Saturday, October 6, 2012


Apparently, my Google Reader has been keeping secrets from me.  I haven’t read my Reader on my laptop in about a week.  But I thought I was keeping up with all of it on my Kindle at work.  But yesterday, when I logged in on my laptop, it was showing posts from 6 days ago.  I thought maybe somehow I just missed a few, but I’ve gone through some of them and I don’t recognize any of them.  So I have no idea what happened.  So if all of the sudden, you get a comment on something you posted a week ago, that would be why.  I guess I’ll have to pay more attention until I figure out what the issue is.

Played some poker with the guys last night.  Ended up with 12 guys so we had to run 2 tables.  We usually put up $10 each and then deal out about $1500 in chips.  Last 3 pay out.  I made it to the final table all 3 games but only won cash once.  I paid out $30 and came home with $15 so it was a decent night.  $15 for 8 hours of entertainment and food.  I’d say I did pretty well.  I just couldn’t get the right cards.  There were only a few hands that had I not folded, I would have won.  That’s usually what kicks my ass, I fold too early.  The problem was when I got a good hand (face cards or even aces) then low cards came up on the flop and vice versa.  I specifically remember folding pocket kings and it being the right call.  It was just a weird night for cards.  But it was a good time, brats and chicken on the grill, pizza and lots of chips and dip.  A lot of beer too, but I stuck with my Mountain Dew.  Sad thing is, I still hit Taco Bell on the way home.  It’s about the only thing open at 2:30 am.

Just a brief mention that on Wednesday, we found out that the company I work for was bought out.  We met with some of the management of the new company and they walked around and talked to some of us.  They told us in the meeting that nothing was really going to change, that all they had done was bought out the entity of the company.  The guy I talked to asked how long I have been with the company (13 years in about a week) then he asked me what I thought about what was going on.  I told him that I was taking the wait and see approach.  He asked what that was, I said “When we got a new plant manager, he told us all this stuff he was going to do to make it better, like a politician.  And here we are, almost a year later, doing worse.  Also like a politician, he never kept any of his promises.  So I’m waiting to see what happens in the future.  It may be a good thing, it may be a bad thing.  All I know is, right now, I have no opinion.  Check back in a year.  He basically shook his head and said, I guess I can understand that.  So as I said, I’m waiting to form an opinion.


And last but not least, both my kids are selling stuff for scouts.  I’m not going to beg or anything, I save that for my annual push for money for MS.  But if you would like to purchase some popcorn for my sons Boy Scouts or some nuts for my daughters Girl Scouts click the corresponding pictures below.