Saturday, January 13, 2018

Slow Saturday.

I slept good last night. Went to bed about midnight and didn't wake up until 10 this morning. It was nice.

We watched a show or 2 then Cheri was falling asleep so I put on the Michigan woman's basketball game I had on the DVR so she could nap. About the time that ended the Michigan men's game was coming on so we watched that.

After that, we headed out to do the grocery shopping. It was interesting shopping trip. We shop at 3 different places for groceries. Aldi's, where we try to get most everything because it's the cheapest. Then we go to Walmart to get what we couldn't at Aldi's and then to Martin's where we get mainly the meat and if there was something else the other 2 places didn't have.

At Aldi's, we witnessed a girl drop a bottle of wine. Accidently and she didn't run or anything so it was a mistake but it's not something you see everyday. Then there's Walmart.


It was packed since it was a Saturday afternoon, we were walking down the main aisle and this idiot lady, talking on her phone while her toddler was running around came out the aisle. I kept walking, I was in the main aisle she just slowly came out and I didn't stop, I had right-a-way. I started to say something to her because I could tell she wasn't going to stop and she didn't. "What the hell lady, are you going to fucking stop" I said as she bumps me. She stopped her talking on the phone long enough to apologize but we kept ending up in the same aisle's. Her kid kept trying to get her attention but she just kept gabbing away. I'm all about my phone, I couldn't go without it anymore but I'm not on it 24/7. When my wife and I eat out together, our phones are out on the table and we occasionally look at things but it's not out all the time so it drives me nuts when people do that. Especially when there are things going around them that they should be paying attention to.

After that, we went out to head to Martin's and it was snowing again. I checked and we were supposed to get a couple more inches. We hit Martin's and CVS to pick up some meds and then headed home.

That's an exciting non work weekend day for me, usually we don't leave the house. Tomorrow, Cheri is heading to Indy to see our oldest daughter and is bringing the dog back for us to watch again. You should get a post tomorrow because I plan on updating my walking on Sundays and since the wife isn't going to be here, I should have the time.

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