesday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Prince this year on Thursday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Journey this year on Friday.

Monday - On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men
Genre - R&B

Tuesday - Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
Genre - Rock

Wednesday - Get Back Up by TobyMac
Genre - Christian

Thursday - Some Beach by Blake Shelton
Genre - Country

Friday - Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen
Genre - 80's, Rock

Saturday - Ready Set Roll by Chase Rice
Genre - Country

Sunday - 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins
Genre - Indie, Rock

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Not so great week

It hasn't been a great week for me, hopefully things will get better.

Monday I went to work to find out one of my friends died early that morning. He was having chest pains and we believe he was driving himself to the hospital when he had a horrible crash. Coroner believes he died of a heart attack before the crash so he didn't suffer in that. He was only 52. It's been a pretty somber week at work.

On Tuesday, my boss informed me that he put in his 2 weeks notice. This boss is the reason I have the job I do. We worked at a different place together for 15 years and than I left and eventually he left and than he got me transferred to where I'm at. I really like the job and it's been great for us. I can survive without him. I can still contact him and will probably see him a little but what fears me more is who we end up with as a boss. I think I'm going to put in for the job but I doubt I'll get it. I'm not "enthusiastic" enough for them.

Wednesday I went golfing so there is that. Not that I had a great day golfing but it's always nice to be out there.

Thursday my daughter was all kinds of attitude because my wife texted her and told her not to make plans tonight so they could complete their chores. Than later on, I texted them not to make plans for Saturday because we were all going to work in the yard. She gets pissed at the stupidest things and just carries it forever instead of just letting things go. Chores are weekly and we ask the kids to help us in the yard once a year, in the spring. She acts like we make her do all kinds of things. Their chores took an hour and the yard work was maybe 3 hours. Heaven forbid we ask for 4 hours out of her life. Stupid teenagers.

Friday, I got off work early and came home to my wife asking me to run to Walmart to pick up groceries because they were ready. No biggy, it's right up the road. Pull up, check in and they bring it all out and load the car. Wrong! I pull up and check in to only realize that she put the wrong Walmart address in so I ended up having to drive all the way out to a further one, about 20 minutes. As I'm pulling in, I get a call from the wife, saying she just got a call from the school and the girl we have living with us was in an "incident" and that we needed to come in. Now we figured she got in a fight because they wouldn't tell us what was going on. So we weren't in a hurry. I drove home from Walmart, unloaded the groceries and picked up my wife and than headed for the school. We pull in to ambulances and a cop car. We go in and they tell us that she got in a fight in the lunch room and punched a boy. What was worse is that she punched a wall when she left the lunch room and broke her hand. The school talked the parents of the kid to not press charges because she is 18 and the kid she hit wasn't yet so she could have been in huge trouble. They threatened to file charges on him because of the hate stuff coming out of his mouth that instigated the fight. Once we were done at the school, we took her to the ER to get her hand wrapped and we have to take her to an Orthopedic doc on Tuesday, which is the same day as my court date for child support and my friends funeral. So it continues.

Saturday we got some yard work done, kids all helped and had good attitudes. It was a good day and I haven't done anything today so things are already starting to look up.

On top of all of this, Cheri has been in a lot of pain and fighting a lot of headaches. She's been diagnosed with arthritis in her spine and neck to go along with all her other disabilities. What's worse than the arthritis is it tends to give her headaches, which turn in to migraines.

We'll see if I get through tomorrow with the usual festivities of Memorial Day. We spend the morning at a parade and than caravan around to a couple of cemeteries where we have family buried before going to my cousins for a cook out. I already told you what I got going Tuesday. Wednesday I go back to work, Thursday I have an EHS conference to go to and then more work Friday. Here's hoping next week is quick and painless.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Senior Discount

So yesterday, they let us off work at 11 as we were caught up and coming into a holiday weekend. I grabbed my lunch box and headed home but Taco Bell was calling me more than the leftover pizza in my lunch box so I ran through the drive thru. I ordered 4 Steak Soft Tacos and a small Mountain Dew. She said my total was $12 something.

