Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kids and baseball/softball

I seriously need to get caught up on my blog reading.  I’m averaging about 2 days behind.  I seem to read about a day’s worth everyday, so once I’m caught up, I might be good to go.  Now I just have to get caught up to stay caught up.  I need to update my blog roll too, I follow so many more blogs.  Of course, on my other blog (My Sports Obsession) the blog roll won’t let me update it so we’ll see if this one still works.

Trevor had his baseball practice.  I was sitting off to the side with Cheri and she asked me if I was going to help with his team.  I told her I will if they ask.  You see, Samantha has been playing for 5 years now, and I’ve helped her team every year.  I’ve never signed up to help, but eventually they ask.  I figure they see this athletic looking father and they can tell I know everything there is to know about baseball.  I just ooze knowledge of the game so much that it’s visible in my aura around myself.  In reality though, they just usually never have any help and I stay at the practices, therefore they ask.  I like the baseball oozing story though, I’m sticking with that.

So last night, I ended up helping out the coach.  So now I’m helping coach again.  While I do enjoy helping out with the kids, I don’t mind sitting in the stands and cheering my kids on as well.  One thing I’ve noticed, when your kid is on your team, they are usually the only kid that doesn’t listen to you.  This will be my first year coaching boys only.  Samantha’s first couple of seasons were coed, but they’ve been all girls for the last couple.

Samantha has been one of the better players on previous teams.  This year, she’s the youngest age group and is far from being one of the better players.  So this year I’ll get to see what she’s made of.  If she’s willing to work for it.  She tends to be lazy with most things so we’ll see.

Trevor, on the other hand, I have no idea what to think.  He looks like he’s really enjoying himself.  But he’s so off in his own world.  He forgets things I’ve taught him, sometimes doesn’t hear anything around him.  He’s so out of it sometimes, I have to keep an eye out to make sure he bats left handed because he won’t pay attention.   But as long as he says he’s enjoying it.

I worry sometimes that the only reason that both my kids play sports is because they want to impress me.  I never push it on them, it is their option to play, but I hope if the day comes where they don’t enjoy it, that they tell me instead of playing and being miserable.  Yes, I love sports.  Yes, I want my kids to love sports.  But if they don’t, I’m ok with that.  I’ll even support them if they played instruments, but my God, I hope they don’t.  I’m not a huge fan of watching bands but if I have to, will.  My mom would make me anyways.

WTF Were They Thinking

Since it’s a little after 6 and you all should be sitting down to supper, I figured I’d show this to help you out with that diet.

Enjoy supper!

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