Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Styling and more

Going to do kind of a random post today.  We’ll start with Monday night.  Right after I posted this, I get a phone call from Cheri that my cousin was stopping by and I needed to meet her in the parking lot.  So I head on out there and who pulls up?  None other than Cheri.
Now Sunday night I had suspected that she might come home on Monday.  I would have put it at about 80% chance that she was going to show up.  But then talking to her via text all day, she must have gradually convinced me that she wasn’t coming home because when I saw her pull up, it was the last thing I suspected.  So while I knew she was coming home, she still completely fooled me.  Chris was doing great and she decided he didn’t really need her there anymore.
Even though Cheri was home, I kept my half day on Tuesday, mainly to spend some more time to Cheri but I wouldn’t be lying if I said I didn’t just want to get the hell out of work early too.  I took the kids to the park after I picked them up from school but we didn’t stay too long because it started to rain.  They went with theEx later in the evening so Cheri and I took the chance to go out for supper since Monday was our anniversary.  I enjoyed the food and the company, she just enjoyed the company.  Probably the older couple at the table.
Then last night after the kids came home and went to bed, I posted this about my brother.  Then I woke up this morning to a comment on my blog from, none other than my brother.  I didn’t even know he read my blog.  First thing I did was try to remember if I had said anything bad about him previously, but I think I’m safe.  If you went back and read that post, you see that I made fun of him for having his callback number on his text messages.  I received a text from him today, and the callback number was removed.  So I can now title this blog as educational since I taught him it was annoying.  Actually, he just knows better to not listen to his big brother.
We had parent teacher conferences today.  We stopped by the book fair first and bought some books and then I made the kids sit outside the classroom while we were in the conference.  That’s what the picture above is.  Both kids are doing well and all is good there.  But while waiting for the conference before me, I saw this.  I yikes01broke out my Misty’s Laws ninja like photo taking skills and took this shot of a mother inside another classroom talking to the teacher.  Let’s start with the hair, how does anyone think completely blond hair with completely dark hair underneath looks good.  Secondly, why is everyone so obsessed with wearing boots with everything all of the sudden.  I see the dumbest looking boots with anything, including shorts.  Even my 10 year old came home from theEx’s with shorts and a pair of boots on.  I asked her if she went in public like that she said she had.  I told her she won’t with me, I’d leave her ass home.  I was never in style compared to everyone else but seeing the styles of clothes and accessories that people wear now, is completely ridiculous.  Mismatched socks, sandals with everything, horrible dye jobs, boots, and don’t even get me started on skinny jeans.  I don’t think it’s all that attractive on girls but don’t even get me started on guys wearing them.  I say guys because a real man wouldn’t be caught dead in them.  Amish styled beards and skinny jeans.  Dressing like your homeless.  Bringing back the 80’s style’s which includes the big ass glasses.  I don’t get it.  Maybe I’m the crotchety old man hollering “GET OFF MY LAWN” already.  Maybe nobody just has any sense of style anymore.  If my kids dress like that, you’ll be damn sure that I’ll be making fun of them.  And I definitely won’t go into public with them if their underwear is hanging out.
Sorry, got a little off topic.  Came home from the conference then had to walk over to Walmart to pick up an ingredient that we forgot to get earlier for supper.  The things I do for my wife, I walk all the way over to Walmart to pick up one thing, under the moonlight at that.  I could have been attacked and left in the gutter for dead but I risked it.
Ok, so it wasn’t dark yet, but the moon was out, I didn’t lie.  Oh, and Walmart is next door too.  I spend as much time walking across the parking lot as I do walking to the parking lot.  I just put my headphones on and walk over.  It’s not a big deal, I just make it out to be so Cheri think’s I’m special.  I have to trick her into thinking that I’m a good guy so she sticks around.
Track – Hero/Heroine
Artist – Boys like Girls
I love this song, and it’s probably my 2nd favorite song on the previously mentioned CD that Cheri made me.  2nd favorite behind “our” song that I’m still waiting for to come up on my random play.  If you haven’t heard it, check it out.
I picked a video that had the lyrics on it as well so you could see those.

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