Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stats, part 2

Part 1

I left you off in July of 2011.  Random Thoughts hadn’t transformed into the kind of journal type blog it is yet.  While I have learned a few lessons from the start of it, there are still some lessons to be learned.

Blogger- Blogger Dashboard

You see above that I have finally hit my 10,000 pageview and that I have posted 4 more blog posts.  If you remember, I’ve left you with 4 posts in each of the last 3 months.  I was spending more time over at My Sports Obsession   Let’s take a look at August.

Random Thoughts stats

In August I got a little better at posting.  I had a whopping 7 post  Some of these posts are a lot like the shorter ones I do today, so I think at this point, I was trying to actually learn to blog.

August 2011 - 7 posts – 2196 words – 14 pictures

  • average of 314 words per post.
  • average of 2 pictures per post.

When I left you in July, my average words per post was over 600 and now it’s down to less than half of that.  But you can see where I’m using less of the humor posts with all the pictures and few words.  The Trip to the Cove post with 12 pictures was a personal one that had photos from a Girl scouts trip.

Random Thoughts stats(1)

I went back to only 2 posts a month for a couple of months.  All written posts, so I may have not know what this blog was going to turn out to be but I had a notion.  I just didn’t post the smaller posts that I do now.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, it was I worried nobody wanted to read that.  As you can tell by these stats posts, I now post for myself.

September 2011 – 2 posts – 2124 words – 6 pictures

  • average of 1062 words per post.
  • average of 3 pictures per post.

All the pictures were in 1 post, but that post had almost 1500 words so it wasn’t just a picture post like I used to do in the past.

October 2011 – 2 posts – 740 words – 0 pictures

  • average of 370 words per post.
  • average of 0 pictures per post.

Not much to say, I continue with more meaningful posts, just not very often.

Random Thoughts stats(5)

What the hell happened, I’ve gone backwards.  I don’t mind the photo cleansing posts because I take all the humor pictures that I had come across and put them in one post.  The sad part of this month isn’t the lack of words, it is that out of the 7 posts, is that they all occurred in 4 days.

November 2011 – 7 posts – 171 words – 9 pictures

  • average of 24 words per post.
  • average of 1 picture per post.

Those numbers are just pathetic.  I have nothing to say.

Random Thoughts stats(3)

As you can see, it continues this month.  Although my average words per posts will jump dramatically because on the last post.  It was about Cheri and I’s trip to Chicago.

December 2011 – 3 posts – 2580 words – 2 pictures

  • average of 860 words per post.
  • average of 1 picture per post.

Kind of false stats since all the words came from 1 post.

Random Thoughts stats(4)

More of the same and by more, I mean more posts.  The only post that has any writing to it isn’t even my writing.  It was something I copied over (with credit given) because I thought it was good.  Had I known I was going to keep my writing stats, I would have just posted a link.

January 2011 – 10 posts – 817 words – 14 pictures

  • average of 82 words per post.
  • average of 1 picture per post.

Blah! Blah! Blah!  Just pathetic.  Don’t worry, it’ll be coming to an end soon.  The following month is when Random Thoughts really starts becoming what it is today.  Not that it’s anything special, but it is mine, and I’m proud of what I do.  But you will have to wait until part 3 to see that.  I know you’ll be anticipating it.

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