I pulled up to the window after waiting my turn. I hold my debit card out when I pull up and the cashier glances at me but goes back to her register. I just figured she was taking someone else's order. She finally turns to me and as she's taking my debit card, she says it's $11 something, seniors get drinks for free. Now, it took me a minute to realize what she said and what she meant. I would have corrected her but hey, it's a free drink and I figured she owed me after telling me that she thinks I'm 10 years older than what I am.

However, upon coming home and Googling that the Taco Bell senior discount is for those 65 and up, I'm thinking she should have given me my whole meal free for saying I was 20 years older than what I am.

Now I know when I haven't shaved my head recently, I look a little older than I am, and it has been about a week since I shaved it but I don't know about looking 65 years old. There are days where my body feels like it's 65 years old, but not look that old.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Busy week for me

I've actually had a busy week, or at least busy for me. I actually filled up a laundry basket of regular clothes. Why does that mean anything? I wash my work clothes separate so I have a laundry basket full of those every week, but when I come home from work, if I have nothing to do, which is most days, I shower and than get in my PJ's to sit around in. Most days I don't put on my regular clothes at all. So when I say I filled up a laundry basket of regular clothes, it means I actually had to get dressed after work.

On Wednesday, I went to the before mentioned class. I talked my work into giving me a shirt with their logo on it to wear there since I was representing them. The class was good, I learned some things. Most people in there were already certified so it all came easy to them, I struggled with some of the newer to me kind of stuff but I think I got it all. It was a 5 hour class and they had a bunch of breaks, free snacks and drinks as well so all in all, it went well.

On Thursday, I went golfing for the first time in 5 years. The work golf league plays every week (9 holes) but I signed up a week late so I needed to make up the first 9. They golf on Wednesdays and since I had that class, I missed the 2nd week. So on Thursday, me and a guy from work went and played 18 to make up the first 2 weeks. I had some really good shots, and some really bad shots. I shot a little higher score than I liked but I'll forgive myself for going over 100, even if it was only by 4 strokes.

Today, I took the fam (mom, stepdad, brother and sister-in-law) to their 1st major league baseball game. I think my Stepdad had been to one before but the rest, it was their first game. We parked, than walked down to O'Malley's where we got a bunch of Chicago Dogs (I had Chili Cheese Dogs) and ate before the game (it's cheaper). Plus we got greek fries at the game (pic on the right) that were really good. It wasn't a great game for the Sox but it was still a pretty good time for us.

That was my week, like I said, it was busy for me. Now I'm going to sit down and watch the Game of Thrones finale and start a new week. Other than my weekly golf game, I have no other plans as of now so I'll go back to being boring.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Last songs for the week

For those that don't know, I have a huge playlist (currently 3,363 songs) that I put on random for most of my listening. I have a couple of other playlists that I'll occasionally listen to. Favorites and Equinox (songs to crank up on warm summer days with the windows down) as well as the Traveling playlist that I usually listen to when my wife is in the car because she only likes about half of my music.

I've decided on the weekends that I could post the songs that I've used on Last Song of the Day. A big part of my life is music as in listening to it. On work days, I average around 100 songs a day (yes, I keep track). On the weekends, not so much unless I go somewhere and I'll listen in the car. On that blog, I list the last song (unless it's been used already) that I had playing. It's up to 788 posts, you should check it out. There is a link to my playlist on that blog as well.

Anyways, before I get to the actual music, you all know I love stats, so here's the stats for the week.

Songs listened to - 560 songs since last Saturday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Toby Keith since 2018 on Saturday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Adelita's Way since 2018 on Monday.
  • Listened to the 250th song by Taylor Swift since 2018 on Tuesday.
  • Listened to the 100th song by Fall Out Boy since 2018 on Wednesday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Motley Crue since 2018 on Thursday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Thousand Foot Krutch since 2018 on Thursday.

  • Listened to the 50th song by Eagles this year on Monday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Shinedown this year on Tuesday.
  • Listened to the 50th song by Bon Jovi this year on Thursday.