Saturday, April 23, 2011


Just an update on what’s going on, I haven’t posted much here as I’ve been working more on “My Sports and Sports Cards” blog.  I enjoy working with cards, always have, so I’m trying to be involved while spending little money on it.

Anyways, not much going on here.  Enjoying my 3 day weekend.  It’s especially nice after only having a 1 day weekend last week.  I was able to sell my grandfather’s stereo for him.  I was hoping to hand him a grand, but it went for $880.  Was expecting more but I’m sure he’ll be happy with it.  It’s the least I can do for him, he’s always been there and is the leader of our family.  I am lucky enough to have both my grandparents still.  I don’t spend enough time with them as it is.  I can’t imagine life without them around.  I keep telling my wife that I need to get over and see them more often but life gets in the way.

Heading over to my mom’s tomorrow for Easter.  We’ll have a great lunch and then the family walk down the street to the river while a few of us, including me, hang out and hide Easter eggs for the kids to look for when they get back from the river. 

Facebook entries for the last few weeks:

  • It's nice to see all the people wearing Michigan gear at Walmart. Think I saw more than ND today.

If you know where I live, then that’s a big deal.  I live just east of Notre Dame so it’s always nice to see fellow Michigan fan’s in the area.  There has been a lot more the last few years.  It’s nice to see some of the local people not get diluted with all the Notre Dame crap in the area.

  • Quick shout out to my grandparents who are celebrating their 60th anniversary today. Best grandparents ever!!!

Enough said above.

  • Watching the Maize and Blue spring game on the DVR. Was supposed to be there but had to work.

Tony and I had planned on going to this for a few months, it would have been our 1st one.  But they posted the weekend on Wednesday.  I could have used a vacation day, but after driving our daughter to Virginia for spring break, and then driving to Cincinnati the next weekend to pick her up, I really could use the time and a half.  We get a check 2 weeks after our anniversary for our vacations.  Then when we take a vacation day, you don’t get paid for the day.  Would have been crappy weather for the game, but it wouldn’t have been the first time I sat in the Big House and froze my ass off.

I don’t need to go through my Twitter feed since it’s on the right side of the blog so I guess I’m done here.  As you can see, not much going on here.  Another reason for lack of posts.

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