Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 3 update

Didn’t have too much go on yesterday.  I just wasn’t in the mood to blog either.  It seems I blog better when I take pictures throughout the day.  I’ll have to explore that idea more.

I went to pick up the kids after school yesterday.  You line up in front of the school and it usually extends out into the street.  There is a turn lane that turns into the school and then if the line is longer than the turn lane you pull over in the grass so your not in the street.  All the parents do this so that is not my complaint.  It’s only a 2 lane road in front of the school so everyone not blocking it is cool with me but IMG_20121018_141402what kills me is when they pull off the side of the road and then gradually move forward.  When they get to the turn lane they still stay off the road instead of sitting in the turn lane.  You can see in the picture to the left, the white line on the left side is where the turn lane is and everybody is off the road in front of me.  The bad thing is, you can see where I pulled into the actual turn lane, now all the cars behind me followed me and used the lane.  So apparently all the parents are just a bunch of followers that do what the person in front of them do.  I guess that follows suit since this school system has money.  Cheri and I go to school functions and we feel so out of place.  And it’s not like we are dressed down or white trash or anything, but everybody is always really dressed up and proper.  Kind of snooty like if that makes sense.  We just feel like we don’t fit in because we don’t spend a fortune on our clothes, we’d rather be able to feed the family.

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked.  There are all kinds of things that annoy me about the pick up line at the school.  Not pulling all the way forward.  Parents that get out to open the door for the kids.  Pulling away when your kid is in.  The list goes on, but the lane issue above just cracks me up that people are that freaking stupid.

I got home and had to go to the office to pick up a package for the 2nd day in a row.  The ladies in the office asked if my wife went on a shopping spree if that tells you anything.  Truth is, she gets a lot of this stuff cheap or even free.  Plus she has some of her meds sent to us amongst other medical supplies so it wasn’t a shopping spree.  But she’s been gone for 4 days now and I have 3 packages sitting on the table for her.  There was 4 but she gave me permission to open one.  So I did.

ResizedImage_1350586387592     ResizedImage_1350586434757

I didn’t realize how bad the glare was on that first shot.  It’s a small box that says “Happy Anniversary Darling” on it.  Inside was the cookie you see on the box on the right.  We were sitting around on Monday before Cheri left and I was going through my email when I came across one from my yahoogroup for my family.  I set up a calendar and it emails reminders of birthdays and anniversary’s for our family out to the family that have joined.  See, I don’t have to use Facebook to remember.  Anyways, on Monday I received the week before reminder that our anniversary was next Monday.  I told Cheri that she wouldn’t be here for our anniversary (probably told her she doesn’t love me either).  She was upset about it.  While I’m sure we wouldn’t do anything really special, maybe go out for supper together or something, she doesn’t like being away from me, and not being here for our anniversary, she really didn’t like.  So apparently she got online and ordered this cookie to be shipped to me.  I think it was the guilt personally because we don’t usually buy anything for each other.  Neither of us are all about possessions, we rarely by ourselves or each other anything.  The kids are pretty much the only ones who get stuff bought for.  Or in the teenager’s case, gas and grocery money.  So I’ll be celebrating my anniversary all my lonesome, probably with online porn so at least I’ll be busy and won’t think about it.

ResizedImage_1350593817404My cousin’s kid had a fundraiser and be bought these individual pizza things from them.  The kids and I cracked that open for supper.  It was 4 individual pizza crusts then you put the sauce and topping on and cook it.  I thought the kids would get a kick out of making their own pizzas so I had them do their own.  In the picture to the left you can see ResizedImage_1350606309773Cheri’s biggest complaint about the kitchen, no counter space.  Trevor and Samantha are putting together their toppings after putting their sauce and cheese on.  Notice the Michigan and Colts shirts, I raise my kids right.  They had fun with it, they thought they were being super creative by making their own pizza’s.  Popped it in the oven for 12 minutes and out comes their supper.  I made my 2 separately due to the afore mentioned lack of counter space.  Plus, I made it while the kids were cooking so they were in their rooms and I used the last of the cheese in the fridge to add to mine.  They don’t exactly supply a lot of topping’s for you to use.

Later in the evening, Trevor went to Boy Scouts and that was our day 3 without Cheri.  We are all still surviving on our own, I’m sure Cheri is shocked by this but she won’t admit to it.  Oh yeah, Kitty is still alive in case you were wondering.  Chris is doing fine in Virginia, he had his surgery yesterday and they kept him overnight for observation.  As I type this, he is checked out and back home.  Cheri hasn’t killed her mom yet either so lots of positives coming from Virginia.

I have to apply my tags quickly and head off to pick the kids up at school.  I would have gotten this out earlier, but I snoozed most of the day on the couch.  I didn’t have a chance to proofread either but I have to go.


I played my Spotify while typing this out and kept a running list of the songs that popped up, I don’t know why I do this but I may find it interesting when I go back in 20 years and look at this again.

  • Disturbed – Land of Confusion
  • Kelly Clarkson – A Moment Like This
  • Carly Ray Jepsen – Call me Crazy
  • Crumbacher – Terra Firma
  • Meat Loaf – Two out of Three Ain’t Bad
  • Ray Boltz – Watch the Lamb
  • the Choir – Robin had a Dream
  • Alice in Chains – Rooster
  • Michael W. Smith – Go West Young Man
  • Michael W. Smith – Pray for Me


  1. Letting the kids make their own pizzas is such a cool idea.

    1. They thought so, it's funny how something so simple can be such a big deal to them.

  2. I remember the pick up lanes at school when our kids were going, and it appears nothing has changed.

    Like Stephen said the pizza idea was great, it's the simple things they enjoy and remember most

    1. I don't think it will ever change. The stupidity kills me.