Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Real life bros

My brother and I have what I guess is an unusual relationship.  We don’t really have that much in common, other than our family and our sports.   We are both Colts and Michigan fans.  But

  • He hates baseball, I love baseball.
  • He can work on cars, I don’t know jack about cars.
  • He’s a grilling machine, I’ve grilled once, maybe twice in my life.
  • We both are good fathers, but he’s a better one than I am.  He does a lot more with his kids than I do.  Maybe that’s because he doesn’t see them as often as I do (his ex has custody) so he makes plans when they are with him.  Maybe I just suck at that part of being a father.
  • He’s a beer drinker, I don’t like the flavor of beer.  I drink alcohol on occasion, but it’s very rare anymore.
  • He was always the popular kid, I was the loner.
  • He always dressed nice and took care of himself, I could care less what I look like.
  • I’m a big computer guy, he’s good at the basics (facebook).
  • He’s a good employee, I’m a smartass to management.
  • He’s was in the military, I can’t imagine being yelled at all the time.

But with all those difference, we are the same.  We have the same quick come backs, we both love our family and we both would do anything for that family and each other.  After all, we were both raised by our mother.  We can go weeks without hardly talking and it isn’t a big deal.  That’s kind of a guy thing anyways.  But I know if I had to move tomorrow, I could text him tonight and he would be there in the morning (been there, done that).  And vice versa.  He’s called me to come out to his house just to help move one item to the basement or garage and as long as I’m not busy, I go.  2 weekends ago, I went over after getting home around 8 o’clock after being out all day (in-laws for birthday party).  Went over in my PJ’s to help him drag out his TV that died.  It was one of those huge big screens.  It’s been in the garage since then.  I got a text from him on Wednesday night.

broconvo01     broconvo02

First he has to ask if I’m up because he works 2nd shift and apparently decided to wait until after work and text me at 12:22am.  Luckily, since Cheri isn’t here, I was on the phone talking to her, otherwise I would have been sleeping already.  We were having 2 conversations, I blocked out the other since it doesn’t really go with this post.  You can also see by his signature that he is the Michigan fan I told you he was.  As soon as he asked what I was doing in the morning, I figured he needed my help for something.  Sure enough, there it is.  The TV again.  I’ve already moved it a bunch of times too.

You see the last text from me to him.  Had it not been 12:42am, he would have texted my mom and told her that I called him a name.  Then I would get a text from her to stop calling my brother names.  That’s happened more than once.  We can be a strange family.


And as you can see, his smart ass responds.  And I can’t argue that, I am getting up there.  These are our typical conversations via text.  But as you can tell by this conversation, we get along just fine despite all our differences.  Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen him since I helped him move that TV the first time 2 weeks ago.  I may not see him before Thanksgiving, despite him living 5 minutes up the road, and less than a minute from the kids school.  But it doesn’t matter, I could call him to help me move a dead body tonight at 3am and he would.  As would most of my family.  That’s the way we were raised.

One other difference between us, I take my callback number off my text messaging.  I just got a message from you, I know your damn number.



  • Track – Bodies
  • Artist – Drowning Pool


Today’s track of the day I loved when it first came out.  I think back then, I was watching wrestling and it was either a theme for one of the wrestlers or for one of their pay per views.

I like these songs like this that when you sing them, you feel like a bad ass.  Which would be why the WWE was probably using it.  They tend to stick to those kinds of songs.  I don’t generally like the songs that repeat over and over but for some reason, I don’t have that problem with this song.  And it repeats.  A lot.


  1. I'll see you before Thanksgiving. I'm picking up a big tv stand on Friday. Rest up old man. Fyi- you might want to see a doctor for the ridge growing on your forehead in your picture.

    1. I'm working this weekend so unless you do it after 7, I'm out. And the forehead is a family trait, you'll get yours soon, almost as old man.