Sunday, February 11, 2018

Walking update

Figured I could at least update my walking on this snowy Sunday.

Day 406 - Funk, NE (1324.8 miles)

I actually had some issues with my Fitbit for a day or two. It wasn't charging right, I was having to charge it every night for it to last through the day but it seems to have fixed itself and now I only have to charge it every 5 or 6 days again.

I actually had a decent week this week because we weren't doing production and we're doing grunt work. 3 of my 5 days of work I had over 10,000 (1 day over 13,000) and the other 2 days were over 9,000.

Goal - 1500 miles (4.1 miles/day)
Currently - 146 miles (3.56 miles/day)

So once again, I went up on my miles/day average, although this time it was only up .03. It's a good thing I had a busy week during the week since I haven't done nothing yesterday or today.

I'm a long ways from my next stop so it'll be awhile before you get to see another stadium tour post but I'll try to at least update this every week.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I'm out

Yep, I decided not to journal here much so blog post counts will go down. I told you about the Timehop sort of blog that I've created for myself, I'm going to journal there. It's my eyes only so I can shorten things, I don't have to explain things, and I can cuss. Plus, I can talk about everything, not just what I want to make public. I can use names and details that I have to keep off of this public blog. I'm still going to try to update my walking here weekly, although I forgot last weekend, not that anybody noticed. We'll see how it goes.

For future reference, since I've been doing the Timehop sort of blog (I need to come up with a reference name) I've noticed that every January, I post a lot more than other months so I assume after the first, I get the bug to post more than it wears off so we can just say I did what was expected.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

More snow

I got up at 9 today which is good since it was almost 2 this morning when I went to bed. That long nap yesterday kicked my ass last night.

We've pretty much got most of our DVR cleaned out today after watching the last 7 episodes of Jimmy Fallon before I went out and shoveled the driveway.

After that I ran to get the kids and grab some Taco Bell on the way home. We've been watching the Super Bowl ever since. I got home after it started so even though at this time, it's over, we're still watching the end of it because it's the Super Bowl so we're not fast forwarding the commercials. Either way, a Michigan guy wins a Super Bowl ring.

Back to the grind tomorrow.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday, Sleeping and Samantha

Since I wasn't going to be at work all day, I didn't pack anything for food or drink. Since it was Saturday, there was little to no traffic at all. Because of both of those situations that I hadn't thought about when I set my alarm, I ended up getting to work a half an hour before my start time. That's alright though, I just chilled in my car and listened to music.

I went in to decant 3 tanks and fill them back up and add Sufuric so they would be ready to use for 2nd shift. Except that when I got there, apparently 3rd shift had finished everything that needed to be done so 2nd shift wasn't coming in. So now I didn't need to fill up the tanks because we were going to be shutdown for 2 weeks and we have to pump them around to different tanks so they can work on the tanks. I only got 2 of the tanks decanted before I ran out of room in waste treatment. Since I wasn't having to fill them up, I got done pretty quickly and was out of there after only 2 hrs and 45 minutes. Part of that time was spent talking to the general manager about all the stuff going on with the line.

I came home, showered and then started to watch stuff on the DVR but I only got through 1 show before I was dozing off. I knew since I was tired already that I wasn't going to make it through the day. Cheri was tired to so we went to take a nap. Only what I wanted was an hour or so nap ended up being about 4 hours so now I'm pretty sure I'll be up most of the night.

Samantha is spending the weekend at a friends house and the winter formal is tonight so they got dressed and did their make up and all that without anything from us. Whatever. I'm a little annoyed by it but that's what she wanted. It was a cute dress but I wasn't impressed with her hair or make up. It just wasn't really her. She tends to be more "dark" and goth type when she hangs out with this certain friend. She wasn't going with any boys, so she says, so we'll see.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Here we go again

There wasn't much to do at work today. The only 2 tanks that I needed to make an add to were tanks that we are going to be messing with during our 2 week shutdown that starts tomorrow so I didn't want to bother making the adds, which normally takes a few hours of my day. I sat around on the laptop working on some charts, mainly updating the ones I already use instead.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my Saturday off but I volunteered to go in. It probably won't be a full day but every little bit helps. I'm going to do a huge decant on all the anodizers to get the aluminum levels down. I had planned on going in on our next Saturday off, which will be tomorrow. It just worked out that with the next 2 weeks being shutdown, I won't have to work another Saturday for a few weeks anyways.

Not much went on this evening. I had to run Trevor out to meet the Ex and came back. Nothing exciting. The White Sox shirt in the pic above is the shirt I use for my PJ's because I'm wearing them in the car on the way to drop Trevor off.

Samantha went with a friend to pick out a dress for the formal tomorrow night. We saw pics of it but we'll see her in it tomorrow.

Cheri drove down to Indy to pick up Milo again. He has been misbehaving when he's left home alone so apparently we're his punishment? I don't know, all I know is he's here which will make my wife happy and I get to watch her fawn all over 2 animals instead of 1, while I sit in the corner by myself.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Actually made it to bed about a quarter after 10 last night and woke up feeling pretty good so that was nice. Got to work to find some donuts so that's always a good way to start the day.

Apparently they were left overs brought in the day before but I'm okay with that, they still tasted good to me. The boss called me in his office, apparently he has to take 30 minutes to talk to everybody. He only has to do 2 a week but he said he chose me because he knew I'd be easy. He basically asked what my goals were, what good and bad things does the company do, what do I like and dislike about working there, asked about management, that kind of stuff. It was interesting and it's good the company takes the time.

Other than that, it was a normal day. I've had some issues with the off shifts with some things but I don't like to get into a bunch of detail about negative things at work. I'm not going to get fired for saying stuff on the internet.

You can see how my drive home went. I actually was only behind him briefly. The bad part is it was just as I was going into town so I couldn't really pass so although I didn't follow him long, it took some time since he was slow.

I came home for a bit then went to pick up Trevor at the school after J-Club. I came out of our neighborhood to a line of traffic all the way down to the light. Now when I say all the way to the light, the road is half a mile from the light. I've noticed the traffic getting this way around 4 and 5 in the afternoons. I hadn't noticed it until the last few weeks, I'm not sure what's going on or if it has been going on and I haven't noticed it.

Since it was bad that way, I took the longer route around and traffic was just as horrible. It took me 20 minutes to drive home what normally takes me 6-7 minutes. It was ridiculous. The kids are just going to have to walk home from now on. I get better things to do like sit on my ass at home.