Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo journey

I’ve been taking pictures thinking, I’m going to blog about that.  Then I never do.  I suck.  But I’m going to throw all those pictures up here, and talk about them, quickly, so the post doesn’t get too long.


I know, looks like I’m fooling around.  I sent that to my wife, she asked what I was doing.  I sent this.


Going in there.  The catwalk above my head is the one I walk on while working.  That is not a door at the end of a hallway, that is the other side of 2 tanks.  I had to go in there to grab some parts that fell through the.  It was dripping, a lot, therefore the towel on my head.


Some cool clouds on my way home after work.


Kitty taking it easy with Samantha.


Sent this to my wife as well, since she was in Virginia.  Kitty has been very needy since she’s been gone.  As a matter of fact, hang on and I’ll take a picture of her now.


I included the laptop so you could see I actually just took it.  She is on my left leg, her arms are stretched underneath the laptop.  The cord in the USB port on the side above her is plugged into my phone.  Except the cord is wrapped around her.  And she’s purring.


I sent this to my wife.  I’m using her car while she uses mine in Virginia.  I told her I was making her car feel more like home.


I took the kids to the park after I picked them up at school.  That would be Samantha on the left, on the right is her “don’t call him my” boyfriend Blaine.  I actually talked to the kid.  Samantha said that he said I was mean.  I told him I was.


This is what I did when I got home.  I had to peel the label off my fruit jar for Samantha to take to girl scouts this evening.  She made a pumpkin candle out of it.  It was the only jar we had.  I have fruit for breakfast at work, hence, the fruit jar.


I made supper.  Although it looks kind of nasty in this picture.  It’s a cheesy, ham casserole.  Don’t be to impressed though.


It’s a box meal.  That’s the extent of my cooking ability.  We were going to make our own pizza’s but apparently I was supposed to thaw it out earlier and I didn’t realize it.  So that will be tomorrow’s supper.


While we were waiting for Samantha to get done at Girl Scouts, Trevor and I went to McDonalds and got hot fudge sundae’s.  Because we’re cool like that.

Now that those are posted, I see they were all taken in 2 days.  Friday and today.  That’s my exciting life I guess.


  1. Good bonding time for you and Trevor.

  2. It looks like you have a handle on everything, I too have been accused of being mean after talking to the daughters "Boyfriend" especially to the one that never came back around, yep sometimes a plan comes together Ha Ha

    I think the wife is going to be proud of how well you took care of things while she was gone.

    1. Nah, she'll find something to complain about. That's what they do. They don't want us to think we can live without them.