Friday, October 12, 2012

Chevy can take the heat


When I was around 17 or 18, I had a brown Chevy Cavalier.  It didn't look the greatest but I drove that car into the ground.  It was actually my 4th car.  My first car was a Chevette but I hit a tree trying to avoid an idiot who pulled out in front of me.  It wasn’t that bad (that’s what I told my mom, she thought differently.)  My 2nd car was also a Chevette but it died.  As did my 3rd car, a Pontiac Phoenix.  After that, my mom decided to quit buying cheap cars and we upgraded to the Cavalier.  It actually came from a car lot, unlike the first 3.  I went through the first 3 cars in a matter of a year, but the Cavalier lasted 3 or 4 before I sold it for my only sports car purchase.

But this story is about my Cavalier and a trip to K-mart.  Don't ask me what I was picking up but when I got there, but I snagged a front row parking spot, score.  I headed in and was doing my shopping when I heard a page on the intercom.

"Will the owner of the brown car parked up front please come move your car."

I ignored it, thinking they were talking about someone parked on the curb and besides, I wasn’t parked illegally.  I kept shopping when I heard the page again.  I figured they can't be talking about my car but I'll go look anyways.

Upon stepping outside, I realized 2 things.

  • They were talking about my car
  • The car next to mine was engulfed in flames.

I walked up to the fireman and told him the Cavalier was mine.  He told me since the car on fire was on my passenger side that I could go ahead and move my car.  I said, yeah, that’s not going to happen.  My driver side door wasn’t working and I had been crawling in through the passenger side.  So I sat back while they put out the fire.

The only damage that happened to my car is the plastic piece between the front seat and back seat windows, melted out and away from the car just from the heat of the fire next to it.

That was a fun one to explain to my mom who was constantly having to deal with car issues from me.  I swear, this one wasn’t my fault.



And speaking of my Chevy Cavalier.  I remember having this cassette (google it, young ones) and played it in my walkman which I had attached to my cassette deck in my car.  My cassette player didn’t work, but it worked when I attached my walkman through it.  I always associated this album with that car.  I must have listened to it a lot.  I didn’t pull this song from the blue though, it came up on random play today.  What about this song is special?  Have you ever heard Michael W. Smith rap?  Listen to this song and you will.


  1. Some people just weren't meant to have dependable cars, myself being one of them.

    If I were to show a cassette to my kids they would have no clue what it is! Makes me feel old! Shoulda went super old school and busted out some 8 tracks!

    1. My first "music" purchase was a cassette so I went with that. I'm old enough to remember 8 tracks but never personally owned one. My kids wouldn't know what a cassette was, and definitely not an 8 track. I do have a couple of step kids who are 17 and 19, they know what cassettes are.

      This conversation is making me feel even older.

  2. It's interesting how attached we get to our cars, as if they are living creatures.

    1. I'm not really that way with my cars. They are transportation to me and that's it. Get me to where I'm going, that's all I ask.

  3. Oh man! Michael W. Smith. I haven't thought about him for years. I had that cassette. I don't specifically remember this song, though. I keep thinking about the other "big hit" off of it, and as it's going through my mind, I'm trying to grab the title, but can't quite get it. A Place in This World? Yeah, I think that might be it. It's in my ipod and comes up occassionally. Good flashback.

    1. I believe I have that song on my playlist as well as 4 or 5 others from that disc. He was one of my favorite artists back then.