Monday, October 29, 2012

Bra dancing with demons at work

I had yesterday off work, due to maintenance needing to shut down the lines.  So they say.  The actual reason was we didn’t have a lot of metal and they didn’t want to pay us to stand around.  The maintenance guys I talked to said they were only going to even be in the plant for a few hours.  And I heard the maintenance foreman was annoyed that the plant manager blamed his department.  Because while it was nice to have the day off, everybody’s checks were all of the sudden (they told us Friday) 12 hours short.  People were very displeased to say the least.  Speaking of work, I saw this today and it kind of scared me.


I circled the company name and the footage.  I blacked out the Die # and Part number in case these are supposed to be secrets,  It’s not a government job so I assume it was ok.  It sounds like Demon and the footage is the mark of the beast.  Should I be scared?  I mean I’ve talked about work being hell lately, but maybe it’s actually becoming hell.

My mom threw together a last second birthday party for my stepdad.  It was last second because getting everybody’s work schedules to not conflict is a very difficult task anymore.  She also wanted the grandkids there.  So I had called theEx as soon as I knew about the party (10:55 am) that morning, asked her if I could have the kids that evening for a few hours.  She said that was fine, I would have to meet the JackAss at 5:30 at the usual spot.  Cool.  Cheri and I go out to pick some things up, do grocery shopping, ect.  We were just about ready to head home with the groceries when I received a text from the JackAss telling me his medical conditions on why he can’t drive to meet me.  Those excuses might fly had I not known he drives to Fort Wayne (45 min) every Monday and home again every Friday.  But what made it worse, he texted me at 4:55.  They live just over 30 minutes away.  He has known we were meeting all day but he waits until the time he has to leave to meet to tell me.  So needless to say, my kids didn’t get to go.  I really wish he would have told me earlier and I could have arranged to drive out there, especially after my mom made me feel like crap for them not being there.  It wasn’t so much that she blamed me, but I could feel the disappointment rolling off her.  On top of him doing this to us, I had given the kids to theEx on Thursday night through Monday afternoon because they had both those days off of school.  What she doesn’t know is, I am no longer giving her extra days when they don’t have school.  It pisses me off that I do everything I can for her to have more time with the kids then I get screwed over time and again.


But enough about the negative. as I mentioned above we went shopping.  We hit the bra section at Walmart because my girls (her girls) needed some support.  I offered to hold them up all day long but apparently she felt that wouldn’t be feezable.  So I figured since I couldn’t hold them up all day, I did the next best thing.

I think I might have embarrassed Cheri a bit standing in the bra section with a bra on my head taking pictures of myself.  I figured her knockers are so big that if it could fit my head, it might fit her.  I was just trying to help.


Samantha had a flash mob at a local shopping center.  The picture above is her getting down.  She did a good job with the choreographed dance for this kind of event.  But I think she probably has the dancing ability of her father.


I’ve been saving that .gif just for talking about me dancing.  I think it’s perfect for me.  I’d probably make those faces too.

I need to go to bed, it’s after 1 am and I think Cheri is posting pictures of our cat all over Instagram because she’s bored and waiting on me.

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