Monday, October 15, 2012

Even famous people talk to me

I got a tweet today from the author of the book I’m currently reading.  I guess Twitter is good for that.  I thought it was pretty cool.  If you don’t know, I belong to Goodreads, where you post what books your reading or have read and you can post your progression of the books.  You have friends like Facebook and you can follow what they are reading as well.  Consider it a social media site, but only with books and readers.  There’s a widget over there on the right side and down.  It also posts my progress on my Facebook and Twitter account.  That is what the author replied to.  All he said was he was hoping I enjoyed it.  I was going to screen cap it but it really wasn’t that exciting.

But it’s cool when a “celebrity” talks to you.  I used to do the same thing with what I was watching on GetGlue as well.  It posted what I was watching to Twitter and I was watching “Ball Boys” and the owner of the store that the reality show is out of responded and asked how I liked it.  We went back and forth a couple of times.  Nothing special but it’s still kind of cool.

Have I ever talked to a celebrity in real life?  Why yes, yes I have.  I’ve been around a few and by around I mean within talking distance.  I was at a Cubs game and our seats were under the upper deck and Muhammad Ali came down the catwalk to go to his suite.  He was a little ways away but he was close enough I could have thrown something at him with little effort.  It was cool because everyone stood up and started chanting “ALI, ALI!’

I’ve also been in the same room as Garth Brooks where I used to work.  He came through and took a tour of Crown.  We made all his equipment that he used at his concerts.  The amps and other kinds of equipment.

Crown also provided the sound equipment for the Special Olympics in Reno, Nevada one year.  As well as provided some volunteers to help out at those Special Olympics, and I was one of them.  I won’t get into that unique experience but I met and briefly talked to none other than Tina Yothers.  Anybody remember her?  From Family Ties.  I was helping out at the skating rink and was between jobs and she was sitting there with a friend.  I walked up and shook her hand.  I really don’t remember any of the conversation, but I remember talking to her.  The picture to the left is from back then.  She’s all grown up now.

I’ve been close to athletes to but I don’t count those.  They are on the field of play and I’m in the front row so definitely doesn’t count unless I talk to them and I haven’t.

I think that is all of my celebrity ties, it’s nothing special, but at least I’ve talked or tweeted with someone.


Today is a special Track of the Day because I’m guessing not many people have heard of this group.  Probably a few of you but I bet not many more than that.


Band – Here Come the Mummies

Song – Attack of the Wiener Man

I first heard this group on the morning show “Bob & Tom” and I love a couple of their songs.  This song isn’t my favorite but it’s up there.

He waits all patient out in the street
All the honeys want to sample the meat
He can't help but relish the fact
(The Foot Long Keeps you coming back)
Once you're feeling safe and cool
That's when the wiener man makes his move
(You can't scream when your mouth is full)

It’s not what it sounds like, that’s why their songs are so great.  I’m even going to post the song here so you can listen to it.


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  1. My closest encounter with a celebrity was when I struck Jerry Brown with my car when he was running for president.