Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What the hell are you watching? vol. 3

I took pictures of my series priority pages on my DVR and we’ll go through them.  I’ll post the pictures at random because most of the top priorities are the first ones listed because they only show once, usually the local networks.  Then all the cable network stuff is listed next because they replay them all the time.  We record so many shows that some days and times there are 4 shows on my list but it’s only a dual tuner DVR, which means I can only record 2 shows at a time.  It almost always works out that a couple of them are on cable networks and they replay them right after or a few hours after.  If not, I catch the episode online or on demand.


#65 – Ice Loves Coco – Not mine.  My wife loves the reality shows.  She says they make her feel better about her life.  If I watch this show, my eyes are usually on Coco’s chest.

#66 – Tabitha Takes Over – Also my wife’s, but I have partaken in some of the episodes.  It’s not something I have to watch but it is an interesting show.  It always amazes me how poorly run these business are and to see what goes behind the scenes is amazing.  Between the stupid owners decisions or the management who lets the employees walk all over them is crazy.

#67 – Celebrity Apprentice – My wife and I just started watching this show the last couple of the seasons.  It is a lot better than we thought it would be.  We both have the celebrity bug, my wife more than myself, but it’s more of a game than the typical reality shows, which is what I enjoy

#68 – Breakout Kings – Finally, one of my shows.  This is a pretty cool show, I believe it’s in it’s 2nd season.  An agent has a group of cons that he gets out of prison to help track down prisoners who have escaped.  They all have their unique ways of helping on the case.  Each prisoner they catch, they work some time off of their sentences.

Summary – I’m starting to think I record a lot more shows for my wife than I do myself.


#41 – Storage Wars – YUUUP!  I watch this.  I like to see Dave lose and I think Barry is hilarious.  I think Brandi is hot and Darrell is a moron.  And I think Brandi and Jarrod’s relationship is funny.  It’s always interesting to see what they pull from their lockers.  Oh yeah, and Brandi is hot.

#42 – Covert Affairs – This is a good action show.  I always like it when the ladies kick ass.  The main character (Piper Perabo) was asked to become a spy with little training in the field so she’s learning as she goes.  I don’t care for all of the political stuff involved but like I said, it’s a good action show.  And I like Auggie’s character as well.  An ex-military guy who lost his sight when a bomb went off.  He now does the logistical side at the CIA but he’s had a few action moments as well.

#43 – American Horror Story – My wife and I loved this show.  Although it’s 2nd season is supposed to be totally different as far as cast and location so I’m not sure how good this season will be.  The first season was pretty freaky and kept you on your toes, you didn’t always know what was happening or why, which is what I like.  I don’t like predictable shows. 

#44 – Psych – I’ve been watching this since it was new in 2006.  It’s a comedy detective type of buddy buddy TV show.  The main character is very observant, so observant that he pretends to be a psychic and helps the police department solve crimes.  There are all kinds of 80’s references which add to the humor.

Summary – This is more like it, 4 shows I like and watch.  American Horror Story would be my favorite of the 4.


  1. Barry IS funny on storage wars, but don't you think Brandi is a little...dare I use the word...bitchy?

    1. I don't have to live with her, I'm just looking at her. She can be bitchy to Jarrod all she wants.

  2. Huh, I haven't heard of most of those shows, with the exception of American Horror Story, which in my opinion is one of the most original shows out there right now. We actually ordered the pilot on Amazon based on the poster, which was bizarre. After that we were hooked!

    1. I watch a lot of TV, kids are young enough they go to bed at 8 and we don't go to bed till around midnight. Plus I DVR a lot of stuff and watch it on the weekends they are at their mom's.

      AHS was pretty awesome, I'm looking forward to this season but it's supposed to be more or less a whole new story that actually kind of a prequel.