Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

It’s been a shitty week.  That pretty much sums it up.  I’ve had a crappy week at work  And at home I’ve been trying to let certain things go that I apparently have no control over.  Which if you know me, isn’t an easy thing to do.  I tend to say what’s on my mind.

My foreman has been riding my ass for stupid stuff all week.  Things I’ve been doing for 12 years, now all of the sudden, I can’t do.  Plus I got wrote up for a mistake.  Other people makes mistakes over and over and over again without write ups, but I make one mistake, BAMN! Write up.  So it’s been a very frustrating week at work.  I just want it over with.  I debated all day today on whether to turn in a vacation slip for tomorrow.  If I wasn’t broke, I would have.  Damn bills and responsibility.

My home life is what it is.  It’s been a rough week for us.  My wife hasn’t been feeling the greatest.  She has had to deal with some aches and pains, which even though that is an everyday thing for her, some days it’s just too much.  She has very little patience to begin with and then days like that make it worse.  I understand what’s going on, I just hope my kids do.  I have tried to explain it to them, but whether or not they “get it”, I don’t know.  Part of it is my kids are always stuck together because they share a room.  If they could spread out and have rooms of their own, it would help.  I’m so hoping the lawyer can get this disability claim rolling so we can get a house.  I’m just so tired of living here.  My wife has been short all week so I was glad to hear that she was going to hang out with her sister tomorrow.  That’ll make her feel better and she’ll be able to complain to someone and get things off her chest.  I just wonder how much she’ll complain about me.  I’m pretty sure most of it will be about her daughter.  When we got together, I thought I would be able to help her in that area.  But every time I try, I just get my toes stepped on.  I thought about doing a post of do’s and do not’s of being a stepfather to a teenager.  But I have no idea what I’m doing.  I feel like I’m doing what’s in the best interest of the daughter but I’m not allowed to follow through.  So essentially, right now, I feel like I’m a “baby’s daddy”, I supply child support with no real rights.

I guess the only advice I have for stepfathers of teenagers is, side with the mother and don’t try to take over, even with the mother’s permission.  Because even though you think it’s parents against child, it’s not.  It’ll be mother & daughter versus you.  So as I said up above, I’m trying to let things go that I have no control over.  I’m tired of being lied to my face from someone I love, which just gets me pissed, then disappointed.  I can’t do nothing about it, so I’m playing oblivious to everything she does.  And I’m trying to keep my mouth shut.  Not successfully, but I’m trying.  Just add it to all the other things I’ve failed at as a stepfather.

I’m thinking tomorrow, I’ll post some humor.  I can use some more humor in my life right about now.  And by this time tomorrow, my wife might read this post and I’ll be in trouble.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’ll still be around tomorrow.

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