Monday, October 15, 2012

My History of Music

Since I’ve been doing Track of the Day, plus I’ve thrown out a few Insane in the Membrane’s, I figured I would give kind of a music background.  While I do love music, I’m not so into music that I can name band members or even half the time, I don’t know who sings the songs.  I just know whether or not I like the song.

I was born in 1973, so the majority of what I listened to growing up was 80’s music.  That’s about as far back as I remember.  I do remember the first cassette I bought for myself.  Billy Squier – Emotions in Motion.  I knew it was Billy Squier, I just had to google his albums and I recognized the cover. 

Once it got into the late 80’s, I got into religion.  I went to a local boys club that was religious in nature and I took to it.  I was popular there and soaked it up.  I eventually became a Sunday School teacher and was even a layperson for the church I went to.  During this phase, I strictly listened to christian music so you’ll see a lot of that on it as well.  Your high school years are impressionable, and that was the music I listened to at the time so even though I’m not religious at all now, I still love some of the music.  A lot of the songs bring back memories so I like it when they pop in on my “station.”

Once I got out of my religious era, I basically listened to the local pop/rock station so whatever was mainstream, I listened to.  I got my brother a job with me for a stretch and we always had lunch in his car, usually running somewhere to get something.  He listened to gangster rap most of the time so there were a few songs that I liked and are on my playlist.  His wife got him into country as well so he introduced me to a minimum of country because I was not a big fan of most of it.

Then in the late 90’s, I worked steel construction and had to ride in the work truck, sometimes for a couple of hours to and from the jobsite.  The foreman (and my brother, yes I worked with him again) listened to the local rock station so I gradually went from mainstream to rock.  The station also played a little classic rock so I heard all kinds of rock.

Rock pretty much covered the last 13 years or so.  That was what I mainly listened to until I met my wife.  While we were dating, she gave me a CD with some songs on it.  It had pop, R&B and country singles.  Plus when I went down to Virginia to spend time with her, while she was working she had the radio on and we listened to mainstream so I got back into that some.  When her and her kids moved up here, I picked up Skyler from school for awhile and let her pick the music in the car as well so I ended up hearing a lot of different music.

So now, I have a playlist with 878 (currently) songs.  I add to it whenever I think of something else that I like.  I actually added almost 100 songs while typing out this blog.  That would be why it took me almost 5 hours to write this out.  I have the playlist streamed to my phone so I can use it at work and in the car.  I generally get around 2 hours of music at work but I only work 3 or 4 days a week.  I can use it on the laptop as well but I don’t often.  Although, with the wife away for the next 9 days, I will probably use it more.

So that’s my music history.  I’ve added a Track of the Day page at the top, I’ll link each post with a Track of the Day on it to that page.  Let’s see how far I get before I quit doing that.

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