Thursday, January 11, 2018

Snapchat lesson

I don't remember what all happened at work yesterday but I remember at one point, one of the quality guys came down and had asked me how to calibrate his coating thickness meter. We talked a bit and apparently I'm the only one there that knows how and I don't even use them with my work. I used them years ago. He wanted me to sit down with him and go through step by step by step on how to calibrate and use it. I thought for a second and suggested that I just type it up and email it to him. He went for it so while I was waiting for a load to come out so I could make the add, I grabbed a laptop, went out and typed it out within about 10 minutes and sent it away. Much easier that way.

Apparently I didn't spell check.

I didn't post yesterday because after work (and a small nap) my stepfather came over to finish working on Cheri's car. He finally got the last spark plug out by taking the car for a short drive so it would heat the engine and expand the metal around it. Great idea and it worked. He pulled in, shut it off and tried it again and it came right off. After he pulled it out, he started looking at it just to see if he could see what the issue was and he found one. They were the wrong spark plugs. The last time they were replaced we had to take them into a local garage because the spark plug basically blew up and the surrounding area of the spark plug had to be rebuilt a bit so you could screw a new one in. The ones he took out were probably between a 1/4 and a 1/2 inch longer so I'm amazed they didn't cause any more damage than what they did.

By the time he left, it was after 8 so I wasn't online long and when I was, I was doing other daily stuff.

I got up this morning to some 50 degree weather. It was nice that it was that warm but it was drizzling so it wasn't nice nice. It was supposed to be close to 60 today so I was hoping most if not all the snow would be gone by the time I got off work.

It was a pretty tame day at work. I did all the my usual, daily stuff and when it came to making my adds, all the tanks were up to where I didn't need to add so I had to find things to do. Which isn't usually to much of a problem. I switched over my Caustic and Nitric barrels because they were both empty. I also took some time to place a couple of orders for more chemicals so I managed my time alright.

Came home on this rainy afternoon with a cop following me for awhile. The bad part was that I was doing 50 in a 35 before I noticed he was on my tail. He ended up in the other lane so he wasn't trying to get me. I actually ended up passing him later, he was doing speed limit so I passed him going 5 over.

My daughter text me about wanting to go to the high school basketball game tonight and needing cash, which I hardly ever have. Here's our conversation.

That's Father of the Year material right there.

I ended up having cash so I was just harassing her but it was fun. What I really like is that she calls her biological mom by her first name. Bahaha.

When she got home I educated her on Snapchat. She uses it all the time, we even have a streak (if you know what that is) together. Basically, I took the below photo and screencapped it. Only I did it without it showing up that I screencapped it. She was shocked. I had the photo on my phone and on her account, it didn't even show that I looked at it. I did this to prove a point that just because it tells you when your stuff gets screencapped doesn't mean there aren't ways around it so be careful what you put out there.

Didn't do much else, just chilled and watched stuff off the DVR for the evening. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm not working this weekend so I'm looking forward to getting it over with so I can start it.

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  1. You have me on snapchat, I have never used it and would be lost if I even tried...The conversation with your daughter is hilarious, I love it.