Monday, April 16, 2012

Leaning Flag Poll of Perkins

Took the day off, not to relax, but to stress a little bit more.  We dropped the kids off at school and went to Steak and Shake for breakfast.  Now I don’t know how wide spread this wind issue is, but it has been very breezy here.  So breezy that this happened just down the road from the restaurant.


I assume sometime last night this happened.  It was already roped off underneath where it will fall and a cop was parked there for most of breakfast.  I know we’ve been under a wind advisory since last night that’s supposed to go till tonight.

We are heading out today for the real reason for the vacation day today.  We have to drive and hour and a half to go to court trying to get my wife on disability.  With all her issues, there is no way she can work.  So essentially, if we get denied, we get to live in government housing for the rest of our lives.  We barely get by now so there is no way we could ever afford a house without her having some kind of income.  I’ll more about it later.

I just wanted to touch bases and let you all know that I’m still around.  Just been very busy and haven’t had much time to blog.

My wife posted a new blog post about some of what I mentioned above and her MS.  Check it out here.

Sometimes I Remember, Sometimes I Don't


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  1. Perkins always has these huge, ginormous flags! I love a show of patriotism as much as the next American, but for heaven's sake, it's a restaurant, not an aircraft carrier!

    1. It was probably a combination of the wind and the flag being so big that made it lean.