Monday, October 1, 2012

Chase Fridge

Most of our family get togethers take place at my mom’s house.  Most holidays, birthday party’s, ect. all usually get thrown at her house.  She has a good sized indoors in case the weather goes bad.  And a huge backyard if the weather is nice.  Plus a half circle driveway so plenty of parking.  The problem was, when she had these parties, she would have to go buy all the pop (soda) and get ice and fill up all her coolers.

I don’t remember who thought of it or why (seems to be a running theme with this blog).  But my aunt was over and was complaining because her house was getting repossessed.  Wasn’t a surprise to any of us, she lies to us about her life and then pretends it’s a shock when things happen to her.  Sometime during the same conversation, she mentioned how her front door doesn’t lock anymore and she hoped someone broke in and stole what was left there.

Sometime later, like I said, I don’t know who’s idea it was.  My brother, uncle (different one from the aunt) and I drove the uncle’s truck over there.  Busted in the front door (busted as in, jiggled the lock until it unlocked) and then proceeded to go inside and take the refrigerator.  Before doing so, we had to take all the food left inside out of it.  It was horrible because the electricity had been off for months.

Not the actual fridge

We ran down to the dollar store and bought rubber gloves and went to work. After it was cleaned out of the food and we gagged multiple times, we loaded it into the back of the truck and took it to my moms where it got a thorough cleaning before we put it in the house. Now it’s stocked with pop, bottled water and a little alcohol for all the parties.

Not the actual fridge

The funny thing is, we never told my aunt we did it.  She’d probably want it back, that’s how she is.  But at the next family function, she was complaining about how the bank that foreclosed on her house, came in and took the refrigerator.  Going on and on about how stupid it was for them to take it.  We just all shook our heads in disbelief, you know, because a bank would do that.  I asked if it was Chase bank (because they are idiots) because it sounds like something they would do.  Just played along.

10 Global Businesses that Worked With the Nazis 10 - Chase Bank ...

She never did recognize the fridge and nobody ever told her.  So now, when you stop over at my mom’s house and you need a drink.  We’ll direct you to the Chase Fridge as it has officially been named.


  1. I'd like to make a withdrawal from Chase--perhaps a light beer.

    1. Miller lite it is, that's all my brother drinks and that's the only beer in there. But it's all yours when you stop by.